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YOUR GUIDE TO THE LAWRENCE GIVEBACK CARD! Where, why and how to use it. The charities that benefit. How buying local helps all of us. =+@/ 798/C +@/ 798/C 2/6: 69-+6 -+6 -2 2+<3>3/ + = spring/summer 2011

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Table of Contents HOW TO USE YOUR CARD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 WHY GIVE BACK? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 NEW MERCHANTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6 LAWRENCE ORIGINALS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22 MAP OF PARTICIPATING MERCHANTS AND RESTAURANTS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24 PARTICIPATING MERCHANTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30 CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37

ARc _]O ^RO 1S`O,KMU MK\N) “I love that when I use my GiveBack card, local charities like the Lawrence Humane Society, benefit. So animals like Zeus can find good homes!” 2OK^RO\ : 6Ka\OXMO \O]SNOX^

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“This is how I keep things local and make Lawrence a better place.” “I feel like I make good choices where I spend my dollars, because they go back into our community.” “I can’t write big donation checks, but with GiveBack, just by doing what I normally do I raise money for local charities.” (Actual comments from card users at Lawrence GiveBack appreciation party 2/3/2011)

Using your Lawrence GiveBack card is as

/+=C +=  2O\OÂŞ] RYa S^ aY\U]$

Present your GiveBack card whenever you make a purchase at participating local GiveBack merchants.

1\YMO\c .SXSXQ +_^^Y \OZKS\ ,YYU]


With each purchase using your GiveBack card, a donation is automatically made to a local charity of your choice (and it costs you nada!)

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^Y QO^ ]^K\^ON$ 1. Get your card and click to

2. FIll out the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Activate Your Card Nowâ&#x20AC;? information

With every GiveBack card purchase, you earn points that turn into store credit at more than 50 GiveBack merchants!

3. Select your favorite charity!

Why Give Back? A simple solution to a complex issue.

by Constance Wolfe, Lawrence GiveBack founder


his publication is a very exciting development for Lawrence Give Back (LGB). We hope you find it entertaining to learn all about the amazing people involved in the LGB program as well some of the awesome products and services available within the network. I sincerely hope you keep it around and refer to it throughout the year. For those of you that actively participate in the LGB program THANK YOU! For those of you who don’t yet, here’s what it’s all about: What is the Lawrence Give Back Program? At its core, it’s a “Buy Local” program designed to educate and motivate local consumers about the importance of local economic sustainability. Why is local economic sustainability so important? 1. Because our community is experiencing a tax revenue loss in part due to the recession (people are spending less in general). However, more importantly, too much of the money local consumers are spending, is outside of Lawrence (about 25%). This behavior reduces the funds available for our city services which puts stress and strain on our community. 2. To preserve the unique culture of our community and maintain a thriving locally owned retail environment in which local businesses can be created and owners make a living for themselves doing what they love to do. This also gives our community more economic control versus being at the mercy of shareholders’ interests at national corporations with no real ties to our community. 3. To ensure our community’s local charitable services are economically viable. The current economic shortfalls in our community threaten important city services and the social agencies in our community. Sadly, the common debate we hear is should we cut services or raise taxes…I believe that if we make conscious choices about where we spend our money, we can make an impact! Think about where you spend your money: The City of Lawrence Economic Development Coordinator/Planner informed me that people in Lawrence spend approximately 2.3 billion in retail sales annually. It’s estimated that residents in Lawrence do about 20-30% of their total spending outside of Lawrence. That figure (let’s say 25%) represents roughly $575 million in business that Lawrence is losing out on…which equates to roughly $14 million in sales tax collections ($14,662.500). Boy, we could sure use that money!


But…tax dollars are only part of the equation, because there are studies that suggest that the dollar goes about 25% farther in a community when it is spent at local and independently owned businesses (indies) versus non-locally owned businesses (nonindies). For example, when $100 is spent at an indie vs. and non-indie, $68 vs. $43 remains in a local economy (25%). If LGB could help Lawrencians shift the annual spending they do outside of Lawrence back to Lawrence indies, by only 10%, it is estimated that the following could happen: $19 million in new economic activity could be created with 225 new jobs and $7.5 million in new wages earned. All we need to do when it’s time to shop is stop and think, can I get what I need here in Lawrence? Even better, can I get it within the LGB network? (go to for more information). How can we get more people to think about “Buying Locally” on a regular basis? Create a loyalty program that rewards consumers for their local buying loyalty. Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a single loyalty card where one could earn rewards and cash back at all of the indies all over town, rather than collecting a wallet full of cards that were only good at one location each? And what if as an additional reward for use, that card produced direct contributions to the charitable organization that the cardholder chooses without any additional spending? Introducing… the Lawrence Give Back Card. What is the Lawrence Give Back Card? It’s a FREE plastic magnetically striped card you can get at any of the LGB merchants. Register it online at (it takes less than 30 seconds) and select your favorite charitable organization. Two things happen each time you present it with your purchases at LGB merchants: You earn rewards points for each dollar you spend. Every time you earn 200 points, $10 is automatically loaded onto the card which is redeemable at any merchant (keep crossing the 200 point threshold and keep adding $10 to your balance… $95,000 has been earned so far). A portion of each sale is donated to the cause you registered to your GB card (we’ve raised over $110,000 so far for local charitable organizations). Additionally, LGB features weekly specials which allow registered cardholders to receive really cool discounts at really cool GB merchants via email at no less than 50% off. And, stay tuned because we have some really exciting new features coming soon! Doing your part to create a more sustainable community has never been easier! If you want to do your part to make Lawrence more sustainable, fiscally, socially or you simply just want to save a buck or two, LGB is for you. As of the printing of this piece, over $10 million has been spent within the network which as generated over $110,000 in charitable contributions and over $95,000 in credits back to our cardholders. THANK YOU: This publication could not have happened without Crown Automotive, the Douglas County Community Foundation and the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce who generously provided the support for this publication. We also thank the Lewis family and Checkers Grocery Store which serves as the backbone and the anchor of the program. And finally, the Lawrence Originals restaurants ( the group of 20 indie restaurants whose mission it is to preserve the unique culture of cuisine in Lawrence. I know they think I’m crazy half of the time, but they hang in there with me as I dream that this program will someday realize all of its potential for them and the community. spring/summer 2011


ARTISAN FLOOR COMPANY 785.691.6117 | Hours: M–F 9AM to 5PM ~ SAT 9AM to 12PM ~ By Appointment Duane Dorn’s office is on wheels. His gleaming white van, emblazoned with the words Artisan Floor, serves as his place of business and his workshop, as well as his mode of transportation. More accurately, his business is in your home. Duane and his assistant install hardwood and laminate floors, but the bulk of their business is in hardwood refinishing. Duane has been in the flooring business for 13 years and his experience and expertise show in his meticulous attention to detail and his commitment to customer satisfaction. “We treat your home like it was our own,” he says. Because he doesn’t have a physical office or storefront, he can keep his overhead down and pass the savings on to his customers. “We do better work for less money,” he says, nodding at the van that holds the tools of his trade. He’s proud to be a locally owned small business. When you hire Artisan Floor, you aren’t hiring a nameless installer, you’re hiring Duane himself. “Lawrence has been good to me,” he says. “I’ve been in business here for five years and I want to show my gratitude to my customers and my town.”


7th & Locust | 785.856.0820 Hours: W–SAT 11AM to 5:30PM Customers who venture over the bridge to The Blue Heron’s new location in North Lawrence will find Oliver, a wire-haired dachsund, nestled on a chair, wagging his tail. “He’s a real crowd pleaser,” says Galen Tarman, Oliver’s owner and the co-owner of the store. Oliver is hanging out in some pretty nice digs. Galen and Susie Tarman have been in the furniture business for over thirty years. They started out making custom futons, and eventually the business evolved into the eclectic furnishings store, The Blue Heron. The store opened in downtown Lawrence in 1982, and since has moved to North Lawrence where their airy and colorful store fits cozily into the nest of other furnishings stores that now lives at the corner of 7th Street and Locust. Galen says that his goal is to sell things that are “the opposite of overstuffed couches.” The inventory is what Galen calls “transitional to contemporary,” meaning that his pieces fit in well with antiques as well as modern furniture. The store bursts with color, texture, and personality. At The Blue Heron, shoppers will find pieces that they won’t find in other, more corporate or traditional furniture stores. The move to North Lawrence in April 2010 after closing the downtown store provided an opportunity to reconnect with their loyal customer base. “It’s just me,” says Galen, of his approach to retail now. “My customers know that if they come in here, I’ll work with them to find just what they’re looking for.” His personal touch goes a long way to establishing that one-on-one relationship. He follows up to make sure his customers are satisfied, and they come back again and again. “I hope people will find their way to North Lawrence,” he says. “Our furniture is unique, yet it goes with anything.” spring/summer 2011




CHANNELS OF HEALING, LLC 2201 W. 25th Street, Suite F-2 | 785.856.4433 | Hours: M–F 7:30AM to 7PM ~ SAT 8:30AM to 2PM ~ By Appointment Sabrina Channel’s warm smile and peaceful demeanor parallel her philosophy of mind and body healing. As a child, she had insomnia, and was comforted and calmed when her sister would rub her back. From that childhood experience, she fashioned a life-long goal: to help people find a sense of peace in their bodies, and to understand the connection between touch and peace. Massage therapy has been a part of her professional career for 12 years, and she has been self-employed with Channels of Healing since 2006. Sabrina’s philosophy is to approach the body as a unit. She wants to help her clients “connect mind, body, nutrition, background, and fitness” in order to be and feel as healthy as possible. Her background is diverse, dipping into religious studies, bio-feedback, personal training, and massage therapy. Posters of the body’s muscular system adorn the softly colored walls of her studio, and soft natural sounds fill the room. She hopes to “facilitate peoples’ awareness of what their bodies need and how to reach that end.” By working with different aspects of the mind and body, she hopes to achieve a more whole and effective brand of healing. “I love the concept of giving back easily”, says Sabrina, who realizes her clients enjoy giving back and being part of the larger community. With the Lawrence GiveBack program, she says, “It is easy to be rewarded, and I can facilitate that.”


Salon & Day Spa

DASH SALON DAY SPA 3727 W 6th Street, Suite C | 785.856.1720 | Hours: M 9AM to 5PM ~ TUE–TH 9AM to 8PM ~ SAT 9AM to 5PM “Belly up to the bar,” jokes Christa Hoesch, owner of Dash Salon and Spa. Her high-concept salon and spa features a large concrete “color bar” down the center where clients sit for hair color treatments. “We have drinks and treats; often someone brings homemade cookies,” says Christa, who feels that sometimes being at her salon is like being in one’s own living room, only better. “If you have to sit under the dryer at Dash, you’re sitting on a comfy couch while you do it,” she explains. Dash opened in 2009, after Christa read a poem by Linda Ellis that asks, “How do you want to spend your dash?” The dash, she explains, is that tiny mark between the year of your birth and the year of your death. The dash, then, is the life. Christa and her staff wanted to “spend their dash” in a place they created, and a place they knew their customers would love. “We wanted to be happy, and like where we worked,” Christa says. She hopes that it shows, and that her clients are, likewise, happy at Dash. Christa is a manicurist, but she didn’t stop there. Dash offers a full spa experience: hair care, nails, massage, spray tans, teeth whitening, eyelash extensions, body wraps, pedicures, and waxing are among their many services. Christa was a GiveBack card user when as she says, “A light bulb went on in my head. Why am I not, as a business owner, a GiveBack participant?” She says she started using the card to support tiny K, and realized how beneficial and simple the concept is. Christa, born and raised in Lawrence, is committed to “spending her dash” making people feel good - inside and out.

spring/summer 2011




ENGLEWOOD FLORIST 1101 Massachusetts Street | 785.841.2999 | Hours: M–SAT 8AM to 5PM ~ SAT 9AM to 12PM Cary Engle is an artist. His degree in art and graphic design parlayed naturally into his career as a florist. Designing flowers, for Cary, is “part of art.” He started working part time in a flower shop in college, and ended up making his life’s work out of it. He’s been doing flowers for over thirty years. His downtown store is fragrant and beautiful; it’s easy to see why he never left the business. Englewood Florist opened in March of 1993 and has become a downtown institution. Cary says his customers are loyal and know they can always find the best selection and quality in his corner shop. He provides exactly what people want and whatever price they are interested in, be it a large design for a wedding or a small bouquet of just a few stems for a romantic gesture. The store also features a variety of pots, vases, and decorative accessories. Customers can buy plants, create their own bouquets, select balloons, candies, and other treats to brighten someone’s day.


844 Massachusetts Street | 785.856.1540 | Hours: M–SAT 10AM to 9PM ~ SUN 12PM to 7PM Gene Nutt is a kid at heart. His downtown business, Game Nut Entertainment, is a destination for kids of any age. There is something for everyone. Game Nut sells gently used video games, movies, music, and more. He carries gaming consoles both new and “vintage”, back to the original Atari. At Game Nut, according to Gene, you can find “anything and everything.” Recently, he says, his business has evolved. “We sell a lot of movies now. In fact, we have more movies in stock than Wal-Mart does – and cheaper,” Gene explains. He says the thing that sets his store apart from other places is that all of his disks, be they music, DVD, Blu-Ray, or video games, are cleaned on a big industrial machine that resurfaces them. So even if the item isn’t new, it behaves as if it is. If you so desire, you can play your video games right there at Game Nut. Lawrence’s best kept secret is the cavernous gaming room above the retail store. Filled with big screen televisions, gaming consoles, and the appropriate chairs, the darkly lit room is like a gamer’s heaven floating above the store. Not only can you buy games and movies and CD’s at Game Nut, you can also sell them, which is a huge draw for people. “You can bring some things in every time you come and offset the cost of the new things you want to take home,” says Gene. It’s a win-win situation for local shoppers, especially now that the store is accepting GiveBack cards, which only adds another dimension to the savings already available at Game Nut Entertainment.

spring/summer 2011




LAWRENCE GYMNASTICS & ATHLETICS 4930 Legends Drive | 785.865.0856 | Hours: M, W 8:30AM to 11PM ~ TUE, F 8:30AM to 11PM TH 8:30AM to 9PM ~ SAT 8:30AM to 7PM ~ SUN 8:30AM to 8PM David Sakumura’s gymnastic hobby turned into a business. He’s been a serious gymnast who studied in Japan, and eventually brought his talent to Lawrence where he now teaches others the finer points of his craft. Lawrence Gymnastic Academy has been open for 17 years, and has been in its current facility since 2000. The gym is large, with the requisite pads on the floor and balance beams dotting the room. It’s a perfect place for kids to be free to move their bodies and gain confidence. The Academy offers gymnastic opportunities for ages 1 and up, both recreationally and competitively. They also offer dance classes, and recreational and competitive cheerleading. Kids can attend regular classes, day camps, open gym, and the facility is available for birthday parties and lock-ins. One very popular offering is “parents’ night out” - twice a month the gym has an evening where kids are invited to come, have dinner, and play while their parents have an opportunity to be grown ups for an evening. Lawrence Gymnastics Academy is a “fun, safe place where children can enjoy physical activity and prepare them for a healthy, active life.”


4931 W 6th Street, Suite 108 | 785.832.9929 | Hours: M–F 10AM to 8PM ~ SAT 10AM to 6PM ~ SUN 12PM to 5PM Aaron Boos wants to make Lawrence a healthier place. He started taking natural health supplements to increase his energy and improve his physique in high school, and was so pleased with the results, he made it his life’s work to bring the same success to others. In August of 2002, after working in the nutrition business for several years, he decided to open his own store, and his mother came on a few years later as his partner. The store, loaded with nutritional supplements, foods, exercise equipment, and drinks, has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for workout performance enhancers or lower cholesterol. Aaron wanted to bring something different to his customers that they might not find at other stores. His philosophy is to find out what the customers want and get it for them, instead of trying to make his customers want what he has. The mother-son operation has a good dynamic, since they can both relate to clients in different ways. “It’s been great working with him,” says Joyce Thompson, Aaron’s mom and partner. Aaron and Joyce are excited about the GiveBack Program and look forward to doing something for local charities as well as helping get the word out about truly local business. “Just because a business employs local people doesn’t mean they are a truly local business,” Joyce explains.

spring/summer 2011




LAWRENCE THERAPY SERVICES 2200 Harvard Road, Suite 101 | 785.842.0656 Hours: M–F 8AM to 5PM ~ SAT 9AM to 5PM Laura Bennetts had a vision of what healing and therapy could be, and it came to life at Lawrence Therapy Services. Laura has been a physical therapist for 29 years and has owned and directed Lawrence Therapy Services for 11 of those years. Her background and expertise have helped her to create the comprehensive therapy services that are now available at their two locations in Lawrence and in Baldwin City. The business provides physical, occupational, and speech therapy, as well as massage to patients of all ages, including adolescents and senior citizens. “We provide in-home therapy as well as services on location,” explains Laura, who believes that many times the best therapy happens in the patient’s own home. “For example, youth might respond better if they feel safe in their own room while they meet with a therapist, or an elderly person might need to learn to get in and out of her shower without assistance,” says Laura. Lawrence Therapy services is part of the Hillcrest neighborhood, and Laura believes strongly in the local movement. “Every time we buy at a local business it contributes to the continuity of our town,” says Laura, who is excited to offer her patients the opportunity to use their GiveBack cards toward copays and other costs. “It’s a brilliant idea,” she said, “and a great way to connect everybody.”


1000 Massachusetts Street | 785.832.0806 | Hours: SUN 12PM to 5PM ~ M–F 10AM to 7PM ~ SAT 10AM to 6PM Sports Dome, located near the corner of 10th and Massachusetts St., is a sports fan’s nirvana. Brian Hoffman has been in the business of being a fan for 17 years, and opened Sports Dome in downtown Lawrence in 2003. “If you’re into sports, if you’re a fan, this is your store,” he says. He calls it a “fan shop,” and sells accessories, décor, jerseys, sweatshirts, hats, posters, pennants, and every other team-spirit related item a person can dream up, at any price point - from $5.00 on up. The store boasts a large selection of baseball cards, and even a few K-State items, for that rare Wildcat fan. There are some items from every team, but Brian focuses primarily on KU, Chiefs, and Royals gear. “I’ve always been a sports fan,” Brian says. “I wanted to do something I enjoyed, and I enjoy talking about sports. This just fits my personality.” Brian and his staff look forward to working with the Lawrence GiveBack Program, and are available to talk sports, watch a game, and help you pick out the perfect hat or gift for that super-fan in your family.

spring/summer 2011




STONEBACK APPLIANCE STONEBACK APPLIANCE 925 Iowa Street, Suite A | 785.843.4170 | Hours: M–F 9AM to 6PM ~ SAT 9AM to 4PM A customer walks into Stoneback Appliance and Andy Vigna cheerfully looks up and greets her by name, he asks how her new gas range is working for her, and they visit about its various features. “Working in a small local business has its perks,” he says. “I work with people, develop relationships, and make friends.” Andy is no newcomer to the business. He started working at Stoneback Appliance as a delivery boy in 1990, while he was attending KU and worked his way up to store owner. The store, opened in 1952 by Ray Stoneback, has only had three owners, including Andy. The team at Stoneback values their hometown feel and family-owned roots. “People still come in here asking for Ray Stoneback,” Andy says. He’s happy to fill the shoes of the people he learned the business from and since he bought the business in 2008 has been continuing the tradition of free, fast delivery, good customer service, and “doing what we say we’re gonna do.” Stoneback offers a variety of brand-name appliances and electronics, but their real value is in their service. “If you buy a refrigerator from us, we’ll have it or a loaner there the same day. People can’t go two weeks without a refrigerator.” At Stoneback Appliance there are no hidden costs or slippery sales techniques. Andy was thrilled to learn about the Lawrence GiveBack program because he says it embodies his feelings about buying local and keeping our community robust. “GiveBack is exactly what small local businesses are about,” he explains. “If we don’t support the community we live in, the community can’t support us.”


1400 Kasold Drive | 785.841.1988 | Hours: M–F 9AM to 5PM ~ SAT 9AM to 12PM Todd Sutherland sits behind a large desk in an austere office. The formal room implies a seriousness that one would expect from a bank. Yet Todd Sutherland’s warm smile and soft-spoken ways belie any stuffiness that might come with the title of bank president. University National Bank is Lawrence’s locally owned bank, and Todd Sutherland, president and owner, takes pride in what that means for his customers. The bank employs 25 people and provides home loans, small business loans, and commercial loans, in addition to various checking and savings account options. The business stays cuttingedge with paperless options and internet banking, despite its lack of affiliation with a large conglomerate, so they offer their customers the best of both worlds—convenience AND personal attention. “The GiveBack Program,” Todd says, “fits in with our philosophy of doing business locally and providing services to the people of Lawrence.” In a world where banking and financial systems often feel large, remote, and insensitive, University National Bank provides a level of comfort, a sense of personal touch, and an all-around friendliness that sets it apart from its corporate competitors.

spring/summer 2011




YOUR BEST DOG 913.369.3439 | Hours: M–F 9AM to 5PM ~ By Appointment Kim Downing has been around dogs her whole life, and it shows. The daughter of parents who showed dogs, she started preparing herself for her life’s work at a very young age. Basically, she says, she “turned a hobby into a career.” Kim is a certified trainer and a professional member of the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers). This, she says, means that she is held to a high professional standard and follows their proscribed positive style of training. It’s easy to see that what she does, she does well, if her 11 month old German Shepherd is any indication. The beautiful dog sat patiently and she occasionally gave him a gentle pat or nuzzle to reaffirm his good behavior. “I’ve worked with lots of breeds,” she says, and is comfortable around all kinds of dogs. For awhile, she trained service dogs, and then started Your Best Dog in 2005. Kim offers group obedience classes at Clinton Parkway Animal Hospital, and also does private training sessions in her clients’ homes. She is also a professional freelance writer in the dog-training niche, and has a book on German Shepherds coming out this summer. Her easy smile and calming presence would put even the wiggliest dog at ease, and makes their owners feel confident and relaxed.


2016 W. 23rd Street | 785.331.2493 | Hours: SUN–TH 11AM to 10PM ~ F–SAT 11AM to 10:30PM Rodeo Grill, one of Lawrence’s newest Mexican restaurants, offers food that is prepared fresh each day. Chef Cesar Contreras’ menu features Mexican cuisine with an American influence. The restaurant is family owned and operated, and offers a full line of mouth-watering Tex Mex entrees, appetizers, and desserts, made with authentic ingredients and family recipes. Their beautiful bar is recently remodeled and features various frozen drinks as well as a full line of beers and mixed drinks. Fast and friendly service is their hallmark, and every guest is treated like a guest in their home. It’s hard not to catch the infectious smiles of the staff and tap your feet to the upbeat music overhead. Keidty Okazaki and her staff opened the restaurant in 2010 and enjoy providing their customers a fun, flavorful, and family-friendly experience for a reasonable price. Use your Lawrence GiveBack card there and enjoy the opportunity to eat a fantastic meal while also contributing to the community.

spring/summer 2011




TELLER’S 746 Massachusetts Street | 785.843.4111 | Hours: M–Th 11AM to 10PM ~ F–SAT 11AM to 11PM ~ SUN 10AM to 9PM Tom Wilson and his family bought Teller’s, the downtown institution, in February of 2011, and he is determined to see the restaurant thrive and play an integral role in what he calls the “energy of downtown Lawrence.” Teller’s, at the corner of 8th and Massachusetts, is the reincarnation of the old 1st National Bank. The bank itself is a part of Lawrence history, Ryan Gaines, the restaurant’s manager explains. “It was the first bank Clyde Barrow, of Bonnie and Clyde, robbed,” Ryan said. “He locked all the employees in the vault, which is now our bathroom.” Remnants of the original bank still remain in the restaurant, reminding customers occasionally of where they’re dining. The wrought iron teller windows separate the dining area from the bar, and, of course, you can go in the vault at this bank any time you want. Teller’s began as a vegetarian restaurant, and evolved into Italian fare, but Tom Wilson isn’t stopping there. The menu now features “world cuisine” prepared by renowned Chef Patrick Chow-Yues, who has worked at such illustrious places as the Ritz Carlton and Aramark hotels, and under the tutelage of Chef Gordon Ramsay. Chef Patrick’s brand of Midwest comfort food with world cuisine flair has resulted in an innovative fusion menu. “If it’s your night out, we want you want to be at Teller’s,” Tom says. With its beautiful ambiance, great location, and superior wine list, Teller’s is a great investment.


933 S Iowa Street | 785.856.7170 | Hours: M–SUN 11AM to 2AM

ROYAL CREST LANES 933 S Iowa Street | 785.842.1234 | Hours: M, W, F, SAT 10AM to 1AM ~ TUE 10AM to 12AM TH 10AM to 11PM ~ SUN 11AM to 11PM “Good food, good friends, good times.” That’s the tagline for Wayne and Larry’s, the sports bar attached to the Royal Crest Lanes. Once an arcade and laser tag area, Wayne and Larry decided to make the space into a restaurant in April 2006. “We saw that our customers would finish bowling and then walk across the parking lot to another bar for beers, and decided that we’d offer them the opportunity to stay and eat and enjoy themselves even if they weren’t bowling,” says Larry Burton, who owns the bowling alley and the sports bar with his partner, Wayne Martin. “Wayne is from Chicago,” Larry explains, “so we went with a Chicago themed menu and we feature Cubs and Bears games whenever we can. There’s a large population of students at KU from Chicago and they really enjoy the little taste of home we offer them.” Wayne and Larry are both pleased that their sports bar has been so successful, and they hope its addition offers their customers a “one stop shop” for their entertainment needs. “It’s done well,” says Larry, of the restaurant. He hopes that becoming part of the Lawrence GiveBack Program will not only help the sports bar continue to thrive, but also help he and Wayne give a little back to the community that supports

spring/summer 2011




’ elebration an Independent s Day C


Participating Locally-owned eateries: the Lawrence Originals The Lawrence Originals is a group of local and independent restaurateurs that combine resources and collaborate to improve and promote their restaurants, all in an effort to provide the dining public, locals and visitors alike, with unique, hospitable, and high-quality dining experiences that appeal to your sense of adventure as well as your palette and price points. When you dine at a Lawrence Originals Restaurant, be assured you’ll enjoy good food, good service, and a good time. They are more than just your average run-of-the-mill places to eat. Many have won various local and regional awards and some have earned national acclaim as well. There is something for every taste, with menus ranging from burgers and pizzas to pasta and BBQ, from casual to very upscale, with some even offering local organic dishes fresh from the farm. If you live in Lawrence, dining at locally-owned and independent restaurants is good for your community. Your dining dollars go to local businesses and support the local economy. Lawrence Originals Restaurant owners hire, buy, and spend within the community. National chain restaurants are at the mercy of decisions that are made at corporate headquarters which have little consideration of the impact on or the fate of local citizens in each community. Instead, they cater to shareholders and outside owners’ interests. If you’re visiting Lawrence, take advantage of the local flavors and fare…try something you’ve never had before and can’t get anywhere else. Experience something unique and different!


3512 Clinton Parkway | 785.856.2337 | Hours: SUN 11AM to 12AM ~ M–SAT 11AM to 2AM The 23rd Street Brewery doesn’t fall into the category of bar and grill or typical brew pub. It’s a favorite restaurant, catering company, banquet facility, nightspot, and beer distributor all in one. The restaurant features a menu of classic brew pub eats, highlighted by handcrafted small-batch beers. “We use only the finest domestic and imported barley and hops to brew beers of tradition and distinction,” says Matt Llewellyn, owner. “After work, before the game, or any random Tuesday, we’re here for you with great food and cold beer.”

BAMBINO’S AT THE GROVE 1540 Wakarusa | 785.832.8800 | Hours: SUN 5PM to 9:30PM ~ M–SAT 11AM to 9:30PM For Bobick and Roxana Sarraf, business is a family affair. At the urging of friends and family, the couple bought the established Bambino’s and intergrated their own homemade Italian recipes. The food is filling and made with great attention to detail. “We make, by hand, 99% of the food we serve,” said Bobick. Old world Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, prepared fresh daily from 100+ years old country recipes, is the staple. “We didn’t find a recipe book and start cooking,” Bobick jokes. “These recipes are from our own kitchen. We are happy to share our great food with you.” Catering and delivery are available and Bambino’s features a daily lunch buffet and Sunday Brunch.

BIGG’S BARBEQUE 2429 Iowa Street | 785.856.2550 | Hours: SUN 9AM to 10PM ~ M–SAT 11AM to 10PM Sports, ribs, and rock ‘n’ roll. “It really doesn’t get much better than that,” said Doug Holiday, owner of Bigg’s BBQ, who wanted to open a restaurant that surrounded him with things he loved. The atmosphere lends itself to watching a game, having a casual conversation, and devouring delicious BBQ. Holiday explains that “Unlike traditional Kansas City barbeque, all of the meat at Bigg’s is served without sauce to accentuate the hickory-smoked flavor of the meat and Bigg’s special dry rubs.” In other words, the meat does the talking.

BUFFALO BOB’S SMOKEHOUSE & DYNAMITE SALOON 719 & 721 Massachusetts | 785.841.6400 • 785.856.2739 Hours: SUN–M 11AM to 10PM ~ W & THU 11AM to 12AM ~ F & SAT 11AM to 1AM If there was a secret to running a successful restaurant in Lawrence, Bob Schumm would know it. “We serve good food, constantly,” said Schumm, owner of Buffalo Bob’s Smokehouse. “That’s it. No smoke and mirrors or hidden secret. I’ve learned that if you treat the people of Lawrence right, they will support you.” For nearly 30 years, the BBQ joint has been serving up brisket, pork, burnt ends, ribs, pulled pork, sausages, turkey, and chicken—all beneath the legendary tower of curly fries. “We’ve stood the test of time,” Schumm said. It’s easy to see why. spring/summer 2011











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Artisan Floor Company (not shown) Au Marche The Blue Dot Salon Blue Heron Brits Channels of Healing Checkers Danielsan Electric Dash Salon Doctor Dave Ecccentricity The Fix Salon Game Nut Halcyon House B&B Hobb’s House Parts Jewelry By Julie Just Massage

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Lawrence Automotive Diagnostics Lawrence Gymnastics and Athletics Lawrence Nutrition Lawrence Therapy Services Pawsh Wash Pendleton’s Country Market Prairie Pond Studio The Raven Book Store Royal Crest Lanes Signs of Life Sports Dome Stitch On Needlework Stoneback Appliance Sunflower Natural Pet University National Bank White Chocolate White Lotus Photography

ParticiPating Merchants



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The Edlridge TEN The Jayhawker The Oread Bird Dog Bar Coffee Corner Five 21 Slice of History Terrace on Fifth



Lawrence OriginaLs



GENOVESE 941 Massachusetts | 785.842.0300 | Hours: SUN & M 11AM to 9PM ~ TUE–SAT 11AM to 10PM Subarna Bhattachan, Alejandro Lule, and Armando Paniagua opened Genovese to feature Armando’s elite training as an Italian chef in downtown Lawrence. Genovese features seasonal rustic Italian food from the Liguria region of North West Italy by the Italian Rivieras. The menu features hot and cold antipasti, soup and salads, crisp thin pizzas, homemade fresh pastas, and wood-fired rotisserie meats. The restaurant is truly a taste of the fine cuisine of Northern Italy. Diners are encouraged to select a bottle from the extensive wine list.

INDIA PALACE 129 E 10th Street | 785.331.4300 Hours: SUN & SAT 11AM to 2:45PM ~ M–F 11:30AM to 2:15PM India Palace sits just off Massachusetts Street, in downtown Lawrence. Tucked between an office and a sporting goods store, the discrete store front is misleading. Inside the brick walls is one of Lawrence’s most flavorful restaurants. India Palace is known for its authentic Indian cuisine. Smells of spices and traditional curry dishes fill the dining room. Though popular for a casual lunch, India Palace features one of the most visited buffets in town. “The food is always fresh and the meat is always of the best quality,” said Mark Ventsam, India Palace regular. “Who can say no to a nice, warm, Indian meal?”

JOHNNY’S TAVERN & JOHNNY’S WEST 401 N 2nd Street & 721 Wakarusa Drive | 785.842.0377 | Hours: SUN 11AM to 10PM ~ M–SAT 9AM to 2AM West Hours: SUN–TH 11AM to 1AM ~ F–SAT 11AM to 2AM In 1953, Mr. John Wilson opened a bar “across the river.” When Mr. Wilson hung his red arrow sign it was the beginning of what is now the “longest running tap in town.” In 1978 Rick Renfro and Doug Hassig took over, ensuring a place for their rugby teammates to take in suds and song. They added a grill behind the bar and started serving up what are now known as “Johnny’s World Famous Burgers.” Thirty-two years later, “the longest running tap in town” has grown up and now has a West Lawrence location and 6 locations in the Kansas City Metro area.

LOCAL BURGER 714 Vermont Street | 785.856.7827 | Hours: SUN 11AM to 8PM ~ M–SAT 11AM to 9PM


Hilary Brown, owner of Local Burger, spent years battling seemingly unexplained illnesses, until she realized her diet was the culprit. “When I found out it was the food,” she explains, “I had the idea for Local Burger.” The “fast food” joint is an absolute original, serving food produced as close to Lawrence as possible. Local Burger strives to serve delicious food at a fair price while creating a culture of passion for knowing where our food comes from and how it connects us to our world. “I want people to be more aware of what they’re eating,” Hilary says. “We could all stand to be a little more informed.”

4821 W 6th Street, Suite A | 785.312.9057 | Hours: SUN–TH 8AM to 10PM ~ F & SAT 8AM to 11PM A great seafood dish in the middle of Kansas isn’t that hard to find. Mariscos opened in 2001 and has been consistently serving guests exceptional seafood and pasta since. With its beautiful ambience, seasonal menu and extraordinary cuisine, a visit to Mariscos is truly a special experience. The menu features innovative, thoughtful dishes that bring together flavors not often found in Lawrence. It also offers elegant desserts, classy cocktails, and the largest selection of imported tequila in town. The staff challenges itself every day to provide a remarkable dining experience.

PACHAMAMA’S RESTAURANT AND STAR BAR 800 New Hampshire Street | 785.841.0990 | Hours: TUE–TH 11AM to 11:30PM ~ F & SAT 11AM to 1:30AM Taking the best ingredients, local and organic whenever possible, and matching with simple yet refined techniques. Chef Ken Baker of Pachamama’s thinks that philosophy can build a reputation on a national level. The cuisine concentrates on bringing out the best and most natural flavors in foods. It re-introduces America’s great culinary heritage and an emphasis on seasonality and sustainability. Pachamama’s downtown dining room, and the adjoining Star Bar, is both elegant and relaxed. The atmosphere lends itself to quiet conversations and carefree celebrations.

PAISANO’S RISTORANTE 2112 W 25th Street | 785.838.3500 | Hours: SUN–TH 11AM to 10PM ~ F & SAT 11AM to 11PM Steve and Debbie Butland run Paisano’s Ristorante with one thought in mind: treat ‘em like family. “We’re an Italian restaurant,” Steve says. “People expect to be welcomed with a smile and leave with leftovers.” Paisano’s lounge, compete with Rat Pack tunes, is almost as famous as their all-you-can-eat salads. It’s a great place for a date or a family gathering, and also offers great lunch specials every day.” Debbie and I will welcome you to our family. It’s not just me and my wife; everyone who works here is part of the family.” Of course, unlike a real family, you’ll never have to do the dishes.

SET’EM UP JACKS 1800 E 23rd Street, Suite G | 785.832.2030 | Hours: SUN–TUE 11AM to 12AM ~ W–SAT 11AM to 2AM Wow, that’s a big screen. “That’s the typical reaction,” says Danny Cohen of Set’em Up Jack’s. “The screen is 22 feet and high definition, so it demands a lot of attention. Of course, so do all our other high definition screens.” Lawrence’s East Side’s “Jack’s” has established itself as a go-to spot for game watching. “The bar is always fully stocked and the kitchen turns out classic American pub fare. Burgers, nachos, and a great KC strip,” Cohen said. “Match that with a cold beer, put on the game, and what more could you really want?” spring/summer 2011




WHEATSTATE PIZZA 711 W 23rd Street | 785.865.2323 | Hours: SUN–TH 11AM to 1AM ~ F–SAT 11AM to 3AM “Our goal is to make the best pizza, with the best local ingredients, every day,” said Brad Remington, Wheat State Pizza owner. “I know others say it, but our success is directly related to the quality of our pizza.” The pizza shop offers unique toppings, fresh vegetables, and promotes its Kansas roots with toppings such as sunflower seeds, locally grown spinach, and Portobello mushrooms. Nothing comes frozen or from a box. Remington knows the pizza market in a college town can be tough, and he knows the key to success is “consistent quality,” and that’s exactly what they deliver.

THE ELDRIDGE featuring TEN RESTAURANT & THE JAYHAWKER 701 Massachusetts Street | 785.749.1005 |

TEN RESTAURANT Hours: SUN–W 7am to 2pm & 5PM to 10PM ~ THU–SAT 7am to 2PM & 5PM to 11PM Savor the finest menu and drink selections in Lawrence. Succulent steaks, chops, seafood and pasta. Inspired side dishes and delectable desserts. All in the elegance of the historic Eldridge.

THE JAYHAWKER Hours: SUN–W 11AM to 12AM ~ THU–SAT 11AM to 2AM The Jayhawker is the perfect spot to stop in the heart of downtown Lawrence to enjoy a selection from the extensive wine or martini list. Join us for Jazz Wednesdays from 7pm- 10pm and half price martinis every Thursday.

Want to become a GiveBack Merchant? This program is exclusive for independent and locally owned merchants located in Lawrence, Kansas. We believe that it is important to have a program dedicated to this group because they typically don’t have access to the resources that franchises and national chains offer their stores. We want to do what we can to help preserve the unique culture that the independent merchants in our community provide. For local merchants to succeed and thrive, it is vitally important they have access to an affordable way to promote their businesses with effective multiple media channels including: email, social media, online, newsprint, in store signage and this directory….GiveBack provides that. GiveBack offers quantifiable results with an average ROI of 500% for our participating merchants. GiveBack knows that local merchants care about their local community and want to do what they can to give back and support the community that supports them. Participating in this program is a great way to achieve that. For more information please contact: Constance Wolfe cwolfe@lawrencegiveback. com 785-832-7282 |


1200 Oread Avenue | 785.843.1200 |

BIRD DOG BAR 785.830.3921 Hours: SUN–TH 11am to 12PM ~ F & SAT 11am to 2am With a comfortable sports bar atmosphere this classic American grill is the perfect place to go for lunch, to watch the game or to enjoy your favorite beverage. Favorites include: Bavarian Pretzels, Chicken Fingers, and Mac & Cheese.

COFFEE CORNER 785.830.1200 Hours: Sun–Th 7am to 5pm ~ F & SAT 7am to 8pm Start your day off right or grab a midday pick me up. We have all your favorites and more! Located in The Oread lobby.

FIVE 21 785.830.3921 Hours: Sun–Th 5pm to 10pm ~ F & SaT 5pm to 11pm Five 21 features the best in New American cuisine in a casually elegant setting. Located on The Oread’s lobby level, natural daylight adds to the restaurant’s spacious ambience. Five 21 has one of the region’s most complete wine lists, along with a well-stocked bar.

SLICE OF HISTORY 785.830.3910 Hours: 11am to 10pm (open until 3am on Friday & Saturday when KU is in session) Lunch buffet daily from 10am to 1:30pm Grab a slice (or whole pie) of warm, oven-baked pizza at Slice of History. Pick from 10 specialty Pies such as The Jayhawker, The Rah, Rah, and The Nightshirt Parade, or build your own pie with over 20 different toppings to choose!

TERRACE ON FIFTH 785.830.1200 Hours: Seasonal and subject to change: T– SAT 4pm to 10pm ~ SAT & SUN 8am to 12pm



Enjoy dinner or brunch during the warmer months on our Terrace on Fifth. This spectacular outdoor space provides breathtaking views of Lawrence. Schedule may vary, check for updates. spring/summer 2011


Participating Locally-Owned Merchants To be a participating merchant or Lawrence Give Back (LGB) sponsor, a business must be independent and locally owned. The Participating merchants of LGB have all made a commitment to make Lawrence a strong healthy community. Well before the LGB program was developed however, these local business owners made the decision to serve the people of Lawrence. They took a brave leap and went into business for themselves making their dream a reality. This endeavor takes a lot of risk, talent and courage. We should all be grateful to them because in doing so, they foster a unique culture in our community which we all enjoy, while attracting visitors who spend money and increase our tax base. They keep more money locally circulated than businesses that are headquartered outside of our community, which helps our city and social services and give our community more economic control. By becoming Participating Merchants, each business owner has agreed to give a portion of their proďŹ ts to local charitable organizations. When money is tight and times are tough, these local merchants have stepped up to the plate and quite literally, put their money where their mouth is. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s on the backs, and from the pockets of these individuals that the Lawrence GiveBack program has been able to donate over $110,000 to Lawrence charities since its inception. Please take a few minutes to learn about them and the products and services they provide. When it comes time to make a purchase, think of these merchants and sponsors and support those that give back to the community in which you live, work and play.


931 Massachusetts Street | 785.865.0876 | Hours: SUN 12PM to 5PM ~ M–SAT 10AM to 6PM Lora Wiley opened Au Marche in 1998, after finding solace in her European travels when she found Skittles and Budweiser in a market. She knew that Europeans in Lawrence would likewise appreciate finding some of their authentic treats. In their comfortable store, stocked with European food and bath-and-beauty items, Wiley and company cater to people who are looking for a taste of home or a sentimental reminder of a favorite trip abroad. “I guess tea and crumpets is like Skittles and Budweiser for some people,” says Wiley.

THE BLUE DOT SALON 15 E 7th Street | 785.840.0407 Hours: TU–SAT 9AM to 8PM Ames Burdett understands that people have a lot of choices when it comes to a salon. But she also knows there aren’t any other salons in town like The Blue Dot. For 12 years, Ames has been creating a destination for friends, old and new. The salon specializes in special event styling, conditioning treatments, waxing, and keratin treatments. The salon also features local art on the walls and hosts multiple exhibits per year. She hopes to support all sorts of creative outlets and works hard to earn her clients’ trust and eventually their friendship.

BRITS 929 Massachusetts Street | 785.843.2288 | Hours: SUN 12PM to 5PM ~ M–W, F, SAT 10AM to 6PM ~ TH 10AM to 8PM



Sally Helm, owner of Brits, was born and raised a Yankee but she always felt at home in the UK. Her desire to bring all things British back to her home in Lawrence manifested itself in 1995, and in its 15 years of operation the shop has grown in size and stature. They carry everything an Anglophile could want; soccer essentials, teas, jams, books, movies, and television series. “Most of what we sell isn’t available anywhere else in town, so when you buy a gift from us, it’s going to be unique,” says Helm.

CHECKERS FOODS 2300 Louisiana Street | 785.843.0023 | Hours: 24/7 Being independent and locally owned is more than a catch phrase for Checkers Grocery Store. It’s a core business value. J.R. Lewis knows that being locally owned helps him to serve his customers better. They believe in giving customers the best products and the lowest cost. Lewis is proud to live in a town that is retaining its distinctive personality, and hopes to preserve the only family-owned grocery store in town. “We’re completely happy being the local guys,” he says, and expresses his commitment to making the most of this community. spring/summer 2011


DANIELSAN ELECTRIC 785.764.6578 | Hours: M–F 8AM to 5PM Dan Huston, owner of Danielsan Electric, thinks there is one major factor in choosing an electrician. “Trust,” Dan says. “Trust is the most important quality you can find.” He earns his customers’ trust with his qualifications and his honesty, and has grown his business against the odds because of referrals and a good reputation. Danielsan Electric does everything from light switches to custom theatres and landscape lighting, and he knows how important the quality of his work is. “I have a wife and two kids,” he says. “I would never put them or my clients at risk.”

DOCTOR DAVE COMPUTER REPAIR 4105 W 6th Street, Suite B-6 | 785.218.9676 | Hours: SUN 1PM to 10PM ~ M–F 8AM to 10PM Since 2003, “Doctor” Dave Greenbaum has been fixing home and business computer issues in Lawrence. He is patient and understanding, and says “I always say we deal with people who have computer issues, not computers who have people issues.” Although they have an office, he and his team do their best work on location, and don’t charge extra for house calls, even on weekends or evenings. Greenbaum’s easy personality and knowledge of the computer industry have made him a go-to guy for advice, and he’s been featured in local newspapers, websites and on

ECCENTRICITY 716 Massachusetts Street | 785.830.9100 | Hours: SUN 1PM to 5PM ~ M–W, F, SAT 10AM to 6PM ~ TH 10AM to 8PM Morgan Mattison’s intimite boutique, filled with unique women’s clothing, reflects her personal style. She believes that a woman’s wardrobe should be balanced with fashion-forward and more classic pieces. The shop offers accessories, make-up, and even home accessories, along with a range of personal fashions for customers who count on Morgan to help them find just the right pieces. “I really do love my job,” Mattison says with her signature smile. “I buy and sell great fashion and accessories for a living. This is the kind of thing you dream about as a little girl.”

THE FIX SALON 845 New Hampshire Street | 785.749.0047 | | Hours: SUN 12PM to 5PM M 10AM to 5PM ~ TU–F 10AM to 8PM ~ SAT 10AM to 6PM


The Fix Salon is located at 8th and New Hampshire and its bustling and fun atmosphere fit right in with the heartbeat of downtown Lawrence. Dana Reed opened The Fix with the intent to provide a full range of services to Lawrence customers. The Fix offers hair care, skin care, waxing, massage, manicure and sculpted nails, as well as a full line of products. They’re open Tuesday – Sunday, and appointments are available on Mondays with advance notice. The brightly colored, hip salon is a fun retreat for men and women to have a “me” moment and come out feeling beautiful and rejuvenated.

1000 Ohio Street | 785.841.0314 | Hours: 24/7

The Halcyon House BED & BREAKFAST

If anyone would be an ideal host for visitors to Lawrence, it would be Constance Wolfe, founder of the Lawrence GiveBack program, who owns Halcyon House with her mother. Halcyon House is a retreat tucked between campus and downtown. The 1885 home is charming with cozy rooms, large windows, and manicured grounds. It offers guests a respite from life’s hustle and bustle. “Our goal is to give guests a quiet, relaxing place to rest,” Wolfe explains. “And a hearty meal in the morning.”

HOBBS 700 Massachusetts Street | 785.331.4622 Hours: SUN 12PM to 4PM ~ M–W 10AM to 6PM ~ TH 10AM to 8PM SAT 10AM to 7PM “It was love at first sight,” said Mark Swanson of the retail space that houses his inimitable store, Hobbs. The inventory in Hobbs evolves from year to year, depending on what customers want. Swanson wanted to fill a void in Lawrence and offer men’s clothing, as well as interesting and peculiar cards and gifts. Classic toys and professional quality dishes share shelf space with t-shirts and designer denim jeans. “There is a lot to be said for the entertainment value of shopping,” explains Swanson. “People come into Hobbs expecting the unexpected.”

HOUSE PARTS 714 Massachusetts Street | 785.856.4114 | Hours: SUN 12PM to 5PM ~ M–SAT 10AM to 5PM



“Home design is a tricky endeavor,” says Beverly Dick, owner of House Parts. She and her staff are experts in home décor and accessories, and not only sell furnishings, but also provide in-home consultations to take the guess work out of the process. Dick says that her store is all about the customer and their distinctive collection of very special adornments for the home. They feature seasonal items and can furnish any room, from kitchen to bedroom. “We transform your house into a home,” says Dick.

JEWELRY BY JULIE 19 W 9th Street | 785.832.8693 Hours: SUN 12PM to 4PM ~ TU–W, F–SAT 10AM to 6PM ~ TH 10AM to 7PM Julie Kingsbury, owner of Jewelry by Julie, doesn’t give the impression of being a conqueror, but she is. She has been conquering natural elements to create jewelry for more than 30 years. Julie finds “taking raw, untamed natural materials and manipulating them into beautiful things to wear very rewarding,” and it shows. Her understated store is a testament to the passion she has for her intricate work, which is all handmade of natural materials. “I want you to be able to enjoy my work for years, no matter what the current trend is,” said Kingsbury. spring/summer 2011


JUST MASSAGE 219 E 9th Street | 785.218.3545 | Hours: By Appointment Susan Rickman of Just Massage believes that “a massage oncea-week or once-a-month will do immeasurable amounts of good for people’s well-being.” She offers therapeutic massage in downtown Lawrence, as well as provides in-home massage. She received her training from the Johnson County Community College Massage Therapy Certification Program and has been steadily building clientele through soothing sounds, subtle aromas, and relaxing massage. “I have great clients and get paid to enrich their lives,” says Rickman, with a satisfied smile.

LAWRENCE AUTOMOTIVE DIAGNOSTICS 2858 Four Wheel Drive | 785.842.8665 | Hours: M–F 7:30AM to 5:30PM Danny Fox, owner of Lawrence Automotive Diagnostics, is doing “exactly what he wants to be doing,” according to his wife Beth. Fox has a passion for his profession and a genuine desire to help, and it shows. LAD’s reputation for being honest and straightforward is important to him, and he “thinks of new clients as potential long-term friends.” The crew at LAD prides itself on advising and preventative maintenance. “We’ll alert you to small problems before they become big ones,” he says.

PAWSH WASH 1520 Wakarusa, Suite C | 785.856.7297 | Hours: SUN 12PM to 5PM ~ M, W–SAT 10AM to 7PM ~ TU 10AM to 9PM Amber Nickel and her sister Nicki love what they do. “Making dogs and their owners happy is such a great feeling. It’s so cool to do that for a living.” Pawsh Wash is close to the off-leash dog park and offers dog washing services (a self-wash option is also available) along with healthy dog and cat food, toys, leashes and fun accessories. Amber says they aim to please and will find you the product you are looking for. “Just let us know,” she says.

PENDLETON’S COUNTRY MARKET 1446 E. 1850 Road | 785.843.1409 | Hours: April–May SUN 12PM to 5PM ~ M–SAT 8AM to 6PM; June–Aug SUN 12PM to 5PM M–SAT 8AM to 5PM; Sept–Nov SUN 12PM to 4PM ~ M–SAT 8AM to 5PM


Spend any amount of time at either the Pendleton’s shop east of Lawrence or their booth at the Downtown Farmer’s Market and you might wonder if customers are buying produce and flowers, or smiles and stories. “Our customers are our friends,” says Karen Pendleton, whose farm grows more than 20 acres of asparagus, among many other vegetables and flowers, which contribute to Karen’s custom floral business. She caters to weddings and large parties. In addition, John and Karen host parties and school children at their butterfly farm and pumpkin patch.

809 Massachusetts Street | 785.830.9132 | Hours: M–W, F, SAT 10:30AM to 5PM ~ TH 10:30AM to 6PM ~ SUN 12AM to 5PM April Del Campo had no intention of owning Prairie Pond Studio when she worked there in high school, but when her friends offered to sell her the business, she jumped at the opportunity. “I appreciate what Prairie Pond means to so many people,” she says. Prairie Pond features women’s clothing, handbags, handmade jewelry, and supplies for jewelry-making. Most of the clothing is made of cotton or linen so everything is natural and breathable. “We have a lot of loyal customers,” April says, “People who wear our clothes really love them.”

THE RAVEN BOOK STORE 6 E 7th Street | 785.749.3300 | Hours: SUN 1PM to 5PM ~ M–SAT 10AM to 8PM The Raven Book Store has a welcoming storefront, scuffed wood floors, and shelves and shelves of books. It is warm and relaxed, and Heidi Raak, the owner of the store, believes that the personality of the store draws people in. “The store has evolved,” she says, “and now offers almost any book you could want. And if it’s not on the shelf, we can order it for you.” Raak enjoys being an independent store. She can better serve her customers and act quickly to meet their needs. “The best part of owning a book store are the people,” she says.

SIGNS OF LIFE 722 Massachusetts Street | 785.830.8030 | Hours: M 7AM to 11PM ~ TU–SAT 9AM to 11PM



Clay Belcher saw a darkness in mainstream media culture, and wanted to bring some light to it. Thus was born Signs of Life Bookstore, which provides positive, life-affirming art and books. “We want to provide an alternative to what most people think is available in art and literature,” Belcher said. Signs of Life is more than a bookstore, though. It also houses a vibrant coffee shop and patio, as well as a gallery of art on the second floor. “The variety we have keeps every day interesting,” Belcher said.

STITCH ON NEEDLEWORK & GIFTS 926 Massachusetts Street | 785.842.1101 | Hours: SUN 1PM to 4PM ~ M–W, F, SAT 10AM to 5:30PM ~ TH 10AM to 8PM Leslie Ahlert, owner of Stitch On Needlework, likes to think of her customers as extensions of her family. “We sure hope people feel comfortable when they come in.” The downtown shop is divided into two parts: the front houses home décor and accent pieces, and the back is stocked with sewing essentials and fabric. The store carries gifts, dishware, handbags, and Leslie enjoys helping her customers find just the right thing.

spring/summer 2011


SUNFLOWER NATURAL PET SUPPLIES 919 Iowa | 785.749.7387 Hours: SUN 12PM to 5PM ~ M–F 9AM to 7PM ~ SAT 9AM to 6PM Mike Bonella, owner of Sunflower Natural Pet Supply, says his business is an environmentally conscious company that carries all natural pet food and supplies, and features the largest self-serve dog wash in town. He thinks Lawrence is the perfect place for such a store, largely because of the town’s love of animals and support of healthy alternatives. Bonella is committed to benefiting the community. Store manager Nichole Graham said they have enjoyed a lot of repeat business because of Give Back. “It has proven to be one of the best decisions we’ve made.”

WHITE CHOCOLATE 933 Massachusetts Street | 785.856.9246 | Hours: SUN 12PM to 6PM ~ M–SAT 10AM to 8PM For Rod Smith, owner of White Chocolate Board Shop in downtown Lawrence, skateboarding is more than a seditious form of transportation and entertainment, it is at the core of a successful business model. Smith took what made his shop in Hays successful and implemented it in Lawrence. He brought respected products, a welcoming environment, and passion for the sport. He takes pride in giving back to the community and encourages his patrons to do the same. White Chocolate offers discounts for bringing in recycling and canned goods, and is often promoting local organizations and benefits.

WHITE LOTUS PHOTOGRAPHY 1405 Massachusetts Street | 785.856.5588 | Hours: TU–W, F 8AM to 5PM ~ TH 10AM to 7PM “It’s so important to have great portraits of your children,” says Laura Wolfe of White Lotus Photography. Though Laura has experience in wedding, portrait and artistic photography, she has a passion for capturing the innocent emotions of children. Wolfe provides Lawrence with a place that offers high quality portrait options and framing. Her popular “All About Baby” package highlights a baby’s first year artfully and personally. It’s all about “the glimmer in the eye of your daughter or the sly grin creeping across your son’s face,” says Wolfe.


When it comes to philanthropy, homegrown is best.

Local seeds, planted by local people, reap the greatest rewards. Thank you, Lawrence GiveBack businesses, for joining the Douglas County Community Foundation in supporting the homegrown charities that make our community strong. 785-843-8727

Charitable Organizations This section of the Lawrence GiveBack Directory is dedicated to the Charitable Organizations who receive funding from this program. It was generously underwritten by the Douglas County Community Foundation. Without their support, this directory would not be possible. The Douglas County Community Foundation connects the diverse citizens and communities of Douglas County, Kansas through charitable action. Their mission is to enrich the quality of life in the communities of Douglas County by: • Building philanthropic resources and relationships • Providing attractive options for donors to make philanthropic contributions • Being a catalyst for the betterment of the lives of the citizens of Douglas County Life of charitable organizations is a world of passionate individuals who give their time and tirelessly help those who are less fortunate and are in need. The work may include helping the elderly, families and children who are hungry or helping an abandon pet find a home. Even though our local charitable organizations are doing everything they can, there are still many more out there who they haven’t yet reached. The work is never done however any help they get is always much appreciated. The Lawrence GiveBack program is trying to do what it can to encourage people to buy local to build up our tax base to help pay for these services. However, the program works more directly than that. It actually offers consumers the opportunity to register their card with their favorite charitable organization and every time they use it, it produces a direct contribution to the charity they registered. Every donation is based upon a percentage of each sale they make within the participating network of merchants. Since its inception, the program has generated over $110,000 for the following organizations.


BERT NASH COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER 200 Maine Street | 785.843.9192 | The Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center, founded in 1950 in memory of Dr. Bert Nash, works to advance the mental health of the Douglas County community through comprehensive behavioral health services responsive to evolving needs and changing environments. As the designated mental health agency for the county, the Center provides an array of programs and comprehensive, research-based behavioral health services to children, adults, and families. Services include the Anxiety Disorders Clinic, the recognized WRAP (Working to Recognize Alternative Possibilities) program in the schools, supported housing and aging services.

BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS 1525 West 6th Street, Suite A | 785.843.7359 | Think back in your life to the person who took the time to listen or encourage you to do your best. Having support and motivation from someone you looked up to didn’t just make you feel special, it made you the person you are today. Through Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Douglas County, “Bigs” have helped “Littles” through changing family situations, moving to different households, middle school and now high school. Big Brothers Big Sisters uses needed support from the Lawrence GiveBack program to match screened volunteers with at-risk youth in a one-to-one friendship. The organization serves more than 500 children each year and is always looking for volunteers.

BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB 1520 Haskell Avenue | 785.841.5672 | The Lawrence Boys & Girls Club provides a safe and affordable place to spend after school and summer hours. These programs benefit the entire community by reducing juvenile crime, enabling parents to work outside the home knowing their children are in a safe, affordable environment and helping children reach their full potential. Boys & Girls Club focuses on 5 core areas; character & leadership, education & career, health & life skills, sports, fitness & recreation and the arts. Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence serves the community in eight different locations: Boys & Girls Club of Cordley, Deerfield, Langston Hughes, Main Site, New York, Pinckney, West Jr. High and Woodlawn schools.

CENTRAL JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL 1400 Massachusetts Street | 785.832.5400 |


Central Junior High’s Opportunity Central program allows the school Principal a means of offering scholarships, when needed, to economically disadvantaged students. Pay-to-play sports and instrument rental fees often shut the door to athletes and fine arts for many students. Opportunity Central funds help offset these costs. Opportunity Central supports exceptional students who win opportunities to compete in state and national contests. Multiple field trips are supported by Opportunity Central funds, helping to pay for transportation. Principal Anna Stubblefield has also set aside funds to support Smart Strength, a popular after school anti-obesity, pro-fitness initiative.

745 Vermont Street | 785.842.0543 | Douglas County Senior Services (DCSS) is committed to creating opportunities that allow older residents of Douglas County to remain independent and active in their homes and communities. Programs are designed to meet the variety of interests and needs of older adults and their families. From the active volunteers to the frail homebound elderly, DCSS is committed to enriching the lives of our senior citizens. DCSS is helping the older residents of Douglas County get connected and stay connected to services and opportunities available to all Douglas County residents 60 and older, and is assisting them in accessing those services directly or through coordination with other community agencies.

DOUGLAS COUNTY VISITING NURSES 200 Maine Street | 785.843.3738 | For more than 40 years, Douglas County Visiting Nurses, Rehabilitation and Hospice has brought skilled nursing care, rehabilitation and hospice services to clients in their homes whenever they need it. VNA Care Cottage and Private Duty Plus services offer non-medical support when needed. Because patients are most comfortable at home when they are suffering from serious illness, the organization’s tenured staff of nurses, social workers and therapists share a mission of bringing hope, compassion and dignity to patients. As the county affiliated not-for-profit provider, the group relies on a network of community support to serve everyone who needs services, regardless of the ability to pay.



ECUMENICAL CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES 1204 Oread Ave | 785.843.4933 | Ecumenical Christian Ministries (ECM) recognizes that the university and Lawrence communities need welcoming and neutral spaces to cultivate open hearts, minds, and spirits; to carry out difficult dialogues that can help build bridges between different peoples, experiences, religions, and world views; and to build foundations of love and understanding that welcomes a call to compassion and justice while affirming an interdependence with each other and the earth. ECM is known for Alternative Breaks, Fair Trade advocacy, Veggie Lunch, Eco-Justice concerns, UniversityCommunity Forums, Faith Forums, Sexuality seminars, Vocation/ Career workshops and hosting university and community groups.

FRIENDS OF THE LIED CENTER 1600 Stewart Drive | 785.864.2787 | The Lied Center of Kansas opened on Sept. 28, 1993 and was built through the generosity of the Lied Foundation Trust. The Lied Center and Friends of the Lied are thrilled to be part of the Lawrence Give Back Card program. The money raised by the program for the Friends of the Lied supports the Lied Center’s free educational and outreach programs. The funds also help to keep ticket prices affordable to the Lied Center’s world-class performances. Ticket sales provide less than 40% of the Lied Center’s operating budget. Support by the Friends of the Lied is crucial to the success of the Lied Center’s vision of making live performing arts accessible to the people of Kansas. spring/summer 2011


HEADQUARTERS COUNSELING CENTER 211 E. 8th, Suite C | 785.841.2345 | Headquarters Counseling Center (HQCC) is a free 24-hour counseling and information center for Douglas County and the free 24-hour suicide prevention center for Kansas. Trained volunteers and paid staff improve the emotional well-being and safety of adults and children through readily available counseling, education and information services. The center is one of the oldest continually operating crisis services in the country. If you or someone you know needs support for any type of life concern, please call: 785.841.2345 / 888.899.2345 from Baldwin City / Suicide Prevention Hotline For Kansas: 1.800.SUICIDE or 1.800.273.TALK

HEALTH CARE ACCESS CLINIC 330 Maine Street | 785.841.5760 | Health Care Access Clinic is a non-proďŹ t health care facility for Douglas County residents who have limited income and no health insurance. The agency is a community-based service supported by local resources including more than 140 volunteer health care professionals. Services available include a health clinic, referrals for tests and specialists and assistance with prescription medication. Both acute and chronic illnesses are treated through scheduled appointments and a limited number of daily urgent care appointments. The Clinic offers preventative health screenings, wellness education, and resource guidance. A $10 fee is requested, but no one is denied care due to inability to pay.

JUST FOOD [ECKAN] 1200 E 11th Street | 785.856.7030 | The mission of Just Food is to coordinate efforts of community pantries to share and provide food for hungry families. The Just Food effort began in 2005, and through support from ECKAN and federal stimulus funding, established a food bank that serves as a collection, storage, and distribution center. The program has been successful at expanding available food resources to all Douglas County pantries and increasing partner linkages. Open ďŹ ve days a week, Just Food operates as the primary food bank resource for all of Douglas County as well as an emergency food pantry for low-income customers seeking food assistance. Just Food relies on the food and cash donations of the local community to sustain its operation.

KANSAS PUBLIC RADIO 1120 West 11th Street | 785 864 4530 | Kansas Public Radio (KPR) strives to provide the highest quality arts and information programming that inspires, enlightens and entertains an increasing number of listeners. Licensed to the University of Kansas, KPR began broadcasting on September 15, 1952. KPR is proud and privileged to bring listeners national and international news from National Public Radio, local and regional news, local and national variety and entertainment shows, and hours of quality, eccentric music. KPR is proud to carry the signature newsmagazine All Things Considered, the trustworthy Morning Edition and various original and locally inspired programs.


720 Connecticut Street | 785.832.0777 | Since the inception of Lawrence Habitat for Humanity in 1989, Lawrence Habitat for Humanity has worked along side and placed seventy-two families with 173 children, with the help of thousands of volunteers from the community and across the country. One hundred percent of a restricted contribution goes to the construction of a home. Ninety-one percent of an unrestricted contribution goes to the construction of a home with nine percent supporting your local Habitat Affiliate. Shelter from rain, wind and sun is a basic human need. With your help, more deserving families can have decent places to call home. Give families in need shelter, self-respect and the hope of a better life.

THE LAWRENCE HUMANE SOCIETY 1805 E. 19th Street | 785.843.6835 | The Lawrence Humane Society investigates more than 500 cases of animal cruelty and neglect each year, offers 24-hour emergency services for un-owned, injured pets and operates the county animal response team for disasters that impact animals. The Society also has one of the largest education programs in Kansas and works to enact and enforce laws benefiting animals. We offer a spay/neuter subsidy program for people in the community that can’t afford the service. Volunteers help raise funds, satellite adoptions and training and grooming. The Humane Society believes in being “a good neighbor” and tries to help in any way possible to make our community safe and happy for both animals and people.



LAWRENCE COMMUNITY NURSERY SCHOOL 645 Alabama Street | 785.842.0064 | The Lawrence Community Nursery School (LCNS) was founded in 1948 by a coalition of parents striving to provide cooperative, inter-racial, low cost pre-school education. LCNS is one of the oldest cooperative preschools in the United States. Choosing the Lawrence Community Nursery School means embracing the opportunity to become involved in your child’s education. At LCNS, all parents share in the planning and implementation of the programs and the work necessary to make the school run efficiently. Parents share the responsibility and satisfaction of planning and working to create an enriching and happy environment in which children will learn and grow.

LAWRENCE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL/AUXILIARY 325 Main Street | (785) 505-5000 | The Auxiliary serves two major purposes: fund operations of the hospital and provide scholarships for aspiring medical professionals. LMH is considered a “safety net” hospital, which means the hospital will treat all patients, regardless of their ability to pay. Funds from the Auxiliary help offset some of the expense lost when treating uninsured patients. Auxiliary scholarships encourage outstanding students as they pursue their post-secondary education. The scholarships are awarded to students with high academic achievements, school and community service, and a sincere desire to prepare for a career in health care. spring/summer 2011


LAWRENCE PUBLIC LIBRARY 707 Vermont Street | 785.843.3833 | The Lawrence Public Library provides a wide variety of informational services to residents of all ages. From lap reading programs for infants to large print books and book delivery for seniors, the library does it all. With more than 70,000 registered borrowers, the library is Lawrence’s busiest public facility. In 2009, library customers checked out over 1.3 million items. The library offers summer reading programs, book clubs, film series and meeting rooms are available for public use. Computer and Internet access is provided, along with 24/7 access to online reference databases for study and research, and a new business center and computer lab. There is something for everyone at the Lawrence Public Library.

MOTHERS OF PRESCHOOLERS 3001 Lawrence Ave | 785.842.2343 | Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) is a non-denominational Christian organization open to all mothers with children ages birth through kindergarten. MOPS makes a difference in the lives of families by offering: an opportunity for friendships with fellow moms; encouragement and practical tips for surviving the pre-school years; teaching based on biblical values about mothering, womanhood and relationships; a time to express creativity in a variety of activities; a refreshing break away from childcare responsibilities for a couple of hours; new life skills to take home and use. MOPS meets the first and third Tuesday morning each month, September to May, at Lawrence Free Methodist Church.

PREGNANCY CARE CENTER One Riverfront Plaza, Suite 100 | 785.842.6499 | The Pregnancy Care Center of Lawrence is a non-denominational Christian ministry established with the purpose of reaching out to women in Douglas County facing unplanned pregnancies. The organization helps explore options with women by providing accurate information so they can make informed choices. The Center is staffed by trained volunteers who have gained necessary knowledge and skills to help. Volunteers help women who have had an abortion and struggle with lifelong emotional and spiritual scars. The Center helps educate women about the development of their babies, what abortion actually entails and other options available, including parenting their child and adoption opportunities.

SOCIAL SERVICE LEAGUE 905 Rhode Island | 785.843.5414 The Social Service League has been providing cost-effective assistance to the financially challenged of Lawrence and Douglas County since 1863. The League Thrift Store, 905 Rhode Island, is open Wednesday through Friday 9-4 and Saturday 9-2. The store offers items ranging from clothing, shoes and accessories to books and art supplies, house wares and electronics. Money raised through store sales goes directly back into the community through Social Service League programs. The organization provides eye exams and glasses for children and adults, shoes for school children, and clothing and bedding for individuals in need.


1501 New Hampshire Street | 785.843.7469 | Theatre Lawrence partners with volunteers to create and deliver extraordinary theatre and education programs that engage community members of all ages and backgrounds as audience members and participants. The Theatre produces six to eight major shows each year, an extensive youth program, senior programming, and a script library. The Theatre is a frequent participant in the American Association of Community Theatre Festival and has garnered both state and regional awards. Theatre Lawrence is primarily a volunteer organization with a small professional staff. Each year over 400 individuals contribute some 26,000 documented hours of service on stage, backstage, and in committee work.

TINY-K EARLY INTERVENTION 2619 W. 6th Street, Suite B | 785.843.3059 | Since 1992, tiny-k has served thousands of infants and toddlers in Douglas County. The organization works with children who have special needs, a disability or developmental delay. Tiny-k providers coach the child’s parents and caregivers to help them learn how to facilitate their child’s natural environments and are free to the family. Qualified staff use Evidence-Based Practices in their interaction with families and children. Tiny-k also provides free developmental screenings to all children, birth to three years-old, in Douglas County.



WARM HEARTS OF DOUGLAS COUNTY 785.841.5756 | They have not lost their dignity. They have not lost their will. But they may be losing hope. Without Warm Hearts of Douglas County, many families face the reality of having no home heating during the dead of winter. For a family in need, tax-deductible donations to the non-profit Warm Hearts agency help supply much-needed warmth in winter. Many times these households must choose between paying for their food and medicine, or for the cost of the fuel for heating their home. Natural gas utility Black Hills Energy matches dollar-fordollar all contributions donated to Warm Hearts. The Warm Hearts board and assistants are all volunteers, so all donations will be distributed in full to those in need.

WILLOW DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CENTER 1920 Moodie Road | 785.331.2034 | Founded as Women’s Transitional Care Services in 1976, The Willow Domestic Violence Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating family and domestic violence in our communities by providing safety, education and advocacy. One in ten women in Kansas is victimized by domestic violence each year and 3 out of 5 victims don’t know where to turn for help. The agency supports and assists victims of domestic violence by providing peer counseling, specialized advocacy, resources and shelter while making plans toward being safe. All services are free and confidential. spring/summer 2011


Full list of benefiting charitable organizations Americana Music Academy American Red Cross, Douglas County Chapter The Arc of Douglas County Ballard Community Services Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center Big Brothers Big Sisters of Douglas County Bill Self’s Assists Foundation Birthright Bishop Seabury Academy Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence Centro Hispano Resource Center Century School Chabad Center CLO Community Children’s Center/Head Start Coopers Cause Foundation Corpus Christi Catholic Church Cottonwood, Inc. DCCCA, Inc. Douglas County Aids Project Douglas County CASA Douglas County Child Development Association Douglas County Dental Clinic Douglas County Extension Master Gardeners Douglas County Senior Services Douglas County Visiting Nurses Association Douglas County Young Life ECM KU Family Promise of Lawrence First United Methodist Church Friends of the Kaw, Inc. GaDuGi Safe Center Grace Evangelical Presbyterian Church Grassland Heritage Foundation Headquarters Counseling Center Health Care Access Clinic Heartland Community Health Center 44

spring/summer 2011


Hilltop Child Development Center Independence, Inc. Just Food (ECKAN) Kansas Land Trust Kansas Public Radio KU Center for Community Outreach KU Dance Marathon KU Hillel Foundation Lawrence Art Guild Lawrence Arts Center The Lawrence Chamber Orchestra Lawrence Community Nursery School Lawrence Community Shelter Lawrence Diploma-Completion Program Lawrence Habitat for Humanity Lawrence Humane Society Lawrence Interdenominational Nutrition Kitchen [LINK] Lawrence Meals On Wheels Lawrence Memorial Hospital Lawrence Public Schools Foundation Lawrence Public Library Lawrence Jewish Community Center Lawrence Salvation Army Lawrence Trail Hawks Lied Center of Kansas / Friends of the Lied Midland Care Hospice Midland Railway MOPS-Mothers of Preschoolers MOPS at Night New Hope Medical Ministry & New Life in Christ Church Pathways Animal Assisted Therapy Plymouth Congregational Church Prairie Moon Waldorf School Pregnancy Care Center Project Graduation RAHN (Recovery and Hope Network) Redeemer Lutheran Church Roger Hill Volunteer Center The Salvation Army Schiefelbusch Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic Self Advocation Coalition of Kansas


The Shelter, Inc. Social Service League of Lawrence Spencer Museum of Art [KU Endowment] St. John Church and School St. Lawrence Catholic Campus Center Stepping Stones StopGap, Inc. Sustainability Action Network Tenants to Homeowners Theatre Lawrence tiny-k Early Intervention Trinity In-Home Care United Way of Douglas County University Community of Christ Van Go Mobile Arts, Inc. Veritas Christian School Visitation and Exchange Center Warm Hearts of Douglas County, Inc. Watkins Community Museum of History Willow Domestic Violence Center

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t 3400 South Iowa, Lawrence, KS

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Lawrence GiveBack Spring/Summer 2011  

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