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Inspired by the documentary “The Cove,” this studio project was assigned to negotiate the tension between a functional fish market and a public statement of the injustices carried out in the fishing industry. The fish market’s design, located in Nuuk, Greenland, is inspired the public’s ignorance of these injustices and the building’s move towards enlightenment. Progression

Yet, as one moves through the building, the monolithic structure is torn apart and knocked off axis. During this moment, the visitor is first introduced to “The Cove.” Just as the structural timber breaks down the solid concrete, “The Cove” threatens to break apart society’s comfortable and solid idea of fishing. This new structure grows out of the remains of the former and creates a new space that travels along a new path, both vertically and horizontally. Once the visitor reaches the end of the new space, she realizes that she is no longer on the ground, but above it. This is the moment of her enlightenment to the realities of fishing. The building is about giving people the knowledge that they would otherwise not have gained, and through experiences in the fish market, bring about a stronger awareness of how dolphins, as well as other marine animals, are handled.

Nuuk Fish Market Spring 2011

The entry space of the market is dense and sturdy, inspired by the surrounding structures that are common to Nuuk, and represent the preconceived notion of what fishing means to man. Most are comfortable with the notion of fishing and never question its practice.

Laura Martin Portfolio  
Laura Martin Portfolio  

Undergraduate Architectural Work