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Definitely being a woman is a unique perspective because there are aspects of being a woman and standing in front of a mirror every day and looking at the same things and having some of the same procedures that my patients want makes a difference. I can talk to them not only as an expert in the surgical aspect but also the post-operative recovery. What hurts, what hurts more than other things. How do you get through it and what are you afraid of? And what are you looking at, especially in the beginning? What is it and why? It's different for different women but there's a lot of threads that carry through that are common to everyone. If you are looking for a natural result, that's what I'm good at. If you're looking for a fake, totally different look I'm not your surgeon. I'm not the one you want to see. If you want somebody that's totally, absolutely a perfectionist, tries to get every stitch right, that's me. Probably the biggest benefit of coming to the La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Center is the experience that the members of the surgical staff have and the nursing staff has. It's been years building up our reputation and it's based not just on marketing but on results, on making patients happy, both with their results but with the whole experience. We put a lot more emphasis on the patient and not on the staff and our needs, but the patient's needs. That makes a big difference in how the patient's experience is perceived. It's not just the surgeons that are part of the team. It's just as important that the first person they talk to on the phone and the first person they see when they come into the office is cheerful and informative and knows what they're talking about and doesn't make them feel like some number that's coming through. Then there's the follow-up with the nurses and in the operating room. It's the whole team. I think it's hard to get together a team that really works together. But when you do you can't beat it. That's what we look for, is the total experience. In addition to being, everybody wants to be good. We're good but we're not just good at the surgical level. We're good at every level. I got a very simple card from a patient maybe six months after surgery. I opened it up and it just said, "You changed my life" and signed. That just summed it up in a few little words that all of the flowery language and gifts and everything. Nothing could have meant more to me than just that simple "You changed my life." What more could you want? Learn more about Dr. Lori Saltz here Schedule a consultation with Dr. Saltz at La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre at 858-452-1981 and visit the LJCSC at 9850 Genesee Ave Suite 130, La Jolla, California.

Dr. Saltz's Persepctive  

Dr. Lori Saltz has a unique persepective as a female plastic surgeon.

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