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The 4A 4-1-1 Our Bi-Weekly Newsletter Volume 3

October 18, 2011 ON THE HORIZON… Tuesday, Oct 25 : 4A visits the Book Fair! th

Monday, Oct 31st: HALLOWEEN! Party at 1pm, Parade at 1:45

SCIENCE: Getting Fainter… We will be wrapping up our short chapter on sound with a Test on Thursday, October 27th. Study Guides and crosswords are in the communication folder today!

LANGUAGE ARTS: Was he a rat?

Thursday, Nov 3rd: No School – CONFERENCES! Friday, Nov 4th: Persuasive Speeches in Spiritual Center! 11:45 Dismissal, CONFERENCES!

We are continuing with I Was a Rat and are having some really excellent discussions about corruption in government and discipline in schools. Also, we’ve had some terrific comments so far about SpellingCity! I am thrilled that you are finding it to be a good tool!

Conference Schedule The conference schedule is posted on the NEWS section of my website. If you need to change or add a time, please let me know so I can put you in. Thanks!

Patrick, Nolan, and  Will’s group and Pascal, Larry, and Luke’s group demonstrate not-so-favorable outcomes…

Kate F, Victoria, and Kate S ask the class for a better outcome…

RELIGION: WWJD? Last week in Religion the 4th graders wrote and performed skits about situations with two possible outcomes, a bad and a good. They were very creative!

4A 411 Volume 3  

4A Bi-weekly Newsletter

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