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To know me you need words


TABLE OF CONTENTS Assignment # 1 – Letter of introduction……………………4 Assignment # 2 – Personal alphabet ……………….………5 Assignment # 3 – Likes and dislike…………………….…….7 Assignment # 4 – Color your world……………………….…..8 Assignment # 5 – Room sweet room…………….………….9 Assignment # 6 – Personal metaphors ……………….…10 Assignment # 7 – Symbolic recipe………………………….12 Assignment # 8 – Synectics…………………………………...13 Assignment # 9 – Cheer yourself up!...........................14 Assignment # 10 – One medium suitcase………………15 Assignment # 11 – Extraordinary pet……………………..16 Assignment # 12 – Examined life…………………………...17 3


Hi! My name is Tamara. I live in Skopje, Macedonia. I’m born on 16th of July 2001. Now I’m 10 years old. I go to primary school. It name is “ Blaze Koneski”. I have a lot of friends, I love them! My father’s name is Nenad and my mom’s name is Vesna. My favorite color is red. I want to play so many sports like: basketball, tennis, football, but mostly I want to play volleyball. I want also to listen music. I have so many favorite songs. Well this is shortly about me. 4


A – angry B - busy C - creative D – dearly E – energetic F – friendly G – gentle H - humorous I – impossible J – justly K – kindly L – lovely M – mysterious N - nice


O – objective P – playful Q – quiet R – righteous S – simple T – truthful U – unbelievable V – valuable W – wonderful X – ( there is no adjectives to describe me) Y – young Z - (there is no adjectives to describe me)



Likes COMPUTER (I like to play on computer) VOLLEYBALL (I loveee to play volleyball because is so fun) MAKEUP (I look so beautiful) SEA (It’s beautiful) DANCE (It’s fun) FLOWERS (They smell so nice) ICE CREAM (It’s delicious)

Dislikes GETTING BORRED (I want to do something fun) GREEN BEAN (It’s horrible!!!!) DRIED PLUMS (They’re terrible) LAZY PEOPLE (They don’t want to do nothing) BEARD (It’s pokes) DUST (It sticks on everything PILLS (They stand I the throat) 7


One day it was recording a new film , it was called “COLOR OF THE WORLD”. The film was black and white. Suddenly it shows a man who says: - We mustn’t make black and white films, when they can be with color.said the man - But how? – said the people - Simple. – said the man Then the man showed them how. That was the first film with colors. From this film then the rest the films now are in colors. 8



I love mu room, because I can always rest there. In my room there is mu bed it is so convenient. In front of my bed there is the television it isn’t very special, but it helps me when I’m bored or when I can’t sleep. Next to television is the desk and my computer on it, next the desk and the computer is mu bag with my books, it’s very modern. There is and my wardrobe it is opposite the bed. It’s very big. In the wardrobe can enter two giants. Between the bed and the wardrobe is the table with her four chairs. Well this is my room. 9


1. If I would be an animal, I would be a dog because it is so cute and friendly. 2. If I would be a car, I would be a Ferrari because it is so fast. 3. If I would be an article of clothing , I would be a jumper because it is hot. 4. If I would be a day of the week, I would be Saturday because I am not going to school. 5. If I would be food, I would be a chocolate because it is so slightly. 6. If I would be a color, I would be red because that’s the color of the love. 7. If I would be a movie, I would be “Mean Girls” because it is so interesting. 8. If I would be a fragrance, I would be a sugar because it is sweet. 9. If I would be a type of building, I would be a hospital because I help can people. 10. If I would be a plant, I would be a rose because it smell so beautiful. 10

11. If I would be an instrument, I would be a

guitar because when it is playing it makes very nice sounds. 12. If I would be a geometric shape, I would be a square because all its sides are equal. 13. If I would be a piece of furniture, I would be a sofa because on the sofa can sit more than two people. 14. If I would be a song, I would be “Girlfriend” because it’s so interesting. 15. If I would be a season, I would be summer because it’s hot and sunny. 16. If I would be a TV character, I would be Maya Dulitl because she can talk with animals. 17. If I would be a cartoon character, I would be Daphne because she is so beautiful. 18. If I would be Electrical Appliance, I would be a toaster because it shatters. 19. If I would be natural phenomenon, I would be light because everything is seen in light. 20. If I would be a word, I would be flower because it’s smells so beautiful and its colors are so beautiful too.



In this assignment I will tell you one recipe. That recipe is about me. It consists: -- 200 kg TRUE -- 1000 kg LOVE -- 20 spoons ANGRY -- 100 kg GOOD GIRL -- 500 big spoons GENEROUS -- 90 spoons COMPLICATED -- 200 spoons SIMPLE First in the bowl put 200 kg TRUE. Then mix it with 100 kg GOOD GIRL. Now put 90 spoons COMPLICATED and 200 spoons SIMPLE and mix that. Then the bowl put in the stove. In a plate put 1000 kg LOVE and 500 kg GENEROUS and mix that. Then take out the bowl. For completed me the chocolate cream of 1000 kg LOVE and 500 kg GENEROUS put it on the cake to finish me. 12



is wiser? a pen or a pencil? The pencil is wiser, because can delete with rubber that what you wrote. 2.Which is easier to forgive? a street or a sidewalk? A sidewalk is easier to forgive, because on the sidewalk is safer. 3. Which is smarter? a clock or calendar? A clock is smarter, because one hour is going so fast. 4. Which is easier to teach? a question or an answer? A question is easier to teach, because you can ask about everything. 5. Which is like a contest? a cloud or a sunset? A cloud is like a contest, because it always run around the world. 13

6. Which

is more fearful? new or old? New is more fearful, because you don’t know how it works. 7. Which is like a promise? mathematics or since? Since is like a promise, because it’s doing investigations and it is promising for better tomorrow. 8. Which is more difficult? A dream or a nightmare? A nightmare is more difficult, because in it you are dreaming different scary scenes. 9. Which is braver? a hour or a year? A hour is braver, because sometimes you must do so much things in one hour. 10. Which has more pride? an entrance or an exit? An entrance is has more pride, because input proudly represented what you have in yourself. 14


Well I will lock the door of my room. Then I will get my mom’s makeup and I will start makeup my face. I will play volleyball with my friends. I will go out when it rains without an umbrella. I will organized a party and we will watch movie and eat popcorns . I will cook a pancakes with what will come to me. I will draw something or I will do something interesting like a girl or a boy. I will photograph everything like my chair, my book, my computer, the building where I live and etc.



If I will leaving my home forever and I must get things that can fit in one medium suitcase I will bring: - My telephone to phone with my family - My jumper, my white blouse, my jeans and my jacket because sometimes the weather is cold. - My pictures of my family and my friends to take a look at them every night. - My laptop for Facebook. - My volleyball ball to play with her. - My CDs to watch films.



I haven’t got a pet but I really want one. I like so much dogs and I want dog for a pet. The dogs are very cute and friendly. They can be in different colors: brown, black, white and other colors. They live in homes with people. They eat meat dogs food and other food. There are different races of dogs some of them are: York shirr terrier, Labrador, Chihuahua, Pit Bull and other races. They have more advanced hearing and smell.



The best things of me: I can keep secrets. I am friendly. I am lovely. I tell the truth. I have excellent grades. I am good in volleyball. I am talented. I am happy. I read books.

The greatest faults of me: I like fast food. I quickly get mad about everything. I hate some insects. I am sometimes jealous. I like candies. I am sometimes very sad. I sometimes don’t want to go to school. 18

Tamara's Autobiography  
Tamara's Autobiography  

Tamara's Autobiography