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U.S. Postage PAID Permit No. 45 Grove, OK 74344

P. O. Box 451205 Grove, OK 74345-1205 NON-PROFIT LIFE-SAVING ANIMAL SHELTER Return Service Requested

2018 Membership Drive Sponsor Downstream Casino Upcoming Events Rescue Poem In Loving Memory Sponsor a Cage or Kennel Transport Cargo Van Statistics for 2017 PetSmart Charities Spay/Neiuter Grant Second Chance Thrift Shop WANTED Volunteers Donations from Macie and Ella Lowe’s Home Improvement

DIRECTORY for SECOND CHANCE PET RESCUE OF GRAND LAKE A NON-PROFIT 501c3 Animal Welfare Organization Physical address: 64301 E. 290 Road Grove, OK 74344

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• Student (16 & Under) $10_______ • Family $50_______

• Annual Angel $100_______


• Bronze Paw $200-$499 _______ • Golden Paw $1,000+ _______

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• Silver Paw $500-$999 ________

ADDITIONAL DONATION $________________

SPONSORSHIP $_____________on the _______day of each month beginning _____________.

For automatic sponsorship payments contact your financial institution or go to and donate via PayPal.

DATE________________________________________________________________________________ Name ________________________________________________________________________________ Address____________________________________City________________State______Zip __________ Home Phone_______________________________Cell Phone __________________________________ E-mail Address (for E-Newsletters) ________________________________________________________ Make checks payable to: Second Chance Pet Rescue of Grand Lake - P.O. Box 451205/Grove, OK 74345-1205


Mailing Address: P.O. Box 451205 Grove, OK 74345-1205 Telephone: 918-786-7630 Website: email: Hours of Operation: Wed – Fri: Noon – 5 pm Sat: 10 am - 3 pm Sun - Tues: Closed After Hours: By Appointment BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Michele Norwood, Acting President Theresa Swift, Treasurer Jane Adams, Secretary Terri Cox Ivan Devitt Laketa Langley Marion Metcalf Janis Pedersen Connie Ruzicka Kim Shearer Sharon Shearer Melissa Toohey SHELTER MANAGER: Kim Dudley SECOND CHANCE THRIFT SHOP 220 E 3rd Street (Three Blocks East of Main in Downtown Grove) Marion Metcalf, Manager Hours of Operation: Tuesday – Sat: 10 am – 5 pm


Every year, Second Chance Pet Rescue depends on its annual Membership Drive to provide the operational funds needed to care for hundreds of homeless, abused, and injured animals. As a non-profit organization, which does not receive your tax dollars, Second Chance Pet Rescue can only continue its mission with financial donations from caring people like you.

Financial support has always been the key to continuing our mission over the last 34 years, and now the 2018 Membership Drive is even more important as we continue to move forward to make amazing things happen. This Annual Newsletter describes just some of the progressive improvements at our small animal rescue and what can be accomplished with the combined effort of a few amazing people. We hope you enjoy the read and join us as we continue to improve!

Your donation directly benefits all of the animals that come into our shelter. Your financial contribution makes it possible for us to take in animals in need of shelter and sanctuary; provide spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, and necessary medical care for every animal; and provide loving care in a clean, warm and comfortable environment. And the time, energy, and expense of continuing to transport our animals to out-of-state shelters for adoption is crucial to reducing the number of homeless animals in Northeast Oklahoma. Out-of-state transports can continue only with the financial help and support of our community.

Our average intake expense to rescue ONE homeless pet is $100 per animal for spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, microchip (required by Oklahoma Animal Shelter Licensing Act), and veterinary services. This amount represents only the initial veterinary costs incurred when an animal first enters the shelter. It does NOT include the shelter's expense for nutrition, employee wages, administrative expenses or overhead to care for the animal until it is adopted.

Caring for the ever increasing number of animals puts a tremendous burden on our staff, facility, and limited resources. Every donation IS critical for us to carry out our mission to advocate for animal welfare and to provide compassionate care and protection for all animals that find their way to our shelter. We need the support of everyone in our community who are concerned about the well-being of animals.

Please make your pledge gift today while it is fresh in your mind. The 2018 Membership Application is the last page of this newsletter. Please complete and return in the enclosed selfaddressed envelope along with your taxdeductible check. Any amount is appreciated as your 2018 pledge DOES make a difference in the lives of the many homeless animals that are surrendered each year to our life-saving shelter.

On behalf of the homeless animals who will be helped by your gift, we thank you so much!

The Board of Directors Second Chance Pet Rescue of Grand Lake

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UPCOMING EVENTS Annual Membership Drive via 2018 Newsletter. Please Become a Supporting Member! Join Today! Semi-Annual Garage Sales at Second Chance Thrift Shop Every May and October – dates to be announced. May 19 (Rain Date June 2) – Barkaritaville hosted by The Parrot Steakhouse & Grill Honey Creek Landing & Marina Dinner, Music, Silent Auction and FUN for all Parrot Heads! August 18 – 6th Annual Cars for Critters. Indoor Car Show @ Grove Civic Center November 16 and 17 – Santa Paws Pet Photos @ Second Chance Thrift Shop November & December – Poinsettia Plant Sales December 8 – Annual Christmas Breakfast and Dessert Auction @ Grove Community Center Shelter employees and volunteers will be hosting Remote Adoptions at various Grove businesses to promote adoption of shelter pets. Watch for upcoming details. Follow us on Facebook or website for details of Upcoming Events.

In Loving Memory of Brown Sugar and Bo...two very special shelter dogs who lived a better life as special family members of the Second Chance Pet Rescue Shelter. In 2017, Heaven gained two sweet four legged Angels - Miss Brown Sugar and Bo. Both were senior dogs when they were rescued by Second Chance Pet Rescue; both had tragic stories of their lives before rescue; both became destined to live out their lives as beloved family of the shelter. Brown Sugar (aka Shugie) had been tied to a tree and had litter after litter of puppies. She was about 7 or 8 years old when arriving at the shelter in 2015. Brown Sugar quickly became a faithful office dog to Kim Dudley, Shelter Manager. She loved her treats, and she loved the times that Kim laid on her bed with her giving gentle rubs. Her favorite and only toy (a stuffed monkey) was with her always, even until the very end. It was a Sunday in May, the shelter was closed, but Kim and a shelter volunteer Sue Casey were with her so she would not be alone.

In Our Heart Poem We thought of you with love today, but that is nothing new. We thought about you yesterday, and days before that too. We think of you in silence. We often speak your name. Now all we have are memories, and your picture in a frame. Your memory is our keepsake, with which we'll never part. God has you in his keeping. We have you in our heart.

Bo was a big gentle boy with an even bigger heart who became the office greeter. Bo came to the shelter in 2014 estimated to be about 11 years old then. His life had been one of sadness as it was determined by the vet that he was most likely used as a bait dog for dog fighting. His special place was living in the kitchen on his elevated bed, and was persistent asking the public for treats. At the end of his life, it was found out that he had a bullet still lodged in his chest. In June, several of the shelter workers sat with Bo as he took his last breath in his favorite spot in the office. Each dog was very much loved by all shelter employees, fed their favorite treats on a daily basis, and surrounded by their shelter family in the end. In return, both Brown Sugar and Bo returned their love unconditionally. Brown Sugar and Bo will live in our hearts forever for their love will never really die.

Sponsor a Cat Cage or Dog Kennel – You Can Help Save Lives and Provide Comfort and Loving Care to Our Homeless Pets! So many of our supporters are unable to adopt a pet but want to help in some special way. One of the most meaningful ways you can contribute to Second Chance Pet Rescue is by sponsoring a cat cage or dog kennel. Individuals, businesses or organizations can sponsor a specific cat cage or dog kennel with a tax deductible donation. These funds will help support the dog or cat in that space for the duration of the sponsorship. Sponsorship is a great way to: • Help a shelter animal if you cannot currently adopt or volunteer • Memorialize a loved one • Advertise your business • Show your commitment to pet adoption • Give someone a unique and meaningful gift When you become a Sponsor, a personalized plaque will be placed on your choice of either a dog or cat kennel for as long as the sponsorship continues. A plaque will be personalized in your name, your company's name, or in honor or memory of a beloved family member, special friend, or cherished pet. To become a Sponsor, visit Kim Dudley, Shelter Director, and complete the Cat Cage/Dog Kennel Sponsorship Program form. This form may be downloaded from the website and taken to the Shelter with your check.

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SECOND CHANCE PET RESCUE ANIMAL TRANSPORT SERVICES CARGO VAN While traveling the streets in Grove, you may have seen a large white transport van wrapped in pictures of dogs and cats. In January of 2017, Second Chance Pet Rescue purchased a new animal transport services cargo van made possible by receiving a $37,000 grant from PetSmart Charities®. The new cargo van is used to transport adoptable pets to prospective families outside of Oklahoma, as well as provide pet transportation of its rescued dogs and cats for local veterinary needs and off-site adoption events.

In order to save more lives of homeless animals other than relying on adoption from our shelter facility alone, Second Chance Pet Rescue entered into a “transfer partnership” in 2010 with Golden Valley, Minnesota, Animal Humane Society ( The transport program allows Second Chance Pet Rescue to transport pets to areas where the demand for pet adoption is high, so that our shelter pets have the best chance possible at finding their forever family. Prior to transports, dogs at our shelter would wait months, or longer in many cases, to be adopted due to pet overpopulation. There are simply not enough prospective adoptive homes available for all of the dogs (and cats) surrendered to our shelter. Preparing for a monthly transport takes a tremendous amount of planning and energy on the part of the shelter staff and volunteers, but these people are committed to the long hours and hard work in order that these wonderful

animals can find their forever home. Second Chance Pet Rescue cannot thank these people enough for their compassion for the animals.

Future “Drive to Save Lives” transports MUST continue in order to save more lives of homeless animals in Northeast Oklahoma. Last year alone, Second Chance Pet Rescue transported 387 animals (see Shelter Statistics), but financial help to continue future transports is needed. Second Change Pet Rescue bears the cost of the required vaccinations, heartworm testing, and veterinary care since each animal must have a health certificate prior to transport. Your tax-deductible donation would be greatly appreciated to continue to transport our rescued dogs so that all that seek our help may find their forever home.

Second Chance Pet Rescue of Grand Lake Statistics for 2017 Dogs/Puppies No. of Animals Taken In

Public Grove City Shelter 1/ FRAMP 2/ Southwest City Vet Clinic 3/ WAGS 4/

340 77 33 5 20



114 50 2 641

No. of Adoptions Transported to out-of-state shelters

Animal Humane Society 5/ MuttNation 6/



304 68

0 15



1/ Since 2014, Second Chance Pet Rescue (SCPR) and the City of Grove have worked together for SCPR to accept, vet, and transport to out-of-state shelters all stray dogs and some cats captured by City Animal Control Officer and unclaimed by owners. SCPR agreed to do this service without compensation from the City of Grove in order to stop city's euthanasia of healthy dogs and cats. 2/ Flint Ridge FRAMP Inc., Kansas, OK, a shelter partner which brings animals for transport. 3/ Southwest City Veterinary Clinic provides all veterinary medical services for SCPR. 4/ Wagoner Animal Guardian Society (WAGS), Wagoner, OK, a shelter partner which brings animals for transport. 5/ Animal Humane Society, Golden Valley, MN, entered into a Canine Transfer Partnership in 2010 to transport SCPR dogs to its Minnesota animal shelter for adoption. 6/ MuttNation Foundation, Lindale, TX, SCPR became a transport program participant in 2016 for dogs/puppies and cats/kittens.

Two of our dogs found their forever homes in Golden Valley, MN

No. of Spay/Neuter Surgeries for 2017

Dogs and Cats Shelter Animals 7/ Public 8/

Total 372 128


7/ All animals adopted from SCPR are required to be sterilized to reduce pet overpopulation. Our animals are also wellness checked by a veterinarian, micro-chipped, and given required vaccinations. 8/ SCPR offers a low-cost spay/neuter clinic to the public. You may contact the shelter office at 918-786-7630 for more information on its weekly spay/neuter clinic and to make an appointment. Pet overpopulation of homeless animals is a serious crisis situation in Northeast Oklahoma and the Grand Lake communities. To reduce and eliminate this crisis of homeless animals, the communities MUST accept that spay/neuter of pets is the Number 1 way to reduce and eliminate pet overpopulation.

PETSMART CHARITIES® Grant for $10 Spay/Neuter to Stop Pet Overpopulation Today (SPOT)!

Second Chance Pet Rescue has received $11,280 from PetSmart Charities®, the largest funder of animal welfare in North America, to help fuel its spay and neuter efforts. With the help of this grant and for those in financial need, spay/neuter services will be available at Second Chance Pet Rescue's weekly Spay/Neuter Clinic for $10 per cat or dog. Each pet must have proof of rabies vaccination. If pets have not received a rabies vaccination, additional funds from PetSmart Charities will cover a limited number of dogs and cats to also receive their vaccine as part of the $10 total cost.

Spay/neuter is the single most important thing Second Chance Pet Rescue can do to help alleviate the animal overpopulation crisis in the Grand Lake communities. Spaying and neutering pets can lead to a longer and healthier life, and can also reduce the risk of developing mammary gland tumors/cancer, prostate cancer, perianal tumors as well as uterine, ovarian and testicular cancers. Sterilizing a cat or dog makes them a better pet and decreases the risk of injury and contracting diseases by reducing the urge to roam.

Pictured: Kathi Sikorski, designed the graphics for the van.

This is a wonderful opportunity for our community to spay and neuter pets at an extremely low price and to help Stop Pet Overpopulation Today (SPOT)! If you or someone you know

(friends, family, or neighbors) have a pet who needs to be spayed/neutered and there is a need for financial assistance, please visit the shelter office to schedule a veterinarian appointment or contact Kim Dudley, Shelter Director, at 918-786-7630 or email for more information. Shelter office hours are Wednesday through Friday, Noon to 5pm, and Saturday, 10am to 3pm.


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Second Chance Thrift Shop From humble beginnings in a storage shed to a permanent 3,000 square foot retail space in downtown Grove (220 E. 3rd Street), the Second Chance Thrift Shop has grown and blossomed throughout the years. It has become one of the “Best of the Best” shopping experiences in Grove. The Second Chance Thrift Shop operates solely for the benefit of all the dogs and cats cared for by Second Chance Pet Rescue of Grand Lake. The shop is run by an all-volunteer group who enjoy visiting with customers and having a good time while decorating the shop beautifully to best display all the wonderful donations. The shop offers a clean and enjoyable shopping experience with music selections playing softly in the background.

Be sure to tell us about your pet when you come in. We love to hear about your dogs and cats that are cherished by their owners. Follow Thrift Shop's weekly special offers and featured items on Facebook/Second Chance Thrift Shop. Also watch for details of upcoming Garage Sales on website

A very special “Thank You” to our volunteer staff for their dedication in providing this rewarding shopping experience to all customers. If interested in becoming involved with this dedicated group of volunteers, contact Marion Metcalf, Thrift Shop Manager, at 918-786-9330. Please come, shop and donate gently used items to support our shelter and to help the many abused abandoned dogs and cats in the Grand Lake area. Second Chance Thrift Shop Grove, OK

and LIKE US!



Benefits of Volunteering Your time is one of the most cherished gifts you can give to our animal rescue, and make some fast new friends (both two- and four-legged), too. Volunteers are essential to everything we do. They are the heart of our rescue and a key reason why we are able to save so many homeless pets. Volunteers are needed today who can make a difference in their lives. Whatever your availability might be, there is an opportunity that fits your schedule and interests. Here are just a few of the benefits of volunteering: 1. Be a part of the solution. Join a network of people working to make a caring and safe environment for homeless cats and dogs. 2. Get warm fuzzies! You will never find a more grateful and accepting companion than a homeless cat or dog that you've comforted. 3. Keep good company. Make lots of new friends – and not just the four-legged kind. Working side by side with people who share similar interests can forge life-long friendships. 4. Enjoy a wagging tail, a purr, and a smile! Didn't someone once say that the best things in life are free? Contact Kim Dudley, Shelter Manager, to inquire about volunteer opportunities. They need you!

Second Chance Pet Rescue Receives Donations from Macie Allen of Morrison, Colorado, and Ella Faries of Parker, Colorado

Summertime on Grand Lake o' the Cherokees is great fun for everyone. For 7-year old Macie Allen of Morrison, Colorado, and 9-year old Ella Faries of Parker, Colorado, it is the time to visit grandparents Carol and Tom Rice of Grove. Both Macie and Ella have rescue dogs, and they know that Nana Carol has volunteered for Second Chance Pet Rescue for many years. For Macie's 7th birthday, she asked not for presents for herself but for money to be given to help homeless dogs and cats in shelters. So when visiting Papa and Nana Rice, both Macie and Ella asked to go to the Second Chance Pet Rescue shelter to see the dogs and cats there. Macie especially wanted to see Jackson, a mixed breed dog that was being treated for heartworm after she read about him and his treatment on Facebook. But before the trip to the shelter, both girls purchased supplies with some of their money saved. They purchased cat litter, cleaning supplies, dog and cat food and treats, and toys for the shelter animals.

For her birthday, Macie collected $300 which she donated to the shelter to help with Jackson's medical treatment of heartworm. All that Macie asked from the shelter was to be informed of how Jackson handled his 45-day medical treatment and when he is adopted. Once Jackson completed his 45 day heartworm treatments, he was available for adoption, but sadly, no one locally came to adopt him. Because of his great disposition and his need for a home, he was transported to Animal Humane Society, Golden Valley, Minnesota, and was adopted immediately by a loving family.

Nana Rice is so proud of both her granddaughters because of their generous hearts, their genuine kindness, and for their love of animals.

Lowe's Home Improvement “Heroes Program” Our sincerest thank you to Lowe's employee volunteers for their participation, teamwork, and caring to help improve the Second Chance Pet Rescue shelter dog exercise yard and the landscape beautification project. The Lowe's “Heroes Program” began more than 10 years ago to encourage its employees in a location to team together, adopt a volunteer project with a local nonprofit organization, and make a difference in their community. For this year, Lowe's management selected improvements to be made to the Second Chance Pet Rescue shelter play/exercise yard so that the shelter dogs can spend quality time outdoors and away from their kennels. Spending time outside is so important to a shelter dog as this exercise time increases a dog's socialization skills and its chances for adoption. On September 26 and 28, with all materials donated by the Grove Lowe's Home Improvement store along with a large auger donated from Grand Rental Station, seven volunteers worked tirelessly to erect a large shade structure with mulch in one corner of the play yard, install chain link fencing around outside air conditioning units to keep dogs safely away from units, and plant six beautiful shade trees alongside the play yard area which will provide much needed shade in the summers to come

Pictured are: Back Row L to R: Earl Sailsbury, Chris Chadsey, Gene Ford Front Row L to R:Teresa Sampson, April Stilley, Jane Adams, Jessica Freeman Not pictured Thom Clark, Grove Manager

Pictured: Macie (R) and Ella (L) with Jackson.

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