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Call for Officials Ljubljana 2019

Important Information Call for: Chairpersons, Media Team Members, Editorial Assistant, Jury Members and Organisers Call deadline: 14th of April, 23.59 CET Applications are to be submitted through the Members Platform (link in description) Dates of the Session: 14th to 19th of July 2019 Departures day: 19th of July 2019 Theme of the Session: “Turning mirrors into windows�

If you have any further question, do not hesitate to contact us on:

Head Organiser’s Vision Dear potential applicant, As the Head Organiser of the Session, I am honored to have the possibility to shape the Session organisationally but also how it will connect with the participants. The first pillar of my vision is based on participant wellbeing and providing an environment in which both the officials and delegates will be able to enjoy the Session in all aspects and gain the most out of it. I aim to enable a creative, comfortable and safe environment in which all participants feel well. The second pillar is keeping balance. This is meant in a variety of different ways. The main focus of balance, from an organisation perspective is the Session programme, which respects academic and social activities, but also favors free time. This goes hand in hand with the wellbeing of participants. Thirdly, as a local from Ljubljana (or LjubljanÄ?anka as Slovenes would say), my aim is to show the participants the beauties of Ljubljana and integrate them into the Session programme. I look forward to reading your application and seeing you in Ljubljana! Klara Kokalj Head Organiser of Ljubljana 2019

Call for Organisers 1. Ljubljana 2019 will mark the 5th NSC of EYP Slovenia, however, we want it to be an experience of its own. How would you contribute to making this event truly unique? What “turning mirrors into windows� - means for you as an Official of Ljubljana 2019? (no word limit) 2. What is your motivation to apply as an organiser to Ljubljana 2019? (no word limit) 3. How would you contribute to the Session in a way that that participants would get the best out of their experience? Describe specific skills that you could bring to the team. (no word limit) 4. Describe a crisis situation you have been faced with in EYP or outside of EYP and how you would like it to be solved ideally. (no word limit)

President’s Session Board’s Vision Vision Dear potential applicants, What will be the academic focus of Ljubljana 2019? While the methodology of EYP provides a framework for amazing academic discussions, there is a risk of ending up in a loop where you keep gaining the same knowledge and skills from different events. In order to break the bubble, we would like every participant to utilise their expertise from university, work or other volunteering projects and bring it to Ljubljana through modules, activities or a different approach to aspects of our work. The session Board will invest their time and ideas into creating an environment that will result in an enriching educational experience involving each and every participant of the session. However, the content will be very much dependent on you. How do we envision the work of the Chairs’ Team in Ljubljana? We want to emphasise that, although accept the responsibility of a session Board in supporting others, we are not too hung up on a concrete division between “board” and “chairs”. We would rather the experience be collaborative and that we all learn from each other. Being a Chairperson in Ljubljana would mean that your initiative, working style and personal goals would be the key fuel for the engine that would keep the session running. With our team comprised of 8 single Chairpersons and 3 Vice Presidents, it is clear that one of the greatest benefits would be learning from each other, while having the freedom and space to place your own stamp on your working experience. What can you expect as a Chairperson in Ljubljana? You can expect that the selection panel, in the first stage of the selection, will evaluate and deliberate on your application without knowing your name and thus will focus solely on your drive, motivation and vision of your work. You can expect tools and resources not only to help with the practical aspects of chairing itself, but also to guide you to reflect on your personal development. Additionally, one of the key goals we hope to share with the whole team is taking the time to breathe, rest and reflect in order to reduce the intensity of the experience, which often takes its toll on a person’s mental and physical health. With a rather small team, we are excited to say that buddy groups will be comprised of 2 - 3 Chairpersons; this will therefore allow Board members to invest enough time into developing relationships of trust and support. In the Chairs Team, everyone will be encouraged to deliver a module or lead a session activity on something they feel passionate about. Excitedly awaiting your applications, Oleg, Milla, Ilija and Emily

Vice for Call Presidents Chairpersons call 1. What does “turning mirrors into windows� mean to you? How do you think your understanding of the session theme could be reflected in your work as a Chairperson of Ljubljana 2019? (max 250 words) 2. Describe your style of chairing. What are the positive outcomes of chairing that way and what can prevent you from achieving these positive outcomes? (250 words) 3. The chairs team will be relatively modest in size (8 people), making each individual even more valuable. How do you plan to take ownership over your work and what can you personally contribute to our team? (max 200 words) 4. The academic aspect of EYP gives a person a chance to explore content outside of their current educational focus. What would be your primary topic of interest and why do you think it should be discussed in Ljubljana? (max 200 words) 5. Please briefly outline your personal commitments and workload from now until Ljubljana 2019 (session dates) and how you would fit the session in that schedule? (max 150 words)

Editors’ vision Dear potential applicants, It is with great pleasure and responsibility that we take up the role of Editors at Ljubljana 2019. Our vision for the media team is not one that solely focuses on output, but also on the wellbeing and personal goals of its members. We often see that Media Teams within EYP can frequently tend towards either heavily focusing on the session’s output and enrichment, or on the personal development and wellbeing of its team members. What we strive for is a balance between these two. While Ljubljana 2019 will have an intensive focus on integrating academics within the session’s collective output, coupled with expanding to a larger target audience both inside and out of EYP. It will also aim to provide an atmosphere and environment which spurs personal development within our team members as well as provide them with the support they need to reach their goals. We want to provide an environment where each team member feels comfortable yet at the same time, motivated to work. Academics within the session will be integrated through pre-session output, providing both an inside view of the topics that will be discussed and highlighting their importance to a wider audience, as well as giving session participants a greater insight into what their topics are by portraying them through a different light. To achieve this, we will utilise a combination of different forms of output, with a heavy focus on Instagram stories and academic articles to provide a mix of in-depth and understandable easy to read output. Through the involvement and engagement of the locals of Ljubljana in our output we hope to showcase EYP to a wider audience whilst simultaneously showcasing more of the city and it’s people to the participants. This leads to promoting more of a cultural understanding within the session whilst striving away from the typical veil of outside isolation that covers many EYP events. During the session, we want to give each Media Team Member room to grow and improve, and thus ownership over one’s work will be a significant focus of the vision, especially during project brainstorming and the session itself. Every MTM will have the creative freedom to take their project in the direction that they want to! To help further this we aim to give our team members the encouragement they need, we as the editorial team will be readily available to support each team member, utilising a mentorship structure where a member of the editorial team will be in charge of oversight over an MTM’s projects, providing constructive feedback, and giving them the chance to make the best use of their ideas. On top of this, we will be utilising buddy groups to provide a network of emotional support to the team, motivating everyone to work to the best of their ability. In order to better achieve all of this, we will be utilising a flat hierarchical structure within the editorial team, where together with our EA(s) we will discuss what the best approach is in leading the team and motivating each team member to carry out some of their best work yet! Yours sincerely, Liam & Armin Editors of Ljubljana 2019

Call for Media Team 1. Ljubljana 2019 will mark the 5th NSC of EYP Slovenia, however, we want it to be an experience of its own. How would you contribute to making this event truly unique? What “turning mirrors into windows” - means for you as an Official of Ljubljana 2019? (No Word Limit) 2. Considering that the vision for the media team heavily focuses on giving team members a chance to develop themselves, what are your technical and personal development goals for the session (No Word Limit) 4/5. Please share any previous work you might have (photography, videography, writing, design, etc.) 5/6. If you have any sessions that you are not registered to on the Members’ platform please write them down in the following format: NC, Session, Year, Position Editorial Assistant Specific 3. With the editorial team having a flat hierarchical structure, how will you work in this environment and best contribute in helping lead the team whilst ensuring clear communication throughout? (No Word Limit) 4. Academic output will be highly integrated into the work of the media team. With this in mind, how will you work within the editorial team to ensure its quality, and provide the media team with adequate training to tackle this type of output? (No Word Limit) Media Team Members Specific 3. Taking into account that you will have significant ownership over your projects as a MTM at Ljubljana 2019, can you elaborate on what this means to you and how it will affect your work? (No Word Limit)

Head of Jury’s Vision I believe that the role of the Jury Team is often overlooked in the context of engagement and adding value to the session. The jury team has power to shape the future of delegates, but also empower them through feedback and engaging techniques during the session. By challenging the status quo when it comes to perception of the Jury Team we can create a better and friendlier environment for delegates to learn and develop themselves. This is why I would like the Jury Team of Ljubljana 2019 to focus on the following details: 1. Jury talks and approachability Approachability matters because this is the way we communicate the values of our organisation to the newcomers and this is the way we help them transition from being a delegate to contributing in various roles in the future as well. In order to help delegates see the Jury Team as a team that cares about their development, I would like to have Jury talks with all eight committees to just have conversation with participants and show our “human” side. I want them to see the people beneath the Jury facade because this way they will be more open to approach us. 2. Feedback during the session By establishing a platform for delegates to request feedback during the session, we would again be able to let them learn faster, but also this way our main aim - to develop delegates - really becomes more vivid as we will be there for them if they need our opinion. I also believe that only this way we can truly prove that we in EYP care about the growth of our participants and do everything in our power to introduce the newcomers to our organisation and ensure the best conditions for their personal development. 3. Evaluation Of course, there would be no point in the Jury Team without this crucial part. In the end we will have to evaluate delegates and let the delegates most ready for the bigger session know about it. The selection criteria will be discussed and decided upon once the whole team is selected. Finally, I’d like to say that we are looking for individuals, who are looking forward to developing, rather than judging delegates. Who don’t intend to fit in the frame of exclusive little Jury team, but want to be a part of shaping this big and beautiful project and experience it provides. Mariam Kunchuliya Head of Jury of Ljubljana 2019

Call for Jury Members 1. What does “turning mirrors into windows� mean to you? How do you think your understanding of the session theme could be reflected in your work as an official of Ljubljana 2019? (no word limit) 2. What role do you think Jury teams play in EYP? (max 300 words) 3. Describe the EYP community. What makes EYP different from other youth organisations? (no word limit) 4. What makes a good Juror and what would make you a good Juror at Ljubljana 2019? (max 300 words)

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Call for Officials- Ljubljana 2019  

Apply as an official to Ljubljana 2019- National Selection Conference of EYP Slovenia here:

Call for Officials- Ljubljana 2019  

Apply as an official to Ljubljana 2019- National Selection Conference of EYP Slovenia here: