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Energy saving isn't just about money, it is also about what you do. In your

life. At home. At work. Even the smallest acts can add up to be something huge and planet -changing... after all, who'd have thought just leaving a TV on standby and forgetting to switch off a few lights would be some of the key contributors to the critical issues we now face with climate change? If such small things can cause such huge problems, rest assured small things can also create HUGE solutions... Here are just some of the things you could do today :) Save energy in your home If you reduce the amount of energy you use in the home, not only will you cut your energy bills, but you will be playing your part in reducing your impact on climate change. The following tips will enable you to reduce your energy usage and save money. First steps -Replace your light bulbs with energy efficient ones; they last longer and will cut the cost of your electricity bill -Turn down your thermostat by just a degree and slash 10% off the energy used in heating your home -Opt for a shower rather than a bath, but try to avoid power showers -Turn off your electrical appliances (DVDs, mobile phone chargers, TVs, computers, stereos) at the wall. -Get a free Home Energy Check from The Energy Saving Trust -Run your fridge at between 3-5째C -Turn down the hot water to 60째C -Draw your curtains at dusk and maintain the heat in your rooms -Set your washing machine to 30-40째C and try to dry your clothes naturally Challenge yourself -Improve your loft insulation - up to a third of your household heat will escape through an uninsulated loft. Grants are available from The Energy Saving Trust -Insulate your home's cavity walls -Lag your boiler and pipes to prevent heat loss -Insulate your hot water tank -Install double or triple glazing YOU are supremely important!

We Never Stop Trying,how about you?

A Walk with Pop Music 歌曲:Better in Time 歌手:Leona Lewis Leona Lewis是一名英国歌手,2006年的春季,Leona参加 了英国著名选秀节目"The X Factor",她一路过关斩将夺下 总冠军,也为她赢得了100万镑的唱片合约。她的首张专辑 “Spirit”,在英国和爱尔兰率先发行,并成为这两个国家2007 年销量最高的专辑。这首出自于 “spirit” 的 “Better in Time” 很 有节奏,歌词也很美,虽然很伤感,但还是隐隐体现出一种 内在的坚强。 “Better in Time”作为Leona在美国的第二支单曲 于2008年7月15日发行,它的最好成绩是美国公告牌单曲榜 (Billboard Hot100)第11名。 It's been the longest winter without you 没有你的寒冬漫长难过 I didn't know where to turn to 我不知该往哪里走 see somehow I can't forget you 就是无法抹除对你的记忆 after all that we've been through 毕竟我们一起经历了那些过去

Going, coming 无助的徘徊 thought I heard a knock 以为有人在敲门,门口却空无一人 thinking that (I deserve it) 我想我是自作自受 now I have realized that I really didn't know 现在才了解,我并没有看透 if you didn't notice, 或许你没有发觉 you mean everything 你就是我的一切 quickly I’m learning to love again (all I know is) 而很快我将学会再爱一回 I'mma be ok 我会从伤痛中复原 thought I couldn't live without you 曾以为没有你我就过不下去 it's gonna hurt when it heals too 虽然伤口愈合时还是会痛苦 even though I really love you 尽管我真的很爱你

语录:Plans are nothing; planning is everything. —Dwight D. Eisenhower

A Walk with Pop Music

I'm gonna smile because I deserve too 我还是要微笑因为我本该如此 Oooh (it'll all get better in time) 每一天我都会好好的过

I couldn’t turn on the TV 连电视都看不下去 without something there to remind me 因为它无法让我清醒 was it all that easy? 是否真的那么容易 To just put aside your feelings 可以把对你的感觉置之不理

If I'm dreaming don't wanna laugh 这一切是否在梦中,我失去了欢笑 hurt my feelings 你伤害了我的感情 but that's the Path 但我相信这是必经的过程 and I know that, time will heal it 我知道时间会抚平伤痕 if you didn't notice 或许你没有发觉 well you mean everything 你就是我的一切 quickly I’m learning, Oooh turn up again (all I know is) 而很快我将会再爱一次 I'mma be ok 我会从伤痛中复原

since there's no more you and me (no more you and me) 既然你我无法再继续 this time I let you go so I can be free 我该让你走 好让自己也能自由 and live my life how it should be 过我该过的生活 no matter how hard it is 无论多难熬 I will be fine without you 我还是会让自己更好 yes I will 想学习本首歌曲 以及免费下载 我会让自己更好 更多MP3英文歌曲学习节目? 请登录知行英语 We Never Stop Trying,how about you?


Two Lovers 《纽约爱情故事》中的经典口语

Hi大家好!看电影学英语——这里sylong给大家带来了 《纽约爱情故事》Two lovers中的经典口语。这里你可 以学到最地道的英语口语。

1.Gotta be in the moment. 等我一下。 比Wait me a moment.有彩吧? 2.What do yot do? 你做什么工作? 问别人做什么工作也可以用What is your job?不过What do yot do?更加口语化。更容易拉近俩人的距离。 3.Stop horsing around. 别闹了。 Horsing是马叫的意思,这里用horsing来形容吵闹,很形象很 贴切。 4.God willing. 但愿如此。 “看上帝的意愿吧!” 5.Do not disrespect me! 别惹我。 Disrespect是用respect(尊重)加上否定前缀dis组成的。这 句话直译就是“不要不尊重我!” 6.You are such a spoiled brat! 你真是被惯坏了! Spoil是“溺爱,宠坏”的意思,brat 是“乳臭未干的小子”。到时候你女朋 友要是被你宠坏了,你就可以说她 “You are such a spoiled brat!” 7.Yes,that'd stuck. 那就糟了。 Stuck是“卡住”的意思,不正常工作 就是“糟糕”了。 8。You can stay as long as you want. 你待多久都行。 “as…as…”也是英语口语中 最常用的句型。You can stay as long as you wish.也是非常经典的表达。

语录:One’s outlook is a part of his virtue.

—Amos Bronson Alcott

9.I'm sure he's simmered down now anyway. 估计他现在也息怒了。 Simmer有即将煮沸的意思。simmer down在这里表示“冷静下 来”。英语的应用也是像汉语一样传神体贴,不理解这一点是 很难学好英语的。 10.See you around. 回见。 下次跟人家说“再见”的时候就别用“Good-bye”了,用See you./ See you around.更有范儿。 11.I'm serious. 我是认真的。 当别人以为你是在开玩笑不相信你的时候,你就可以说:“I'm serious!” 12.You got it. 你成功了!/你做到了! You make it.也是“你成功了”的经典表达方式。 13.You look hot. 你真帅/你真性感。 Hot不止是形容女性性感,也可以形容男的帅。电影里就是蜜 雪儿来形容雷纳多的。 14.I'm such a piese of shit. 我真是个废物/我真是个没用的东西。 Shit是“狗屁,狗屎”的意思。当你遇到不顺心的时候可以直接 用shit/fuck来发泄一下。 15.I pass out in the bathroom. 我在厕所里大吐一场。 16.Sweet dream. 晚安。 比Good night有情调吧?下次跟你女朋友说晚安时就用Sweet dream.也换换口味。 这仅仅是这个爱情故事台词中经典口语的一部分,想学到 更多经典口语就看看这部普通却很现实的电影吧! 知行信阳师范学院分站孙玉龙 投稿

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时尚过中秋 月儿圆圆,中秋佳节,今年又是双喜临门,恰逢国庆六十周 年,史上最长最长的黄金周终于降临,在这大喜的日子里, 我们举国欢庆,载歌载舞,充分享受假日扑面而来的愉悦气 息,OK,时尚中秋,千呼万唤,让Kelsey为你细细数来。 PART ONE : Fashionable & Delicious mooncakes

Hokkaido milk, full-bodied cheese cranberry,best and authentic brown sugar,absolute sesame of good quality, sweet-smelling Arabica coffee,spicy and hot shrimp and beef,araucaria pamdan cherry and newfangled taste…… Beverage,pastry,fruits,even dishes in luxurious feast, are used to make mooncakes. The new generation that dares to try upgrades the cakes to multiple experiments. Let’s release and have more fun.

日本北海道牛奶、抹上浓郁芝士的蔓越莓、极选正宗黑糖、 优质纯黑芝麻、醇香阿拉比卡咖啡、又麻又辣的新鲜虾料、 牛肉、还有南洋斑兰香、月下卤香、红酒樱桃等这些新奇的 口味,无论饮料,点心,水果,甚至豪华大餐的菜品都被运 用到月饼的馅料中。好玩,敢于尝试的个性,从口味单一升 级为多味搭配,从月饼当点心品尝升级为多种体验方式,和 你一起把玩出绝对的时尚中秋。 虽然芝士月饼很好吃,但价格 贵的也让人咂舌,咚咚咚,接 下来,相当时尚又充满爱的气 息的月饼隆重登场,就是—— 时尚妈咪DIY卡通月饼过中 秋。 In town, handy housewives introduce their secret recipe of making mooncakes on the Internet. It is being a fashionable and cheap style chased by other housewives. As sharing the cute-model and delicious cakes, the housewives also knocks that the average cost is only one or two yuan.

语录:The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good —Edmund Burke men to do nothing.

城中巧手主妇网络传授月饼制作 秘笈,引来主妇们追捧。在制作 可爱造型月饼、享受DIY乐趣的同 时,自制月饼平均一两元的成本 也令主妇们大呼省钱。 PART TWO : Fashionable and Romantic Travelling 说完吃的,咱要玩的,Come here!

“Advertise for hikers, gather to the seaside to admire the bright mid-autumn harvest moon……”This is a post on a forum. LZ said he cannot go home during the festival, so he decides to ask some friends to celebrate mid-autumn together,travelling and eating seafood by the way. The post includes the date,place,cost,and the follow-ups are quite a few.

“诚征‘驴友’若干,共赴海边赏月度中秋,温一壶月光下 酒,……”这是某论坛的帖子, “楼主”在帖子中提到,因为过节 回不了家,所以想征集几名网友一起过中秋节, 体会一下“海 上生明月”的意境,顺便旅游一番,还能尝尝海鲜。帖子中还 写明了具体的时间、集合地点、自驾游费用等细则,因此跟 帖的不少。 At last, Kelsey send my dear friends a line of poetry:“ May we all be blessed with longevity Though far apart, we are still able to share the beauty of the moon together。” 但愿人长久,千里共婵娟。

Wish everybody a joyful holiday!

知行信阳师范学院 分站胡亚萍 投稿

We Never Stop Trying,how about you?

Mistakes are the stepping stones to learning!





错误指数:5 强悍指数:5

娱乐指数:3 综合指数:4.3 相信这不会是我们国内的 公路,孩子们天天上学经 过不知道会不会记得特别 牢?正确的拼写相信不用 我来重复了!


强悍指数:7 娱乐指数:7 综合指数:6.7

一次性用品被翻译为 a time sex thing,这也算得 上是直译的高级境界了? 那“一次性”到底如何翻译 呢? 请大家思考一下,答案在本册子中找。 错误指数:7

强悍指数:7 娱乐指数:7 综合指数:7 受篇幅限制未能十分清晰地展示这个菜 牌的全貌风彩,颇令人遗憾! “手工 面条”也许就是俗称的“手擀面”被译 为 noodle myself,可谓真不简单, 按照英文的字面理解,这家餐厅的面条 是自己擀自己,无须人类参与,可称 “自擀面”,建议申请专利。--- 此餐 厅位于北京南池子大街北端,离故宫只 有数墙之隔。在下有幸于曾在此用膳, 无意抬头一瞥,即被彻底雷倒,以至于 刚点的那碗热气腾腾的 vice (rice) 米饭都忘记吃了!

语录: Character is a by-product; it is produced in the great —Woodrow Wilson manufacture of daily duty.


错误指数:8 强悍指数:8 娱乐指数:9


我的神啊! 这个银行单子把“对公业务”翻译成为 to male service! 估计大家都会跟我一样,先会楞一下,然后想这是什么 东东?等弄清楚意思后,除了写个“服”字,你还能有别的感想吗? male是什么意思? 没错是“男的”意思,当然,也有“公”的意 思,不过问题是,那是“公母”的“公”,具体点说,就是“公鸡” 的“公”。按这个翻译,银行的这项“对公”业务是不接待女性的, 因为不雅地说,是女士们只是“母”的,不是“公”的!

5 错误指数:10

强悍指数:10 娱乐指数:10 综合指数:10

此乃本期登峰造极之作,真是没有最厉害的,只有更厉害的! 由于 有限制级的字眼,我就不直接复述了! OK,还是稍稍讲一讲吧,以 免有些特纯真的朋友搞不明白怎么回事。 这个翻译的“精华”之处 在于作者对“干”这个字的独特理解。本来“干货”的“干”字是个 形容词,但偏偏被理解为动词了,好了只讲到这了。最后纠正一下, “干货”一般表达为 Dried Goods。 大家来揪错 -- 用你的手机或DC让那些错误无所遁形。 图片请发至,好礼等着你! We Never Stop Trying,how about you?

Mao: The Great Helmsman of Kitsch? Mao memorabilia are a big business and the 60th birthday of the People’s Republic is expected to give it a further lift. While no one keeps track of how much Mao material is sold annually, vendors and dealers report a recent uptick in interest. The Chinese state media predicted this summer that there would be a spike in sales. In Hunan, Mao’s home province, officials recently announced new regulations to ensure that factories that produce souvenirs with his likeness maintained quality as they met demand. “He is more popular than ever,” said John Li, who sells Mao memorabilia from a small shop in Hong Kong. “The chairman is like Giorgio Armani.” Mao, who led the Communists to victory in the Chinese Civil War, remains a deeply divisive figure. He is praised for helping China throw off foreign powers and despised for ill-conceived policies that left tens of millions of Chinese dead. There are many who find the idea of Mao kitsch offensive. Yet it is this ambivalence about Mao’s life and legacy that, in some ways, makes him marketable — the Great Helmsman, as he was called, means something different to everyone, so he appeals to many people, in different ways. According to Jennifer Hubbert, an anthropologist at Lewis & Clark College, in Oregon, Mao badges were first created in the late 1930s, or early 1940s to celebrate revolutionary victories and recognize service to the socialist cause. During the Cultural Revolution, in the 1960s and 1970s, Mao iconography was produced by the state as part of efforts to personalize political culture. People in China used the badges to signify their zeal for the cause. Some went so far as to pin them directly to their skin. As the personality cult widened, production peaked. Badges were distributed by work units, given as prizes or traded. Ceramic statues were exported to ethnic Chinese communities overseas and slowly made their way around the world. When Mao died in 1976, there were literally billions of badges — as well as books, posters and other Mao-related knickknacks — in existence. As China adopted market overhauls and came to grips with the grimmer parts of the Mao legacy, most of these relics disappeared, though some were kept. (接16页)


语录:We have a chance: to plow new ground or let the weeds —Jonathan Westover grow.

毛:庸俗艺术品的伟大舵手?  在中国,毛泽东的纪念品有很大的 市场,估计中华人民共和国成立60周年 会使这个市场进一步升温。虽然没有人 统计过每年毛纪念品的销量有多少,但 经销商和摊贩们说最近人们的兴趣在上 升。中国国家媒体今年夏天曾预测销售 量会猛增。在毛的家乡湖南,官员最近 宣布了确保毛泽东纪念品的生产厂保质 保量进行生产的新规定。   在香港开一家小店销售毛泽东纪念品的约翰•李(音)说:“他比 以往任何时候都受欢迎,主席就像乔治•阿玛尼。”   领导中国共产党打赢内战的毛仍是一个有争议的人物。他因帮助 中国摆脱外国列强而备受赞誉,又因其考虑不周的政策导致数万中国 人的死亡而受到指责。许多人认为推出纪念毛的工艺品令人不快。   然而从某些方面来说,正是人们对毛的一生和他的遗留影响的充 满矛盾的情感使他颇具市场价值——他曾被称为“伟大的舵手”,这 意味着他与众不同,所以他以不同的方式吸引着许多人。   美国俄勒冈州刘易斯-克拉克学院的人类学家珍妮弗•哈伯特说, 毛泽东的徽章最早产生于20世纪30年代末或40年代初。   在上世纪六七十年代的文化大革命期间,国家制造出大量毛泽东 肖像产品,为的是使政治文化个人化。中国人利用毛泽东徽章来证明 对革命事业的热情,有的人甚至把徽章直接别在皮肤上。   随着个人崇拜日益扩大,毛泽东肖像产品的生产达到了顶峰。徽 章由各单位分发,有的作为奖品发放,有的进行买卖。毛的陶瓷雕像 出口到海外华人社区,慢慢地传遍了世界。 1976年毛去世时,存在的徽章有几十亿枚,还有书籍、招贴画和 其他与毛有关的各种小玩意儿。随着中国彻底实行市场经济并认识到 毛的一些错误,遗留下来的这比东西大多消失了,但也有一些被保留 下来。   直到上世纪90年代,关于毛的各种商品才在市场上重新出现。在 中国消费革命和1993年毛泽东诞辰100周年的刺激下,一种新的“毛 泽东热”迅速蔓延。大学生——当年红卫兵一代的孩子——开始佩戴 毛主席像章,以表示对偏离社会主义理想的态度。这位共产党的革命 者成了消费者驱动的时尚。(接16页) We Never Stop Trying,how about you?

11 (续14页)It was not until the 1990s that the market for all things Mao re-emerged. Spurred by the Chinese consumer revolution and the 100th anniversary of his birth, in 1893, a new strain of “Mao fever” spread. College students — the children of the Red Guard generation — began wearing Mao badges as a comment on China’ s slide from socialist ideals. The communist revolutionary became a consumer-driven fad. Recognizing Mao’s moneymaking potential, dealers set up shop in major Chinese markets. In the cities of Shenzhen and Guangzhou, rows of factory workers started turning out a new generation of Mao memorabilia — laptop cooling pads, musical refrigerator magnets and key chains — as communist trinkets became a must-have for tourists. But there are still originals to be found. Victoria Edison, for instance, runs, a California-based online shop that specializes in selling authentic pieces to a predominantly American and European clientele. “There are not a lot of Chinese people, especially people over 40, who are interested in this stuff,” said Ms. Edison, whose parents and grandparents survived the Cultural Revolution. “For them, it is a sore reminder of two lost generations.” But for Ms. Edison, who left China as a young woman, collecting Mao memorabilia is — for better or for worse — a link to the past. “It is all part of understanding a lost world, rediscovering something that is gone,” she said.


  (续15页)认识到毛的市场潜力以后,经销商在中国各大市场开设了商 店。在深圳和广州,一排排工人开始生产新一代的毛泽东纪念品—— 笔记本电脑散热垫、冰箱贴和钥匙链,因为共产主义小饰物已经成为 游客必买的商品。 在加利福尼亚开了一家网上商店销售毛纪念品的维多利亚•爱迪 生说:“对这些东西感兴趣的华人不是很多,尤其是40多岁的人。对 他们来说,这些东西让他们想起迷失的两代人,是痛苦的回忆。” 但是对于年轻时就离开中国的爱迪生来说,收集毛泽东纪念品是 与过去的一种联系。她说:“这是了解过去、重新发现过去的一种途 径。”


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语录:Things do not happen in this world— they are brought —Will H. Hays about.

Crossword Puzzle - ALPHA-CROSS

The first letter of each answer appears next to its clue in alphabetical order. All the first letters have been entered into the grid. Can you complete the puzzle?

O. Single number (3) A. Type of nut (5) P. Fruit (4) A. Disagree (5) P. Farm animal (3) B. Used for travel on water (4) R. Waterway (5) D. Precious gem (7) S. Large fish (5) D. Animal often kept as a pet (3) S. Drink slowly (3) D. A pair of singers (3) S. Grin (5) E. Not difficult (4) T. Striped animal (5) E. Night (7) N. Require (4) O. Tree that grows from 1 across (3)



Interesting Psychological Test Here are five animals. They are cattle, tiger, sheep horse and pig. Please put them in order according to the degree of your love towards them.

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globalization becomes a trend, we are As also experiencing its spread in cultural aspect.

Recently I saw a picture of a lovely American girl dressing in traditional Chinese costume with a sweet smile on her face. She wears ribbons, earrings and necklace which are characteristics of a certain Chinese minority group. Undoubtedly, the costume has added oriental glamour to her. In fact, what the picture conveys goes far beyond merely a new fashion trend. Instead, it carries cultural implication as well. The fact that people from other nations are attracted by the mysterious Chinese culture indicates that to some extent a culture can be accepted, respected, appreciated and shared internationally. In other words, one nation’s distinctive culture can become international through worldwide economic and cultural exchanges. Since the trend of globalization seems irresistible, the increasing cultural exchanges will effectively improve mutual understanding and friendship. In my opinion, national culture, as a priceless spiritual treasure, should be preserved and cherished. Meanwhile there’re good reasons to advocate international culture, for these ideas from other cultures, controversial or even absurd at first sight, can provide a different perspective for us to observe the world. However, when we’re confronted with a different culture, we should be sensible enough to absorb its essence and resist its dark side. Only in this way can we promote cultural development positively and make our world dimensional, colorful and vigorous.

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Income Sources of College Students

As college students, we haven’t entered society yet. As a result, we have no certain jobs to support the cost of living in the university. Many people wonder what the income sources of college students are. As far as I know, there are at least two sources.

For most students, they depend utterly on their parents in terms of making a living in the university. Considering we are still students, parents offer to give us financial help, just as they did in high school. With similar thoughts, many students accept their offer and dedicate themselves to the colorful life in college. However, this is not the case with some other students. For some reasons, they want to be financial-independent or their families are too poor to support the high cost of living at the university, they take part time jobs in an effort to make a living. Some of them take the job as a tutor, while some will be shop assistants or promoters. Whatever jobs they take, they manage to support the cost of living totally by themselves. As for me, I rely partly on my parents by taking the job as a tutor. For I firmly believe that complete dependence on parents gives them too much burden. While total involvement in part time jobs makes it impossible for me to spend enough time on study.

Ms. Lonely

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Most people simply regard loneliness as a sort of sad feeling, but for me, it can be quite enjoyable. Alone, I can be totally true to myself and my mind is full of naive innocence. Whenever and wherever loneliness is with us, even when we are in the crowd or a place with noises...Loneliness is like my friend. It confronts me when I am upset and keeps my head clear while I am overly excited... Dreaming dreams is my habit when I am lonely. I am Ms. Lonely, who will hang out with pure friends for good ... the tone of a song named Mr. lonely which I like so much haunts in my mind... 知行三峡大学分站 祝欣 投稿 We Never Stop Trying,how about you? 15

Military Training It was January 4, 2009, the day right before our military training. Though I was a little bit afraid of the biting wind with the horrible coldness outside in the open air, I was looking forward to participating in the training in that I knew the training would strengthen my will power, thus helping me set the stage for the hardships with which I would be confronted in the future. To our great surprise, it snowed heavily at the beginning of our training. I could still remember the morning when we stood on the playground while the snow danced freely in the sky. It was romantic as well as fascinating to some extent whereas we all felt so cold that I was possible to give up for any reason at any time. However, in spite of the bad weather, none of us dropped out of the training, including me! The standing in the snow really strengthened our will power, endurance and taught us a great deal to put up with barriers that might prevent us from achieving success. During our training, we also practiced quick step, at ease, at ease march and all that. I could never forget the week we did nothing except for walking in a line, with hands waving to the same height. Each day after training, we could hardly drag our extremely sour and exhausted legs to our canteen and dormitory. Most of us would complain now and then while all of us accepted that we were much more disciplined than ever before .Although these training sessions are kind of tedious and tiring. I still learned these precious qualities that I will hold dear in my life time. Certainly, we also had something interesting during our training. We learned to sing the songs and we appreciated the wonderful performances that our officers presented to us. I felt we were a better team then and there was something like family feeling that motivated us to walk further and work harder. The day our military training ended, I felt really hard to tear myself away from our officer and all the other members of the training team, It suddenly occurred to me that the training sessions had taught me so much that I could benefit from and I was more mature and no longer a little kid.


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I Have A Dream I have learned English for more than six years ,but for me ,my English is just so-so, I can’t even communicate with a foreigner fluently, Every time when I went to the English corner of my school, and came across my foreign teacher, I always wanted to chat with him a few, but I thought that my English was very poor, I couldn’t express my ideas in English exactly ,and I was afraid that I would not understand what he said , so I didn’t have the courage to approach him ,I just I just stood far from him ,when I saw those outstanding students talking with him happily and freely, I felt how tiny I was,and I thought that was my biggest dismay . But I didn’t discourage,I said to myself : I must try my best to reach a new height in my English, otherwise my English studying for so many years would be a waste. I dream one day, I can speak English as well as my mother tongue. 知行三峡大学分站 刘嫣然 投稿

Father and I

When I was a little child, my father always did funny things to make me happy. So we were friends rather than father and son. One of the most interesting things is "Pat the bake of hand". One night the game began. First, I stretched out my right hand with the palm up quickly. Dad put his huge right palm on mine. "Okay we are starting." I said reserving my small palm, intending to give him a "heavy" pat on his .However ,dad was much more flexible than me ,he had already drawn his palm out before I could pat his, then I can only pat the air. At the same time, Dad looked at me with a big laugh while I just smiled because of the "failure". Then it was Dad's turn. Stretched, reserved, drew and "pa" with another laugh, I was clapped. Like this we did the game again and again .Clapped all the time, but accompanied with happy. It's an easy game, but also a good way to improve my reaction. Up to now, I can still feel how happy I am when I remember that several cheerful minutes, and say "Dad, I love you, forever and a day!"

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We Never Stop Trying,how about you?


Sitting Yoga - Exercise in your chair on a plane, a train, or anywhere else

Sandwich Asana Directions: Inhale as you sit straight. Exhale as you lower the shoulder to the point between your knees. Inhale as you come up. Exhale as you lower the other shoulder to the point between your knees. Inhale as come up. Duration: Repeat five times for each shoulder.


语录:If the world’s a vale of tears, smile, till rainbows span it! —Lucy Larcom

Office Yoga - Exercise in your office

Body Twisting Asana Directions: Stand straight with feet on one and a half shoulder width. Keep arms strong and aligned with shoulders. Keep lower abdomen engaged. Duration: Ten turns in each direction.

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Now check your answers… Your answer will represent the order of many important events in your heart. Cattle stands for career, while tiger indicates confidence. And sheep represents love. Horse and pig stands for family and money respectively. “一次性产品”的翻译:disposable products


语录:Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. —Confucius


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We Never Stop Trying,how about you?


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