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Taipei, TW

Establishing the Huayan Realm- Joining together to create a global famly of peace and love Ling Jiou Mountain is an abode of the spirit. The pristine natural environment and exquisite landscape exude the spirit of nature, forming the ideal location for spiritual practice. The mountain is located on Taiwan's northeast coast, near Capes Bitou and Sandiao, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Inspired by the landscape, ecology, and its suitability for spiritual cultivation, Master Hsin Tao called this place "Ling Jiou Mountain"(靈鷲山,the Chinese translation of the Sanskrit Grdhrakuta"Vulture Peak"), in commemoration of Grdhrakuta in India, the birthplace of Mahayana Buddhism. http://peacemeditation.ljm.org.tw/ https://www.facebook.com/ljm093zen http://www.ljm.org.tw