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LUNIVERS LANCELOT Lunivers grew up in Brooklyn, NY, and went to school for Business and later pursued Nursing.  She did not find her calling or even discover the full value of her medical career until she began applying for leadership positions.   She then decided to return to school for Bachelors in Media and Communications and will be done in  September 2018.   She strives to work in the medical or professional setting that allows her to take full potential of her management skills.  She enjoys taking on different positions in order to complete tasks quickly and effectively.  She is great with decision making in pressured, commercial driven environment.  Lunivers has collaborated with Physicians,  VP, Director of Nursing, Director of Marketing and Communications, and Internal media managers to produce an organize and develop ways to manage successful interdepartmental teams. She established and implemented goals and objectives and has a proven track record of developing and implementing business strategies.  She is passionate about sharing knowledge and expertise in a highly professional matter. 

AREAS OF EXPERTISE Business Growth Operational Excellence Professional Development   Social Media Management Project Management  Operations Management Client Servicing 

MISSION My mission is to enable a departments success through the application and support of the company's business strategy through the development, implementation, and management of its technological resources. 

CONTACT ME (607) 228-0825 (c) Orlando, Fl

Luna Media Kit  
Luna Media Kit