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Poem Inspired by William Carlos Williams So much depends Upon A green apple Tree Big, leafy and Covered with delicious apples Under the hot, beating Sun Green Apple Tree Green green apple tree Why shanâ€&#x;t I see thee Upon the ground, For you were never found. I search for hours on the ground and in towers. Never to be seen, and never to be mean. Green green apple tree Why shanâ€&#x;t I see thee upon the ground, for you and I are never found.

Ode to Pasta My favorite food is pasta It looks like angel hair It smells like heaven It sounds like caterpillars whispering It tastes heavenly It feels like slimy worms It makes me feel happy I like pasta because I am Italian, And my mom makes the best homemade pasta ever!

Turning 11 Turning 11 means growing up. My dad calls me an old lady every birthday. Which is his way of saying I‟m growing up to fast. Turning 11 means giving up childhood obsessions, and moving forward. In school there‟s no more coloring or painting it‟s just work, work, work. Math, science, spelling and grammar. Work, work, work. When I come home from school there‟s no time to play with dolls or take a nap because I have too much homework Everyday I grow up more Losing and gaining things I will never be as I was, ever again.

Chipmonk I am like a chipmunk because I‟m full of energy like a chipmunk, I‟m tiny like a chipmunk, And I have chubby cheeks Like a chipmunk.

My Brother My brother, oh my brother, The things he does to annoy me, my sister and my mother. He feeds the dog chocolates, He puts goo in our pockets, He puts underwear on his head, And never goes to bed. He pulls on my hair, He falls off of chairs, when he puts on his clothes, he falls and cracks his toes. But no matter what he does to drive me crazy I love him more than a ton

Spring Spring is when… The flowers start to bloom The trees turn green The animals come out from hibernation The weather gets warm The birds sing their songs The pools open The bugs fly around The winter clothes go in the attic And so much more. Spring is a wonderful Time of year That everyone Enjoys. Storm It‟s raining it‟s pouring I hear the thunder roaring Lightning strikes On some bikes It was so bad it started a fire It even alarmed the squire He told the king And the king started to sing!

Love Love is something white With feathers That flies inside the sky Forever Flying around Trying to find A place to Make a nest Cooing, cooing Here and there Cooing, cooing Everywhere Love is something white With feathers Trying to get to Your heart Forever.

And while he was singing The rain turned to snow! The squire asked, “Why did this happen?” And the king replied, “No one will know.”

Sunsets on the Beach Sunsets are very pretty Their red glow fills the night sky We wait patiently The sun melts into the water On the beach at night We wait patiently We walk on sand Watching the fish swim by We wait patiently

Mom Shall I compare you to the sun? Not in million years The sun is too hot And too big Shall I compare you to a heart? A heart is too breakable And too fast Shall I compare you to Mary Poppins? Of course Because Mary Poppins is „practically perfect in every wayâ€&#x; Just like you, Mom!

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