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IBM EXAM 000-651 Fundamentals of Applying Maximo Asset Management SolutionsV3

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Question: 1 A trucking company employs a small IT shop but is heavily information-driven. The IBM Maximo Asset Management (Maximo) implementation will drive the business using a help desk (opening work orders) and a repair facility among the functions to be delivered. These facts have been gathered using interviews from the customer sponsor: - There will be 20 (maximum) help desk operators with an open Maximo application screen at all times.- The company has IBM WebSphere applications driving their commerce systems today. - There will be 70 (maximum) mechanics reviewing any given asset record at one time, all using an Internet Explorer browser. - There are 6,200 employees at the company. - There will be 10 (maximum) finance department members who will print an estimated 20,000 pages of BIRT reports each month. - There will be 2,000 integration transactions per hour. When working to produce an architecture for the trucking company, which two factors should be taken into consideration for sizing the environment? (Choose two.) A. total number of employees B. J2EE specifications for memory for the JVMs C. types of integration transactions to be processed D. volume of integration transactions to be processed E. number of customizations to Maximo business objects



Question: 2 An architecture is being created for a trucking company that is largely an AIX shop (preferred standard) and also Linux, with very little Windows administration expertise except that their executive sponsor previously worked for Microsoft. Most of their users interact with custom Web applications running on the Web hosting environment as far as interacting with IT business applications. The AIX environment is capable of handling the maximum number of JVMs per host including overhead and operating system (OS) by a safe margin when considering supported memory. The total disk space on the system is sufficient given IBM recommended minimums. Based on the scenario, what would be the technical determining factor for the type of OS platform utilized for the J2EE server? A. total disk space available on the server hardware B. executive sponsor is a former Microsoft employee C. customer OS standard is AIX, most administration experience is in AIX D. memory required is capable of being supported by the available hardware

Answer: C Question: 3 What is a valid (default-provided) option for security configuration schemes?

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The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams. A. using Tivoli process automation engine (TPAE) to create users and control authorization B. using third-party applications to create, authenticate, and authorize users C. using TPAE to create users and using LDAP source to import security groups D. using the LDAP application to create users and using TPAE to authenticate users

Answer:A Question: 4 What is a factor when determining the number of concurrent users for sizing an environment? A. the number of BIRT/Cognos reports to be viewed B. the users to be supported for logging in concurrently C. the number of licenses purchased in the sales contract D. the time before the system logs users out based on inactivity

Answer:B Question: 5 Which item describes the basic concept of Total Productive Maintenance which is a maintenance methodology that a customer may subscribe to? A. fix it before it breaks B. all assets in use, generating value C. all maintenance personnel in use, productively D. zero error, zero work-related accidents, and zero loss


Complete collection of 000-651 Exam's Question and Answers.

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