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The 4A 4-1-1 Our Bi-Weekly Newsletter Volume 1

Sept 20, 2011

Hello parents! Welcome to 4th grade! Your children have a lot to look forward to this year! See you at BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT on THURSDAY! This is the first edition of our bi-weekly newsletter. Sometimes I write it, sometimes the kids do – it basically lets you know what we’ve been up to, and what is upcoming, plus I always throw in some fun pictures of life in 4A. So look for it every 2 weeks in the communication folders! And remember, you can always check our website, which you can access through the school’s website, or at!

LANGUAGE ARTS: Getting the ball rolling…

Pascal & Larry interview each other

RELIGION: Looking Ahead A full and exciting year awaits us in Religion. Throughout the year, we will be studying the bible, the Ten Commandments (and the life of Moses), the Beatitudes (and the life of Jesus), and many other topics.

We didn’t waste any time in ILA – we got writing right away. Writing is one of my favorite things, and I’m sure that soon enough it will be high on everyone’s list! We’ve got some fun and We will be using three different resources – our regular textbook, which teaches us the beliefs and traditions of interesting writing assignments in store. our faith; Family Life, which helps us to apply our faith to our daily life in our home and with our friends; and, Venture Weeklies, in which we will find the gospel reading for the coming Sunday, and discuss it in depth.

As a whole, our school has two main focuses this year. One focus will be on the changes in the mass. The retranslation of the Latin in our mass might seem very confusing in the beginning, but hopefully, it will lead to a richer understanding of our prayers and texts. Our other focus for the year will be on our “Call to Sainthood.” Each month, there will be 2 saints that we discuss, and their actions and love will definitely inspire us to our various service activities throughout the year!

A note about Spelling and Grammar: We began spelling and grammar last week, and this is how it works: SCIENCE: What’s the Matter? Every week, on Monday, we will begin a new list of spelling words, and a new chapter in grammar. I will assign a sentence assignment for the spelling We’re diving head first into our first chapter on words, which will also usually incorporate the MATTER! In our first mini-investigation, we grammar lesson. This is good chance for me (and discovered that all you) to see if the kids understand the grammar matter takes up space, even air! concepts. Every Friday there will be a TEST on both the spelling and the grammar (and later in the year, vocab will be in the mix as well). I will try to always have the spelling words posted on the website. If you notice any problems, don’t hesitate to let me know!

The Amazing Matt lifts his textbooks with nothing but the air from his lungs!

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4A 411  

First edition of our Bi-weekly newsletter