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 just-in-time dissemination of crucial knowledge and know-how  easy and fast execution  highly intuitive experience design  super simple user interface  visual story-telling  engagement by social dynamics

3 Just-in-Time Knowledge Management

Learning Management Systems & Learning Platforms

Knowledge dissemination and cross-fertilization: crucial knowledge around corporate services, projects, cultures and values. Knowledge and action as one!

Custom tailored solutions to empower people, fostering formal and informal knowledge by sharing within their communities of practice

4 Tools & Apps, Online & Mobile Learning

Tutorials, Interactive Infographics, Webinars, Edugems

Bespoke coaching and learning material accessible from anywhere, anytime and fully integrated with the corporate platforms

Eye catching, interactive and quick learning for capacity building and people development

5 Videos & Short Movies

Advanced Immersive Games

Complete story-telling script and storyboarding, footages production and post-production, animations, music, audio effects and voice over, editing for sound and color, encoding metatags, titles, credits and subtitles

Increase motivation and engagement, allow the trainees to experiment with gamified but realistic scenarios and outcomes in a contained and safe environment

6 Interactive Walls & Immersive Experiences

Augmented and Virtual Reality

The merging of real and virtual worlds: an environment where physical and digital dimensions co-exist and interact in real time

Persistent virtual worlds, glasses and wearable augments, haptic feedback and so on, in order to make the experience more lifelike

7 3D Rotating Objects

Life-Sized Holograms

In partnership with zSpace A combination of augmented and virtual reality, to create lifelike experiences that are immersive and interactive

3D digital holograms, pre-recorded or even live, to bring the virtual to life: to see without glasses!

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e-REAL_Learning 4.0  
e-REAL_Learning 4.0