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March 2012

Principal’s Message: March is the month that ushers in spring, the season of renewal and new growth. Just as the flowers and trees show new growth during this time of the year, we’re confident that our students will show new academic growth during this our spring testing season. As the FCAT Math, Reading, and Science assessments draw closer, it’s important that you continue to support our efforts at home. Ensuring that your child is present and on-time for school each day, seeing that they get a sufficient amount of rest and sleep each night, and providing them with a nutritious diet are all important. Additionally, making sure they’re actively reading and completing homework assignments is critical. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating, that school and home working cooperatively together is the best way to ensure success for your child and all students. Thanks for all you do in support of our efforts! Regards,

Douglas Herron, Principal

Parent Involvement Why Is It Important For Parents To Be Involved at the Middle School Level? The results of recent research are very clear: When parents are actively involved in their children's education, they do better in school. The academic level of the parents, their socioeconomic level, and their ethnic or racial origin are not determining factors for academic success. It is essential for parents to have a positive attitude regarding education, and to demonstrate trust that their children can do well.

School Improvement Plan Writing: For 2010-2011, 74% (264) of students met high standards in writing on the 2011 FCAT Writes. Objective: For 2011-2012, the goal is for 77% (275) of students to meet high standards on the 2012 FCAT Writes.

Title 1 Hardee Junior High School is a Title 1 school for the 2011-2012 school year. If you have any questions about Title 1, please contact Federal Programs at (863) 767-0662.

6th grade is working hard to prepare our students for the quickly approaching FCAT. FCAT is April 16, 17, and 18. We are finishing a unit on solving equations and looking forward to a unit on geometry. We are beginning discussion on area, perimeter, volume, and circles. Parents, please continue to log on to the grade portal to stay informed of your child's grades and assignment completion. Parents, please have your child practice math skills to prepare for FCAT using IXL over spring break. They should know their user name and password. The website is signin/hardee. 8th grade math is working on Laws of Exponents and Scientific Notation. Algebra has completed 55 lessons from the book. We have introduced adding/subtracting polynomials. We will be continuing with multiplying polynomials, solving inequalities, and working with Systems of Linear Equations. 8th grade math teachers will be giving FCAT type questions each day after spring break to prepare for FCAT in April. Please encourage your child to login FCAT Explorer or Florida Achieves by going to or to practice for FCAT.

Social Studies 6th grade will be focusing on Ancient Rome and the power the empire held throughout the world. Students will also be studying the Roman Coliseum, Roman Technology and the Roman road system while preparing for FCAT.

March 12—16

Non-HQ and Out-of-Field Ginger Lanfier (reading) Angela Wandrey (reading) Out-of-Field (ESOL Only) Hallie Crosby, Darian Dumont, Tracey Encapera, Heather Lane, Sheyla Nazario, Samuel Rivera, Angela Wandrey

7th grade will continue to study the regions and countries of Europe. 8th grade will be studying the factors that eventually led to the Civil War.

Language Arts and Reading

It’s that time of year again, spring break is in the air, but FCAT is also on the horizon. FCAT prep after-school programs will begin on Monday, March 5th. Seventh and eighth grade students will take the reading portion of the FCAT on Monday, April 16, 2012, and Tuesday, April 17, 2012. Session one will be given on Monday and session two on Tuesday. Sixth grade students will take the reading portion of the FCAT in the computer lab between April 17th-27th. Please encourage your student to get a good night’s rest and eat a healthy breakfast to be ready to do their best on the test. Also, keep in mind that the student’s score on this test could affect their class schedule for the following year. The state requires that all students who score a level 1 or 2 on the FCAT receive intensive reading instruction. The teachers in the reading and language arts department have been working all year to teach, evaluate, and reteach, if necessary, the standards that will be tested on the reading portion of the FCAT. Teachers have used mini-lessons and mini-assessments to teach and assess these standards throughout the school year. For the month of March, students are learning how text features aid a reader’s understanding of the text. Student are learning to identify and properly use text features such as charts, maps, diagrams, sub-headings, captions, illustrations, and graphs. During the last week of March and the beginning of April we will focus on Validity and Reliability of sources in text.

“Under the Microscope” Mrs. Miller’s 8th grade Science Resource class just finished BIG IDEA 12 and 13. We have learned about various contact and noncontact forces and how Newton’s Laws of Motion are applied. Such activities were the famous “Stomp Rocket”. This year only 4 rockets were lost on top of the school’s roof. We also conducted a “Parachute Hang Time” lab while testing the air resistance of various materials. Marshmallows were flying everywhere last week while students were testing potential energy in their catapult lab. We are now learning about different forms and sources of energy and how energy can be transferred from one form to another. Students will also explore ways to save our natural resources by conserving energy and learning about alternative energy sources. Stay tuned for more exciting experiments next month. 6th grade students have just begun studying Weather and Climate, Unit 4 Fusion. Mrs. Spurlock is allowing all students the opportunity to order a new Earth Day 2012 T-shirt. Each science teacher has the order forms for their classes. They are being sold at $10.00 and can be worn to school as part of the dress code. March 9th is the deadline for ordering. 7th grade is finishing units 5 and 6 before spring break. They are currently learning about energy conversions, thermal and heat energy. 8th graders are learning about matter in their Unit 6 Fusion text book. They will be investigating properties of matter, mass vs. weight, density and all of the measurements and formulas needed to calculate them.

These students have read all 15 of the Sunshine State Young Reader Award books. Lunch in the media center with Mr. Herron was a bonus.

March 2012



Tue After-School 3:15-4:45

Wed 7

After-School 3:154:45 Student Council




1 Volleyball @ AP 5:30f



8 After-School 3:15-4:45 Volleyball @ Desoto 5:30

9 Gradventure Permission slips due



5 Volleyball Hill Gustat 5:30 After-School 3:15-



12 Spring Break

13 Spring Break

14 Spring Break

15 Spring Break

16 Spring Break



19 After-School 3:15-4:45

20 After-School 3:154:45

21 Gradventure money due CROP lunch AfterSchool 3:15-4:45

22 After-School 3:15-4:45 Volleyball LP 5:30


24 CROP trip


26 Volleyball @ Sebring 5:30 AfterSchool 3:15-4:45

27 After-School 3:154:45

28 NJHS meeting 3:15 After-School 3:15-4:45

29 Volleyball AP 5:30 AfterSchool 3:15-4:45

30 Dress Down Day


March 2012 Newsletter  

Parent newsletter for March 2012

March 2012 Newsletter  

Parent newsletter for March 2012