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OJ Baker Competition Honorable Mention

Donald Judd’s method of design incorporates the importance of space and the significance of an object’s relationship to its surroundings. It could be said that his work is very much architectural. The fundamentals of his design are frequently utilized in buildings. Judd even began to use his design to renovate existing buildings in Marfa. Unfortunately, Judd limited his inventiveness to only building renovation, never building conception. It is only fitting that Judd’s design quality be carried through completely in a building in the middle of his Marfa masterpiece.

Chinati Facility for Conservation

Spatial Diagrams

Fall 2010

The design of the Marfa, Texas Chinati Facility for Conservation was inspired by the unique environment in which it is situated. This facility is one of a kind: the first building designed for the Chinati Foundation without the artist and founder Donald Judd’s personal involvement. The Foundation has a very distinctive atmosphere and point of view that should not be ignored. The conservation building acknowledges and complements this celebrated style of Donald Judd. The design drivers of the structure were based on my favorite aspects of Judd’s work. Judd’s emphasis on the void and the fantastic interaction between his anorganic work and its contrastingly natural environment is striking to me and inspired this facility’s conception.

Works of Donald Judd

Laura Martin Portfolio  
Laura Martin Portfolio  

Undergraduate Architectural Work