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HIGHLANDS Modern. Tapered. Light. Featuring design elements from Charles Rennie Mackintosh of carved motifs and pierced slats, all crafted in solid wood with hand-rubbed finishes. Sustainably made in Central New York, using time honored Stickley construction techniques. With Stickley’s Highlands Collection you will find something beautiful for every room in your home.


89-949 Highlands Writing Desk 89-8865-A Highlands Arm Chair RU-5000 Thistle Meadows Rug 3



89-9800-88 89-9800-CH 89-9800-COT 89-986 89-1189

Highlands Highlands Highlands Highlands Highlands

Sofa Chair Cocktail Ottoman Console Table TV Console 5


89-9800-85-L 89-9800-94-R 89-9800-CH 89-9800-OT 89-1188 89-1186 89-1184

Highlands LF Sofa Highlands RF Corner Sofa Highlands Chair Highlands Ottoman Highlands Entertainment Console Étagére Bridge

89-981 89-984 89-1708 89-305-C RU-1400

Highlands Square Cocktail Table Highlands End Table Highlands 78" Gathering Island Counter Stool Monterey Grove Rug 7



91-594-52-2LVS Highlands Round Dining Table 91-2216-A Upholstered Arm Chair 91-1737 Highlands Server


91-598-2LVS Highlands Trestle Table 91-8865-A Mackintosh Arm Chair 91-8865-S Mackintosh Side Chair 91-1820 Highlands Display Cabinets RU-1390 Monterey Mist Rug 10


89-598-2LVS 89-360-S 89-360-A 89-1750 RU-1920 12

Highlands Trestle Table Highlands Side Chair Highlands Arm Chair Highlands Buffet English Arts and Crafts Rug


91-596-4LVS 91-8865-A 91-8865-S 91-1737 14

Highlands Double Pedestal Dining Table Mackintosh Arm Chair Mackintosh Side Chair Highlands Server




89-952-K Highlands, Bed King 89-959-L Highlands Door Night Stand 89-958 Highlands 3-Drawer Night Stand 89-084 Bracket Clock RU-4000 Anatolia Rust Rug 89-950 Highlands Mirror 89-073 Harvey Ellis Jewelry Box



89-952-K-HB-PLS Highlands King Bed with Platform Storage – Four fully extending drawers, each with approximately 3 cubic feet of storage – Through the bed cubby for extra long items 89-954 Highlands Master Chest 89-959-L Highlands Door Night Stands 89-018 Mirror 89-073 Harvey Ellis Jewelry Box 96-9328-CH Leopold’s Chair


89-953-K Highlands Bed 8538-W-ASH Uptown 3-Drawer Night Stand 8540-W-ASH Uptown 1-Drawer Night Stand 8536-W-ASH Uptown Master Dresser


Shown in Fieldstone, one of our exciting new Modern Oak finishes!

501 SAND



505 ONYX


89-952-K-PLS Highlands Bed with Platform Storage – Four fully extending drawers, each with approximately 3 cubic feet of storage – Through the bed cubby for extra long items 89-959-L Highlands Door Night Stand 89-957 Highlands Low Armoire



H I G H L A N D S U P H O L S T E R Y & L E AT H E R

HIGHLANDS COLLECTION UPHOLSTERY & LEATHER Solid quartersawn white oak or cherry frames. Pierced slats. Tapered legs. Pinned mortise and tenons.

Highlands seating: Inside depth 21" Arm height 27½” Seat height 20¼”


89/91-9800-88 Highlands Sofa

89/91-9800-61 Highlands Loveseat

W88 D38½ H33½

W61 D38½ H33½

89/91-9800-CH Highlands Chair

89/91-9800-OT Highlands Ottoman

89/91-9800-CH-HB Highlands Chair (High Back)

W30¼ D38½ H33½

W22½ D19¾ H16¼

W30¼ D38½ H37¾

H I G H L A N D S U P H O L S T E R Y & L E AT H E R

89/91-9800 Highlands Sectional

89/91-9800-85-L Highlands Left-Facing Sofa with the 89/91-9800-94-R Highlands Right-Facing Corner Sofa

89/91-9800-85-L Highlands Left Facing Sofa

89/91-9800-85-R Highlands Right Facing Sofa

OUTSIDE W85 D38½ H33½ INSIDE W81 D21 ARM H27½ SEAT H20¼

OUTSIDE W85 D38½ H33½ INSIDE W81 D21 ARM H27½ SEAT H20¼

89/91-9800-94-L Highlands Left Facing Corner Sofa

89/91-9800-94-R Highlands Right Facing Corner Sofa

OUTSIDE W94 D38½ H33½ INSIDE W75 D21 ARM H27½ SEAT H20¼

OUTSIDE W94 D38½ H33½ INSIDE W75 D21 ARM H27½ SEAT H20¼

89/91-9800-58-L Highlands Left Facing Loveseat

89/91-9800-58-R Highlands Right Facing Loveseat

OUTSIDE W58 D38½ H33½ INSIDE W54 D21 ARM H27½ SEAT H20¼

OUTSIDE W58 D38½ H33½ INSIDE W54 D21 ARM H27½ SEAT H20¼

89/91-989-RL Highlands Recliner H40 W31 D39¾ 25


HIGHLANDS COLLECTION OCCASIONALS Surround yourself with furniture that evokes a relaxed environment without sacrificing style.

89/91-980 Highlands Cocktail Table H18 W56 D34

Available in solid quartersawn white oak or cherry


89/91-981 Highlands Square Cocktail Table

89/91-982 Highlands Round Cocktail Table

H18 W42 D42

H18 Dia42

89/91-983 Highlands Oval End Table

89/91-984 Highlands End Table

H26 W30 D23

H26 W22 D28


89/91-986 Highlands Console Table

89/91-1708-58 Highlands Gathering Island

89/91-1708 Highlands Gathering Island

89/91-1708-90 Highlands Gathering Island

H27 W56 D16

H36 W58 D20¾

H36 W78 D20¾

H36 W90 D20¾

89/91-9800-COT Highlands Cocktail Ottoman

89/91-987 Highlands Tabouret

W61½ D31½ H17½

H18 W16 D16

89/91-949 Highlands Writing Desk

89/91-948 Highlands Desk

H30 W62 D30

H30 W60 D30 27


89/91-1189 Highlands Entertainment Console

89/91-1187 Highlands Small Entertainment Console

H40 W84 D16½

H32 W54 D15

Designed to support screen sizes up to 70"

89/91-1188-66 Highlands Entertainment Console

89/91-1188-48 Highlands Entertainment Console

H34 W66 D16

H34 W48 D16

89/91-945 Highlands Low Étagère H34 W30 D15

89/91-1184 Bridge H3 W66 D16 (To connect Etageres as seen in photo opposite)


89/91-1186 Étagère

89/91-946 Highlands Étagère

H80 W30 D16

H76 W30 D15

Scene stealer.

89-1184 Bridge 89-1186 ÉtagÊre 89-1188 Highlands Entertainment Console 89-9800-CH Highlands Chair 89-9800-OT Highlands Ottoman 89-981 Highlands Square Cocktail Table RU-1400 Monterey Grove Rug 29


HIGHLANDS COLLECTION DINING Make memories around a Highlands dining table. Handmade in solid oak or cherry. Highlands Trestle Table (Extended)

89/91-596-4LVS Highlands Pedestal Dining Table Ingenious built-in slide system allows you to store leaves and open from one end with minimal effort.

89/91-598-2LVS Highlands Trestle Table Ingenious built-in slide system allows you to store leaves and open from one end with minimal effort.

H30 W44 L74

H30 W44 L78

89/91-594-46-2LVS Highlands Round Dining Table H30 Dia 46 Also available: 52" and 62" Diameter 30


Gracefully fits in small spaces, while providing world class display.

89/91-1750 Highlands Buffet H40 W72 D20¼

89/91-1737 Highlands Serving Table

89/91-1820 Highlands Display Cabinet

89/91-1820-1 (mirror back) Highlands Display Cabinet

H30 W70 D21

H80 W36 D17¼

H80 W36 D17¼

89/91-8865-A Mackintosh Arm Chair

89/91-8865-S Mackintosh Side Chair

89/91-360-A Highlands Arm Chair

89/91-360-S Highlands Side Chair

H47 W24 D25

H45 W19 D24¾

H45½ W24 D25¼

H45½ W20½ D25¼ 31


HIGHLANDS COLLECTION BEDROOM The Highlands bed merges timeless Arts and Crafts aesthetics with a contemporary slant. And adds the modern convenience of storage!

89/91-952-K-HB-PLS Highlands Bed Platform Storage

89/91-952-K Highlands Bed H58 W86¾ L86½

89/91-953-K-HB-PLS Highlands Upholstered Bed Platform Storage

Highlands Upholstered Bed Platform Storage

89/91-953-K-PLS Highlands Upholstered Bed Platform Storage, Footboard 89/91-953-K Highlands Upholstered Bed H56½ W81 L88½ 32

Highlands Upholstered Bed with &Footboard Platform Storage


89/91-955-K-HB-PLS Highlands Pierced Slat Bed Platform Storage

Highlands Upholstered Bed Platform Storage

89/91-955-K Highlands Pierced Slat Bed H56½ W81 L88½

89/91-954 Highlands Master Chest

89/91-956 Highlands Master Dresser

H52 W54 D20¼

H43¾ W72½ D20¼

89/91-958 Highlands 3-Drawer Night Stand

89/91-959-L (also available 89/91-959-R right hinged door) Highlands Door Night Stand

H30 W34 D17¾

H28 W22 D17¾



89/91-950 Highlands Mirror

89/91-951 Highlands Bench

H35¼ W48 D2½

H18½ W50½ D21½

Highlands Low Armoire with wardrobe rod.

89/91-957 Highlands Low Armoire H52 W70½ D22½

Highlands Low Armoire with adjustable shelves.

89/91-988 Highlands Chest H19 W50 D18



M I SS IO N OAK A p p l i e d by o u r s k i l l e d c r a f t s p e o p l e , t h e s e c l a s s i c h a n d - r u b b e d S t i c k l ey o a k f i n i s h e s e n h a n c e t h e d i s t i n c t i ve l i n e s o f t h e H i g h l a n d s r a n g e , r e s u l t i n g i n c l a s s i c p i e c e s o f e n d u r i n g q u a l i t y a n d i n c r e d i b l e ve r s a t i l i t y.

AURORA | 054




M O D E R N OAK T h i s s t u n n i n g r a n g e o f n ew f i n i s h e s t r a n s f o r m s t h e l o o k a n d f e e l o f M i s s i o n d e s i g n , b r i n g i n g i t s t i m e l e s s a e s t h e t i c a n d ve r s a t i l i t y to t h e m o s t m o d e r n o f s e n s i b i l i t i e s a n d d é c o r.

SAND | 501


LODGE | 503

ONYX | 505

MISSION CHERRY T h e s e f i n i s h e s s h owc a s e t h e s p l e n d o r o f t h e wo o d a n d t h e t i m e l e s s e l e g a n c e o f M i s s i o n d e s i g n w h i l e h a r m o n iz i n g w i t h c h e r r y ’s n a t u r a l a g i n g p ro c e s s , r e s u l t i n g i n p i e c e s t h a t w i l l a c q u i r e eve n g r e a te r d e p t h a n d c h a r a c te r ove r t h e ye a r s .




DISTRESSED CHERRY T h e s e we r e i n te n d e d to r e c r e a te t h e l o o k , f e e l , a n d s t y l e o f m u l t i - g e n e r a t i o n a l h e i r l o o m p i e c e s .

BRISTOL | 091N or 091L

WINDSOR | 092N or 092L

OXFORD | 093N or 093L

Bristol, Windsor and Oxford finishes are available with no distressing (N) or light distressing (L).


*Note: The finishes photos are for general reference only, please visit your local dealer to see the full range of finishes. Visit your local dealer to see examples of all available finishes.


Quartersawn White Oak A method of sawing parallel to the oak’s medullary rays, this type of cut yields boards with ray flake and gives oak amazing strength, making it less likely to crack, check or warp.

Tenons A signature element of Stickley construction is tenons­— boards whose ends have been cut for insertion into a mortise. A blind tenon is concealed within the mortise, while a through tenon (shown above) projects beyond the depth of the mortise.

Bed Rail Construction For a good night’s sleep, the side rails of all Stickley beds are mortised and tenoned into the posts, while the ends screw into an iron casting— all to ensure that the bed will not wobble or rock.

Side-hung and Centerguided Drawers No plastic parts to break, no metal to rust and scratch: just honest to goodness hand craftsmanship. The center guide keeps drawers from skewing sideways while side suspension keeps drawers level when heavily loaded.

Keyed Tenons Distinctively Mission, a keyed tenon projects beyond the mortise in the side of the piece and is slotted with a wedge shaped block. These three parts (the side, the tenon and the key) come together in perfect harmony so that the piece does not crack.

Blind Dovetailed Cross Rails Dovetails signify good furniture. But what about dovetails in places you cannot see? Stickley dovetails the cross rails to strengthen cases from side to side with this no fail self-locking joint.

Quadralinear Posts Quadralinear posts are crafted of four quartersawn solid white oak boards that are mitered and glued around a center post. This technique results in strong solid wood construction and the beauty.

Tongue and Groove Joints This woodworking technique ensures accurate board alignment and gives individually matched boards the appearance of one solid piece of wood. This joint does not crack or split.

Placing Glass with Quarter Rounds Instead of using a single sheet of glass on bookcases, Stickley uses individual panes secured with mitered wood quarter rounds that fit perfectly, making the inside of each door as handsome as the outside.




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