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A true multi-touch experience for large flat displays The FlatFrog Multitouch 4000 is a complete multi-touch system with an integrated 40” LCD display. FlatFrog’s unique and patented Planar Scatter Detection (PSD) technology provides unprecedented performance and defines a new multi-touch standard for large displays in a flat form factor. The sleek physical dimensions combined with a durable in-glass optical technology enables a variety of horizontal and vertical application opportunities from hospitality to exhibitions and gaming. TRUE NATURAL GESTURE INPUT WITH MULTI-TOUCH FUNCTIONALITY Unlike systems that provide limited multi-touch such as dual or triple touch, the FlatFrog system provides true multi-touch capability with many simultaneous touches (20+ touches), as well as object size recognition. Low touch latency provided by refresh rates above 120 Hz enables effortless drags, reinforcing a natural gesture input experience. High Resolution and Accuracy FlatFrog offers pixel-accurate multi-touch resolution at 16 times Full HD (30720 x 17280). Sleek Form Factor The FlatFrog system is designed for both horizontal and vertical operation, enabling discrete integration into most environments. FlatFrog’s products can fit any existing active and passive display technologies. No bezel is needed which allows the system to be flush with the surroundings. Multiple displays can be interconnected, creating large, “tiled” displays. Ambient Light Immunity Designed for flawless function in a wide range of ambient light environments, from direct sunlight to strobe lights in a casino.

FULL OPTICAL CLARITY Complete optical clarity provides zero photonic degradation with up to 99.95% light transmission depending on glass. rugged DESIGN The FlatFrog system is developed to perform even in harsh environments. The robust physical characteristics maximize resistance, while advanced filtering techniques ensure continued multi-touch performance despite eventual dust, liquids, scratches or reasonable physical disturbances. Gentle multi-mode touch Many methods can be used to interact with the screen simultaneously: finger, gloved hand or several types of pointers. No pressure is needed, but pressure can be detected if required. Unwanted object rejection The FlatFrog system is designed for optimal use in environments where the display surface may come in contact with non-input objects such as glasses, ash trays, palms, elbows and arms. Designed for rapid product development Developer framework and open API are designed to facilitate software porting to FlatFrog’s multi-touch system.

The Flatfrog technology: Planar Scatter Detection (PSD) • In-glass technology that enable flat multi-touch solutions ranging from 5” to 100+” • Novel optical solution providing extreme update frequencies and resolution • Utilizes transparent medium waveguide properties, not limited to a single material • Embedded system processing with DSP support for a compact solution TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Name: Description

Flatfrog Multitouch 4000 Professional HD LCD display with integrated with multi-touch kit

Display Technology Resolution Operation Size

Professional LCD (TFT, OLED, static background on request) 1080p Full HD, higher resolution on request 24/7/365, enhanced durability 40” diagonal

User interface Input method Number of simultaneous touches Drag capability Palm rejection

20+ 20+ (120 Hz refresh rate) Yes (touch size dependent)

Mechanical Available sizes (diagonal) Aspect ratio Depth Edge

40” (up to 100+” on request) 16:9 (custom on request) < 100 mm including LCD (touch-kit < 50 mm) < 55 mm, flush with screen (virtually no bezel)

Electrical Power supply Power consumption Interface Operating system, Software framework

Simultaneous finger, gloved hand or stylus

110-230 V, 50-60Hz 250W USB, Ethernet Windows 7, Windows Vista, Linux, Mac OSX, TUIO, additional platforms on request

Performance Positional Accuracy Touch response time Activation force Resolution Calibration

<0.5mm (anyware on screen) 8ms 50g Quad HD No drift, 4 point

Environmental Compatible technologies Operating temperatures Storage temperatures Ambient light Chemical resistance Relative humidity (operating and storage) Electrostatic protection

0% to 95% non condensing 15kV air / 8kV contact

Optical Optical clarity

up to 99.95% depending on glass

Durability Expected life IP rating Surface durability Impact resistance

20,000 hours IP 53, dust and water splash resistant. Front surface IP68 Mohs’ hardness 7 UL-60950 ball drop test (0.5 kg, 50mm diameter ball dropped from height of 1.3m)

Miscellaneous Warranty Agency approvals

1 year UL, TÜV, FCC Class B, CE, IEEE Class 1, RoHS, Weee

Cutting-edge technology from Sweden • Founded in 2007, based in Lund, Sweden • Systems based on patented Planar Scatter Detection multi-touch technology • 40” full HD multi-touch LCD available in limited quantities from September 2009, price and other form factors on request

LCD, TFT, OLED, static background +5 to +40 degrees celsius -40 to +85 degrees celsius 100 % ambient light immunity. Functions in any lighting environment including direct sunlight. Handles modulation of all common light sources (halogen, fluorescent etc.) The active touch area is resistant to chemicals that do not affect glass, such as: acetone, ammonia based glass cleaners, gasoline, isopropyl alcohol etc.

FlatFrog Laboratories

FlatFrog bring to life the exciting new world of multi-touch computing and applications. Designed from inception for volume production, our patented technologies enable unmatched in-glass multi-touch performance for displays in a slim form factor.

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