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Tips For Moving Long Distances Jack and Jill were a newly-wed couple fresh out of college and ready to relocate to New York, where they would be attending graduate school. Even though they had only been married nine months, they had accumulated more stuff than you could imagine. They worried about what they were going to take, how to pack it up, how to ship it, and how they were going to survive the process. So, they turned to the “internetz” (and Jill liked to call it) and sought out some advice from other young couples who had done some long-distance relocating. This is what they found:

Plan Ahead Every source agreed that planning ahead was essential. Some had gratefully done it, while others desperately wished they had. Successful moves require information about the new home/apartment (how big is it, what floor is it on, what kind of furnishing does it already have), the movers (how much do they cost, where can they go, do they offer packing services), and a schedule. Jack and Jill still had two months before their move. Luckily this gave them just enough time to start planning. When searching for the best moving company in Utah, they had learned in their internet surfing that they should dig deeper than a general quote, because most companies include hidden fees. They found an affordable mover and set up a schedule that gave them a little extra time to pack and move. They also requested photos and measurements of their soon-to-be apartment and realized that the bed and kitchen table they had were simply not going to fit. As a result, they decided to sell their dining room set and king size bed and saved the money to buy new, smaller ones once they arrived in New York. They were extremely glad that they discovered this potential problem when packing time came around. They couldn’t imagine trying to get those two gigantic pieces of furniture into the moving van.

Packing Tips Jack and Jill both knew that space would be limited and the more they took with them, the more expensive the move would be. They found a handful of packing tips that helped them cut down on the clutter and organize their things into logical and manageable boxes. First, they discovered the 1-year rule. This rule stated that if you didn’t use something within the last year, you shouldn’t take it with you. “Could be useful” or “one day I’ll use this” does not make it into the packing box. Jack and Jill held a yard sale and sold off

everything they hadn’t used since they’d been married. Jack was able to let go of a lot of junk and they earned a lot of precious money in the process. Second, they learned that they should pack by room. All the kitchen stuff together, all the bedroom stuff together, etc. This was immensely helpful when it came to unpacking. By following these tips, Jack and Jill experienced a successful move and kicked off their New York life with a beautiful, clutter-free apartment and a little pocket money to spare!

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Tips For Moving Long Distances  

Every source agreed that planning ahead was essential. Successful moves require information about the new home/apartment, the movers, and a...

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