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Was it hard to settle in Liverpool? “I love Liverpool, it is just the right size and everything is close by. I initially came to the city on my own to find accommodation for my family and then, when everything was organised, they came over too. We have all found it easy to settle here, my oldest daughter is at school and we are enjoying life. Liverpool is a very friendly place and I would certainly recommend it.”

Cardiovascular Physiology specialist Mohammed Quasem talks about his PhD studies. How did you choose LJMU? “I undertook a great deal of research when moving on from masters to PhD study. I started by looking at the literature available on my subject and seeing who had written the key papers. Next I looked at the university rankings for my area of interest and did some research into the staff. I realised that the figures who were well known in my field were from LJMU and with the excellent ranking of the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences, it was the obvious choice for me.” Why did you move overseas for postgraduate study? “I am originally from Kuwait and was sponsored by the Ministry of Health to advance my studies in the UK. Kuwait sends a lot of students here as continuous progression is not available in certain subjects back home. Travelling overseas to study is a great thing to do. It is important to improve yourself and that might mean thinking outside of the box and looking for what you need outside of your comfort zone.” Is PhD a lonely experience? “I think at one time PhD was a lonely experience but certainly not these days. PhD study is now multi-disciplinary by its very nature. You always need help from other areas so, for example, I may be working with an IT specialist one day and a statistics specialist the next. You simply can’t do everything yourself so you work as a team.” What do you do if you need help with your studies? “PhD study is a challenge and you need to be patient when you are struggling and put in a great deal of effort. One thing I have really noticed about LJMU, however, is the availability of the support. It is unlike the places I have studied before because help always finds you. I receive emails, brochures and manuals letting me know what is available in terms of training and workshops. My advice is to make the most of the opportunities you come across and make full use of the facilities and services. On graduation you will be a more rounded person and more prepared for the workplace.”


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Masterplan - Issue 5 preparing for postgraduate study  

Masterplan - Issue 5 preparing for postgraduate study  

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