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corporate SOLUTIONS under the e-REAL umbrella

ar displays 2

Interactive walls

Immersive Rooms

Life-sized holograms


How do digital technologies transform corporate communication? Natural user interfaces - touch, eye-tracking, gesture - stimulate multi-sensory perceptions through interactive solutions.

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AR Displays

Interactive surfaces to engage audience Eye-catching and interactive infographics allow people to explore and figure out a number of other relevant topics just standing in front of the display. And the display speaks a number of languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and much more!



Interactive walls Visual storytelling to boost communication


People are engaged through a fascinating live storytelling based on audio and video contents.


Immersive Rooms face-to-face and online

The merging of real and virtual worlds: an environment where physical and digital dimensions co-exist and interact in real time. Designed to improve the performance of executives and professionals, it’s an ideal solution to share knowledge and to boost communication.


Take notes Fill questionnaires Underline key concepts Drag & drop icons and images


Life-sized holograms, without glasses!

With the e-REAL Holograms, the effect is achieved by a cutting-edge technology, that sets new standards for image definition and luminosity - allowing both images’ brightness and high definition even in a full of light environment. 3D digital holograms could be pre-recorded or even live, to bring virtual to life. Can you imagine how powerful and effective it is to talk lively and in real time with an expert broadcasting 1,000 miles away?


Imagine having 3D visualizations float in space!

Imagine having virtual guests and testimonials on your stage!

Imagine talking directly with a virtual guest, in a live session!


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