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Downsizing Your Home and Expenses Through the Use of a Storage Unit As you get older, your need for lots of space in your home has probably decreased significantly. As children move out of the house, bedrooms may convert into storage spaces, leaving you with a costly mortgage payment, and too much space to have to wander around in.

Downsizing Downsizing is a good idea if you are looking to save money, space, and make things easier on yourself physically. However, you may think you have to hang onto that two-story house just to keep all of the things that you have acquired over many years. There is another solution to this dilemma—renting a storage unit and downsizing your space could be just what you need. Make sure to get a unit that is nearby you, or even on your way to somewhere where you frequently go, such as the grocery store, or a family member’s home. If you have lots of things, you may want to think about renting two smaller spaces, instead of one large one, which may be more costly in the long run. If you are trying to keep certain business or furniture things separate from your family belongings, you may find that it is less work to use two separate units. The option for climate-controlled units may be worth the small additional price depending on what you are storing. Though your old tools or equipment probably does not need a constant temperature range, if you have treasured photos or other items that may be sensitive to humidity or extreme temperatures such artwork or fabrics, it is a good idea to control the environment they are in.

Humidity Make sure that you know the humidity range of where you live, so you know what will be safer for your belongings. Keep your precious items up on shelves, so they are not susceptible to damage from water, insects, or rodents on the ground. Leave yourself as large a space in the middle as you can. That way you will be ready if you have to store additional items unexpectedly. More importantly, though, if you have a bit of extra space in the middle, you could even use it as a place for your hobby, if it takes up too much space in your home. Make sure you put as much as you can into the unit, so that you can move into somewhere smaller.

Having less stuff around really does reduce your stress, and when your possessions are in storage, they stay organized and safe. Things that you store in your home tend to be pulled out and disorganized on a regular basis. Make sure that you keep everything labeled that you are storing. If you need something at home and cannot find it, you can easily go to your storage and find it right away. The more organized and simplified you keep things, the easier it will be for you. Even keeping an inventory list of what is inside can help you, if you are becoming a little more forgetful with age. You can type it up online, or write it out—keep a copy at your home, and on at the storage facility as well, so that things are easy.

Odd items As you are organizing your actual items, watch out for odd-shaped pieces. If you are storing many items with a standard shape, and two or three of rather odd shapes, pull the odd-shaped ones out and put them in their own spot. Even libraries store oversized books in their own special location. It makes it easier to keep things compact. If you would like to have fewer belongings but cannot decide what to get rid of, one way to find out what you can live without is to put almost everything in storage. If you do not use something within a year, chances are, you can do without completely. Whatever you forget about or do not use regularly, simply throw it away. Freeing yourself of these extra things will help you to life a simpler life, without being tied down to things that mean nothing to do. Letting go can be hard at first, but once you learn how to throw things away, it will feel liberating, and even fun. Take a look at your needs today, and think about renting a storage unit to simplify your life.

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Downsizing Your Home and Expenses Through the Use of a Storage Unit  

As you get older, your need for lots of space in your home has probably decreased significantly. As children move out of the house, bedrooms...

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