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applicant guide Liverpool John Moores University 2012/2013

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thank you for applying to study at Liverpool John Moores University We care about your needs and are willing to go the extra mile to make sure that you have the best student experience possible. So if you have a question about any aspect of University life please get in touch; we are here to help.

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what happens page 1 next what LJMU can page 12 offer you a place to call page 36 home the Liverpool Students’ Union page 42


sport for all page 46


Liverpool City Centre Map page 52

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Choosing your university is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make and we are delighted that you are considering studying at Liverpool John Moores University.

did you know that LJMU was... n Shortlisted for the most improved student experience (Times Higher Education Awards 2010) n Shortlisted for Outstanding Library Team (Times Higher Leadership and Management Awards 2011) n Winner of a 2011 National Union of Students Award

This Guide has been designed to help make this life changing decision that little bit easier. Plus it gives you a flavour of life as a LJMU student, along with a guide to the next steps in the process.

n The 1st Skillset Media Academy in the North West n Awarded 1st Class Honours in Green University League Table n Awarded the Queen's Anniversary Prize for excellence in astronomy and public engagement in science

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come and see for yourself You can only get so much from reading a guide or looking at web pages.That’s why we’d recommend that you come and visit LJMU – even if you are from Liverpool. We think you’ll be surprised by what you find out about the University and what we have to offer.

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Applicant Days Once you’ve received your offer from LJMU you may be invited to come along to one of our Applicant Days. This will give you an opportunity to meet tutors, see facilities, including student accommodation, and meet current students who can tell you more about what it’s like to study on the course you’ve applied for.

Campus Tours

Interviews and auditions

Campus Tours are a great way to visit the University – and we’re more than happy for you to invite family or friends to come along too.The tour will be led by a current student or member of staff who will be able to answer any general questions you might have about the Liverpool Students’ Union, student accommodation or the Learning Resource Centres. Tours last approximately one hour and can be booked online at:

For some courses, you may be invited to complete an interview or audition. Full details of what you’ll be expected to do will be sent to you in advance so you are fully prepared. If you are nervous or not sure what you need to do, please contact Course Enquiries (0151 231 5090,, and staff will direct your call to the appropriate Admissions Hub for your course. /opendays

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s e t a d t n a t r o p m i n January You can start applying for your student finance from this date onwards

n 15 January

UCAS equal consideration application deadline

n 24 February

UCAS Extra opens

n 1 March

If you hold an Unconditional/Conditional Firm offer from LJMU you can apply for your student accommodation at

n 31 May

Apply for your student finance no later than this date to be sure of getting your money for the start of term

n 3 June

Don’t miss the deadline for applying for your LJMU Scholarship - see Student Funding Guide for details

n 30 June

Deadline for UCAS applications – if submitted after this date your application will only be considered during Clearing

n 16 August

A Level results released. Your confirmation status will be shown on UCAS Track on the day you receive your A Level results. Even if you don't meet the entrance requirements, we may still offer you a place so please call our dedicated Confirmation Line, for advice 0151 231 5090.

n September

You will receive specific details on your enrolment and induction programme plus Welcome Week and LiverpoolSU events and activities from mid-August onwards. If applicable, we will also send you details on moving in dates for your accommodation. Please read your Enrolment and Starter Packs to find out more.


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making your application is just the first step in getting your place at LJMU RECEIVING AN OFFER

If it hasn't already arrived, you should soon receive your Offer Letter from LJMU. How quickly you get your Offer Letter will depend on when you applied for your course; but in general providing you apply by 15 January you should receive your LJMU decision by 31 March at the latest. Don’t forget, details on all the offers you’ve received will be published on UCAS Track. You could receive one of two offers based on how well you meet the entrance criteria for the course you’ve applied for:

n Conditional offer – this means LJMU is offering you a place on a course providing you meet certain conditions, usually based on your forthcoming exams results. All offer conditions must be fulfilled by 31 August 2012 in order for you to take up your place at LJMU. n Unconditional offer – this means you have already met all the academic requirements and LJMU is happy to accept these and offer you a place without further conditions.

Unfortunately in some circumstances LJMU may not be able to offer you a place. The reasons why your application has been declined will be outlined on UCAS Track. If you have any questions about what your LJMU offer means, please contact 0151 231 5090,

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make the

right choice

Selecting LJMU as your first (Firm) choice university is easy. Simply log on to UCAS Track and confirm you accept your offer of a place. Once you’ve done this you can start planning your life at LJMU. n

n n n

Take a look through the accommodation section of this booklet and then go online ( to choose where you would like to live (see page 38) Apply for your tuition and maintenance loans (see separate Student Funding Guide for details) Apply for your LJMU Scholarships and bursary (see separate Student Funding Guide for details) Tell us about any disability (including mental health, dyslexia/dyspraxia and other health conditions) that you may have (see page 29)

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results day and confirmation Shortly before examination results are released in August we will contact you with details of our confirmation services. Following the release of A Level results on 16 August, and assuming you’ve selected LJMU as your Conditional or Unconditional Firm choice and you meet all the conditions of your offer, you will be accepted on to your course at the University. Even if you haven’t quite met the requirements, LJMU may still accept you. Please see UCAS Track for details or contact our Confirmation Hotline 0151 231 5090. UCAS normally sends you formal notification of your place being confirmed within days of your exam results being published. Following confirmation of your place in late August we will send you an Enrolment Pack giving you details on the University’s registration process and our Student Charter.

starting at LJMU Full details on how and when you need to complete your enrolment will be posted to you in your Enrolment and Starter Packs. You will be expected to complete your student registration – a simple online process where you check some personal and programme details – before you arrive at the University to complete your enrolment. Full details will be included in your LJMU Starter Pack. You’ll also be invited to take part in Liverpool Students’ Union welcome events – a week long programme of activities, club nights and gatherings – designed to help you get to know LJMU, other students and Liverpool’s exciting student scene. These events are usually held the week before semester starts.



0151 231 5090 0500 564 565

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Studying at LJMU will open up a whole new world of possibilities for you: the opportunity to make new friends, the chance to lay down the foundations for a successful career and perhaps the excitement of living away from home for the first time.

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a warm welcome LJMU has over 21,000 undergraduates and we welcome people from all over the UK and overseas. Liverpool is a multi-racial and multicultural city supporting a diverse range of religions and communities. LJMU too is an international university and we are proud to recruit students from over 100 countries, many with no direct family experience of going to university.

Whether you are Liverpool born and bred or moving to the city for the first time, studying at LJMU will open up a whole new dimension to your social life, packed full of opportunities to experience everything that the city and the University has to offer. Liverpool is one of the best and most affordable student cities in the UK, offering everything you could possibly need to have a

great social life – a vibrant music scene, great galleries and culture around every corner, award-winning shopping facilities, great bars and clubs and easy access to beautiful beaches and countryside. Liverpool is really easy to get around, either on foot or public transport so you might want to leave your car at home.

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BA (Hons) English student Mark Burkey completed a three month internship for US Vogue in New York City

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Liverpool’s warm and hospitable culture means that it is the perfect 24-hour student city award-winning shopping districts Tate Liverpool, Biennial arts festival, Walker Art Gallery over 300 bars and clubs vibrant live music scene theatre, comedy, music festivals beautiful parks and gorgeous sandy beaches Snowdonia and the Lake District within easy reach of the city centre great public transport fly to 70+ destinations from Liverpool John Lennon Airport

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your dream job It might seem a little early to think about what you’ll be doing after graduation but it’s important that you study at a university that will give you the skills, experience and contacts you need for professional success. Every programme at LJMU is specifically designed to do just that and that’s why our students are highly valued by employers.

90% of our students are in work or further study six months after they graduate

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World of Work

programme Competition for graduate jobs is tough but we are confident that our unique World of Work Programme - the only employability programme validated by employers in the UK - will enable you to compete against the best candidates and win.

Our World of Work Programme has been developed in partnership with FTSE 100 companies and leading business organisations

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s s e c c u s o t s p 3 ste The World of Work Programme is integral to every degree we teach, making it easier for you to get involved and succeed. The programme consists of three inter-related elements:

1 2 3

Graduate Skills, which are taught, practised and assessed as part of your academic modules Work-Related Learning - a range of opportunities are included in every degree programme Additional World of Work Skills Certificate awarded to students who pass a ‘mock’ graduate -entry level interview with an employer from their preferred sector.

Completing the World of Work Skills Certificate will ensure that you can effectively demonstrate and articulate all your skills and personal attributes on paper and during an interview. That’s because it mirrors a conventional recruitment process, giving you a ‘dry run’ at applying for graduate jobs.

our advisors will be there to help you at every stage of the World of Work Programme

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port p u s s r e d care e t a c i d e D a e is ent Centr m p lo e v e t uate D evelopmen he Our Grad d d n a g in train tes of t dedicated nd gradua a s t n e d u t s irs, master fa facility for t n e m it ou u . Recr ts enable y n e v e University g in k rs, d networ h employe it classes an w k r o w ork nd net eady for W to meet a R d n u o r ryea as CV while our areas such centre s r e v o c e Programm ation and selection plic g and writing, ap etric testin m o h c y s p s, technique s. k interview c o m d e film


Enterprise Fellowsh ip Funding available for stude nts with commercially viab le business ideas

Centre for Entrepreneurship Thanks to our dedicated Centre for Entrepreneurship, LJMU offers expert business advice and start-up funding to students and graduates setting up new companies. The Enterprise Fellowship programme has helped over 140 students and graduate-led business ventures get off the ground since 2003.

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With the support of LJMU, Marketing graduates Talia and Kayleigh Baccino established Trendy Vend Ltd, a company supplying cosmetic vending machines with advertising space to bars and restaurants. In 2008, the enterprising sisters won the Morgan Foundation Best Young Entrepreneurs Award – plus £10,000 – and this year they received LJMU’s 2011 Entrepreneurial Alumni of the Year Award. For details on LJMU’s Centre for Entrepreneurship, go to

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outstanding teaching and learning Eight out of ten students gave LJMU a resounding thumbs up in the 2011 National Student Survey and we are working hard to make our student experience even better. Students nominate staff for the Liverpool Students’ Union Teaching Amazing Teacher Awards and the nominations prove that inspiring teaching and learner support is at the heart of the LJMU student experience.

The man is a legend. His encouragement makes you feel that you can achieve anything at anytime.

Sociology student on his Lecturer David Tyrer, winner of the 2011 Liverpool SU Amazing Teacher Award.

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All of our degrees are designed and delivered in a way that best suits the subject being taught, and the knowledge and skills you are expected to develop as part of your studies. During your induction, your tutors will outline what modules and topics you’ll be studying during your first year at LJMU.You’ll also find out more about any examinations and assignments you’ll be expected to complete. They will also explain what background reading and independent study are required in addition to scheduled activities indicated in your timetable.

Scheduled activities take a wide variety of forms. Depending on your subject, these may include: lectures seminars tutorials project supervisions practical classes and lab work supervised activities in studios or workshops fieldwork in the UK and overseas external visits and work-based learning feedback sessions




LJMU academics have won five university Oscars or National Teaching Fellowships Research keeps our degrees up-to-date and gives students insights on current professional practice Over 75% of LJMU research is rated as internationally important and this informs all areas of the curriculum

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all of our degrees take learning out of the lecture theatre and you will be expected to complete work-related learning as part of your studies

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here are just some of the opportunities on offer:

n n n n n n n

placements with Premier League and lower division football clubs student-led dance company clinical practice suites for nursing, midwifery and paramedic students radio studio, television studio and modern editing facilities year-long industrial placements UK and international field trips laboratory sessions

n n n n n n n

advanced manufacturing facilities digital creativity and design studios multimedia and computer games labs mock courtroom gallery and exhibition spaces the UK’s only 360degree ship’s bridge simulator system outstanding sport and exercise sciences facilities

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“The Formula Student Racing team experience was hugely beneficial. The skills I gained are definitely an asset to my development as a professional engineer.�


Jack Clisby, BEng (Hons) Automotive Engineering (right), now works for Aston Martin as a TVM Engineer.

As soon as you enrol at LJMU, you will be assigned your own Personal Tutor. Your tutor will give you feedback on how well you are progressing with your studies and encourage you to plan for your educational and career development.

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support and guidance whenever you need it


Our goal is to give you a fulfilling higher education experience, where you receive the support you need to become an independent learner and help you achieve your ambitions for life after graduation, both personally and professionally. That’s why we offer you a wide range of support services to help you manage your commitments and achieve your full potential while you’re at LJMU. Our Student Advice and Wellbeing Team can give you advice and guidance on everything from your physical and mental health, to money management. The University can also advise you about your eligibility for student funding, such as grants, loans, childcare and bursaries. See your Student Funding Guide for more details. n n n n n n n n

Study skills courses and specialist support Free counselling service Confidential, non-judgmental support to students of all beliefs and backgrounds from our Spiritual Support team Quiet spaces for meditation, prayer and contemplation in every campus Dedicated facilities for Muslim prayers Targeted support for care leavers Dedicated Disability Advice Team and Assessment Room Student funding and money management advice

“LJMU was the perfect choice for me. Each day I feel I am becoming more and more knowledgeable and closer to achieving my dream of owning my own pharmacy practice.” Pharmacy student Stephanie Morson

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“I really enjoyed my degree. The lecturers are respected researchers and teachers. They also remain closely linked to industry and I got to meet high profile professionals and had placement opportunities that led to fantastic career options, including internships at Premier League Clubs.� Jansen Moreno BSc (Hons) Science and Football

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Over a third of our students complete some form of volunteering while at LJMU and the experiences they have can be both lifechanging and career enhancing. The University and the Liverpool Students’ Union offers you a range of opportunities and many programmes have links with voluntary organisations at home and overseas.

opportunities to find paid and voluntary work We know that a lot of our students want to find paid work while they are studying at LJMU. Our Vacancy website can help you find graduate vacancies, sandwich/industrial placements, internships/summer work, part-time jobs, volunteering opportunities and work-based learning placements. Over 1,000 local and regional employers regularly list opportunities on this website, which is only open to LJMU students. LJMU also works with WorkBank, a commercial employment agency providing a wide-range of better paid student jobs across Merseyside in retail, administration, postal services, secretarial, call centres, computing, translation and marketing. Workbank is based in our Students’ Union.

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learning resources

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LJMU has three Learning Resource Centres, with one based in each of the City, Mount Pleasant and IM Marsh campuses. This means that whatever and wherever you are studying at LJMU you are never far from one of these Centres and with 24/7 opening hours during semesters, you can pop in anytime, day or night, at a time that’s most convenient for you. The Centres are at the heart of the LJMU student experience, providing access to many services and facilities, including: enrolment, finance, advice, counselling, careers and employability, IT support, library services and all aspects of student administration.

Our Learning Resource Centres combine the very best aspects of traditional libraries with everything you’d expect from a modern university: there’s Wi-Fi access throughout; loads of computers; books, periodicals and journals as well as online resources. Plus, you’ll find places where you can just sit and relax with friends over a coffee, complete group work or study quietly.

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library services Every subject, every topic, every interest is covered in our libraries – in formats ranging from DVD and CD, to journals, satellite TV programmes, magazines, and of course books. Increasingly academic publishing and comment takes place online and LJMU’s electronic library gives you access to 17,000 electronic journals, newspapers, conference proceedings, maps, legal documents and much more. With over 650,000 items and 11,000 journals, in print and electronic format, available in the University libraries you should have no problem finding the right books and materials for your academic studies.

“I couldn’t have wished for a better experience at LJMU – I’ve fallen in love with Liverpool, made amazing friends, gained confidence, broadened my mind and met interesting people.” Rachael Carpenter, BA (Hons) English and Editor of The Loopervil Press, the official Liverpool Students’ Union newspaper.

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1,900 open access computers across the University

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a place to

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call home

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Living away from friends and family for the first time can be a daunting experience.That’s why we guarantee all first year students – including those who join us via Clearing – a place in LJMU-approved accommodation. LJMU is proud to offer students some of the best student accommodation in the UK. Most of our accommodation has en-suite bathrooms. We also offer some with shared bathrooms as a budget option. All of the accommodation is self-catering, typically consisting of flats with between 4 and 6 study bedrooms with a shared communal kitchen and living area. We offer a range of accommodation for students with disabilities. If you require accommodation with particular adaptations please contact the Accommodation Office as soon as possible. Further information is also available from our Disability Team – 0151 904 6052, email:

Our website has detailed information on all of our student accommodation, including floorplans, up-to-date pictures, a breakdown of what facilities are offered and how much it will cost. Go to to find out more.

a place to call home

You can apply for your LJMU student accommodation from 1 March 2012 onwards. For details on what’s available go to: accommodation, call 0151 231 4166 or email:

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over 3,000 be quality studedrooms in high across Liverpnt accommodation ool

h shared it w ts a fl in s m o ro d rents for be 3 per week £7 st ju m o fr rt a st s bathroom rents range from £97 per we ek for a standard en-suite room up to £118 for a deluxe en-suite room

excellent security 24 hour on-site staff

broadband, contents insurance and all fuel costs included in your rent

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a place to call home

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Leaving home and moving into student accommodation can be a little daunting. That’s why we provide Welcome Assistants at each of the Halls to help you settle in and tell you more about all the exciting events happening as part of the Students’ Union Welcome activities. How to request your accommodation Providing LJMU is your first (Firm) choice university and you’ve received either a Conditional or Unconditional offer, you can request your preferred accommodation from 1 March 2012. We would advise you to do this as soon as you can as all accommodation is allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. You will be asked to make an initial small payment to secure your booking but this will be returned to you if you are not successful in securing your place at LJMU. We reserve rooms for older students at a number of key sites across the city – please see the accommodation website for details.

you can request accommodation from 1 March 2012 onwards providing LJMU is your Firm choice University

To make your request, 1. Go to and take a look at the extensive range of accommodation we offer. 2. Our accommodation website has been designed to help you make an informed choice and our search tool can help you narrow down your choices based on campus, facilities or price. 3. Once you’ve found your ideal home, complete the online request form and click ‘send’. Accommodation queries LJMU’s Accommodation Office can help answer any accommodation-related enquiries you may have at any stage of the application process. Here’s how to get in touch: Telephone: +44 (0) 151 231 4166 (Monday – Friday, 9am-4.30pm) Email: n Add LJMU Accommodation on Facebook n Follow @LJMUAccomOffice on Twitter n

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The Liverpool Students’ Union

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Get more from your LJMU experience with LiverpoolSU

entertainment through one of their many sports, clubs, societies and events. The Students’ Union also ensures you get the most from your learning experience by representing your views and lobbying on your behalf when something needs to change.

Every student at LJMU is automatically a member of LiverpoolSU, you don’t need to pay a membership fee or sign any forms. LiverpoolSU is led by student officers who are elected by LJMU students. The Union is open throughout the year, offering you a range of activities, support and services to make sure you get the best social and academic experience that Liverpool has to offer.

LiverpoolSU can also help prepare you for your future career – so why not take advantage of the many volunteering and work opportunities available in the Union and via the Societies.

LiverpoolSU will help you get the most from your social life – find

Your first contact with LiverpoolSU will most likely be during Welcome Week where you will be given the VIP treatment to welcome you to the University.You can expect talks and fairs to help you settle in and a diary packed full of events to keep you amused.

To find out more, go to

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Sports, clubs and societies Fancy hitting the slopes with the LJMU snowriders, obsessing about anime with like-minded fans, having coffee and cake with other mature students or learning some new moves with our freestyle dancers? With over 80 different sports, clubs and societies on offer at LiverpoolSU, there are loads of opportunities to meet new people and try something different. For a full list of sports, clubs and societies go to:

Support Services LiverpoolSU supports you when you need it through our advice centre, course reps and hall reps.

The Haigh LiverpoolSU’s Haigh Building has a student bar, cafÊ and shop as well a range of other services for students. Whether you want to grab a bite to eat between lectures, a quiet drink at the end of the day or get ready for a night out, Scholars bar is the place to go. Scholars also offer a wide range of pre-club warm up entertainment.

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The Liverpool Students’ Union

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As an LJMU student you’ll have no more excuses why you can’t go to the gym, go swimming or even play a round of golf. That’s because you’ll be entitled to free off-peak access to 12 Lifestyles Fitness Centres across Liverpool. Your membership will cover a host of activities and facilities. Keep fit classes, top-of-the-range gym equipment and fitness suites and if Lycra's not your thing, you can also play tennis, squash and badminton, have a steam bath or sauna or just float around in an Olympic-sized swimming pool. There are even two golf courses – in Allerton and Liverpool North – where you can try and improve your swing.

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Sport is a big thing at LJMU. We are really proud of our university teams who consistently compete and win many of the major titles in inter-university leagues and competitions. The Students’ Union offers opportunities for both ultracompetitive types and beginners to get involved, and you can choose from American football, athletics, boxing, badminton, basketball, cricket, men and women’s Gaelic football, football, hockey, volleyball and rugby teams as well as lacrosse, netball, swimming and tennis.

Supporting elite athletes LJMU's Sports Scholarship Scheme is helping athletes jump higher, run faster and perform better thanks to targeted support from our internationally-acclaimed School of Sport and Exercise Sciences and personalised academic support. Many scholars are currently competing for a place to win Olympic gold with Team GB in athletics, gymnastics, bobsleigh, water polo and boxing.

Interested in finding out more? Go to

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By applying to study at LJMU you have taken your first step towards achieving your dreams for a successful future. We can’t wait to welcome you to the University. So study hard, pass your exams and get ready for a truly life changing student experience with Liverpool John Moores University.

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52 Aldham Robarts Centre Aquinas Building Art and Design Academy Avril Robarts Centre Byrom Street Building/Shop Char lie Robertson Centre Cherie Booth Building Dean Walters Building

Rodney House Centre for Entrepreneurship International Study Centre Roscoe Court Tithebarn Street Building/Shop Tom Reilly Building

Europa Grand Central Great Newton Hall Lennon Studios Liberty Park Marybone 1, 2 and 3 Nor th Western Hall Opal Court Prospect Point Victoria Hall

Avril Robarts LRC Tithebarn Street Building


Marybone 1, 2 and 3 AL GT CROSSH Kingsway G House (GDC)

Victoria Hall

D6 B3 A4 B6 A3 D8 B8 C5 B7 D8 B8 B3 B5 B7 B8 B3

Henry Cotton Building

Moorfields Station Royal Liver Building

Queenswa Tunnel

Liverpool Town Hall

Queens Bus Sta

C James Street Station

Mersey Ferry Terminal

Bluecoat Chambers

Liverpool ONE

Student Accommodation Apollo Court Atlantic Point Cambridge Court

62 Great Crosshall


LJMU Tower Max Perutz Building Peter Jost Centre Redmonds Building

Atlantic Point


68 Hope Street James Parsons Building Joe H Makin Centre John Foster Building Kingsway House (GDC) Liverpool Science Park

Kingsway Tunnel



Eger ton Court Great Crosshall Street The Haigh Building Henry Cotton Building

D7 D7 C7 B3 B4 B3 B4 D6 D6 B3 D7 B3 D7 B4 D7 C7 B3 C7 B6 A4 B4 C6 C6

Museum of Liverpool


Tate Liverpool

Liverpool ONE Bus Station Albert Dock


Liverpool Echo Arena




app guide_applicant guide 08/12/2011 12:07 Page 55

LJMU Location map Tom Reilly Building Max Perutz Building

t Cherie Booth Building

Peter Jost Centre



to Liverpool Screen School

James Parsons Building

Prospect Point


Opal Court


Walker Art Gallery tton

National Express Coach Station

St George’s Hall World Museum Central Library

North Western Hall

Liberty Park (200m)

Apollo Court

Lime Street Station Queens Square Bus Station

Great Newton Hall



Grand Central





Liverpool Science Park John Jo ohn FFoster o Building

OXFORD ST Everyman Theatre Lennon Studios

Aquina i s Buildin i g Liverpooll Studen Li Stt den d nts’ nts’’ Union U ion


Cambridge Court

Philharmonic Hall


ST 68 H Hope pe Street




Dean Walters ers rs Buildin ing g

Joe H Makin Drama C Centr tre re









Aldham am m Robarrts r L LR LRC








Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral


Rodney Hou Housee



Art and Design Academy


Mount Pleasant Car Park









Central Station



Redmond d Build ds ld ding ng g



Radio City Tower


ueensway unnel

LJMU Tower



LJMU Buildings Student Accommodation

to IM Marsh and Airport

Liverpool Landmarks AMENT ST UPPER PARLI Cultural Attractions

Liverpool Cathedral

Retail Zone






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