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The 4A 4-1-1 Our Bi-Weekly Newsletter Volume 6

November 27, 2012 ON THE HORIZON…

Sunday, Dec 2nd: First Sunday of Advent! Monday, Dec 3rd: Advent Prayer Service, 8:15 Tuesday, Dec 4th: Santa’s Secret Shop! Science test! Thursday, Dec 6th: Feast of St. Nicholas! Friday, Dec 7th: First Friday mass, 8:15 Tuesday, Dec 11th: Report Cards go home! Friday, Dec 14th: 11:45 Dismissal

RELIGION: Exodus… movement of the people! In Religion, we’re inside a unit on Moses and the 10 commandments. We’re reading through the book of Exodus and creating a timeline. Later in the week, we’ll watch The Prince of Egypt! We’ll also be gearing up for Advent starting on Monday, with our school prayer service, and also with our classroom Advent calendar! Soon and very soon, we are going to see the King!

LANGUAGE ARTS: Once upon a time… Our novel, I Was a Rat, had quite a twist ending which launched us into a unit on fairy tales. Fairy tales never go out of style, and in fact they are very ‘in’ right now! We’ll be reading different fairy tales and folk tales, discussing and connecting them, and then finally, writing our own twisted fairy tales!

SCIENCE: Lights out! We are about to wrap up our unit on LIGHT! We are spending this week in review for the test on Tuesday, December 4th. Then we’ll be moving onto our next chapter on Electricity and Magnetism! This chapter comes at the right time of year, because Christmas twinkle lights make the best examples of circuits, and we all know electric usage goes up at this time of year! It’ll be a fun chapter! Ryan and Alosha prove that light travels in straight lines!

Saturday, Dec 15th: St. Paul’s Treelighting, Following the 5:30 mass! Monday, Dec 17th: Christmas Pageant, school performance, 9:15 Tuesday, Dec 18th: Christmas Pageant, 9:00 Thursday, Dec 20th: Christmas Party! Friday, Dec 21st: Christmas Prayer Service, 11:00 11:45 Dismissal… BREAK!

The Amazing Anna bends a pencil with refraction!

Mark and Peter light up a beaker of milky water to see the colors break up!

Thanksgiving and our Blue Ribbon Ceremony!

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