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Gavin Beschen, Torrey Meister, eh howzit? Photo Schutz

The idea for this project came after Ryan Mcloughlin and Bobby Schutz teamed up and decided to use there talents for God. We all have some kind of gifting. Most of the time people use their gifts to make money, achieve recognition in society, or ‘win the girl’. That only brings a temporary feeling of fulfillment though, and ultimately we long for something greater. Surfers are always in a search for that perfect session. Just the right winds, swell direction, etc.. That’s a search as surfers we are all on. But there is another search that every human being is on as well. The search for why we are here. Who made us and why? What is the meaning of life? What happens after a man or woman dies? Things that you asked as a kid, but gave up on finding the answer. We believe that the answer is not found in a thing, but a person. The person of Jesus. He has changed our lives. We don’t have the answers to every question in the world, but the big ones are answered. Death is one of the main questions that is answered for us and it’s eventually going to catch up to us all. A book called “ Light in the Shadow of Jihad” by Ravi Zacharias, I recently read, has this story in it; “There is this man who worked as the servant of a wealthy merchant. He went to town to get some supplies, while in the busy crowd someone brushed heavily against his shoulder. Somewhat offended, he turned toward the person who had jostled him, and found himself staring into a pair of eyes that spoke death to him. Panicked, he dropped his goods and ran home as fast as possible. When he returned home, the master asked, “What on earth is the matter?” “Oh, sir! Someone in the marketplace rudely brushed against me, and when I turned to see his face, he look like the Angel of Death to me. He too had a look of shock on his face. It was almost as if he wanted to grab me but then I backed away. I am afraid, sir. I don’t want

On the COver:

Kauai Surfer, Kyle Ramey long overdue but well deserved photo: Schutz


to go back to the market.” “Saddle one of our horses and ride all day till you reach the distant village of Samara,” the master said. “Stay there till you get word from me that it is safe for you to return.” The servant rode off, and the master made his way to the marketplace to find the person who had so frightened his servant. As he wound his way through the crowded streets, he suddenly came face to face with this strange looking individual. “Who are you?,” the merchant said. “ Are you the one who scared my servant?” “Yes indeed.” “Why did you frighten him?” “Well, I was truly surprised when I saw him here. I am the Angel of Death, and I chose to spend the day here before heading to my stop for tonight. You see, it was not so much that I scared him, as that he surprised me. I did not expect to see him here because I have an appointment with him in Samara tonight.” Death is the moment we all seek to flee, yet it is a moment that the Bible says has been set for each of us before it ever comes to be. Check out Psalm 139:13-16 for the reference. It’s a crazy reality that we do live with, knowing that this day could be our last. There is some encouraging truth, though, that can help us make it through that knowledge. Check out what Jesus says in John 11:25 : “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies.” The miracle of Jesus Christ is that after death He takes you to eternal life. So with this magazine and with everything that we do in our lives we want to live for the one who made it all. This magazine should leave absolutely no doubt of which side of the fence we are on. The Bible puts it this way in Mark 8:36: “What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?” This is a REVERSAL.

Reversal is a magazine designed to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to provide an alternative to the secular publications that dominate the surf industry

that’s our mission


ISSUEINSIGHTS Undoubtedly, if you flip through the pages of this publication, your eyes will peruse these splatter like images. One might ask, why are there splatters in a surf magazine? Is it to make the magazine visually appealing? Did someone spill ink at the print shop? No, not really. Here’s the most important insight for this issue. These splatters are the representation of spilt blood, the blood of Jesus, to be precise. It reminds us of the measure God took to connect with us. Jesus endured pain and death for us and joyfully allowed his blood to be spilled so that we can live with him forever. The question now remains with us, will we allow Jesus to come into our lives? I hope so. The splatter will be splattered all over this magazine, without Jesus and his sacrifice, we wouldn’t be doing this.

Thankyousomuch Jesus, Holy Spirit, Father, Word of God, our families, Jim Russi, Noah Hamilton, Becky Baumgartner, Brent Beilman, Sean Davey, Ron Gallagos, Megan Brainard, Amy Lei, Mike Coots, NutchDog, All our Pastors, all the surfers in this magazine, Bryan Jennings, Bill Johnson, Walking on Water, Dan Hamlin, Brit Merrick, Joey Buran, Hagen Kelly, Matt Beacham, Lecrae, CrossMovement, Flame, Phil Wickham, Bobby Ducharme, Apple for making sick computers, adobe creative suite, Rick Irons, Jimmy Robeson, Sean Cimino, Kutless, Bryan Mayes, Bethany Hamilton, Tom Curren, Phil Regan, Tony Moniz, Chad Pinkstaff, Olivia the Band, anyone that’s put up with us for like ten years, Pooch, Pulani Kahukoloa, Elliott and Jennifer Leon, Risen, Nic Mclean, Clint Snyder, Sparki Metzger, Kyle Maligro, SteelRoots, Transformed Clothing, Christian Surfers, JC Underground, OneTruth, Stand True, John Carper, Dogwood, Steve Rex, Tim Curran, Steve Steve, are you there? Moisture Man, XXXChurch, U-turn for Christ, Grace, Ravi Zacharias, last but not least the gift of surfing, thank you to you also.

Chris Foster from Kauai, with style to burn. photo schutz





Our commitment to you, is that we will make a surf magazine that will give God all the glory. How could something this sweet exist you ask? Well, we are just as stoked as you. Only the King of Kings and Lord of Lords could do something so awesome. What will you do with it? Some might use it to line their bird cage, or burn it, but others might actually love it. Whatever happens, the words of God never return void, they always accomplish their purpose. So where have you been surfing? What has God been teaching you? Do you have a cool testimony about something God did in your life? Tell us the story about how you got saved. Do you have any hard questions about God that have been bothering you? We want to hear from you. We would love it if you became part of this magazine. Your questions and feedback do matter, even if your from Arizona, and you have never been surfing.

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knows the feeling

only a surfer

by Pastor Rick Irons of Calvary Chapel West Oahu “ONLY A SURFER KNOWS THE FEELING”...Epic Honolua Bay 1963, perfect 6 to 8 feet, 3 good friends, the best surf session in my life, yes I’m a surfer for life! “ONLY A CHRISTIAN KNOWS THE FEELING”...Rocky Point 1977, Jesus and I, forever forgiveness, continual access into God’s presence, and heaven besides, yes I’m a Christian for all eternity! After over 50 years of surfing, and 30 years of being a Christian, both of these statements ring absolutely true. My spiritual journey into being a “Christian who Surfs” began on the day of my personal encounter with Jesus Christ on the evening of July 25, 1977 in my home on the beach at Rocky Point on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. This night, that changed my life, was the fruit of years of faithful witness and care by a group of Christians living around my wife Alma and I and our children Ricky and Shannon. What I later found out had happened to me is that I had been born again. Jesus said, ““...Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”~John 3:3 That night, I had a spiritual birth and I could see who Jesus was, as the only begotten Son of God who died for me, and that I had entered into His kingdom. ~John 3:5. The miracle of New Birth changed everything in my life that night. The next day, one of the key believers who had been used to lead me to Jesus, came along side and to help me understand what


had happened to me and what I needed to do next. This is how I started my journey as a disciple of Jesus Christ. This new life of a disciple was lived in a “Fellowship” (the North Shore Christian Fellowship) which, I found out by experience, was “a group of believers who lived their lives in common daily activities sharing the life of Jesus Christ”. Whatever this new life was, I had never experienced it before, even though I grew up in a religious church school setting. I was 32 years old and I was learning an entirely different way of life, what the Bible calls the “New and Living Way”. (Heb.10:20) As I began to read the Bible and hear what Jesus said and also read what the disciples did in the Book of Acts, and what the apostles taught the early church, I realized I was living normal Christianity, the real stuff. Jesus had saved me from the Penalty of Sin (John 3:16); He was now saving me from the Power of Sin (1 Cor. 1:18), and He would one day save me from the Presence of Sin (John 14:1-3). These truths began to excite me and began to motivate me to bring Jesus into every area of my life, my marriage, my family, my work and my fellowship. This short testimony lays the foundation of a definition of discipleship as.. “a process, begun by a changed heart toward God, that changes a life to learn to love God and others in a Christlike way.” (1 Tim 1:5) Jesus is the Heart Changer. “JESUS is the Heart of Discipleship”. Disciple-

ship is not a program, it is not filling in blanks, and if the disciple’s life has not been changed, he is not a disciple. Discipleship is a matter of the heart. “Disciples are born to be made”, said Bill Hull, one of my mentors. I BELIEVE “Surfers are also born to be made.” The family I grew up in is a good example of this. The Irons family had 7 boys and all of us surf. This love for surfing has also been passed on to our children. We have what we call “SURF GENES”. We were born surfers but we needed to kick in that DNA for our surfing capabilities to be seen. I believe the same thing applies when you are a born again Christian. The “CHRISTIAN GENES”(2 Cor 5:17; Col.1:27; 1 Jn 3:9) are there also ready to be kicked into use by the Holy Spirit.” The “heart” of the problem with discipleship is that the “heart” is the problem! My caution and carefulness concerning these matters is that I, personally, was deceived by “empty religion” within Christianity, and “false religion” outside of Christianity. I was saved from religion! At the core of Christianity is the fact that God deals with the human heart according to truth! The Truth is that, after the fall of Adam and Eve, man’s spiritual death and separation from God revealed total depravity in the human race. Total depravity is as defined as being as bad as you can be, but being as bad off as you could be. This revelation is clearly seen in the Old Testament

Rick Irons, old school. family photo. Only a surfer knows the feeling. Rick Irons getting a glimpse into perfection.

in the Fall, the Flood, the Nations and Abraham, Isaac, and the Nation of Israel. A clear reference to the condition of God’s People is heard at Mt. Sinai, by God, Himself, in Deuteronomy 5:29 says, ..`Oh, that they had such a heart in them that they would fear Me and always keep all My commandments, that it might be well with them and with their children forever!” Later in the Old Testament, Jeremiah 17:9 says, “The heart [is] deceitful above all [things], And desperately wicked; who can know it?” There seemed no way out until God provided the solution by promising to give a “new heart”. This was called His New Covenant which can change every heart from the inside out. Ezekiel 36:25-27 says, ..25 “Then I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you shall be clean; I will cleanse you from all your filthiness and from all your idols. 26 “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. 27 “I will put My Spirit within you and cause you to walk in My statutes, and you will keep My judgments and do [them].” This New Covenant forgiveness and cleansing through the Blood of Jesus, with a new heart, new spirit and the Holy Spirit within, will cause the believer to

follow God and obey Him! Paul, the apostle, in Phil 2:13 makes New Covenant application to the disciple....”for it is God who is at work in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure”! The Gospel brings into the soul of a disciple the power to change his heart. The Christians Goal in the Journey is - “CHRISTLIKENESS” The church I pastor has a stated purpose: To be a body of believers who are having their hearts changed by God and turned toward others; to have our lifestyles changed from being disobedient, to the wisdom of the just, and to have our destiny changed as we become people prepared for Jesus’ coming. This is based on Luke 1:16-17 .. 16 “And he will turn many of the children of Israel to the Lord their God. 17 He will also go before Him in the spirit and power of Elijah, ‘to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children,’ and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just, to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.” The key word is ‘change’ and as we are changed by the power of God’s Holy Spirit, we desire that God would use us to change our community. The only way to this kind of change in our lives is possible is through an intimate, personal, up-to-date relationship with Jesus Christ - “Jesus Changes Hearts”.

One of the great privileges of my Christian experience has been spending time with very mature older believers learning the truths they had been taught in their journey as a disciple of Jesus Christ. A similar experience in surfing, is sitting down or surfing with older surfers who have a wealth of knowledge and experience who can help me be a better surfer. In surfing, knowledge and experience are vital. But as a Christian who surfs, I have learned a life changing truth from older Christians. That truth is the years of experience of a Christian do not make someone spiritual. Rather, the only thing that makes a Christian “spiritual” is a daily, up-to-date, born-again relationship with Jesus Christ, and being filled with the Holy Spirit. An older believer can be more mature intellectually and emotionally, but only when he or she is up-to-date with Jesus, and filled with the Holy Spirit, is a person truly spiritual. This profound truth has helped me understand my own condition and those in the church around me. The Goal of discipleship is: “Christlikeness” in the power of the Holy Spirit, so... If we are growing older as a Christian correctly, we will be becoming more Christlike! “JESUS CHANGES HEARTS”


From heaven to earth the cross the grave the sky

Aaron Swanson breaking free while there is still light. photo Mike Coots


t was through Christ’s suffering and rejection on the cross that God’s righteous wrath against sin was satisfied and a way to obtain forgiveness was made (Romans 5:9). This forgiveness is possible because God is willing to exchange Christ’s righteousness for our sinfulness (2 Corinthians 5:21). For this exchange to take place a person must have saving faith. Saving faith includes: • Acknowledging the true reason for our existence and God’s full right to our lives and how we live them (Matthew 16:24-26; Romans 11:36; 1 Corinthians 6:20). • Coming to God in humbleness, recognizing you have nothing to offer God in your defense (James 4:6). • Asking Him for His mercy and forgiveness, instead of what is deserved (Luke 18:9-14). • Believing in what Jesus Christ is and His payment for your sin (1 Corinthians 15:3). • Believing that Jesus Christ rose from the dead as Lord over all and sits at the right hand of God the Father pleading the case of all those who believe (1 Corinthians 15:4; Philippians 2: 9-11; Hebrews 7:25). Jesus also taught that in order to enter the kingdom of God we must be like a little child. This may smack at our manly pride but Jesus was talking about important attitudes of the heart. A little child knows his place and has humble faith. A little child is dependant and needy. We must come to God with this kind of simple faith to receive His free gift of salvation. “Truly I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child will by no means enter it at all.” Mark 10:15 If we really contemplate saving faith, we can understand why Christ said what He did to those who came to hear Him speak. “Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. For the gate is small and the way is


narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.” Matthew 7:13-14 Are you having saving faith now? Are you believing now? It is an ongoing (obedient and persevering) belief that demonstrates that you are a child of God. Christ offered this warning to all who would listen, “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 7:21 If you have never yielded to God’s plan (to be forgiven and walk with Him) I ask you, take time right now to talk to Him about these things. Ask Him to be merciful to you, not because you deserve it, but because you know that He is the Lord God who created the universe. Confess your sins (of motive, thought, and deed) to God and seek His forgiveness on the basis of Christ’s payment for your sin. If you come to God in humility and brokenness, He will grant you salvation. (Jesus said) “ All that the Father gives Me will come to Me, and the one who comes to Me I will certainly not cast out.” John 6:37 ”For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son. This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God.” John 3:16-21 the above was taken from the book, “Exemplary Husband”




ell, I’ll take you back to where it all started. The time God began his work in us which He promises to complete. (Philippians 1:6). My name is Ryan Mcloughlin and I invited Christ to change my life when I was 7 years old. As God promises in His word, I was changed. I passed from death to life and was given the Holy Spirit as a deposit, guaranteeing me eternal life. However, I didn’t stay in a real relationship with Jesus through high school and into the beginning of college. But one day in California, at the age of 21, God had me return. I was surfing, drinking and partying. The typical life of most of my friends at the time. But I was left empty inside during all those years. I knew God was calling me back. Just like it is also written in the Bible, God never


leaves you or forsakes you, (Hebrews 13:5). Even though my life was surprising God in the way I lived, he never left me. I could feel the conviction of my lifestyle and I have confidence that was the work of the Holy Spirit in my life, alerting me to the danger of sin. (James 1:15). But this time, I needed to make a choice, a real choice. I chose to follow Christ, who is the way the truth and the life, and no one comes to the Father but by Him. This was God Himself inviting me to know Him, and it began everything. I grew in my relationship with Jesus and was inspired to share this good news with my friends. One person who God brought to my mind was my friend Bobby Schutz. I hadn’t talked with him for about a year and a half and soon after the Lord had placed him on my heart, I got a phone call from him. He was living in Florida and I was living in

Colorado at the time. (I had just moved there). He was wondering if I wanted to go on a surf trip to Costa Rica for a month. At the time, I didn’t have much money and the date he was leaving was coming soon, so I thought it could be hard to get a ticket. But this was clearly God working in His power, so I prayed about it. I felt the Lord wanted me to go, so I called about a ticket. It was extremely expensive and almost all airlines were booked up, but I ended up finding a “specially priced” ticket (the ticket sales lady said) and it was the last available seat, on the exact day Bobby was leaving. I even got my ticket for a better price than he paid, and he bought his way in advance! So already I was seeing the Lord at work, orchestrating this trip. Well, in short, we spent the month surfing every day, and daily I would be reading my Bible and this caught Bobby’s

interest. He would grab my Bible and investigate some of this stuff for himself. This constant talk of Jesus went on throughout the month and reminders of Christ would be around every corner as we traveled through Costa Rica. Even in the smallest villages while we would pass thru, there would be a painted wall with “Jesus lives” painted on it. There would be a person passing right in front of us with a scripture written on his shirt, pictures of Jesus on the bus we would ride... the point is, Jesus was constantly seeming to remind Bobby, “Here I am.” (Revelation 3:23) At the end of the trip, I was praying Bobby would come to Christ before we left. This had not happened, even as we were on the way back to the San Jose airport (by the way, Bobby ran out of money and had to change his ticket to the day I was leaving, he was scheduled to leave a week later). Still, I had faith Jesus was in control. While we were in the airport, Bobby and I were in separate lines checking in and he got to the terminal long before me. By the time I got there, he was talking with Kyle Cohn (who was there for a contest that was going on the next day... yet he was

leaving) and as I walked up, Bobby was talking to Kyle about God. I was confused and wondering if Bobby had become born again and was now sharing his faith with Kyle. It turned out, Kyle was telling Bobby why he was leaving. He said God had told him to go home. Bobby was blown away because this whole trip seemed to have so much to do with Jesus. I shared with him and now Kyle is sharing with him to end the trip. As the three of us stood there and Kyle was informed of what’s been going on and noticing how the Lord works, He now knew why God called him to be on this flight. It was a miracle that Kyle even was able to be on this plane. The plane was full and he was on standby. There was room for 7 people. At first, he was told they filled up the 7 spots, but then came back and said one of them was an infant, so he became the seventh person. Coincidence he was the 7th person or not? God uses the number 7 in scripture to represent completion, perfection. So as the 3 of us stood there, Kyle quoted the scripture “where 2 or 3 are gathered, there I will be also”. Kyle and I sensed the Holy Spirit come upon us and Bobby

could feel the presence of God as well. Smiles lit up our faces, as we knew God was with us. To Bobby this was very new, but he sensed the reality of it. Kyle being a messenger bringing good news, the same good news I brought, and God confirmed it with His presence. It was an awesome moment. I had to get to my plane, so I left, but Kyle and Bobby rode together to Florida, where I was heading as well. Arriving in Florida, a friend of ours named Sean picked us up from the airport. Years back, I shared my faith in Christ with Sean, who gave his heart to Jesus that very day. Sean and Bobby were roommates soon after and Sean shared with Bobby. That was the first time Bobby was told of Jesus and the hope He offers. So here we are: Sean and I, the two that witnessed to Bobby, standing in the airport waiting for him to get here. I told Sean a little of what happened and we were anticipating being able to see Bobby come to Christ. All the sudden, Bobby comes running up shouting, “guys, guys, I got saved!” His face was glowing! Kyle and some of his friends had all prayed with Bobby in the baggage claim area just moments ago and he was on fire.


It was the best moment ever! Sean had faced rejection from Bobby years ago when he shared, but the seed that was planted obviously took root. I could tell Sean was encouraged. No matter how people react to the gospel, the seed is sown. It could be rejection, like Sean faced, but that seed that was planted, took root in time and God used it. I went back to Colorado, but Bobby and I stayed in touch and would pray and talk about things God was teaching us through his word over the phone. One

day, we were talking on the phone and I mentioned that God was impressing on my heart to do a Christian surfing magazine, you know, using the talents God has given you, for him. I had been practicing graphic art on the computer. Bobby said that was the same thing God had been putting on his heart, he’s a surf photographer! So that’s the story from the beginning of the work the Lord has done in us and brought us to where we are, doing this magazine. It’s been a difficult thing to do, putting out this magazine with just the two of us,

but God has accomplished this through us, not in our own power by any means. This is a testimony to give God the glory. You see, all these things haven’t happened out of coincidence. God says all things work together for the good for those who love God and are called according to His purposes (Romans 8:28) The fact that you are reading this story right now is a testimony to our God and the fact that what is impossible with man is possible with God! Thank you Jesus for your grace to serve you!


The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter till the full light of day. Proverbs 4:18


Photog sean Davey nails down Jason Shibata at Turtle Bay.

heavenly moments



Matt Beacham 17



Walking On Water Globe Trotting With The Groms

For most kids, the farthest they get to go on a field trip is across town to the local museum. This past year, Tyler Hallen and Luke Davis got to experience the kind of field trip most of us dream about taking. They traveled to Indo, Hawaii, Australia, Peru, South Africa, and France filming for the newly released movie from Walking On Water. Meeting up with some of the world’s best surfers along the way, they were fortunate enough to spend the year learning in a classroom without boundaries. From the wild African plains to the Peruvian desert seascape, from Indonesia’s jungles to France’s old world architecture, they didn’t just see pictures in a text book they experienced these places first hand. Walking On Water’s director Bryan Jennings explains how the idea for the film originally came about. “When I was fourteen, my friend Peter King took me on my first surf trip. Peter was a Christian, and he talked to me about the Lord

on that trip. The Lord used Peter and that trip to commence a change in my life’s direction. Ever since then, I have always wanted to return the favor. But I didn’t want it to just be about waves. I wanted to be able to share the Lord’s love with the kids and allow them to see the Lord move.” As a result, the trips weren’t solely focused on finding surf. The crew made an effort to give back where they could. In Peru they brought gifts to villages stricken with poverty. This was an eye opening experience for the boys, who hadn’t seen living conditions like that before. Seeing something of this nature first hand has a more lasting impact than simply reading about it in a book. The trips also taught the boys about faith. While they were in South Africa, the team met up with Cheyne Cottrell and his mom, Lucinda. The Cottrell’s shared how after moving their family from Florida to South Africa to start a church and surf ministry, the family lost their loving

by Dan Hamlin

husband and father, Kirk Cottrell. The Cottrell’s story is a touching example of how faith perseveres, and hope triumphs. Everyone involved with the project has been touched. The kids weren’t the only ones learning. Co-star Matt Beacham points out that there is “much to be learned through kid’s eyes.” When asked about what the crew learned on the trips, the team speaks of how much they have to be thankful for. Simple things that are often taken for granted have a new value placed on them. As Luke says, “I’m thankful to just have a bed and home, some don’t even have that.” Jesus himself spoke of the necessity to have faith like a child’s. It’s often easy to get caught up in life’s hustle and bustle, but one of the aims of this film is to remind the viewer what it is like to be a kid again. Hopefully it’s a reminder we won’t soon forget. I only wish my field trips were as cool as Luke and Tyler’s.

“I wanted to be able to share the Lord’s love with the kids and allow them to see the Lord move.” - Bryan Jennings 19

photo schutz



Melody Maker For the Master From the streets to shopping malls, from churches to sold out concerts, one man with a passion for God and guitar in hand, leads others into the presence of God through his gifting in music. We caught up with Phil over the phone and this is what he had to say... So Phil, we know you lead worship and that you’re from California. Tell us a little bit about your upbringing and how you became a Christian and started playing music. Well, I grew up in a Christian home. My parents have been worship leaders from the time since before I was born and they have been musicians since they were pre-teens. Well, my dad’s been a guitar player since he was 10 and he grew up playing in bands and became a Christian when he was 15. And my mom was singing ever since she was a little girl and she became a Christian when she was in her early 20’s and my mom and my dad both were in a band called Parable back in the 70’s when there was a Jesus movement in the Calvary Chapel churches of Southern California. They both played in bands and ministered and that’s how they got to know each other and got married and had me. I grew up in their home where I kind of lived in a Christian bubble; going to a Christian school and living in a Christian home, knowing all the right verses and all the right things to say, but not really knowing, fully, what it meant to be a Christian. I think that’s probably just mostly because of my youth and my immature mind, but as I grew up, I remember sitting in a chapel and the guy that was speaking was just talking about having a real, personal relation-

ship with Jesus Christ. And I had heard that so many times before, but for the first time, it kind of clicked with me and I really believe the Holy Spirit was talking to me and speaking to me personally, just revealing to me that I could have a real personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Not just between me and the church and God or me and my parents and God, but just me and Jesus is what it was supposed to be and so right then I just told Him that I wanted to live for Him and I wanted Him to be my friend and I wanted to know Him for myself, so that’s kind of how it happened. And what age were you when that happened? I was 12 years old. So, are your parents still playing music? Yeah, they’re still leading worship at a church in San Diego called Maranatha Chapel. My dad’s still writing and recording and stuff and my mom’s still singing and just ministering to the church and loving it. What role did your family’s influence play in the direction your life has taken? Well I definitely don’t think I would be a musician today if my dad wasn’t one. You know, about 2 months after I became a Christian, my parents told me that we were moving from my lifeline house in Costa Mesa down an hour and a half to San Diego, which is kind of an eternity to a Junior Higher, you know. You can’t drive and all your friends are up there. So we moved to San Diego and were just alone for like 6 months and that’s when I picked up guitar. I just thought I would because I knew my dad could teach me

and I had nothing else to do. I don’t think I ever would’ve if there was no one in the house to teach me. And just growing up as a singer, a songwriter, a musician, I’ve had just priceless advice on how to do things better, to do things right, just wisdom in the whole music industry in general in being a worship leader. I got to see that played out in my parent’s lives. So it’s definitely helped a lot. So your dad was always there for you to take you to the next step and give you tips? Well yeah, he definitely didn’t push it on me. He actually waited until I wanted to do it myself, but anytime I asked him any questions or if I was doing something wrong or to do something better, he would always lend a helping hand. And your brother Evan is leading worship too? Yeah, my brother is on staff at Calvary Chapel Vista. He is leading worship there and he’s the Junior High pastor. So he not only has responsibilities leading worship on Sunday nights there, which is kind of there youth-geared night, but he also disciples and pours into a group of young junior highers and loves to do it. Do you have any other brothers or sisters? Yeah, I have a sister. She’s 18 and she’s going to Calvary Chapel Bible College Murietta. She’s lovin’ that and she’s seeking the Lord and growing so... So your family is pretty unique, huh? What’s it like being able to lead worship with Evan and just be involved in ministry with your family members? It’s pretty cool and I feel like I take it for granted sometimes. On Wednesday nights, at Maranatha Chapel, I lead worship a


heavenly moments Evan Valiere boost. photo schutz

Kalani Chapman evening light rocky point. photo schutz


amazing to think of It’s pretty

good amount of times and my dad plays backup, either electric or acoustic guitar and he just rips it up, he’s just so good. And I kind of take it for granted; just my dad being there and it’s so much fun to be able to play music with him. My brother’s such a good musician and songwriter. There’s something cool and special about ministering and doing something together in the Lord with someone you just have grown up with. Do you regularly lead worship for a certain fellowship? I mostly travel around. Probably the most regular place I play is Maranatha Chapel on Wednesday nights, which is kind of geared a little more toward a younger group, but still pretty low key and just a rad, worshipful night that we get in the Word (Bible) and stuff, but I’m probably there, at the most, twice a month. Other than that, I’m kind of playing everywhere, doing anything, you know, no place is too big or too small, I’m just excited to minister wherever the Lord will have me go. In your travels, what are some memorable experiences you’ve had? Hmm. There’s been so many I don’t know where to start. Well, going to Kauai and Maui and Oahu and the Big Island. Just going over there, that streak was so

how big Jesus is

amazing. I think I love being over there, just seeing the camaraderie and the unity in the churches because it seems like it’s really more community driven than what I’m used to. A lot of churches where I’m from, in California, you know, there’s just people coming from a 20 mile radius all around. You know a few people, but you can kind of get lost in the crowd. But there, the churches were a little smaller and there’s real love going on, real aloha.. is that the right word? (laughs). It was great, at every church. What’s been rad to see going around is every church kind of has it’s own personality and it’s own different ways of doing things, but there’s always, like anywhere I go, wherever the Word is being taught, the Spirit is moving. It’s always comfortable to be there for me. It’s because it’s like family, you know. It’s something you can’t really explain, but we’re told it will happen in the New Testament when it talks about the Spirit unifying the body. It’s just rad to go to New York and to feel like you’re so close with the brothers and sisters there and then going to Tennessee and the same thing there and just everywhere there’s people in love with the same Jesus. And that’s what’s kind of struck me throughout the whole thing is that... man, Jesus is big

and ye t


enough to hear every one of our prayers and you can never stretch him too thin because there’s always enough for each one of us. Each one of our problems and all our prayers and our cries out for help and all our praise... he accepts it all and answers it all. It’s pretty amazing to think of how big Jesus is and yet how intimate he is with each one of us individually. I know you’ve been to Israel. What was that like? That was the most impacting trip I’ve ever been on in my life and I’ve been on a good amount of trips, like to go and serve or to go and draw close to the Lord or tell people about Christ. I’ve been to the UK and around Europe and it’s been amazing to go to those places, but Israel was something about just standing on the Mount of Olives and reading about the prophecy where Jesus is going to come back to that spot and He’s going to set up His eternal kingdom... and there’s something about standing there by the door of the tomb and there’s no one laying there any more... or sit on the hill of Galilee and read through the sermon on the Mount. It’s kind of surreal. I still feel like I’m taking stuff in, even a month or two after I got back, because there’s so much to learn, so much to see and there’s


so much faith building involved with me just seeing the reality of it all and reading through the stories where they actually happened. It was definitely impossible and too much to describe in even, you know, 100 sentences. You kind of need a book to write it all down and tell people what it’s all about, but still you just gotta go. I encourage everyone who’s reading this, or you Ryan, or just anybody to go and experience it themselves, cause it’s amazing. Yeah, I’ll never read my Bible the same way or even look at the Jewish people the same way or even Jesus as just a person to see where he grew up and to see what his culture was like. It was just an amazing experience to say the least. Do you think the trip will have an impact on your song writing? Well, I wrote a song over there that looks like it might go on, well it will go on another record definitely. I think it has maybe just indirectly. Indirectly in just that I felt like I’ve grown closer to Jesus because of the trip and I hope that my songs will be changed because of that. More intimate and deeper, even more mature spiritually. So, it’s my prayer at least. Does God ever just kind of give you a song and you start writing it out? Um, I don’t think I’ve ever been, you know, given a song. I think every time I’ve ever put anything down on paper it has always included meditating over the Word and thinking about it and really trying to say what I’m meaning to say and not saying what is easy to say or a cliche’ to put down necessarily. But there’s definitely songs that come in 30 minutes


compared to the songs that come over a period of 2 months, you know. But even the songs that come in 30 minutes, still I feel that the Lord is speaking through my pen, you know, directly. I definitely feel like he’s speaking to my heart, giving me ideas and the ability to rhyme some words together and make a song that would bless His heart and that would also facilitate the worship for others to bless His heart. I always try to think over the words a couple times to make sure it’s exactly what I was trying to say. What Christian artists inspire you? There’s a few.. for different reasons. I think all around, just the heart and the spirit and the music of Delirious, I love the attitude of worship mixed with some great guitar lines and some rockin’ vocals. It’s just great. I love listening to it. I love a girl named Sara Groves... not as well known probably, as Delirious, but she is a great writer. Her honesty and the way she crafts words together, in my mind, is just inspiring. There’s not many out there like her anywhere in the Christian world, or the secular world, that I feel are as honest and sincere and open with their writings and can use words the way she does. I’m kind of inspired by just her writing style. I appreciate so much just all the worship leaders out there - Matt Redman and Tim Hughes, Chris Tomlin and David Crowder, Charlie Hall... all those guys just supply the church with new, fresh songs. That’s kind of what I find I listen to when I listen to Christian music, I find I just listen to the songs that I can sing along to (laughs) and just worship the Lord when I’m like

alone in my car or something. Those are always rad, so, that’s probably about it (laughs again). I can’t think of anybody else off hand. When you think of the word worship, what comes to mind? Um, what comes to mind to most people and to me sometimes, is, when you think of worship, you think of the 20 or 30 minutes before the speaker gets up to speak at a church. And it’s so easy to fall into that mode of doing things, but when you really think of worship, I think John the Baptist put it simply and straight forward, when talking about Jesus, said “He must increase, I must decrease”. I think that is a great definition, a 6 word definition of what worship is. It’s allowing God a higher seat in your life. It’s putting Him first, it’s not just singing to Him, it’s living for Him and being a sacrifice for Him and your decisions and your words and your conduct and your purity. Worship is giving God not just your voice and not just your melody, but it’s giving God your life and letting him take it and use it. Worship, to me, is a very active, not passive thing, it’s a very sacrificial thing. Worship is allowing God all that He deserves; which is everything. Thanks Phil, that sums it up. Any last words to the readers? I would just say, keep your heart right, stay in the Word and keep track with Him and the Lord, however He does, He’s going to use you. Phil has gone on to release his third album, entitled ‘Cannons.’ Check out for more info.





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Cross Movement - History The long awaited release from the Philly hip/hop group that puts Jesus Christ first in every song. A must have for anybody that listens to hip hop. MMMMM Jon Foreman - Fall (Ep) Fall is the first in a series of four seasonal EP’s to released by the Switchfoot frontman. Great mellow acoustic music for your collection. MMMM


The Seven Mile Miracle DVD The North Shore of Oahu from a perspective that is rarely seen. MMMM

Heart of a Soul Surfer DVD Everybody has heard of Bethany Hamilton. Now it’s time for you to see her story for yourself. MMMM

Changes Special Edition DVD This video has changed the lives of so many surfers. If you haven’t seen this video I highly urge you to check it out. MMMMM

Can’t keep me down DVD The Bobby Ducharme story. Such a gnarly video that every surfer should see cause it could happen to you to dog. MMMMM

The Outsiders DVD Another amazing video with top quality surfing, high quality editing, and awesome interviews. MMMMM

w mn

heavenly moments

In the morning Masaijah Lani is on the search. Photos this page schutz

When Kaipo throws down a shaka, you can't help but be stoked.


the NoahHamilton

Portfolio Words by Becky Baumgartner. Captions by Noah.

atic, photo rait of a lun


If someone used the name Hamilton, what name would you automatically think of? Bethany Hamilton, ding, you’re right! However, there is another Hamilton we want to introduce to you. His name is Noah. Although Noah is from Kaua’i, he does much of his surf photography away from home - Spending as much time as he can on Oahu during the winter and taking trips to places like Tahiti, Indonesia, Samoa, Mexico, and Nicaragua. He loves surfing, traveling, photography,



Becky Bau

and Becky! He stays pretty busy between shooting, managing the media blitz on his sister, and keeping up on the latest in the industry. A bit of background on “Ham” (as his buddies call him). Born & raised in the Hawaiian Islands, Noah developed a love for photography from all the surf mags he saw. And as soon as he got a good camera you can guess what he started shooting. After college, Noah’s photography career began, he started shooting portraits at a local resort’s Luau, as well as weddings,

individual and family portraits, and other events. In his free time he shot surfing - from land and water, and he started marketing and shooting his sister. Noah started weaving together a huge network of connections within the surf industry; helping get Bethany sponsored by some of the top surfwear and gear companies and getting himself connected with the surf mags and industry professionals. Noah’s networking abilities have now become quite the buzz with surf photographers since he started United

Robert Hennesy is always looking for perfect waves to shoot, here is one more reason why he is one of my favorite guys to capture through the lens.

Surf Photographers International ( with professional photographer Steve Fitzpatrick, as well as Sean Davey and Jim Russi. USPI is a forum where professionals and up-and-coming photographers get together to support each other by sharing inside business practices, marketing tips, and to protect the art of surf photography. A helpful resource for a bunch of starving surf photographers who are trying to avoid their own extinction. Noah is also a believer in Jesus Christ

and has had a personal relationship with Him since his youth. He and his family have dealt with a lot of media overload and trials amongst traveling and nonstop busyness since 2003 when Bethany was attacked by a shark and lost her left arm. He now is Bethany’s manager and primary photographer, as well as a freelance photographer specializing in portraits, travel and sports.

Surfing the Mag, Free Surf Mag, and Mundo Rad.

Some of his clients include Rip Curl, O’Neill, RVCA, Spy Optics, Jedediah, Resin 8, Surfer Mag, Transworld Surf,

I’ll stop now and let his photos do the rest of the talking.

Through it all though, Noah’s eyes are still fixed on the prize and he continues to work hard at becoming one of the key players in the next generation of surf photographers. You can check out his website to see more work, or contact him.



A lot of my friends Bodyboard and travel the world looking for large waves of consequence. I have huge respect for them. Here’s my brother Tim on a small wave... oh and his little friend James.



(Clockwise from upper right) CJ Hobgood fanning the heavens. / Jamie O’Brien behind the curtain at the 2005 Pipe Masters. / Tahitian Glass.



(Clockwise from upper left) The elusive Tom Curren, spent two weeks in Indo with this legend. He is a 3 time world champ, amazing musician, father, husband, and man of God. Roy Powers no grabs into this perfect Tahitian beauty. Nicaraguan Sunset. Tahitian kid stoked on life and my camera. Bruce Irons, one of the best free surfers in the world - here he proves why.


(Clockwise from upper left) Tahitian Junior boxing champ and ambassador of Aloha. Billy Zeits, an unfamiliar name in an all too familiar place. Cliff Jumper, no not really, just another Aussie out to prove he can surf Pipeline as well as the Hawaiians.


The all too photogenic Robert Hennessy.


Kanoa Chun, shifting into drive at backdoor.



Ten reasons why the lake of fire sucks

If anyone’s name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire. - Revelation 20:15

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Like most flat lakes, there’s no surf. The bummer about this lake is that it’s a skin-melting deep fryer. Hitler, Stalin, Bin Laden... you know, all the boys are there, and they don’t surf either. All the surf wax is melted, and your tongue is on fire. Satan enforces strong localism (and you thought your trip to the North Shore was rough?) A gloomy dungeon with worms is your pad, making Alcatraz look like Martha Stewarts house. You see all the people smiling in heaven scoring perfect waves with nobody out. (forever) Sulfuric demon farts that could kill you, but you can’t die. Sniff Sniff You realize that all your bros aren’t partying with you like you thought. Hell is a lonely place. You wish you had a wimpy sunburn like you got on earth, then you get a little #7 action again. Worst of all, God isn’t there and there’s no second chances in hell. You’re stuck there for all eternity.


This has been a hot topic for quite a while, no pun intended. Obviously nobody really wants to go to hell. And if they say that they do, they should read number seven again. The Bible says that the Lord isn’t slow in keeping His promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance. 2 Peter (3:9) God didn’t make Hell for people, He made it for the Devil and his fallen angels, but, if you choose to reject Jesus Christ as your Savior, then this is where you will end up. “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have Eternal Life!” -John 3:16 “If you confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.” (Romans 10:9)There is much more to being a Christian than just getting fire insurance though. Jesus said that He is preparing a place for us. He wants to take us to heaven when we leave this life. The Bible says that God’s kindness should lead men to repentance... and it should. Of course, we hope you realize that our top ten reasons are just made up, but the reality is that there are many real reasons why you don’t want to go to hell. The lake of fire is not a place you want to call home forever. So from us to you, please think about this. Don’t let this reality escape your mind. Don’t brush it off and get wrapped up in your daily routine. Something of this magnitude deserves every bit of your attention, so we give it that. And last of all, we aren’t trying to scare anyone. This is what the Bible says is coming after we die. Heaven or Hell. And it’s really cool that we actually have a choice in the matter! So be smart and think about it. Investigate. Inspect the Bible and Jesus’ claims. Could Jesus be telling the truth?

“The Lord is not slow in keeping His promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.”


- 2 Peter 3:9

Tony Moniz pointing the way.


Ministry links

here are so many people out there serving Jesus! Don’t say you could never find a place to serve! The body has many parts with them all needing each other. God can use you right where you are. Surfers, skaters, punks and computer geeks alike can reach their friends for Jesus. Yo dudes, check these ministries out. If you need encouragement, then call somebody and get some prayer! Go to church also!

see how you can pray for christians who suffer for the name of Jesus Christ. Youth With A Mission - Travel and serve the Lord!

Bridgeman Bible study on Oahu and there is one at John Carper’s house to. Don’t be like the rest of the drones that are partying on the North Shore every winter. Just ask for directions from the North Shore Calvary Chapel in Haleiwa.

Blood Water Mission - Did you know that you can help save lives? Businesses, churches, schools, artists and individuals are collecting funds so they can sponsor the construction of wells in Africa. And they’re doing it by asking for $1 from each person. It’s that simple. Your participation will give Africans the gift of clean water to protect them from lifethreatening illnesses.

Steel Roots - A huge website with tons of cool stuff and videos. Go there now!

Nations Foundation - A Snowboarding ministry that needs your prayers.

Surfing the Nations - An awesome group of surfing christians that are traveling around sharing Jesus.

Skate Church - Since 1987 Paul Anderson and friends are sharing the Gospel with skaters. Skate ministries have popped up everywhere. Check out where it all started!

Voice of the Martyrs - The truth about what is actually happening to christians in other continents. Check them out and

Christian Surfers International - Local christians in surf communities all over the world. They do outreaches, bible studies, surf contests and tons more. See if there is a local chapter near you. Eternal Riders - Commit your riding to the Lord! Walking on Water - Surf camps with pro-surfers like Bryan Jennings rips and is an on-fire believer. RZIM - Challenging entire governments with the credibility of the gospel of Jesus Christ! Learn about how to defend your beliefs and why you believe what you believe in the first place. Studylight - Ever have trouble finding a bible verse? Not anymore. Focus on the Family - Strengthen your family with the word of God. Turn off your T.V. for a little bit, you might talk.



by Nuchdog


sit in clear island waters, amazed at my surroundings. The white sand before me, the crystal blue water below me, the clouds that float aimlessly by in the breeze; all call me to be at peace on this Hawaiian morning. Behind me I see a wave picking up, forming, building, moving right for me as I paddle for position. In an instant I am picked up by its force and I am hurtled down its face as I push up and on to my board. Like a cowboy riding a wild bronco I maneuver around the beast while it takes me along its path, all the while trying to catch me in its mighty grip. Cool water sprays in my face and I feel invincible as I speed across the liquid wall before me. As it closes in I shoot off the lip, and off my board, diving into tropical waters and ready to do it again and again. There is simply no way to come even close to describing the art of Surfing. No way to give someone a description of the awesome feeling, the awesome high there is in catching a wave and being one with the water. They must achieve it for themselves, feel it for themselves and maybe, they will get a glimpse, a taste of what beauty is. It is all around us. There are many highs one can experience in life, but they break down to three: Induced, Natural and Spiritual. Many people craving for that spiritual and natural bliss, resort to induced highs to elongate and reproduce that which nature itself offers. You can experience that on a wave. But you can’t bottle, smoke, swallow or duplicate the beauty of the creation we live in. At times I feel I can get no higher than being out in the water, riding a wave, experiencing that feeling and wishing it never ended. Indeed people have related it to a spiritual experience and truly in all of God’s creation there is nothing like our ocean; its sights, smells and feelings that surround it. How can’t one feel closer to our Creator sitting in the deep blue watching the sunrise or set, when all is still, when all is quiet? I think we have all experienced it. There is one thing that haunts us however, and one thing that we cannot elude: That is the fear of the Great White. It is a

danger all surfers will face and it’s the one thing that can snatch us away forever. It is the one thing that can end our life for sure. It’s always lurking in the depths of our minds, always out there and always moving closer. We try not to think about its greatness and it’s authority, but it is still there. We cannot make it go away. All the while in the back of your head, you know it’s coming. No matter how high, we can never be high enough. No matter how peaceful, we can never be peaceful enough. It won’t go away, because it is a fact we all must face. Beyond lies the Great White, waiting to consume those who have not paid attention, those who have been foolish, those who have taken it lightly, those who have mocked it; scoffed it. When the Day is done, many a great surfers will have fallen before it to be no more. It is a serious issue we all must face and something that cannot be avoided for surfers and non surfers alike. For me, today, I am at peace with the Great White. I do not struggle with it any more. I do not live in fear or doubt, but truly I am at peace with it. It does not affect me when I surf or invade my dreams in fear. I do not pretend it is not real and I accept its presence and await my time when I will be before it. But I have assurance that it will not consume me, or take my life away, but rather bring me life and life eternal. The Great White is out there, but it is not the Great White Shark we have all come to know. It is the Great White Throne Judgment that all surfers and all mankind will face. It is far more dangerous than the Great White Shark, and its bite is far more lasting. In the Book of Revelation chapter 20, verses 11-15 we read this:

“Then I saw a great white throne and Him who sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away. And there was found no place for them. And I saw the dead, small and great, standing before God, and books were opened. And another book was opened, which is the Book of Life. And the dead were judged according


Kamalei Alexander and Gabe Kling both surf really good. But we pray that they escape the great white! to their works, by the things which were written in the books. The sea gave up the dead who were in it, and Death and Hades delivered up the dead who were in them. And they were judged, each one according to his works. Then Death and Hades were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death. And anyone not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the lake of fire.” You see, we will all die once, a physical death. For all of us, this physical body we live in, this tent, will one day expire and be no more. But there is a life hereafter. We can die once, a physical death, and live eternally in a glorified body in the heavenly spiritual realm. Better known as Heaven. A wonderful place where Revelation explains there is no more pain or suffering, no more crying, where every tear is wiped away. A place where all is made new and right. It is truly Heaven and we will live in perfection for eternity. But we can also die once, the physical death, and then die again a spiritual death and be eternally separated from God. That is


something no one wants and it is called the second death; Eternal separation in Hell. The “teeth” of the Great White Throne Judgment, is the bite of sin. It must be dealt with. For those who have never corrected their life, their walk in this world, they will be cast into outer darkness in the next. We will all stand before that Great White Throne where God will judge all. Either our name is written in the Lamb’s book of life, or it is not. If not, we face eternal damnation, in outer darkness where the bible says there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. Unlike the popular jokes about Hell, there is no party, and no group of friends to hang with. It is separation, it is darkness, it is burning and it last forever. That’s pretty heavy. The sin issue must be corrected and dealt with. While Jesus was here preaching on earth, a man named Nicodemus came to Him and began to inquire about Him. Jesus cut to the quick and began to share with Nicodemus the realty of life. And the key to dealing with sin. He said this:

“Most assuredly, I say to you, unless

one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” Nicodemus said to Him, “How can a man be born when he is old? Can he enter a second time into his mother’s womb and be born?” Jesus answered, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Do not marvel that I said to you, ‘You must be born again.’ John 3:3-8 The reality is: If we are born twice, we will only die once, if we are born once, we will die twice. Jesus was saying that it was not enough to be born of your mother, that physical birth into this world. We had to have a spiritual birth, a life changing renewal in our position, our standing with God. We had to be “Born Again.” We all must experience that second birth where we identify and connect with God. Where we acknowledge that we have faults, that we are sinners and that we cannot get right with God on our own. We have to come to that realization that on the cross,

Jesus bore the sins of the world, (yours and mine) and gave His life in exchange for ours. We needed that in order to be changed. In the Book of Roman’s Paul said that all men have sinned, all of them, and all of them fall short of the Glory of God. In other words, we can’t meet the standard of God. He is Holy, we are not. The only thing that can make us Holy is the regeneration of our lives in Christ. When we begin to acknowledge that Jesus Christ did come, did take our place at the cross and died for our sins, did rise again – breaking the chains of sin and death, then and only then can we make that step to the Spiritual Birth we all so need. Jesus said that no man comes to the Father, except through Him. The entrance into heaven comes through Jesus and Jesus alone. What He did, not what we do. When we begin to understand that Jesus Christ is both Lord and Savior and accept that free gift of what he did at the cross, then we can experience that second birth and become “Born Again.” There is a peace in that and it is greater than any peace you can experience. There is a high

in that, that no drug, no high can compare too. It is a peace knowing that no matter what happens here, we will be OK there. It is a peace knowing that in the 80 – 90 years of our existence here, nothing will even compare to the eternity we will spend with Him in heaven. With that peace, we can await expectantly for the Day we face the Great White. There will be no fear in us, for when we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, our names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life and our place in heaven secure. The high of surfing is a great one, but the High of knowing you are “Born Again” and in His hands and in His care, is far greater high. Because the waves will end, the imperfection of this life will catch up and we will fade from this life into the next. I don’t know if there is surf in Heaven, but I do know there is none in Hell. I know if we are bitten by the Great White, we shall surely end up there. Do have the assurance of your eternal destiny today? This is the question for you to ponder. When you sit out at that break, when all is still, when all that surrounds you is overwhelming; know He is real and He created it all. Call out to Him, ask forgiveness of your sins, ask

Him to be the Lord and Savior of your life. Invite Him into your heart, get plugged into a church that preaches His word and has the Love of His Holy Spirit. When you paddle in, leave that old life behind and start a new one in Christ; Born Again. You will be blessed forever. A little further along in His dialogue with Nicodemus, Jesus had this to say and I will end by letting you ponder it. I hope it will cause you to know and understand your Lord and free you to surf in everlasting assurance of an eternal blessing. Amen.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved. He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.” John 3:16-18 /pau



Pretty stinking perfect. Photo Mike Coots


or weeks they waited, searching for the slightest indication of activity from a seemingly lifeless ocean. It originated as a tropical storm in the Southern Hemisphere but it didn’t take long for the storm to gain in intensity. As wind speeds steadily increased to hurricane strength, it hovered, as if for a purpose, within the tight extents of their swell window. The storms wind driven extremities made their journey across desolate fluid miles. Many had forgotten the storms true potential. The time was fast approaching, each wave seized the opportunity to capture its audience, to serve as a reminder, a visual crown to those who were fortunate enough to witness this fleeting moment in time. The shadowy morning mist was separated by columns of light while each pillar illuminated the long awaited swell. The swell’s intensity was reflected in the hanging jaws and longing gazes of its admirers, surrounded by the intensity of the moment, stomachs churned as adrenaline


welled within. It was fluid perfection, the unblemished combination of all possible situations coming together perfectly at the right time at the right spot. Only twelve hours earlier the oceans surface was orange and glassy. It was now transformed to a fluid grey corduroy canvas, to some, it was the most beautiful sight in all creation. Each set secretively approached the point, in perfect sequence, rolling and shifting into position. Light offshore winds applied the finishing touch to each peak as the final seconds its journey began to unfold. The storm’s submerged energy manifested itself as cylindrical, top to bottom barrels roaring and spiraling down the line into the isolated bay. Liquid power stored up and magnified over cubic miles of ocean, each wave giving its all and disappearing as if little more than a vapor. This incredible morning transitioned to a memory, a memory that will later be slowed again into still mental images to be shared with others.

Surfers find themselves on a continual quest for this experience, some have found it and continue their quest, some have yet to find it, while others may never know where to look, or what they have missed. A perfect wave is a great example of God’s ability to use nature to capture our attention. Once captured, He will use that moment to inspire and encourage us, to remind us of His awesome power and incredible abilities, as He declares that nothing was made without Him (John 1:3). In life, our journey begins from the raw power of God’s hand. Vast expanses of time can pass before we begin to realize that our lives were created to serve a purpose. Often, so much time passes that, like the distant swell in a lifeless ocean, our potential is often abandoned, at least until its true power is brought closer to the surface. As Christians we are constantly being tested and our lives refined, this is part of the process of God’s power

bring brought to the surface of our lives. Without this process our true potential may never be revealed. It is critical that we maintain sight of our bearings while on our journey through this process. We are commanded to have the faith as a child, much like the surfer observing a distant swell, he may know nothing of its origin, nor what elements have contributed to its arrival. God has positioned the swell of a lifetime within our soul, before we were born he allowed His incredible energy to hover over the extents of our own swell window. Throughout the course of our lives, His desire is to unleash this “swell’s” full potential. A wave has no control or choice over where it is headed. It only travels as the result of the energy placed within it, originating from small ripples, created by wind blowing over the surface of the ocean, its direction and duration can only be determined by Him. Within our lifespan, we are presented with a few more obstacles than those found within the lifespan of a perfect wave, obstacles related to our own free will. However, it is free will that allows us to truly bring pleasure and glory to God. It is our willingness to follow that allows God to move, shape and form our lives. Whether you perceive your life as great or

It was fluid perfection, the unblemished combination of all possible situations coming together perfectly at the right time at the right spot.

Roy Powers checks his backyard. photo schutz

Alex Smith. photo schutz

Ehukai Beach park. photo schutz small, you have the potential to bring inspiration to man and pleasure to God. As a perfect wave attracts, inspires and encourages us as surfers, God can use our lives to conquer the attention of others. To create an image or a memory that has the ability to encourage and inspire others for generations to come. But first we must provide Him the opportunity to do it. The important thing to remember is that it doesn’t matter how far you have traveled since your journey began, or how deep that ocean was from which you came, God desires you to come to him, just as you are, from right where you are. In our weakness God’s strength is perfected (2 Cor 12:9). In my own life, I often need to be reminded, that He is the King of the underdogs, the God of second chances. Storms in an ocean create perfect waves, storms in our lives have the potential to create eternal perfection. So be encouraged, no matter what you are going through right now, God loves you, He sent his only Son to call you home, and He is waiting on you (Luke 15: 11-32)… turn to Him. Live your life as though it was one of those corduroy lines, shifting and adjusting for perfect alignment to produce the perfect wave for all to recall. Our lives are a journey, originating before we were born, a journey that when traveled justly ends with greater perfection than best wave you have ever seen or ridden. It is not by accident that you are reading this story today it is merely a part of the process, a part of the journey that God is using to complete his plan of leading you to perfection.


Reversal pho 48

Kelly Slater nailed in perfect waves by Russi

oto feature 49

Gavin Gillette top left, Kyle ramey below, Rasta seems friendly bottom, Bear Bailey ripping right.

this page all photos schutz



Big Pipe Photo: Jim Russi

Dustin Barca charging at home. photo schutz


By far one of the most perfectly executed contest turns ever. Joel Parkinson rips. schutz


Flynn Novak gives sean davey the elbow. Photo Sean Davey



Perfect set up. Photo Brent Beilman. Right Nathan Rex boosting. Below is a crazy slab somewhere. photo by Brent Beilman - and TJ Barron at Backdoor.




Kanoa Chun pulling in to some shade. Photo Hamilton


Bruce Irons at home. Photo schutz


Andy at Pipe and the crowd that goes with it seen above. Photo Brent Beilman


Kawika Stillwell. Photo Mike Coots



Evan Valiere Photo Coots


Mikey at Pipeline. Photo Coots

Backdoor by Hamilton


Ezekiel Lau. Photo Hamilton

Kiron Jabour by Schutz


Robert Hennessy photo Hamilton


Bethany Hamilton indo. Photo Noah Hamilton





A band from paradise with a message to save lives All photos schutz


An Interview with Hawaii’s Olivia The Band Try mixing together the live performance style of Big Wig, the driving pace of No Use for a Name, and the Mind of Christ and you have an idea of what you will get when listening to Olivia. Reed Cromwell on bass and lead Vocals, Justin Abilla armed with guitar and back-up vocals, David Hashimoto, guitar and BGV, and Josh Tamaoka killing it on the drum kit. Their newest EP entitled “Back to Friends Where Summer Never Ends” has really caught the attention of those with ears to hear. Currently residing in California, Olivia has a heart for touring and playing anywhere they can. If it’s ten people or five thousand that they are playing for it doesn’t affect their enthusiasm and energy at a show. In a dark industry such as the music business, bands like OTB are desperately needed in the lives of American youth. Punk music has always seemed to be dominated by bands with a world view that rejects the idea of a creator, or of even living a morally responsible lifestyle. I remember growing up with the music of Bad Religion, Pennywise, and other bands that basically said to reject authority and do your own thing. Sadly most people don’t realize where that takes you. OTB has a totally different lyrical attitude. They are not only bringing a positive message, but in songs like “39,” referencing the number of lashes that Jesus took for us, they are showing us an example that whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. Reversal: For those who are clueless to the best band in history (Olivia) where are you guys from? Reed: The best PLACE in history, North Shore of Oahu! What show has been the best for you guys to play? Every show is different, one might have 15,000 people, the next might be in a tiny club with 10. Every show has a different aspect to it, but for sure when we are at home at the gym in Haleiwa that’s tough to beat. How do you think punk music has changed over the last ten years? I think it has progressed in separate ways, there is hard core punk and then there is

super pop punk and emo punk and every other kind you can think of. I love all kinds of music so this progression is rad, I can’t wait to see what different flavors come next. What do you see in the fans and people who attend Olivia shows? What do they have in common? Smiles!!! For the most part everyone who comes out is there to have a good time, you won’t see too many “too cool for school” faces and even if you do, it’s usually changed by the end of the night. Is there a message you want to communicate to the music industry? world? The music industry is gnarly, and a lot of people say you can’t mix friendship with business, but as best we can, that’s what we try to do. Be cool to everyone and live how God wants us to live, which (for

me at least) is a daily battle between my selfishness and the unconditional love the Bible talks of. I guess if I could influence people just to stop, ...take a breath, ...and think about what is really important that would be amazing, but just getting people to stop is a feat in itself. Your music is really good quality. Where do you record? We recorded in Van Nuys (LA) California, our producer had a studio in his house so we were there everyday for a little over a month. It was a lot of work, but we learned a ton. Some of the lyrics are really awesome. What inspires the band to write songs? I am not the best writer in the world, so I usually just write what’s going on around me and what I am pondering at the moment. Whether that’s missing home, noticing how people isolate themselves in society, or the hard time my friend went through with drugs and life. God is teaching me everyday so I am constantly changing (hopefully for the better), but with that comes new ideas. I’ve always really liked songs about hope, so I tend to lean in that direction a lot. POKE, Kalua Pig, Lau Lau and Haupia- yeah! Oh wait that’s not a question. Comments? That was uncalled for and just plain mean. When are you guys touring, so people can get to one of your shows? We are setting stuff up right now, playing a lot in Cali, will probably make a few trips up the coast and maybe out east sometime, and hopefully we will be heading back to Hawaii every few months. -Reversal: Here are a few of their CD’s.


Cheyne Cottrell going big at Rocky Point. Opposite page; Killing it on a right. Photos Schutz


Reversal: So what is South Africa like? Cheyne: South Africa is amazing. The waves are world class, the people are really nice, the food is great, the terrain is beautiful. Everything about it is good, which makes it my favorite place in the world. When did you become a Pro Surfer? 4 years ago What has your life been like growing up? When I was 18 my dad drowned surfing. So that was a big changing point in my life. I really didn’t know how to deal with it. So I kinda just started traveling a lot, which is something I always wanted to do anyways. I just didn’t want to be home where I would think of him. But now that I look back, all the traveling I did really got my professional surfing career going. Can you tell us about how you came to know Jesus Christ? Well my parents were both Christians, so I grew up in a Christian home. But when I was 21 I really made a commitment, just because I saw how empty life is without Jesus in it. How has being a Christian really changed your outlook on surfing and life in general? It’s hard to narrow it down to just one thing, the main thing, I guess would be that, all things work for the good for him who love the Lord. So everything you go through is God’s will, and it really gives me peace of mind that I’m doing the right thing. So, how old are you? 24 Do you have a favorite surf spot? J-bay

What’s your favorite surf maneuver? Getting barrels, for sure. That never gets old. Who would you interview for Reversal? Why? Mike Pechonis, he’s an older surfer in my home town in Florida that runs Christian Surfers there. He always seems to have a good word of advice. Who has been someone that you really look up to? My Dad, Jesse Hines, Mike Pechonis Who do you want to win the world title this year? Parko So are you a Mac or a PC person? MAC!! What do you think the future of surfing looks like? Fun, I hope. I think the professional side is going to be a lot more mainstream though, cause kids are training from like age 4 so they can be a pro. Just like tennis or anything else. What’s you favorite Bible verse? Romans 8:28, And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to his purpose. What do you say when a skeptic of the Bible says that Jesus is just a myth? Well he’s not a myth, and they can look in any history book, and He will be in there. Any last words? Anything you would like to add? Just God Bless, and hope to see you in the water!


Jim Russi

{ SECTIONS } TESTIMONIES the testimony of a hawaii surf photographer When one comes into the presence of God, change occurs. When we place our trust in God and let Him change us, radical things happen and we have a story to tell. Jesus is in the business of changing us and we want to let others tell their stories. Here is a story of what God has done in the life of Russi. (story and all photos Russi) In 1979 I thought I had the world by the tail. I had graduated form Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara with my Bachelors of Arts degree in fashion / Advertising Photography, just moved to the North Shore of Oahu, lived in the house right next door to Gerry Lopez at Pipeline and had just shot my first cover shot for Surfer Magazine of (Mark Richard at Uluwatu in Bali). I was partying every night with the surf scenes finest ladies and surfing Pipe every day with all my could it get any better? Life was good! But... I did not feel so good and that did not make sense to me. I had everything a surf rat from California ever wanted, but I still felt empty inside. So in my “infinite” wisdom, thought well if a little of this is good, more must be better! So I chased more girls, rode more and bigger waves, got more cover shots, and partied until I puked, literally. But something was wrong, something was missing. Was I crazy? Was I stupid? What was it? Well there was this one really cute chick on the North Shore that I would see from time to time at some surf industry functions. I would always try to impress her with one of my best early 80’s lines like.... “heeeay, do you want to go do a line?” She would always answer the same thing, “Jim, I don’t need that, but you do need what I have”. I could not have agreed more! “And what would that be?”, I would say with my


best disco grin. She always said the same thing, at first I thought she was kidding. “I have Jesus in my heart, that is what you need Jim. That is what you are missing”, she would tell me. Man that is not what I wanted to hear! That was so annoying! She kept this up for 5 years! She started adding things to our dialog like, “I am praying for you”. That did not sound that bad, I thought maybe she wanted me and she had just gone to catholic school or something. But when she started saying, “We are praying for you”, I knew something was up! Who is this “we” I asked? She told me that her Bible study group on Thursday nights was praying for me to give my life over to this Jesus. Great!, a bunch of Jesus freaks reading their Bibles and talking about me while I was out at “Steamers” disco for “ladies night!” I never missed a “ladies night” at Steamers or any other place for that matter! I always felt like I was going to “miss it” if I did not go out. Funny though, I never did “get it” or “find it” and still felt like I was “missing it” In the middle of all those beautiful people and all the best parties. I asked her to please not pray for me, as I was somehow afraid they were going to ruin the “life” I had worked so hard to create. Well, to make a long story even longer, they did not stop praying and God heard their prayers, came in and ruined that life I had worked so hard to build.

Russi of yesterday and today. We all make changes eventually. photo hamilton It took 5 years of praying and the death of my calabash little brother to get through my thick skull and rock hard heart to bring me to my knees and turn my life over to the God I sang about in Sunday School so

many rebellious years before. “Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.” Those words rushed back into my mind and down to my heart like a food as I stood before a large crowd of people in the Waialua gym in Hawaii, my eyes blinded with tears, I had never seen the world so clearly before as the hour I first believed. That evening my life changed completely, actually it just started at that moment that I had accepted Christ into my heart as my saviour and asked him to be the Lord of my life. I can see now looking back, that I was actually a “dead man walking” and really had no life at all. Well, just as I had feared, Jesus did indeed ruin the life I had worked so hard to create. I have not been able to enjoy sin since that day, December, 8, 1985. However he decided not to dismantle my life completely. He left me with my photography career in fact, he blessed it and multiplied it greatly as I loved him, served him, and obeyed him. He

But something was wrong, something was missing. Was I crazy? Was I stupid? also increased the joy in my life as he removed the enjoyment I thought I was receiving from sin, he replaced it with an overwhelming sense of joy from knowing I had peace with God. I soon realized that I had found what I was “missing.” One of the biggest struggles for me is to not dwell on all those years I wasted trying to not “miss it” with all the sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. I have to remember that God does not struggle with or lose any sleep over my past, he says all my sins are cast as far as the east is from the west and

he remembers them no more. As that is the reason He sacrificed his own son Jesus on a cross, for the forgiveness of sin, yours, mine and all of mankind. I don’t know about you, but I really needed to know about a God that would forgive all the mistakes I had made in my past and who would love me unconditionally. Even though I am not perfect, and still struggle with sin everyday, I have a God that causes me to “struggle” with sin and not just give into it. He gives me a way out, and my God forgives me when I do stumble. He understands what I am going through and chooses to love me anyway! That is the God I serve! My God has blessed me with a “peace that surpasses all my understanding” and has carried me through many storms in this life. That’s right, life did not get easy or perfect when I asked Jesus into my heart as not only my Savior, but also as Lord of my life. Life is hard, even and especially the Christian life. The Bible promises that


in this life we will have trouble and that there will be many storms. But Jesus also promises that we will not be alone in the storm, that he will be with us, even to the end of the age. He also left us with other believers to comfort and pray with us and his Holy Spirit to counsel and comfort us.

in a very short time started using me to spread the good news of his love for us. First to my friends and people I would meet in my job at surf spots around the world. Then teaching Bible study at a surf shop in Hermosa Beach in the late 80’s. God has a very good sense of humor, as he then called me to be a full time youth pas-

of students about “what were they going to do with me?” Yes God is a God of miracles and He definitely has a great sense of humor! God had blessed me with a senior pastor that allowed me to continue with my career as a surf industry photographer and even let me off (with pay) for a month every year to go back to

Over the years of my walk with Christ I have called on him most everyday, when I am not being pig headed, to give me wisdom and his discernment. I find that his view and perspective on things is a little bigger than mine! Not only has he kept me clean, sober, and free from fornication for the last 17 years, but he has brought me through incredible ups and downs in this wild ride called life! He brought me in and surrounded me with new friends, good Christians that walk the walk and not just talk the talk. Gave me a desire to read his word, the Bible and

tor at a church in my home town.

Hawai‘i to shoot the ASP pro tour. I would say that those three years serving the Lord in full time ministry were the best years of my life. The only thing I felt I might be missing was a wife and family of my own. In the economic recession of 1990 I was “laid off” from the church. It was one of the first devastating trails I would go through as a Christian, but certainly not the last. I was disappointed and angry, some at the church leadership and some at God.


What’s so funny about that you say? The church was on the campus of my old Junior High school. The classroom we used on Wednesday nights for youth group was my old home room and right outside was my old locker that I used to sell bags of pot to the student body back in the 70’s! The main sanctuary was in the multipurpose room where I used to strong arm other kids for their lunch money. And the church office was were I sat countless times talking with our dean

Did they not realize how “important”

my work was with these kids? First lesson in humility, God does not “need” me to accomplish His work here on earth, he just allows me to be involved in his process from time to time. I had another decision to make at that point, be mad and hurt and tell God the deal is off or run to Him for comfort, counsel and direction. I am grateful I choose the later. After I left the youth ministry and went back to full time surf photography, I went back to Hope Chapel in Hermosa Beach and let God and the people there minister to my broken heart. They did and so did God. After a while I started to serve in what we humans would think of as small ways. I started in the “parking ministry” directing traffic down in the lot before church, packing and delivering bags of groceries to the “poor” people, praying for others in the prayer room after service, things like that. At this time my photo business was starting to go pretty well and after some time I volunteered to be a greeter at the Sunday night service. One night as I was greeting, a beautiful young woman walked in by herself and as I welcomed her, I thought God had answered my prayers! It is all kind of a blur but I thought I was seeking God for his wisdom and discernment, but I am not sure. Well, we hit it off and got married 11 months later. Wow, kind of fast huh? Yeah, I guess so. She had a beautiful little 3 year old daughter that I fell in love with the first time I laid eyes on her! Things were perfect, I loved my wife and child, and God was blessing my business as never before. We hosted a Bible study in our beautiful home, that God had provided through my wonderful parents.

We were a team, and I was happy. I worked harder than ever to supply our family with every thing we wanted. As the needs increased, God just increased his blessings. Sure we had our fights and hard times, we were both “passionate” people. But after 5 years of marriage my wife said she did not want to go to church anymore and started referring to others as “You Christians” and began being antagonistic towards the things of God.

As the devil danced with delight, thinking he had won me. I continued to go to church on most Sundays, but fell out of mid week fellowship as my wife told me I did not care about our own family and just wanted to be around Christians all the time. I was devastated and confused. I started working harder and harder to try to buy her love with money. I tried to pray. I tried to get her to go to counseling with me, but she would not. She became more and more distant to me. I would try to rush home from my work trips and was starting to find she preferred it when I was gone. This deterioration went on for two years until one day she said she wanted a divorce. I tried to listen and asked her to explain, but two days later she called me on my cell phone and said she had moved out of our home. Whatever had been done could not be undone by all my best efforts and she filed for divorce. She had taken most anything of value in

a moving truck, but most devastating of all was that she took away my “family” and I felt like a failure. She married another man the day after our divorce was final. One more time I had to make a decision, to run to God or to run away. Most everything in me wanted to run away, I did not want to go to church and face being the “big failure” and make people uncomfortable in seeing me there. I definitely was entertaining the idea of going out and drinking, using, and chasing loose women. After all, for 15 years I had tried to do it God’s way, served him and denied my fleshly desires! Who could blame me? Who wouldn’t go off a little? As the devil danced with delight, thinking he had won me back with these thoughts, I started to notice that I was not acting on the thoughts. There was something holding me in my chair at home when I wanted to go out and do some damage. Something getting me up out of bed on Sunday mornings and dragging me down to my church to face the people I did not want to face. God literally carried me when I was completely broken and could not help myself. God kept me on those long lonely nights from thoughts of homicide and suicide. From anger and defeat. From returning evil for evil. He would somehow draw me to himself and hold me close even as I squirmed, screaming and crying trying to wiggle out of his arms like a spoiled child having a temper tantrum. OK, it has been two and a half years now since my wife left and took my daughter away, and I will say that the first year was incredibly painful and difficult to say the least, but God used that time and even that terrible event


to work with me, to spend time with him, to access some of my own shortcomings and to prepare me for the future. Yes God, has a future for me! Best of all he has helped me to forgive my wife and to have compassion for her instead of brooding in anger and spite. In the last year He has moved me back to Hawaii and into fellowship with a great group of friends and Christians where I feel He will show me very soon where and how I will be able to serve him in some capacity again.

Fast forward to now Well God did have a plan for me and my life! Shortly after writhing down my testimony for Christian Surfers in 2002, God started using me with the college kids here on the North Shore, with the pro surfers I worked with and even in the world of motorcycle clubs here on Oahu. As I made myself available to Him and committed my life to serving him, the dark depression of my past “failures” faded and the joy of the Lord returned to my life. Funny, with that joy in my heart and Jesus in my eyes, I caught the attention of a beautiful young lady here on the North Shore and as we began a friendship and fellowship that developed into a wonderful relationship with Jesus leading us to a place where I finally thought I could trust someone again, so I let her in to my world and she let me into hers. We spent a year getting to know each other, praying together, ministering together, hanging out together everyday. God had brought me the woman of my dreams when I was not looking and did not believe it could happen. Two years ago in February of 2005, I


married my bride, Mia. Mia is my partner, my best friend and now the mother of my son Kaden and this July God is bringing us another son, Kona! I had really thought my life was over, that I would never have a loving wife, children of my own and most of all joy in my life again.... I could not have been any more wrong. I love my wife second only to Jesus, and she is good with that. I am so excited about being a father to my son Kaden, I just love that boy! I have to say that I have had the good good fortune and privilege to have traveled the world, surfed the best waves, ridden the fastest motorcycles, hung out with the words most famous people, married Mia the most beautiful woman (inside and out) in the world, and I will tell you , there is nothing more exciting than the moment my son Kaden was born! God not only sent his own son for me and you, he sent me a son to take care of. I am totally in awe of this responsibility and this privilege. when I look into my sons eyes, I can not image how God could possibly give his one and only son as a sacrifice for a guy like me. God is way bigger than me. I can’t wait to meet my next son, Kona and tell him about our God! If you think life is over, and you are still breathing, you are wrong... just give it to Jesus, he is author and finisher of our faith! Any questions? contact me through my web-sight I would love to share more of what our God is doing in my life and would like to here about yours.

Blessings, Jim Russi


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Matt Beacham Reversal catches up with the host of Fuel Tv show, New Pollution

Hey Matt, Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do another interview with us. Here is some questions for you- ready? So where are you currently living? San Clemente, CA Are you on the road a lot? Between surfing and working for Fuel, that would be a yes. I hear you are quite the jack of trades these days. Exactly how many job titles do you actually have? 16 Do you like having a few different things you can do, or would you prefer to just do one job? I like to be busy and be challenged. It’s a blessing to have lots to do, especially if you feel that those things are in line with what God wants for you. How did you start hosting the “New Pollution” TV show on Fuel? I had built a rapport with those guys through a couple projects and also had a 4 minute comedy reel that they saw before they offered me the job. I always have enjoyed making people laugh and have had a comfortability with the camera so I feel thankful that they let me express that and be myself on the show. Do you still get enough time in between everything to catch some waves? Having fun surfing is my number one passion on earth, and thankfully, I’m still globe-trotting. What do you think that God has been


teaching you about since our last interview, like five years ago? I almost died (again) in a car wreck since then when I was hit by a drunk driver head on in CA. I feel like this life is so short, yet so filled with chances to see God at work. I feel like I’m on borrowed time, and sometimes when I’m half asleep or something, I really trip out that I’m still here, and I just try to thank God for the breath that is still filling my lungs and try to rest in his sacrifice on the cross. If you could interview any surfer and ask him any question, what would it be? I got really nervous interviewing Slater at the Surfer Poll Awards, but I’ve been to dinner with him and hung out a few times, so it wasn’t him that I was nervous about. It was the 40 people that followed him back there to the interview just starring at us wide-eyed. People act really weird around him in particular, and I think he handles it all really well. I’m just bummed I let that weirdness get under my fingernails for a second. I know that God is using you, and has used you to encourage people in their walk with the Lord, (myself included) - any words of wisdom or thoughts to share with us? Thank you for that encouragement. I just think that God has designed each of us to walk with Him in the journey set before us. I think for believers, we always have a lot to do on his agenda: encouraging people, helping, rescuing, fellowshipping. It’s a beautiful life that we have been given, but the fact is, it will also be difficult. I picture it as an epic saga that God wants to experience with each of us before we

go to see him. But we must make peace with Him at the cross first. He put the ball in our court with that. So I got stung by a man-o-war the other day and it itches like crazy! Any home remedy you might recommend? Meat tenderizer, but that’s only in the first hour. What ocean creature do you think you would want to be if you weren’t human? Why? An ocean creature I do NOT want to be is the “poo fish” that swim around the boat in Indonesia feasting on well, yeah. So yeah, on a more serious note, hows the family? Do you have any kids yet? My wife and I have been married for four and a half years and do not have a bun in the oven yet. What music have you been listening to lately? I’ve been boycotting music for a while now. Like not even taking any on the road. I’ll rebound soon. Where is your favorite place in all your world travels? There isn’t a favorite one, but I do like Nicaragua a lot. Thanks a lot Matt. Note to Readers: Please keep Matt in your prayers, God has placed him in a unique position to impact many lives, oh, and he also has 16 job titles. He probably needs prayer for that too. Keep charging Matt, you’re killing it!

heavenly moments

TOP: Alex Smith golden morning. BoTTOM: Nate rex exploding in hawaii. photos schutz


{ SECTIONS } The Kings MEN

Sparki Metzger

We know you as Sparki, what is your full name? Nathan Lee Metzger, I am also known as Naytron, street name you know what I’m sayin? Have you always lived in Hawai‘i? No I was born in San Diego and then lived in Oregon for a bit, and then moved to Kaua‘i when I was 11. How many years have you been surfing? About 18. Does everyone in your family surf? Almost everybody, except my sister and my mom boogie boards. My dad surfs real good, he grew up in So Cal, so it’s pretty standard. Who is your favorite surfer? Tom Curren, absolutely incredible. Have you traveled a lot? Not a lot but some, Bali, Mexico etc... Have you competed in surfing? Since I was like 13, I stopped around 23 because I was over it. Who shapes your surfboards? Jason Kashiwai and Morice Guiness. Do you have any musical talent? What music is your favorite? I don’t know if you want to say talent, but I like to play the guitar and the percussions. I like all kinds of music except country, but usually listen to stuff that glorifies the King. To you, who is Jesus? Jesus is EVERYTHING; He is my friend and Father, He is my Savior and my King. Without Him it would be pretty weak sauce. How would you describe your relationship with him? Personal. That’s what it’s all about, a personal relationship with the King. It’s


not about going to church or doing this or that, it’s about that relationship and keepin’ it real with the Real Deal. What’s the best thing about your life? The worst thing about your life? Other than Jesus I would have to say my wife, she is incredible, she is half woman, half amazing, I am super blessed! The worst thing about my life is when there is no ranch to put on my pizza crust. Do you have a favorite website? No, I am not that big of a computer head. You judge surf contests, how did you start doing that? I started judging surf contests because my friend Nelson Togioka runs them, and he needed help, and he has done a lot for me so I wanted to help him, and I get a little sizash for judging so it’s cool. If a kid in a contest came up to you and needed some spiritual advice, what help could you offer to him? Put Jesus first in everything you do, and try not to kid yourself too much!! What’s really cool about judging surf contests? What’s not so cool about surf

contests? I get to cruise with my friend Skiz. It’s a long day, believe it or not, it is so tiring. Your wife is a model, how did you two meet? We met just from surfing. I knew who she was, and she knew who I was and one day we started talking at the beach, and then cruising a little more and then SHABAM! That was it, hooked for life. It’s slightly unpredictable how many will be reading this exactly. What do you have to say to the people out there? Get your own tots! Goshhh! Nah, I guess I would have to say keep on seeking Him, because you will definitely find Him (Jesus)! So what do you like to do when you’re not surfing? I like to ride my CR 250, because most the time it’s 4- 6 feet and glassy with no one out. Could riding your CR 250 ever replace surfing? No, and not because surfing is better. It’s just a different sport. That’s one thing that

I hate about surfing is the guys that are like “surf”, everything is surf, surf, surf, and don’t want to do anything else. That’s why we have so much bitter people in the water. There are so many great sports out there and I think if you try other sports or whatever it is, you will enjoy whatever sport you primarily do a lot more. I don’t surf as much as I did anymore, but when I do it’s great and I have fun, and as soon as I don’t have fun, I am over it. Do you have heros? My wife. Whoever can live with me should be a hero! What did you think of Mel Gibson’s movie ‘The Passion of the Christ’ ? Best movie ever. I think Mel did a really good job. It’s crazy that it says in the Bible that he was beaten so bad you couldn’t recognize Him and you got some

people saying there was way to much violence. Are you kidding me? Well, anyway, He paid a heavy price and I am super thankful! Who would you want to interview for Reversal Mag? Tom Curren would be great to interview. To whom do you owe the most credit in your life? Other than Jesus, my parents. They had me, raised me and did a heck of a job. Thanks mom and dad! Last words to share? Any comments? Name drops? Thank you to someone our there? I would like to give a shot out to all you all and I... thought you were Christian! I would like to thank my in-laws for being incredible in-laws and thanks for the great questions and see you nevah!


Jesus it’s pretty

weak sauce


{ SECTIONS } The Kings MEN

Ty with a clean wall and a clear vision on life. photo: schutz

So, who is Ty Owen anyway? ... Ty Owen, well who am I. Well, without Christ I am basically nothing. Full of pride and shame at best with out Him. But with Him and in Him I’m not only more than a conqueror, but I’ve been blessed with more than I could ever think or imagine. Becoming a Husband to a beautiful godly woman and a Dad to awesome children. I’m stoked to be a part of a great family that has been clinging on to Jesus as well. So I am who I am because of Christ. Who is Ty Owen? Above all, by His grace, my only hope is to be named by the King of kings, as both His servant and His friend. But what about the errors in the Bible?


Have you read the Bible in its entirety? Do you understand the message as a whole? If you have then come ask me again. Wasn’t the bible just written by men? I Peter 2:21 says “But the Word of the Lord endures forever. And this is the Word which by the gospel is preached unto you.” and 2 Peter 2:21 says, “For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.” So no, the Bible was not written by “just” men, but rather “holy” men which were inspired by the Holy Spirit. What is not of God will be forgotten but what is of Him will endure. His Word has endured and will endure.

Ok, when did you learn to surf? I guess the first time was about 5 or so. I began looking at my dad’s old surfer mags, and looking at pics, and playing around on his old “pocket rocket”; which I hope to inherit this Christmas. I watched perfect glassy lefts peel along the rocky shoreline at a near-by lake, and was so stoked to actually see waves! But it wasn’t until I was about 10 when I started frolicking in the waters off the east side of Kaua‘i. Have you ever entered into a surf contest? Yes, it was at K-bay with a bunch of buddies. The first one to get stung by a mano-war was out!

Is surfing spiritual? Spiritual.... It’s some of the greatest fellowship with brothers and sisters, and I can have fun with the Lord as He commands winds and waves to be a blessing to all of us. What do you do when your not surfing? I love hanging out with my wife, Ariana, and my kids, and drinking green shakes. What’s the best thing about being a Christian who surfs? Knowing by being persuaded by God’s faithfulness that “even the winds and the waves obey Him.” (Matthew 8:27.) What a rest and a peace it is to know that the all sovereign Lord over all the earth and all of Heaven enjoys watching His children surf or be faithful in whatever circumstance that He has blessed them. I can rest knowing that He is watching over me. So the best thing, above the waves, is that fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ, whether surfing or diving, fishing, hiking or whatever it may be. When you pass on, how do you want to be remembered? Not much other than by His Grace that they know Jesus a little better. I want to be the guy that gives someone a boost so they can look over this world and see the truth of the gospel. Either way I hope that I am found faithful. The whole Bible is awesome, but what is your favorite part? 1 John 4:4 says “Greater is He that is in you than He that is in the world.” When I asked Jesus to come into my life I needed someone greater than the circumstances around this fallen world. The Holy Spirit not only comes along our side to help us come closer to God, but He also dwells in us. So if God is for us who can be against us. You like to ride some different boards, any garage sale special finds lately?

Yeah, if they float go for it. It’s always fun to jump on a big clunker and try to make a section or something. Kind of always feels like you’re just learning I like that kind of challenge and fun.... Haven’t picked up any, but at the moment I’m borrowing a fun “pickle shape.” 5’10’’ 2 3/8 21 inches wide big noes, just a pickle but fun!

The main lesson is that I’m very selfish. And that God is teaching me so much about when you die to yourself it brings life somewhere else that you may see life and not just your own boring saga. I’m so stoked that He teaches me through my awesome wife, and fun little kids, How great is that? He could have me being taught these lessons by some professor guy in a school or something. What other boarding sport would you like to do more? My wife has done some kiteboarding. That may be fun. It would be fun to do some tandem surfing with the kids when they get older.

Have you ever had any close calls surfing? I’ve had quiet a few; outer reefs losing my board, jumped off my board and landed on a shark or a really, really big fish, I didn’t see it, I just dove under a wave and as I was just jumping off my board I wrapped my right arm around this big fish. It quickly cut away and my right ring finger rubbed a flat fin area. I paddled in so fast I think I was in front of the wave. Too many others to write about. Talk about growing up in Hawai‘i? It’s like growing up in Arkansas. Lots of cows, great food, great music, good ol’ boys hunting “razorbacks” in the mountains. Catching small mouth in the streams. The languages of pidgin and the southern drawl. The only thing that’s really different is the pond here is bigger and generates some great waves! What has being married and having kids taught you?

What would you say if you knew a million people would read this interview? I would be surprised if they got this far, sorry it’s boring. But the main thing is Jesus Christ. If you’re wandering, scared, lost, confused, bored with the every day life, there is a reason why. In the heart of every man God has set eternity. He has set a purpose for you to live not just the day in, day out, but to really live, beyond what you could think or imagine. What do you have to lose? your life? For His eternal riches I think the trade is in your favor. We have all messed up that’s a given. Jesus came to save us from the penalty of our sins, which is death. Death, spiritually separated from God forever. Take the time to read, and ask questions about His faithfulness, and let Him persuade you of His mighty power which can save you and restore you and give you a hope and a future. Thank you’s, last words? To Him who saved me and gave me life, and patiently helps me each day. To the family that He has given me. My wife, my best friend Ariana. My kids who have smiles that make me laugh. My parents who were patient with me, and the rest of the Ohana.


“by his Wounds

bc a 86

X we are Healed” The blood. A lot has been said about the iconic image of Jesus hanging on the cross of Calvary, but what speaks loudest, is God’s love for us. It’s our prayer at Reversal that God touches your heart through these pages and you come to know that love. The image of the cross might not be very glamorous to us, but it is a reminder that God took our sin and nailed it to the cross, and Jesus was the one who bore those sins.


It was His death, but our freedom. You see, He made it possible for us to be forgiven of all our wrongs. Now all we have to do is ask, and we are forgiven. The slate is wiped clean, like it never happened. But we also need to make Him the number one in our heart and lives. He wants a relationship with us, and this is the measure he took to make that possible. And the truth be told: Without the correction of our wrongs, we can never be right, ever.


For God so loved the world that He gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. -John 3:16


“For all have sinned,

e x


For All Have Sinned. The question is: have you ever done something wrong?

Like, stretched the truth, told a lie, have an ill thought about someone or taken something you shouldn’t have? I trust the answer is yes. Let’s face it; we all have. While it may seem innocent to tell a little white lie, it is actually something significant and worthy of consideration. White lie or black lie, it is sin. And it only takes one sin to be a sinner. So, following that logic, we are all sinners. Yeah, I know, some people are worse than others, but in the scheme of life, we are all guilty of sin. So, what does this mean? For one, it means that our fellowship with God is broken, since God has no relationship with sin, no dealings with sin. It’s like fire & water, they

don’t mix.

The Wages of Sin. The Bible says in Romans 3:23, “The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

In other words, the life of sin culminates in death, whereas Jesus offers us the precious gift of eternal life. That sin in our life becomes invalid at the cross. It’s been said that just as the sick need a doctor, the sinner needs a savior, because the wages of sin, the pay off of sin, is death.


Isaiah 64:5 “You are indeed angry, for we have sinned — In these ways we continue; And we need to be saved.” But this

of the Glory of God 88

and fall short

is where Jesus comes in, because the “gift” of God, is eternal life.

Christ Died For Us. This is true love: “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.” (John 15:13-14) God, not out of duty or responsibility, becomes flesh and blood, lives a perfect life and dies in our place. The God who created all, comes down and becomes an object of ridicule for us. Beaten, mocked, nailed to a cross, lacerated and spit upon all because he loves us! Truly amazing. This was no defeat, for He rose from the dead three days later in victorious fashion. 1 Peter 3:18 says this, “For Christ died for sins once for all, the righteous for the unrighteous to bring you to God. He was put to death in the body, but made alive by the Spirit.” And Romans 5:8 says,


the wages of sin is death,

“While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” This was love, because we weren’t looking for Him, but He for us.

If We Confess. So where does this leave us? What choices are we faced with and what are the implications? Well, so far we see that: 1. We are all guilty of sin. 2. The penalty of sin is death (the type of death is the eternal separation from God). 3. Christ stepped in, and took our hit and our place and paid the death penalty for us that comes from sin. What does it all mean and how do I collect this gift? How do I reap that reward? Well, the Bible says in Romans 10:9-11, “That if you confess with your mouth, Jesus is 90

Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved”.

There isn’t a magical prayer to say or anything, God is looking for a sincere heart, one that truly wants to know him. Jesus just said we need to ask, seek and knock, we need to come looking for Him and He will meet us there. Matthew 7:7-9 says, “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.” If you believe it in your heart and confess it with your lips, if you come to Him, He will come to you and save you.

When you come to God in this way, asking forgiveness and inviting God to now take the wheel in your life, the Bible calls this repentance. The word ‘repent’ simply means to change direction, so your life was going one way and now it’s going God’s way. He wants to turn your life around, give you a big reversal. For some, this will mean bigger changes than others, but following Jesus is always a new way of life. And it is on a path leading to heaven. The New Life. The Bible says that when you make Jesus Lord of your life, you are a new creation. In God’s eyes, what once was sin, is now gone. We are no longer under the penalty of sin, but we are free, completely forgiven, and now look forward to eternal life with God. There are many things

that bog us down and weigh on us, but when we come to Jesus, He will set us free. “Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.” - John 8:36 Remember, we’re not talking about religion, that is man trying to reach God by his own means and abilities, we’re talking about a faith, a relationship with Jesus. This is God reaching down to man through His Son Jesus. One of the most important ways that he speaks to us, is through his word: The Bible. It’s really life’s instruction manual, so it’s important to read it often. Nobody likes to walk alone really, so it’s also important to find a solid, Bible teaching church, were you can grow and learn and be encouraged by other people who have grabbed hold of Jesus as well. So Congratulations if you have asked Jesus to come into your heart! There’s a lot to say, but in order to keep things simple, I’ll refrain from going into any more detail. -May God Bless You, Your friends at Reversal

but the gift of


is eternal life in Christ Jesus

our Lord.

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after the buzzer

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photo: mike coots

Dis-respecting closeouts off in life crapping our pants and end up doing the same with a Well, our first issue is out. What did you think? You’re either ticked off, or you at least have a few questions, but maybe small window in between where we learn to hold it. Things are breaking down. you liked it. Either way let us know. Should make for some This should cause us to ask some serious questions interesting content for our next issue. But will there be another because if life is breaking down everywhere we turn, if things issue? I wish we could tell you that it will come next month for have starting points and endings, then life sure, but God is the one in control of that. itself had a beginning. If we can agree If Reversal has another magazine to come that life had a beginning, who flipped on out then praise Jesus! If it doesn’t come out Sounds like an 80 foot the light switch? There are certain things then praise Jesus! Either way we will praise closeout, or a dead end that are set in stone that we can’t deny. If Jesus! street. It takes a lot more the universe was designed then there is a That’s for us, the greatest thing faith to be an atheist. designer. You would never come across about Jesus. When life sucks, or when we a painting and think that it came to be by mess up, it’s not God’s fault, although we accident would you? Why then do people often blame him. A man’s own folly ruins his think that life in general is the result of unguided, random life, yet his heart rages against the LORD. (Proverbs 19:3) process, over the course of millions of years. That’s right I said We want to be real about this. We are interested in the millions. Did you know that the speed of light is 186,000 miles “why” questions of life that evolution just can’t answer. Why per second? If you were to travel at that speed for seven years does it seem that your only opportunity to surf, once a week, straight starting at Earth, you would only reach Pluto. That’s the wind comes onshore? Why is there evil, injustice, rape, and just our galaxy, and scientists believe that there are billions of drop-ins? Why do people get cancer, snapped boards, and ding those. If our galaxy was the size of a pea, then you could fill up repair that dries in the tube before you can squeeze it out? Why, Chicago Stadium with the peas. Think about that for a minute. when, and how did this vicious cycle start ruining our fun? Scientists have just scratched the surface with our little It’s the strangest thing when you realize that things planet and they think that they can tell us that they know how are not getting better, but worse, despite the apparent advances life emerged from a little pool of scum trillions of years ago? in technology. For example, when you leave a surfboard out in Sounds like a 80 foot closeout, or a dead end street. It takes a lot the sun, it doesn’t get whiter. Waves have endings because they more faith to be an atheist. I’ll put my faith in Jesus. have origins. Cars get rusty, boardshorts get tighter. We start

taj burrow

Taj burrow Destroys a wave at trestles. sequence schutz

PDF version of WEBZINEissue  

the PDF version of the Reversal mag WEBZINEissue, a must read! Way to go Reversal mag!!

PDF version of WEBZINEissue  

the PDF version of the Reversal mag WEBZINEissue, a must read! Way to go Reversal mag!!