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COBAM Celebrated Week of Excellence

Week of Excellence COBAM Workshops

SHTM Highlights SOBA Highlights

The theme for this year was: “Jamaica 50: Igniting Business, Hospitality, Tourism and Entrepreneurship in a changing economy.” The week of activities included a thanksgiving service, public lecture, prebudget debate, panel discussion, COBAM Care Bazaar and the curtains were drawn on Saturday March 31 with the College’s award ceremony.

JDSEEL Highlights UTech/JIM Highlights

INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Special Awards & Achievements

and that “ the world economy

March 25 to March 31, 2012 will go down in COBAM’s history as one of the most power-packed, fun-filled, incentive-driven, educational week of activities ever to be hosted by the College.



New Appointments, 2 SOBA, COBAM National Foodie Lyme Cook-off


New Ph.D & DBA programmes


Olympics Trivia Question


Fun facts & Brain teasers


Did You know?


Upcoming Events


In giving an overview of the Week of Excellence, Dean of the College, Dr. Paul Golding, stipulated that the week was celebrated in the global context

has been transformed significantly over the last 20 years. He noted that today more than ever before in human history, the wealth or poverty of nations depends on the quality and excellence of higher education.”

Dr. Paul Golding (centre), Dean, College of Business and Management (COBAM) shares something amusing with his colleagues from left, Orville Reid, Lecturer, JDSEEL, Sharon Nelson, Lecturer, SOBA, Rosemarie Headley-Smith, Lecturer, SHTM and Patrick Harley, SOBA Lecturer

Well said Dr. Golding! If you missed this year’s COBAM week of Excellence, you have indeed missed out on something great! I know the buzz has been circulating and from the good news heard, YOU will not miss next year’s celebration. Many thanks to Mrs. Sharon Roach (College Administrator) and Mrs. Nadine Lynch Clarke ( Acting Exec. Assistant) for their relenting time, effort, vision and enthusiasm in making this event a success.

COBAM, the home for Beauty Queens

Kayla Smith 2nd Place Winner

Nicole Hall Miss Bizad 2012

Rahanna Meikle 3rd Place Winner


COBAM Workshop Highlights


Scenes captured from COBAM’s Quantitative Research writing workshop. Participants were actively

In keeping with our theme from 2011, the College of Business &Management continues to embrace “Professionalism through Superior Quality& Service” by offering several development workshops for our Administrative and Academic Staff. The workshops were geared towards addressing the professional needs of our staff. Workshops such as: Administrative personal & professional development,

engaged in group work.

Workshop Features

Did You Know? that the Jamaican and Libyan flags are the ONLY flags in the world that do not share any of the colors of the American flag? ?

( Dr. Claudette Williams Myers, (Associate Dean, COBAM) presenting award to Ms. Yvette Richards for consistent punctuality in Assessment writing Workshop.

There were so many great features to report on from the various workshops put on by the College. COBAM is very blessed with co-operative, enthusiastic lecturers and staff who are very passionate about learning and giving quality service. One of the workshops that stood out was the Assessment Workshop Series, which was facilitated by Dr. Cynthia Onyefulu. The participants enjoyed the

Mrs. Akin sharing a point with team mates from the Assessment workshop Series (Jan. 12– Mar. 1, 2012)

Item Construction, Qualitative & Quantitative, Assessment, Abstract Writing & Syllabus writing workshops were executed. Some of the general feedback from the various workshops were: “ Great content and initiative displayed; a practical approach”, “I enjoyed the practical exercises”, “I am now impressed & empowered to use what was learnt in the classroom”. Mr. Lloyd Wint presenting a token to Dr. Onyefulu, (workshop facilitator) presentations and content discourse immensely. Memorable moment– anytime participants (male/ female) refer to the presenter as “Dr. Onyefulu,” she'd respond to say ‘Yes nurse.” She wanted the participants to feel comfortable in their interaction, and so preferred to be called “Cynthia”

“Guess Who?” Can you Identify these Persons? Identify all 3 persons & the Schools to which they belong. (Prizes & surprises to be won!!!!)

Dr. Jennifer Cadogan, (COBAM Abstract Writing facilitator) Making a comment in response to a question posed by workshop participant.






SHTM Highlights




SHTM SPECIAL AWARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS 2012 Tanyhata Malcolm-Hue (r) accepts the SHTM “Outstanding Lillian’s Dining Room Staff Member” award. Presentation by Chef Karl Thomas (who will also represent Jamaica in London as the Advisory Chef to the 2012 Olympian Team) Patrice Howell (r) accepts the SHTM Award for Outstanding All-Round Student from lecturer, Mrs. Sharmon Hinds-Smith Mr. Theo Smith, UTech SHTM graduate, giving address at the opening ceremony


The annual SHTM (School of Hospitality and Tourism Management) Day was held on Thursday, March 29, 2012 at the Alfred

ats gr dee n Co war A s

Mrs. Rosemarie Donaldson-Ivey (l), lecturer, SHTM presents a happy Trudy Ann-Smith with the Marcella Blake-Watson Award for Leadership, Commitment and Resilience

Sangster auditorium, UTech. Final year students of the School showcased their final research projects in a major exhibition. The research projects sought to solve some major hospitality/tourism industry problem. If you ask me, they did excellently! Unconvinced? Check out the photos from their projects display on

SHTM Gives Back

Health Tip Sun rays are strongest between 10 am and 4 pm. Stay in the shade and apply sunscreen often to remain protected.

Mrs. Marilyn Cornelius, (Head, SHTM), presents a piece of sporting equipment to a student of the Moravian Primary School. Other items such a bicycles and a donation of $45,0000 to a Garvey Maceo High School student athlete to subsidies travel costs to the Penn Relays in the USA.


Mr. Lendave Burton (left) 1st Place Winner

History was made at the Foodies Lyme Cook-Off Competition 2012 where the top two winners were from the School of Hospitality & tourism management, UTech. Congratulations to Levdane & Akeeli

Mr. Akeeli Dixon (right) 2nd Place Winner

Akeeli in Action



SOBA Highlights SOBA Student awarded the first George Phillip Bursary

Photo from COBAM’s 2011 International Conference, Register online for this year’s conference @ http:// FOBM_Conf/ register.html

According to our very own UTech Communicator, Mrs. Janette Phillips (2nd left), Widow of the late George Phillip hands over the cheque for the first George Phillip Memorial bursary award to UTech School of Business Administration (SOBA) student Mrs. Sharline HallHowell (right) at a special presentation made on March 29, 2012 at King’s House. Congrats Sharline! You are now the “trend seta” in the school of business (SOBA) of such a prestigious award. May the students in the College of Business, continue to shine and excel in their academic pursuits. You have made us proud!


Fun Fact

Dr. Howard Haughton, PhD, CTP Appointed Adjunct Professor of Finance College of Business and Management. Dr. Haughton is Managing Director of Holistic Risk Solutions Ltd., UK - an independent consultancy where he provides financial and risk management consulting and training to financial institutions regionally and globally on structured products, fixed income, equity and foreign exchange.

Babies are born without kneecaps. They don't appear until the child reaches 2-6 years of age.

Mr. Clavery Allen was appointed Head of School, School of Business Administration in the College of Business & Management, effective March 1, 2012. Lead on Mr. A! you have our full support as we move forward.

Dr. Haughton’s appointment to the academic staff will enhance the undergraduate, graduate and research programmes in the College , specifically the School of Business & Management for the 2011/12

Congratulations to Ms. Shantae Lewis (Admin. Support for AISM & HRM) & Mrs. Patricia Christie-Thomas (Admin. Support for POM and GM) on the birth of their bouncing baby boys; Kyle and Cevaughn. We are thankful for the safe delivery of their new borns and anticipate their return to SOBA where they will continue to provide “superior service” to our staff & students.







JDSEEL Highlights



JDSEEL Panel Discussion Explores Waste to Energy and Entrepreneurial Opportunities The Joan Duncan School of Entrepreneurship, Ethics and Leadership (JDSEEL), in the College of Business and Management, UTech, hosted a special panel discussion entitled, “Entrepreneurship: The Solid Waste Opportunity” on Thursday, March 29, 2012 at the Technology Innovation Centre . According to the UTech Communicator, Dr. Paul Golding, Dean of the College in his welcome said that the discussion was being held against the background of the Uni-

is moving towards creating energy out of waste. “Jamaica needs to look seriously at these opportunities,” he said.

versity’s commitment to engage and impact the community in a symbiotic way, noting that the global trend

Seated on the panel from left were Hon. Julian Robinson, (Minister of state), Minister of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining, Dr. Claude Noel, Project Officer, Environmental Management Unit, UWI, Mona, Ms. Julia Brown, Manager, Process Development Division at the Scientific Research Council (SRC) and Ms. Jennifer Edwards, Executive Director, National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) and Prof. Rosalea Hamilton, Vice President, Development and Community Service, UTech. Olympics trivia

Congrats to our TIC Graduates


Who Do you think

Dr. Paul Golding, (Dean COBAM), handing award to Tyrone Wilson, CEO of eZines

Two clients of the Technology Innovation Centre (TIC) graduated from the centre on December 15, 2011. They are FORM Architects Limited, proprietor Damian Edmond and eZines Limited, proprietor, Tyrone Wilson. Both clients have done well within the incubator and will leave the environment midyear 2012 at the end of their leases. Congrats gentlemen! Well done!

will outshine the Jamaica male & female category in the London Olympics this

Congratulations as well to our recent graduates from the JDSEEL short courses which were executed for the period October 2011– March 2012

summer? Usain? Yohan?Asafa? Shelly-Ann? Veronica? Sherone?

UTech/JIM Highlights

COBAM Salutes UTECH/JIM’s 2012 MBA Graduates The Fourth Annual Presentation of Consultancy Projects by MBA Students was held from May 25 - 27, 2012, at Breezes Resort, Runaway Bay. The final year students presented in front of a panel of academic & industry professionals

A group of MBA students posing for the camera after a brilliant presentation.

on the various areas in business they had researched. Congratulations class of 2012, all the best in your endeavours!

UTech/JIM offers New DBA. & PhD. Programmes The first cohort for the DBA/PhD programme began their course of study January 2012. The duration of the programme is 3 years, under the leadership of Dr. Neville Swaby (Head, UTech JIM) & His team. On interviewing a member of the class, the excitement could be heard in the interviewee’s voice & expression: “It is challenging, eye- opening, has exciting modules that are relevant to the world we live in today…also the Lecturers are top notch!”(the interviewee). What more can I say? Register Now!! Call 927-5857.

Upcoming Events: COBAM Retreat—August 8 & 9, 2012 COBAM Orientation— August 24, 2012 COBAM International Conerence on Business, Hospitality and Tourism Management—October 10-12 (http:// index.html ) Internship Orientation 2nd & 3rd Years (TENTATIVE) -October 2012 SHTM Short Courses—October 2012 Graduation— November 2012 Week of Excellence- March 2013

1. Within a shell dere is a cup; within dat cup dere is a bite; within dat bite dere is a sup. What am i? 2. Wha’ a de difference between a tailor an’ a bunch a banana? 3. What can you hold without ever touching or using your hands? 4. What makes more as you take them? 5. What has a mouth but cannot eat, what moves but has no legs and what has a bank but cannot put money in it?

JAMAICAN Proverbs Corna

Do you rememba sum a di words dem yuh Granny use to seh? Well, cum mek wi guh Dung memory lane…..aye yai yah! A noh every mango got maggige. Meaning: Everyone is not the same. Tideh fi mi, tomorrow fi yu. Meaning: Time and place for everything. Play wid puppy, Puppy lick yu mouth Meaning: Familiarity breeds contempt Mi come here fi drink milk, mi noh come here fi count cow". Meaning: A reminder to conduct business in a Straight-forward manner

Food for Thought: “If all difficulties were known at the onset of a long journey, most of us would never start out at all” – Dan Rather

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