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Brunel Walk Haringey - Housing Capacity Study - November 2010 Alan Morris , Tosha Philippa , Alvin Shum

Challenge Site Context Constraints Opportunities Initial ideas Quantum

Challenge develop ideas for the regeneration of a narrow strip of land 180 metres long by 18 metres wide. Currently a dilapidated hostel but with scope for new housing development, through demolition and reconstruction.

2. West Green Road 1. Brunel Walk


2 1


Seven Sisters Tube 7 min walk

Site area: 0.37 Ha

Council Ownership

Site Context

Brunel Walk

Sleaford Road 2 storey

Estate 4 storey

Site Context: 1860

Site Context: 1890

Site Context: 1960’s

Site Context

Site Context



Initial Ideas:

Demolish....recycle the bricks

Potential with neighbouring site

Shared Amenity Overlap Parking Landscape Gardens Allotments

Green Linkage and Connectivity

Shared Amenity Allotments strip

What is strip width?



Can three strips work together? Allotments Road Housing

Are there Precedents?



8 x 8 m Plan Exemplar Dagenham 2010

Initial layout sketch plan

Why 8 x 8 Courtyard Typology?

• Compact efficient plan • Amenity space internal • Resolves overlooking • Access road for vehicles • Allotments possible

What is the Right Mix and Tenure? • Dagenham - 14 x 2 bed houses • Dagenham - 2 disabled bungalows • Dagenham - 50% rent + 50% s/o

Propose • Brunel - 3 Bed family houses • Brunel - Disabled single storey • Brunel - 50% rent + 50% shared owned Flexibility in mix possible following further study

Allotments as continuous strip

Food Production and LBH • Part of a “Growing” community • Haringey network of food producers • Marginal land integrated into community

What is the USP? • Community concept • Food growing / sustainability • Third floor flexible space • North light and south solar roof • Modern innovative design • Launderette and cafe’

8m module

Three Bed House

Three Bed House 8m module

First Floor Living Area

Three Bed House

Second Floor

Plan Layout 22 Houses

2 Greenhouses

Shared Amenity

Linked Green Amenity Allotments


Parking (100%) 4 Parking areas

Disabled parking

Street “Events� 2 Greenhouses punctuate street

Opportunity for launderette /cafe

“Way-Through” Planted terraces

Gated passage

Courtyards and Terraces


Habitable Rooms

Target Quantum and Value • 18 x 3 bed houses • 4 x 2 bed flats • 2 disabled bungalows • Site footprint is 0.13 ha • 50% Rent and 50% Shared Owned • Habitable rooms 90 • Site value to be established ........

Reference: Council Option Study (NPS) • June 2010 • Option 4 recommended • 14 Family Homes • 251 hr per ha • Capital cost £3.43 M • £1622 per M2 • Mixed Tenure

Compare Build UP Study to Option Study

• Build Up study 22 family houses • Option study 14 family houses • Build Up study c. 65% more units


Site Context

Site Context:

Site Context

Site Context

Site Context

Site Context

Site Context

Site Context

Site Context

Site Context

Site Context

Site Context

Sakura Drive Wood Green, LBH

Completed scheme given planning in 2004. Application number. HGY/2004/1389 Interesting precedent on overlooking.


Reference images

Reference Documents

The Haringey Local Development Framework: - Core Strategy The London Plan (Consolidated with changes since 2004) The London Housing Design Guide – Interim Edition – Mayor of London Housing SPD (adopted 2008) Haringey Council Brunel Walk Options Appraisal (NPS for LBH) – June 2010

Other older documents with some relevance: SPG 3b Privacy/ Overlooking /Aspect /Outlook /Daylight /Sunlight -2003 SPG3c Backlands Development - 2003

Possible Next Steps

Work to establish residual value for land only Establish value of contract on Dagenham scheme for comparison Work up site plan layout Refine mix Research into ongoing LBH studies for Turner Estate combined site Integrate a revised scheme into above studies Propose phasing and decant strategy

Haringey Heartlands II: Brunel Walk  

Build Up Live Project: Brunel Walk Presentation

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