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LJMU NEWS BRUSH UP YOUR SHAKESPEARE Earlier this year, LJMU celebrated the news that a brand new £19 million Shakespeare theatre is to be built in Merseyside by announcing that it will be validating a one-year postgraduate programme at the venue. Shakespeare North, a 350-seat replica Shakespearean theatre and education hub, is being built in Prescot near Liverpool. The theatre location was chosen as Prescot is the only town outside of London known to have had a freestanding, purpose-built indoor playhouse in the Elizabethan and Jacobean eras. It is even believed that Shakespeare himself performed in the town.


The new theatre is set to open in 2019 and LJMU’s one-year postgraduate programme will focus on Shakespearean stagecraft, using the authentic setting of the new theatre to give its students a unique insight into the past.

LJMU is always on the lookout for opportunities to enhance its postgraduate learning experience and a newly formed collaboration with the University of Insubria’s Department of Economics is enabling Liverpool Business School postgraduates to get a real taste of international trade issues. International Practicum fosters a passion for international entrepreneurship by providing work experience in businesses with a strong global drive. It aims to help those keen to expand on the international stage and to strengthen relationships between industry and education providers. The exchange programme has previously operated with Universities in Russia and the Czech Republic but this is the first time the Milanese University has taken on a UK partner.

Artist’s impressions of the Shakespeare North Theatre which will house a 350-seat reproduction of the original Inigo Jones Cockpit-inCourt Theatre.

All International Business Management and Management students travelled to Milan this year for a fortnight’s work experience with two major Italian companies that wanted to break into the UK market. “It was fantastic not only to join a company which is really succeeding in its area of expertise but also to contribute, in some little way, to what they do,” explained Management student Duncan Heenan. “Learning to make timely decisions in real life situations provided great work experience.”

Images © Shakespeare North Trust and Helm Architecture.


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