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The 4A 4-1-1 Our Bi-Weekly Newsletter Volume 4

November 2, 2011

This edition of the 4A 4-1-1 (except for this page) was written exclusively by the journalists of the class of 4A. Enjoy learning about the happenings of our class through their eyes! The 4-1-1 staff hard at work to hit the deadline!

I just want to take an opportunity to dole out some thank you’s! First and foremost, thank you to our awesome room moms, Mrs. Buckley, Mrs. Okupski, and Mrs. Tewell for one of the smoothest, most efficient (while messy), and most fun Halloween parties ever! Thank you also to any parents who sent in treats and/or came in to help. It was a terrific day! Also, I want to thank all of the parents who made treats for Katerina’s goodbye party – I was overwhelmed, as was Shubee Ang, at the outpouring of effort and generosity on your part! The celebration was lovely, and we had so many treats we were able to have a very successful bake sale the next day (more on page 5)!

O N T H E H O R I Z O N… Thursday, November 3rd: No School K-4 – Conferences!

Tuesday, November 8th: Dress Down Day for Adopt-a-Family, $3

Friday, November 4th: Persuasive Speeches, Spiritual Center, 8:30AM ½ Day – Conferences!

Thursday, November 10th: FIELD TRIP to Old Barracks and the State House 9:00-2:00

Monday, November 7th: Bravo Percussion Assembly, 1pm

Friday, November 11th, End of Trimester 1 (and 11-11-11!) 1


By Science Reporters Molly Hart and Kate Faranetta Did you know that sound travels better through metal than air? We’ve been learning a lot about sound in science. In science lab, we made telephones out of cups and string, and pan pipes out of cardboard and straws. By changing the length of the straws, we could make the pitch higher or lower. The speed of sound travels at 340 meters per second, that’s very fast! If something (like a jet plane) travels faster than sound, it creates a sonic boom. A sonic boom is a deafening noise that occurs when the air is being squeezed together, or compressed, then released in one quick motion, faster than sound. There is an experiment you can try regarding the first question. Find a metal fence. Have friend go to one end of the fence, then tap on it lightly. Then try to listen with your other ear, plugging the other one. Do you hear anything? You can also try this with a brick wall or anything else like it. SOCIAL STUDIES:

By Political Correspondents Nolan Brody and Patrick Wert 4A is writing persuasive speeches for social studies about a future governor. The three candidates are Luke Okupski, Emily Buckley, and Molly Hart. Each student had to write a 4 paragraph speech on 4 note cards to help campaign for the candidates. We will be reading the speeches at the spiritual center this Friday at 8:30. We get to dress up and parents are invited!


By Staff Reporters Robert Hulbert, Matthew Giles, & Vincent Mahoney We’ve had a lot of fun so far this year with Mrs. Allen in 4A. We’ve started out the year by starting to read “I Was a Rat!” It is a story about two elderly people and a boy named Roger who acts like a rat. He keeps saying “I Was a Rat”, what is the truth? We are using some of the vocabulary words from the book to put up on our Vocab. Express, a train of vocabulary words we’ve learned around the classroom. Our goal is to get the Vocab. Express to go around the entire classroom!

By Book Critics David Vadakekkara and Will Tewell Oragami Yoda Vs. the scholastic book fair Origami Yoda books are flying off the shelves with their new book “Darth Paper Strikes Back!” On its second appearance in the book fair Origami Yoda is one of the Hottest books in the Book Fair. “A crummy book that no one should have wasted their money on,” says Conner Marrone, Kid reporter interviewing class pet Turtle, Snap. What will be the Next Origami Yoda book? Who will be the next victim of Origami Yoda fever?



By Special Event Correspondents Noelle Geroso and Michelle Gras This year at our Halloween party, we made ice cream sundaes. They had candy corn, gummy worms, sprinkles, whipped cream, caramel, and chocolate sauce. We also played hot potato and a game where you had to guess what the body part is. Before the party, we went upstairs to the art room and watched Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory. Mr. Allen read some of the book to us. It was a fun day. “Thank you to those brave moms,� said Mrs. Allen.

By Staff Reporters Emily Buckley and Maggie Svoboda 4A has done a lot of projects. One of them is haunted houses. When we did them we could do any room we wanted like bathrooms, bedrooms , garages, and more. we made them look really scary and haunted. We used all different kinds of things like graves, scarecrows, spiders, and giant rats. The haunted house was creative and very fun to make! 4A also wrote scary stories. We typed them on laptops! We could use ideas from the scary stories we read or Mrs. Allen read to us. We had a lot of fun writing them, and on Halloween, we read them out loud to our class!

By Food and Entertainment Correspondents Pascal Cekic and Aidan Kane 4

Mrs. Allen’s class was planning a bake sale for the missions on October 19 th, but due to Katerina’s goodbye party, we cancelled it and used the sweets at the party. We had rice crispy treats, cookies, brownies, and more! The next day we held the bake sale and it was a huge success! We raised $121 for the missions! Thank you to all those that brought the treats!

By Staff Reporters Alex Higgins, Connor Marrone, and Mrs. Allen 4A has a new class pet! Katerina Ang moved to the Philippines and she had to leave her turtle behind, so we adopted Snap, a snapping turtle. We are taking care of her and feeding her. Our teacher protests that we look at her too much during class, but we are proud to have her!

By Meteorologists Luke Okupski and Larry Berko This week’s weather has been very crazy. On the weekend of the 29 th-30th of October, there was a snow storm. On the weather channel it said it was only little 5

flurries of snow but it was a pretty big storm. Today in some places around the area they are still cleaning up for the nor’easter that happened this weekend. There was a lot of damage and a lot of people without power today! There were a lot of trees down in our yards and there were a lot of power lines down on the road. A lot of roads are closed and there is barely any place to go and all you can do is play in the snow and go sledding!

By Athletic Correspondents Victoria Kovarik and Kate Sarubbi There are many sports in St. Paul School, and we are going to talk about two. One is basketball. Kate’s dad Joseph Sarubbi is the coach on the fourth grade girls’ basketball team. Kate’s dad has been our coach for 3 years. The other sport is cross country. You can do cross country if you are in fourth grade and up. The coach is Mr. Cura, also dad of Mia, Bella, and Luke Cura. There are practices on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. There are a lot of meets, and sometimes the team gets yummy treats, including at our last meet!


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