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The main headline/ pullquote is a direct quote Thecelebrity. creative Iway they comparing herself to another think thishave placed the image in aaslayer under the text is very effective. It statement is meant to be seen a sarcastic comment means we are always thinking about ‘Mia’ because the celeb she references is a child star and and sexualised therefore would not have offensive element she is trying to represent.

This is a different way to start the article as the journalist is stating what she has achieved but then also a statement contradicting This article is it. mainly This maybe imageisled; the to pictures get across the idea are what make this that sheasstands out article it is divided above the rest and into two short columns has viewsis Anddifferent overall there to the norm. not much writing.

This image is a very distinct and bold one; the clouds of smoke give a dangerous or hazardous element to the whole article. The fiery orange jacket and the position of her hair and expression of her face all combine to create a sexualised fire element.

Magazine Analysis  

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