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No Lying Down in 2010! The Johnson Family’s Annual Year of Fun!

2010! There’s No Place Like Home!

It’s our family motto!

It was a year of celebrations!!!

And jocularity....

And Sports!

We like the water!

Playing in it or lounging around it!

We love the roller coaster of life...

The peace of a sunset, a ball field or a picture perfect fall...

We support our teams!

All Teams... coming in all shapes, sizes and colors!!! (But we are a bit passionate for GREEN!)

We celebrate our times together...

And special holidays!

And we DANCE together!

Do we ever DANCE!

Each and every family member is picture perfect!

Every captured memory makes us smile....

Especially when we make new friends, save pizza, and are so happy we are “not enough to be bothered!�

Every memory is better when we are together

So we head into a new year knowing.... there’s no place like......

The Johnson Family in Photos 2010  

Every year we give a family photo book to Grandma Johnson! Here is 2010!

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