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The 4A 4-1-1 Our Bi-Weekly Newsletter Volume 5

November 15, 2011 SCIENCE: You Light Up My Life! In Science, we are really seeing the light. We have learned how light travels, and how we see color – we even learned about the parts of the eye! Last time in lab we played with prisms and saw light refract. This week we’ll have another lab on light! I wonder what we’ll do this time!

The percussion section of the Princeton Symphony Orchestra rocked the spiritual center last week at our Bravo Assembly!

Connor and Noelle both demonstrate refraction using a prism!

RELIGION: Go Down, Moses! ON THE HORIZON… Tuesday, Nov 22nd: Thanksgiving Prayer Service & LUNCHEON! Wednesday, Nov 23 : NO SCHOOL! Pastor’s Holiday! rd

Thursday, November 24th:

We have studied a few interesting saints lately, including our saints of the month, St. Martin de Porres and St. Frances Cabrini. The kids really enjoy these stories! We are also launching into our unit on Moses by creating a timeline of the book of Exodus!

LANGUAGE ARTS: He WAS a Rat! We have recently finished I Was a Rat! It was all a twist on Cinderella! We had a good time discussing corruption in the government and media, discipline in schools, irresponsible tax money spending, the problems with monarchy, and the importance of human kindness! This week, we’ll be working on drafting the book report, as well as watching the movie! David (the Philosopher Royal) and Nolan (the lawyer) act out a scene from I Was a Rat!



Emily, Luke, and Molly all ran for Governor on November 4 th. They, as well as their classmates (their campaign teams) presented persuasive speeches to 4B, who voted. Congratulations to Luke, who won the election, but all three candidates did a stellar job!

We had a terrific time at the Old Barracks and the State House. Thank you again to our chaperones!

Enlisting in the regiment

View from the Barracks

In Uniform!

Lunch in the courtyard

In the Assembly Room

Inside the dome

The outside of the dome

The 4th grade on the State House steps

Our state seal

4A 4-1-1 Volume 5  

Bi-weekly newsletter

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