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How best to feed my baby right from the very first day? 12-1

04/08/10 17:27

Bébé Confort Maternity is with you right from the very first month!

Bébé Confort Maternity, specialists in both breast and bottle-feeding, provides you will all the expertise and advice you need right from the very beginning. Day after day, Bébé Confort helps you feed your baby in the best possible way, helps answer your questions, and helps you enjoy these intimate moments. With peace of mind, you can savour the wonderful joy of becoming Mum.

Bébé Confort Maternity has a complete product range to meet your needs, whether you breastfeed or not, and the needs of your child. Surrounded by baby specialists, Bébé Confort has an ideal selection of products for you, right from the moment you leave hospital.

Advice from our Psychologist: “You are about to welcome your child and begin a whole new life filled with joy and happiness! But you are sure to have some doubts and concerns, and this is normal. Don’t worry, family life and your new role as parents will grow bit by bit. Be confident and take time to adapt to this new experience. Enjoy every wonderful moment as a family, but also as a couple. Don’t forget each other! A contented family life, but also a strong relationship between parents, provides your baby with the happy environment he needs to grow!“ Virginie Martin-Lavaud, Doctor in Psychology, Bébé Confort partner


04/08/10 17:26

Effective and comfortable breast pump Bébé Confort Maternity is with you right from the very first day and has the ideal answer to help move baby from breast to bottle thanks to their breast pump that comes equipped with a special breast/ bottle transition bottle without Bisphenol A.

The essential kit for successful breastfeeding Bébé Confort Maternity brings you feeding essentials with this kit containing one breast pump, with universal adaptor, one lid for storage container, 4 disposable breast pads, 2 nipple shields (Size S and M), and 2 milk collection shells.

Breastfeeding accessories MBOO BA

Washable bamboo breastfeeding pads

Entire surface in contact with the skin is guaranteed 100% bamboo for exceptional softness and optimal comfort. It is between 60 and 80% more absorbent than cotton, and naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Available end 2010.

Disposable Air System breastfeeding pads Adjustable suction intensity

Soft silicone membrane with massaging effect

Universal adaptor for bottles with wide or narrow necks

Advice from our Midwife: «Breastfeeding, if this is what you’ve chosen to do, will be an experience filled with emotions and closeness with your child. To get the most out of this new adventure, I recommend that you be well prepared and that you ask your midwife for advice as you prepare for the birth. The first time you breastfeed is especially important and you should get help and guidance right from the start, and don’t hesitate to continue this assistance once you leave hospital.»

Breathable gauze allows air to circulate on both sides to keep skin drier for longer. Multi-layer system gives a guaranteed feeling of well-being. Available end 2010.

Silicone nipple shields

Ergonomic form gives a skin on skin feel between mother and baby. Ultra-flexible silicone gives optimal feeding comfort and allows for an easy return back to feeding directly on the breast. Available in Sizes S and M.

Milk collection shells with flexible membrane

Protects nipples and allows air to circulate thereby helping healing. Gentle contact with skin. For milk collection in between feeds.

Soothing breastfeeding compresses

Helps breastfeeding by unblocking breasts and relieving discomfort. Can be used hot or cold.

Sylvette Rambaud, Midwife, Bébé Confort partner


04/08/10 17:27

Suitable bottles right from newborn stage

For natural feeding

Bébé Confort Maternity range of bottles and teats ensures a feeding experience that is close to breastfeeding by promoting sucking and breathing that is similar to when baby is on the breast. The bottles are safe and practical, and guaranteed 0% bisphenol A thanks to the polypropylene material. This material is highly resistant to heating and sterilising.

Bébé Confort Maternity teats were specially developed to provide your baby with a natural bottle-feeding experience that is close to breastfeeding. The anatomical shape of the teat allows your baby to position his mouth as though on the breast. The air regulation system reduces colic and prevents the teat from retracting. NA

Bottle accessories


For perfect bottle hygiene in areas that are difficult to clean. A teat cleaner always at hand at the end of the handle. Anti-bacteria treated. Available end 2010.

Travel milk dispenser

For natural bottle-feeding that is close to breastfeeding Natural rubber



2 in 1 bottle brush

Three separate compartments, each equipped with its own lid, to prevent milk dosages from mixing. Comes with dispensing spout.


Isotherm meal carrier Anti-colic air regulation system

Advice from our Paediatrician:



Easy to fill thanks to wide neck

Easy to hold thanks to curved body

“Mums often ask me how many bottles to give their baby. The answer is that every baby has its own needs: greedy baby or sleepy baby… although there are some basic rules: during the first weeks, your baby will need 6 to 7 bottles of 60 to 120 mls every 24 hours, which equates to a bottle every 3-4 hours. You will increase the quantity of the milk as the months progress and reduce the number of bottles per day. Remember to prepare the bottle at the last moment in order to give it to your baby in the best hygienic conditions.“


Keeps baby’s meal warm or cold for 4 hours. No risk of spills, the plate can be transported upside down. Available end 2010.

Isotherm bottle carrier

Flexible isotherm bottle carrier keeps baby’s bottle warm or cold for several hours. Available end 2010.

Denis Corbineau, Paediatrician, Bébé Confort partner


Easy to clean thanks to wide neck

Available in special anti-regurgitation version

04/08/10 17:27

Bottle and teat range from Bébé Confort Maternity 0-6 months

6-24 months l 0m 27

l 0m 14



+ transition





l 0m 36

l 0m 27







transitionsoups/ transition variable cereals variable variabletransition variable variable soups/ cereals

How do you choose between rubber or silicone?


Dummies developed by dentists The Dentale Safe dummy from Bébé Confort Maternity promotes good development of teeth thanks to a teat whose thinness is unique in the world, and whose slant was specially developed for a baby’s mouth. The teat therefore reduces pressure on the gums by 90%. The new exclusive mouth shield base effectively limits irritations around the mouth because of the shape, small size and aeration system. Latex Size 0 suitable for premature babies. Available end 2010.

-3 +

variable variable

soups/ cereals soups/ cereals variable


“Let baby decide! Natural rubber teats are flexible and soft and recommended for babies who struggle to bottle-feed or to finish their bottle. Silicone teats have no smell, are firmer and more resistant, and are recommended for “greedy“ babies who suck quickly because the teats are firmer.“ Charlotte Baranger, Bébé Confort Product Manager


Natural rubber

For a good development of teeth

Limits irritations

Available in latex and silicone

04/08/10 17:27







Bébé Confort check-list P RE S S EX


5 x6

Contains 5 to 6 bottles with wide or narrow necks

Practical and hygienic accessory basket

Effectively and quickly sterilises bottles and accessories

Even steam diffusion for more effective sterilisation

Electric steriliser The steam steriliser from Bébé Confort Maternity eliminates noxious bacteria thanks to the steam’s high heat. You can confidently sterilise your bottles and accessories (teats, dummies, rings, breast pump etc.) as they are resistant to high temperatures. Laboratory tested.

For all bottles and small jars

Ready in 2 minutes!

Cigarette lighter adaptor

Bottle warmer The Express car/home bottle warmer from Bébé Confort Maternity warms up baby’s bottles and small jars in two minutes, both at home and when out and about, thanks to the cigarette lighter adaptor.


Automatically stops at the end of the heating cycle

Laboratory tested and approved: “We tested and approved our electric steriliser in a laboratory specially known for sterilisation matters, notably in the medical field. This endorsement was not imposed on us by regulations, but we wanted to go over and above the standards to ensure the best efficacy for your baby.“ Janine Le Guinio, Quality Manager for Bébé Confort Nursery Items.

Before you go to hospital: Think about your baby… 6 sleep suits and 6 pyjamas in cotton   2 woollen cardigans   1 sleeping bag   2 towels   5 bibs  1 packet of nappies  1 toiletry bag with soap, shampoo, cream, cotton wool, baby wipes, cream for bottom, hairbrush  1 car seat for when you leave  Your medical file and family papers   A watch to monitor feeding times Think about yourself...   3 night shirts or pyjamas in cotton (open in front if you plan to breastfeed)   2 towels and facecloths   Disposable mesh panties and very absorbent sanitary pads   Face spray   Toiletry bag and hair-dryer   Things to distract you: camera, magazines, books, address book... If you plan to breastfeed...  2 breastfeeding bras   2 milk collection shells and 2 nipple shields   Breastfeeding pads and soothing compresses   1 tube of cream for regular application on nipples

Back at home: If you’re breastfeeding… Breast pump with accessories

If you’re bottle-feeding… 6 bottles with teats for newborns   Electric or microwave steriliser   Bottle warmer   Milk dispenser   Bottle brush   Bottle drainer   Isotherm bottle carrier

Everyday must-haves... Baby monitor   Newborn dummy if desired   Baby bathtub   Bath thermometer   Baby care products: cleansing lotion, saline solution, sterilised compresses, nappy rash cream, cotton wool   1 packet of nappies   Thermometer   Nose cleaner   Hairbrush

04/08/10 17:27

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