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Catalysts for a Culture of Sustainability

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Sustainability Guild International | About Us

Imagine if there were a truly global, cross-sector platform for sharing sustainability knowledge that convened a common dialogue on how we face the greatest social, environmental and economic challenges of our time

Imagine if that platform was open to all

WHO Sustainability Guild International, LLC is a research and digital publishing social enterprise dedicated to making strategic leaders of institutions, organizations and companies more effective stewards of economic, environmental and social sustainability. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, the Guild team works collaboratively with a global community of strategic leaders and sustainability practitioners from the business, government, NGO/non-profit and academic sectors.

WHAT The Guild conducts independent, primary research; publishes cross-sector, peerreviewed journals; and convenes a collaborative peer-to-peer network of crosssector sustainability leaders. The Guild was formed to help catalyze a culture of sustainability and success with the goal of optimizing the strategy and positive impact of cross-sector organizations through quantitatively measurable and qualitatively meaningful research, publishing and targeted action. Programmatic engagement with the Guild comes with unparalleled levels of customized insight and value that allows organizations to benchmark themselves and optimize performance, gain global insight and have a voice in the shaping of a truly global conversation and agenda. Membership enables the Guild’s innovative Vision-in-Action Accessibility Model which provides for the creation of an open-access, interactive, multimedia platform for data-driven knowledge and collaboration. Guild Vision-in-Action seeks to bring visibility to, learning from, and engagement with, innovators from all sectors of society and from all regions of the world.

WHY We believe that an organization’s enduring success is best measured using a Triple Bottom Line (TBL) framework geared to ensure value and success for People, Planet and Prosperity. TBL success and innovation is most effectively implemented and proliferated through an accessible and global knowledge network of strategic leaders. The Guild convenes this critical dialogue and enables the sharing of quantitatively captured and qualitatively contextualized data, insight and experience, across all sectors and spheres of society. Š 2011 Sustainability Guild International. All rights reserved

PUBLISHING OVERVIEW The Guild Press focuses on bringing together data and experience from innovators and thought leaders from across the social and global spectrum to offer their unique perspectives on key issues crucial to advancing sustainability. Through our Vision-in-Action Accessibility Model and innovative, open-review process, the Guild Press showcases comprehensive, accessible and actionable research to our global, cross-sector community

Sustainability Guild International | Publishing Calendar

The Digital Library Series (DLS) provides deeper insight into sustainability topics and issues that emerge from our research, journals and collaboration. DLS topics include: ➢ Sustainable Urban Systems ➢ Biofuels

INTERNATIONAL PEER-REVIEWED JOURNALS The Guild’s digital press provides a multimedia platform for collaborative dialogue on important sustainability topics, and highlights leading sustainability research and action from diverse sectors and regions. Our publications build core knowledge and provide insight that guides holistic strategy, action, outcomes and innovation. The Guild FOCUS journal series emphasizes key issues in sustainability from institutional and organizational perspectives. The Guild CULTURE journal series examines sustainability from broad, social and cultural perspectives. Guild journals promote critical discourse through in-depth articles, interviews, case studies, program profiles, opportunities, technology assessments and book reviews. DIGITAL LIBRARY SERIES (DLS) Our DLS publications provide deeper insight into sustainability topics and issues that emerge from our research, journals and collaborations. Leveraging the deep insight and experiences of a diverse array of strategic leaders and scholars, the series features case-study-framed examinations of quantified outcomes, emerging issues and innovation.

➢ Social Enterprise ➢ Retail ➢ Packaging ➢ Travel and Hospitality


Fall 2011

FOCUS: Government and Policy: Shaping Global Responsibility

Fall 2011

FOCUS: NGO | NPO: The New Contours of Change

Fall 2011

FOCUS: Academia | Education : Leaders: Being and Making

Fall 2011

FOCUS: Food: From Risk to Reward: Sustaining the Global Food Supply Chain

Winter 2012

FOCUS: Energy: Powering Innovation

Winter 2012

FOCUS: Water: Strategy Under Strain

Winter 2012

FOCUS: Waste: Waste Re-imagined

Winter 2012

FOCUS: Innovative Technology: Innovation Applied

Spring 2012

FOCUS: Design to Deliver: Re-Visioning the Lifecycle

Spring 2012

FOCUS: Health: Care and Accountability

Spring 2012

CULTURE: Lifestyle and Consumption: Global Good/s

Summer 2012

CULTURE: Art Engaged: Sustainability as Vision and Vehicle

Summer 2012

CULTURE: Anthropology of Sustainability: Global Issues in Local Context

Summer 2012

© 2011 Sustainability Guild International. All rights reserved

OUR PUBLICATIONS The Guild’s Press focuses on bringing together innovators and thought leaders from across the social and global spectrum to offer their unique perspectives on key issues crucial to advancing sustainability. Through our Vision-in-Action Accessibility Model and innovative open review process, the Guild Press provides comprehensive, accessible and actionable research to our global, cross-sector community in order to foster innovation, convene critical discourse and provide practical tools for the actualization of sustainability in a variety of contexts.

Sustainability Guild International | Journals

PEER-REVIEWED JOURNAL SERIES The Guild uses an innovative, transparent and efficient review process to produce crosssector, multimedia journals of data-driven, high quality content. Guild journals promote critical discourse through in-depth, data-rich articles, interviews, case studies, program profiles and opportunities, technology assessments, book reviews and more-- presented in an accessible and engaging manner. The Guild Press seeks bold and visionary, data-rich contributions from across the governmental, business, NGO, NPO, communitybased, educational and research communities. Our inaugural 2011 Journal series will include the following titles:


The Evolution of Value: Sustainability in the Private Sector

you could participate in shaping the strategic direction of research and publishing on issues relevant to your organization, community, sector and region

FOCUS: Business explores topics pertinent to incorporating sustainability into private sector vision, strategy, operations, relationship networks and performance within and beyond the organization. This journal explores current and emerging models, standards, and comparative outcomes relevant to both small and global enterprises. The journal provides a critical platform for the discussion of such topics as: innovation and competitive advantage, performance management, leadership and governance, public/private partnership, cross-sector collaboration and communication, infrastructure and technology systems. Fall 2011

Imagine if your organization could have insight into the strategy, outcomes and impact of international peers facing similar challenges

FOCUS: GOVERNMENT | POLICY Shaping Global Responsibility FOCUS: Government and Policy frames sustainability challenges and opportunities from an inter- and intra-governmental strategy and practice perspective. The journal offers an innovative and inclusive global dialogue for policy makers and implementers in shaping and enabling positive social, environmental and economic outcomes. This journal offers a multimedia platform for the sharing of insight and analysis as well as supports and promotes cross-sector and crossregional collaboration. Fall 2011

FOCUS: NGO | NPO The New Contours of Change FOCUS: NGO/NPO is an international sustainability journal that explores the dynamic complex of issues related to mission-driven, organizational vision, strategy, operations, governance, advancement, impact and stakeholder and community engagement outcomes. The journal explores diverse approaches to long-term and short-term sustainability challenges and opportunities in the face of dramatically increasing social, environmental, economic challenges and needs. The journal opens a critical discourse examining innovation and emerging issues for local and global organizations seeking to work more effectively within and beyond the NPO/NGO sector. Fall 2011

Š 2011 Sustainability Guild International. All rights reserved

Sustainability Guild International | Journals

FOCUS: ACADEMIA | EDUCATION Leaders: Being and Making FOCUS: Academia | Education explores the role of education and academic institutions in shaping the conceptualization, development, understanding and implementation of sustainable and responsible practices related to: internal operations and strategy, advancement, stakeholder and community relations as well as within the context of preparing students to be strong leaders and active participants in a more responsible social, environmental and economic system. Fall 2011

Imagine if across sectors, strategic leaders could learn, engage and innovate, together while also enabling grants for young scholars - our future thought leaders to conduct dynamic research on sustainability innovation and emerging issues

FOCUS: FOOD From Risk to Reward: Sustaining the Global Food Supply Chain FOCUS: Food explores the challenges and opportunities of farm-to-fork sustainability for the global food value chain. This journal offers a multi-media platform for the examination of present and emerging issues and opportunities across regions and at all levels of the supply chain. The journal opens a cross-sector dialogue on the environmental, economic and social goals and demands for sustainability-framed strategy, performance and collaboration. Winter 2012

FOCUS: ENERGY Powering Innovation FOCUS: Energy explores the role of emerging needs, strategies, challenges, opportunities, science and technology shaping the conceptualization, efficacy and implementation of sustainable energy systems. This international journal provides a critical platform for cross-sector and cross-region discourse and opportunity to collaborate on the potential and actual context and outcomes of energy: sources and systems, development and scaling, benefits and limitations, thought leadership and innovation. Winter 2012

Š 2011 Sustainability Guild International. All rights reserved

Sustainability Guild International | Journals

FOCUS: WATER Strategy Under Strain

Imagine if from the world’s large and small places alike, innovators were found, recognized and applauded for helping to create enduring strategies and outcomes that benefit the world now imagine your organization being acknowledged globally for making all of this possible

FOCUS: Water explores local and global water issues from a cross-sector perspective related to strategy, policy, management, demand, technology and innovation. This international journal offers quantitatively and qualitatively rich data and analysis from across the global community with a keen focus on emerging issues and thought leadership. FOCUS: Water provides a platform for constructive and collaborative engagement on water issues that include: scarcity, safety, security and access. Winter 2012

FOCUS: WASTE Waste Re-imagined FOCUS: Waste explores the global production, management and re-imagining of local, national and global waste streams. FOCUS: Waste convenes a critical discussion on current and emerging approaches to reducing, re-purposing and re-valuing waste and contributes to raising awareness of diverse strategies and benefits of re-imagining commercial and municipal waste streams in ways that deliver value for People, Planet and Prosperity. Winter 2012

FOCUS: INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY Innovation Applied FOCUS: Innovative Technology explores current and emerging technology research and development, strategy, practices, challenges, opportunities and outcomes shaping the conceptualization and implementation of sustainability-supporting solutions and resources. This international journal examines evolving approaches to sustainable technology development and technology enabled sustainability management. Spring 2012

FOCUS: DESIGN TO DELIVER Re-Envisioning the Lifecycle FOCUS: Design to Deliver examines the diverse array of sustainability drivers, outcomes, challenges and opportunities that are transforming local and global value chains from concept to consumer and back again. Design to Deliver presents diverse strategies, goals and innovations that address social, environmental and economic challenges and strive to create value for People, Planet and Prosperity. Spring 2012

FOCUS: HEALTH Care and Accountability FOCUS: Health explores the health care industry’s integration of sustainability solutions in managing increasingly complex information technology systems and facilities. This journal provides a cross-sector perspective for understanding health industry challenges and emerging areas of opportunities in measuring and managing Triple Bottom Line sustainability impact. Spring 2012 Š 2011 Sustainability Guild International. All rights reserved

Sustainability Guild International | Journals

CULTURE: LIFESTYLE | CONSUMPTION Global Good/s CULTURE: Lifestyle | Consumption takes a critically-framed look at current and evolving perspectives and practices related to sustainability and consumption and emerging concepts of sustainable and responsible lifestyles. This international journal examines opportunities and outcomes related to cross-sector and community strategies for social, environmental and economic sustainability. Summer 2012

CULTURE: ART ENGAGED Sustainability as Vision and Vehicle

Silo Busting by Design: THE GUILD APPROACH Guild Research and Publishing provides roadmaps to Triple Bottom Line success by working collaboratively with a wide range of cross-sector partners. Our work breaks down silos and bridges the gaps between industries, regions and stakeholders that might otherwise not effectively communicate with one another.

CULTURE: Art Engaged reaches out to cross-sector participants from the global art community interested and active in the issue of sustainability. The international journal seeks to showcase the vision and impact of diverse stakeholders including: professional and practicing artists, art educators, art historians, scholars and critics as well as art material manufacturers and retailers, museums, galleries, foundations and community-based programs, engaged with the topic of sustainability and cultural/creative practice. Art Engaged explores sustainability’s impact on creative practice and expression and examines creative practice as a vehicle for education and engagement in sustainability. Summer 2012

CULTURE: ANTHROPOLOGY OF SUSTAINABILTY Global Issues in Local Context CULTURE: Anthropology of Sustainability takes a local and context-specific look at the global goals and challenges of social, environmental and economic sustainability. The journal’s international focus on fieldwork and case study-driven insight into community and organizational sustainability, showcases leading qualitative research and insight. The journal encourages the bridging of theory and practice by presenting cross-sector, applied approaches to sustainability through the lens of cultural change. Summer 2012

© 2011 Sustainability Guild International. All rights reserved

Sustainability Guild International | Review

THE GUILD PRESS APPROACH DYNAMIC DATA-DRIVEN DIALOGUE The Guild Press creates a data-rich environment where sustainability challenges are contextually understood and strategies and outcomes are quantitatively measured and qualitatively analyzed. Papers undergo an innovative open review process, where ideas are exposed to a cross-sector audience of sustainability peers to generate open dialogue and contextualized insight.


We define sustainability as: a philosophical framework, strategic goal and call to action that urgently redefines ideas and practices in the interdependent social, environmental and economic spheres.

Our definition of sustainability is holistic and encompasses: the responsible and restorative use of environmental and human resources, organizational success built upon good governance and

The Guild redefines the concept of “peer” by making this role one that bridges an array of sectors, disciplines and philosophies. Papers will be evaluated on the basis of originality, contribution to critical discourse, cross-sector and international readability as well as relevance and applicability to our holistically-framed approach to sustainability, which emphasizes society, environment and economy.

TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY The Guild Press review process is marked by transparency and interactivity. Guild peer-review combines a blind review process alongside a simultaneous, respectful, open review process to ensure that authors are most effectively supported in the development of high quality and accessible content to a global and cross-sector sustainability audience. After submissions go through closed review, the anonymized reviews are then added to the open review forum affording an opportunity for spirited and constructive author and reviewer comment and response to the entire spectrum of thoughtful reviews. Guild Press process then allows for a moderated online exchange between the author and review community. The Guild review process enables a dynamic, cross-sector and data-driven exchange that upholds high standards for excellence and promotes transparency, engagement and accountability.

RIGOROUS AND EFFICIENT REVIEW PROCESS Contributors benefit from an expedited notification and review process, with guaranteed quick turn-around. Enabling multiple reactions to a paper prior to the publishing decision supports a broader, more inclusive review process. For more information, please visit our Press Site.

meaningful engagement and environmental, social and economic justice and opportunity for all.

© 2011 Sustainability Guild International. All rights reserved


Sustainability Guild International | Vision-in-Action

The Guild enables strategic leaders to benchmark their organizations and integrate sustainability-driven processes and policies into their strategy and action resulting in positive Triple Bottom Line outcomes for: People – through a fundamental improvement of the quality of life for people and society Planet – through environmental diversity, security and stability globally Prosperity – through compelling and ongoing incentive and value that drive client, constituent and community engagement, satisfaction and well-being

A MODEL FOR THOUGHT LEADERSHIP The Guild is building a global community of organizations and individuals dedicated to moving Triple Bottom Line sustainability from vision to action. The Guild showcases strategies and initiatives that create and transform opportunities, relationships and frameworks of value, between people, organizations and societies. The Guild’s Vision-in-Action model engages cross-sector strategic leaders from all regions, through the broad dissemination of informative and actionable research, peer-reviewed journals, books and dynamic events. Vision-in-Action fosters inclusion and enhanced social and environmental stewardship, while our open access approach to research ensures a place in the conversation for all stakeholders. To enable global and cross-sector representation and meaningful engagement, the Guild provides under-resourced organizations grants for subscriptions to our digital journals and books, as well as for event participation. Additionally, Guild Vision-in-Action offers competitive, named grants to support the work of emerging sustainability scholars and practitioners. The Guild awards fellowships to thought leaders, and sponsors an annual prize for truly pioneering vision and innovation in sustainability that rewards successful and replicable models of: ● ● ●

Triple Bottom Line-driven social enterprise models Creative and effective education and stakeholder engagement models Accessible, sustainability-framed tools and technology

The Guild further collaborates with private and public sector partners to conduct research and develop viable strategies related to the core global challenges of and need for sustainable health, food, education and economic systems. Potential partners focused on the following issues, are encouraged to engage with Guild research: ● ● ●

Sustainability Education, Curricula Development and Outreach Health, Food Supply Chain and Food Desert Issues Sustainable Economies (including: Social Enterprise, Workforce Development and Private/Public Partnership) © 2011 Sustainability Guild International. All rights reserved

Sustainability Guild International | Engage

ENGAGE WITH THE GUILD PRESS The Guild invites the submission of bold and visionary papers, interviews, casestudies, reviews, assessments and articles that embrace constructive approaches to making sustainability relevant, accessible and actionable. In addition to engaging with the Guild Press as a subscriber, author or reviewer, there are also opportunities to engage in Guild Press and research activities:

INTERNATIONAL EDITORIAL REVIEW BOARD Partner With Us By engaging with the Guild, you will benefit from access to an international peer network of strategic leaders, experts, and innovators, as well as cutting edge cross-sector data, critical analysis, and publications relevant for the: Business, Government,

The Guild Press International Editorial Review Board (IERB) is a global and crosssector board of strategic leaders and issue experts working to meaningfully bridge the gaps betwen regions, sectors and industries toward the goal of advancing sustainability insight and innovation. IERB members seek to shape global sustainability insight in their field of expertise and serve as strategic advisors, peerreviewers and ambassadors for the Guild Press and its holistic, mission-driven approach to sustainability. The IERB helps to monitor the dialogue between authors and peer reviewers to ensure that the publications remain productive, relevant and of the highest quality. The Guild welcomes accomplished candidates to serve on the IERB, on a rolling basis. IERB members have demonstrated expertise and have or currently hold strategic leadership positions and represent the Business, Government, Academic and NGO sectors.

ENGAGE IN GUILD RESEARCH The Guild encourages individuals and organizations new to sustainability as well as thought leaders and experts in the practice of sustainability, to engage in our research community.

Academic and NPO/NGO sectors

Š 2011 Sustainability Guild International. All rights reserved

Sustainability Guild International | Membership

THE VALUE OF OUR VISION: GUILD MEMBERSHIP We are building a global, cross-sector community of thought and action leadership in sustainability. Membership is the most comprehensive and rewarding way to engage with the Guild. Membership is cross-sector-- for-profit, NGO/NPO, academic, and governmental organizations collaborate to share knowledge and participate in conversations with their sustainability peers. Membership is global-- the sharing of regionally diverse perspectives, strategies and outcomes broadens the dialogue and ensures a meaningful impact for all stakeholder organizations. The Guild offers a variety of membership levels, including Founding, Sustaining and Supporting. All membership levels deliver unparalleled:

Guild membership provides unparalleled knowledge and insight


reach and opportunity

● ●

thought leadership

● ●

Organizational benchmarking Customized, independent research Quantified social, environmental and economic value case Full access to all Guild journals and e-books Digital library of quality, cross-sector peer data at your fingertips Winning practices and models from global peers Targeted briefs, data cuts and webinars Customized skill-building opportunities Enhanced environmental and social stewardship

and results in… REACH, OPPORTUNITY AND INFLUENCE competitive advantage

● ●

increased brand value and visibility

● ● ●

new revenue streams ●

and much more

Insight into emerging issues Global dissemination of research and publications Brand visibility Peer networking and collaboration opportunities Connection to strategic leaders across sectors implementing sustainability-driven innovation Opportunity for your organizational strategy to be a case model for others Alignment with high-profile, global sustainability agendas


The distinction of enabling a global, cross-sector platform and community The provision of grants and fellowships Global acknowledgment The ability to help shape global sustainability insight and agendas Customized research topic nominations Board and panel participation Annual Impact Report profiling

THE GUILD INNOVATION CIRCLE Guild Founding Patron members join with the most innovative members from across the Guild community to form the Innovation Circle (IC). The Innovation Circle is a standing council focused on optimizing the knowledge, impact, reach and innovation of Triple Bottom Line sustainability, globally. Founding Patrons participate in judging the best entries for the competitive process leading to IC membership. Innovation Circle members receive numerous opportunities to help shape the direction of the Guild’s research and publishing topics, and criteria for and rating of competitive opportunities. IC members will nominate two customized research studies per year and have robust opportunities for peer-to-peer networking via virtual and in-person events.

© 2011 Sustainability Guild International. All rights reserved

CONTACT US TO ENGAGE Sustainability Guild International Press (+1) 877.797.7938 Photos: Sustainability Guild International, LLC

Š Massimo Mastrorillo

100 Morrissey Blvd. | Boston MA 02125 | USA

Art: Š Renato A. D. Riccioni

Press Overview 2011-2012  

Press Overview document for 2011-2012

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