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DAYS2013 Saturday 5 October, Wednesday 30 October, Saturday 2 November 2013 Art and Design Academy Duckinfield Street (off Brownlow Hill) L3 5RD LJMU offers you everything you’ll need to build a successful career and have a great time at university: a respected academic qualification, opportunities to gain hands-on professional experience during your studies, extensive employer contacts, expert academic staff plus excellent teaching, library and student support services. Q Q Q Q Q Q

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summer university 2013

Summer University The Summer University (SU) at Liverpool John Moores University is a fantastic way to find out what life at university is really like. Come and spend a few days studying one of our courses, stay in student accommodation and meet current students to get the inside track on student life.

How does SU work?

Who is SU for?

This year’s Summer University is running from Tuesday 16th to Friday 19th July 2013. There is a choice of six different courses which you can study so it is important to choose which one you apply for carefully. The SU is residential which means that you will stay overnight with us in student accommodation after a full evening of activities and attend workshops sessions in your chosen course during the day.

The SU is for Year 12 students (or first year of Sixth Form College) and you must be under 18 on the dates of the Summer University. We will consider all applications for places at the SU although some priority will be given to students from the following groups: ■

Students who are the first in their family to consider going to university

Students in care or who are care leavers

Students with a seen or unseen disability or learning difficulty

Students from certain ethnic minority backgrounds

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summer university 2013

Architecture and Architectural Technology Working jointly with the School of Art & Design and the School of the Built Environment, you will spend time working with academics and professionals from both the Architecture (BA) and ArchitecturalTechnology (BSc) courses.You will be working on one of two exciting projects over two days, depending upon which area of the Built Environment you would prefer to specialise in: 1. You will be set the challenge of creating a new urban park based in Liverpool’s creative hub. The area is already home to bars, cafes, graphic design studios, architects and writers, and a new school is soon to open, so this is an area with great potential. You will learn about developments that have been taken place from those involved and hear from the people working in the area. You’ll be given a design brief and will undertake a site analysis to help you come up with the most innovate design proposals. 2. You are invited to design a pavilion or installation for the Liverpool Biennial to be located here on the grounds of the Art & Design Academy. As a primer to the design you will have the opportunity to discuss, research and debate on one of the following themes for your design approach as a key driver: Environment, Culture or Health. You will either work in small teams or as an individual and will be expected to practise your sketching, drawing and modelling skills. This two day workshop will focus on a typical approach to developing a method in design, where research will lead to the exploration of design possibilities through various media.

summer university 2013

Engineering, Construction and Surveying – Building for the future The School of the Built Environment invites you to join us to learn what civil engineering, construction and surveying is all about. For this project you will work in teams to build a model bridge over a river, connecting two buildings together. Each team will choose the type of bridge to build, create drawings of the design, select the materials to use and work out

how much it will cost. The aim is to give you an understanding of the different roles required on a building project, to understand the importance of teamwork and communication and keep a client happy. After all the hard work of building the bridges you will then get the chance to test them until they collapse!

Policing Studies Policing in the 21st Century Policing is a subject that does not take place in a vacuum, indeed it is a subject that arouses great debate and everybody seems to hold an opinion. It is this very public aspect of policing that provides the ongoing context for study and makes for heated and lively debate. This is an opportunity for you to examine what matters most in developing a safe

neighbourhood in the context of policing. Using information from a variety of sources you will be able to discuss and evaluate agendas for change in the police service. During the sessions you will discuss your ideals whilst at the same time being able to see these in the broader context of policing in the 21st Century.

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summer university 2013

Law - Celebrity, law and the media In this session you will be exploring what law is and how it affects your day to day life. Have YOU had an accident in the past three years that wasn't your fault? Have you used Facebook? Gone on a driving lesson? Bought a sneaky Kit Kat? If so, then the law was there, hanging around in the background regulating these activities! You’ll be looking at how the law affects not just us mere mortals but celebrities too. For example just what did happen with Russell Brand and THAT phone call? How can one phone call

cause so much trouble? We’ll explore freedom of speech to uncover just how ‘free’ we really are. You’ll also discuss the right to privacy in light of the recent debate surrounding super injunctions to prevent the press from publishing details of celebrities and their misdemeanours! AND finally; as if that wasn’t already enough, you’ll also be looking at how law affects would-be entrepreneurs (think about The Apprentice) and how, if they break the law, being fired is the least of their problems!

Routes into Health and Social Care Are you interested in a career in Health and Social Care, as perhaps a nurse, paramedic, social worker or midwife? If so, this is the perfect introduction to some of the key concepts in Health and Social Care. You’ll take part in a series of interactive sessions, led by LJMU academic staff from the Faculty of Health and Applied Social Sciences, which will equip you with knowledge and key skills that will be of real benefit when writing that all important page 4

Personal Statement. Sessions will include Basic Life Support, Delivering A Baby and Manual Handling, along with discussions around the importance of Safeguarding and Working With Vulnerable Young People, to name but a few. Whether you’ve already decided on your future career or just have a general interest in Health and Social Care, each session will be interesting and important in preparing you for life as a Health and Social Care Professional.

summer university 2013

Sport Development The aim of the sessions is to help develop your understanding of sport development. To achieve this, you will invent and develop a new game that in future could even grow into an Olympic and Paralympic sport. In the sessions you will work in small teams to explore different aspects of sport development through hands-on and practical activities. In particular the challenges will explore aspects of the delivery of

sessions; marketing and business of sport; inclusion and equity practices; and health benefits and interventions. The activities will help you to practice and develop communication skills, presentations, team-work, creativity and reflection. To appreciate the diversity of the sport development industry we are also throwing in a dance class to test your adaptability!

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summer university 2013

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Where will I stay? Your accommodation will be modern, purpose built student halls of residence in the heart of Liverpool. You will be in a flat of four students with one student mentor in each flat. Males and females stay in different flats. Each flat has a kitchen and shared lounge and all bedrooms have en-suite facilities. How much will SU cost? All SU places are completely free. We will organise and pay for all of your meals and snacks, enter tainment, accommodation and all activities. All that you need to do is arrange your travel to and from the SU. Is the SU safe? Yes. The SU is run by staff who are experienced in working with sixth forms students and who are trained in Child Protection – they are supported by student mentors who will supervise activities and live in the student flats with you. University premises are safe and the student flats have 24 hour security, night porters, CCTV and secure entry systems. If you travel to the SU yourself, we will make sure you are met and also see you away safely at the end of the week. If there are any problems, day or night, there will always be someone there to help.

How do I apply?

Can I come with my friends? If you and a friend would like to apply to come together, we will try our best to place you in the same flat in student accommodation. However, lots of people come to SU on their own and have a fantastic time.

Please see the application pack in the back of this brochure for more details page 7

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how can I apply to the Summer University? To apply for a place on the 2013 SU, you need to follow the steps below: ■ Visit the LJMU website to research the specific course you are interested in studying and make sure that you are on target to achieve the entry requirements (

further information

■ Complete the application form in this pack.You need to choose which course you would like to study from those on offer and then complete Section One. ■ Your parent or carer needs to complete Section Two and then sign to say that they consent to you attending the SU. You then sign the form as well. ■ You then need to take the form to school/college for your tutor or Head of Sixth Form to complete Section Three. ■ When the form is complete, please send it back to: Student Recruitment and Widening Access Team Kingsway House Hatton Garden Liverpool L3 2AJ or fax it back to 0151 904 6368 ■ If the form is incomplete, we will have to send it back to you to be finished and this could delay your application so please make sure you have answered everything that you need to.

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If you have need any more information about how to apply or about the SU in general then please get in touch and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.


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Below are some of the comments from the students who took part in the Summer University 2012:

The sessions were brilliant and I feel I now know significantly more about the course. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay here and it has given me a brilliant insight into university life.

Helped confirm that I want to do this subject in the future It has been an amazing experience and it has helped me decide I’ll definitely apply here. Very insightful, really helped me to make the choice of what to study at university. Teaching style was great and the lecturers were very interesting and helpful.

www. ljmu.

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SummerUniversity web: outreach/summerschool email:

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Summer University 2013  

Summer University brochure for summer 2013