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Houston Livestock Show and RodeoTM Armed Forces Appreciation Committee

AFAC Bugler Nov. 2012

Chairman’s Greeting Dear AFAC, I would like to take this opportunity to send a very special thank you for all of your help in making our committee Fall Social & Fish Fry a spectacular success and a great evening of celebration. As the word around Reliant Park has it, you set the bar high for all Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™ parties to come.

welcome team of greeters and escorts, vice chairmen Gordon Fox and Terry Walker, captain Mark Campsey, and team members Chuck Simmons, Carol Sawyer, Dr. Tom Sawyer, Terry Bodkin-Agris, Terra Guests, Tom Fleissner, Brett Clappsdale, Bob Gonzales, Stephanie Baird, Knox Nunnally, Fred Shepherd, Nick Low, Robert Renshaw, Larry C. Johnson, and Dot Mitchell. And, as always, I extend a very warm thank you to our ambassadors, Bill Grimes and Buddy Grantham, for coming out to meet our donor friends, VIPs and military guests. It is always an honor to have you in attendance and we appreciate your continued support and friendship.

Thank you, Mystic Martin, for interviewing committeemen, donor friends, and our civilian and military guests, and writing a great cover story on our party. As a bonus, the endorsements were great by the military dignitaries. It has been a pleasure to work with vice chairman Annie Outstanding job! Flores and captain Lori Schroeder these past months. A lot of planning, creativity and craftsmanship transformed We are also very grateful to photographers Ron WalkoviCarruth Plaza into an elegant country setting that sparkled ak, Dick Hudgins and Robin Jason for capturing photos under the Texas stars,. of the event. A link to a photo album is scheduled for release this week. A shout out to our officer in charge Paul Lehnhoff for retaining the awesome band, Horizon! They were amaz- A special thank you goes out to the Bayou City Event ing and a lot of fun! At 10:30 p.m. the dance floor was Center and owner, Lori Schroeder, and manager, Craig still alive! Howard, for your generous donation of cognac. And, thank you, Norma Morrow, for coordinating the details Everyone raved about the food. Thank you, BBQ & Cater- on great discounts for the cigars. ing Team vice chairman Lee Smith, captain Brian Thompson, and members Glenda Johnston, Keith Knee, Also, big thanks to the Show’s wine committees for their John Ramsey, Trenton Davis, Earl Drummer, Melinda generous donation of wine. Haggerton, Anthony Gutierrez, Todd McCorquodale, Garry and Jessica Folkes, Melinda Haggerton, Scott A special thanks to Clint Saunders for your talent and McAlister, Larry Schmidt, Dana Thompson, and An- time designing our party invitations. We love the old thony and Roy Brock. And, a special thank you to Lee world red, white and blue, thank you! Smith’s wife, Carolyn, and their son, Troy, for their help and support. It’s great how guests gravitated to that area And, always, a heartfelt thank you to our staff coordinator, of the party. As I previously expressed, “All good parties Ida Nuncio, for all of your assistance, coordinating our end up in the kitchen.” The food was outstanding orders and being there to watch over the deliveries, stage and all that goes on behind the scenes. We could not have Thank you to our decorators and party planners from the done this without you. Special Projects Team — captain Lori Schroeder, Norma Morrow and Ina Hermes — for your talent and hard Johnnie Westerhaus, our managing director, thank you work with every intricate detail. It was a beautiful even- for your talent and attention to our committee and the deing. tails that bring it all together Vice chairman Annie Flores, captain Alan Folger, and members Renee Brown, Ricky Hope, Harry Leach Robert Davis, and Joe Ellis — you rock! Hanging in trees, climbing ladders — if it has to be done, this is the “Git ‘er Done Squad”! Also, thank you to Johnny Flores and Dennis Morrow for pitching in at the end of the evening to help the squad tear down and clean up. Thank you to Rachel Beth Brown, Glen Nowak, Mike and Colleen Rogers, and Cookie Michael for your hospitality in helping keep the party beautiful, neat and tidy. AFAC members, donors friends, military guests and Show management were welcomed and checked in with the warm and inviting smiles and hugs from our special

The party was a great kick-off to our new season. Thank you sincerely for all of your hard work and dedication making it a very special night. Sincerely yours,


Calendar of Events November 6

14 15 15

Greatest Generation Team Hierarchy Conference Call Military Team Hierarchy Meeting Public Relations Team Meeting BIG FUNDRAISING TURN-IN DATE. Meet Gordon Fox and Tom Fleissner at Reliant Center with your turn-in.

December 21

Last 2012 BIG FUND RAISING TURN-IN DATE. Meet Chairman Robin at Reliant Center with your turn-in.

For Reliant rooms and meeting times please see your membership profile page at or contact your captain.

Houston Livestock Show and RodeoTM Armed Forces Appreciation Committee

AFAC Bugler Appreciation Celebration Maj. Kevin Smith, Texas Army National Guard, said, "Living in Houston, you never think of it as being a military town, but I've never lived anywhere that Under a canopy of Texas stars graced with fall’s cooling weather, the Houston the community supported us more than Houston, especially Rodeo. When you Livestock Show and Rodeo™ Armed Forces Appreciation Committee officially come to events like [Armed Forces Appreciation Day] and you see Coast Guard, kicked off its season with its second annual fall social. Marines, Navy, Air Force, Army, Army Reserve, National Guard, you see how many military folks there are right here in Houston.” The party was hosted by officer in charge Paul Lehnhoff and chairman Robin Young-Ellis in appreciation for AFAC members, donor friends, fellow commit- “When you aren't posted to an installation or base, you don't realize your comtees and military leaders for their support and dedication to the success of Armed rades are all around you. So when you come together, there's the good-natured Forces Appreciation Day. rivalry, but no animosity. Armed Forces [Appreciation] Day is over and above, I can't even use enough adjectives to say what a big deal this is and how much it With the backdrop of Carruth Plaza’s unique collection of large-scale bronze means to the guys and gals to be able to come out and participate,” says Maj. statues, more than 260 party-goers enjoyed the evening with oak trees hung with Smith. mason jars filled with twinkle lights, tables decorated with Normas’s hand-sewn “Just to put in perspective, almost two brigades of soldiers came to Rodeo last runners and hay stacks covered with country blankets. year. People all over this nation support our troops, but Texas will always do Kudos go to our talented barbecue and catering team led by vice chairman Lee bigger, better and bolder, that is just how we are.” Smith and captain Brian Thompson who provided a delicious buffet-style array of fresh fried fish, hush puppies, and okra, grilled chicken kabobs, boiled shrimp, Lt. Col. David Yebra, U.S. Army, and professor of military science at Sam coleslaw, potato salad, and all the favorite trimmings of a traditional good ole’ Houston State University said, "Last year was the first time I experienced the southern fish fry. Dessert was sweet and rich, with attendees indulging in home- Houston Rodeo. It was so overwhelming. I've never seen anything like it. Evemade pies and ice cream. ryone is so eager to reach out their hand to us and say ‘thank you.’ It makes us feel great.” Each year, not only does the AFAC strive to make our day at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo a victory, but we strive to bring that patriotism and pride Following dinner, guests danced into the night to the musical blend of country, to our service men and women throughout the year. blues and southern rock by Horizon while many also enjoyed putting their boots up to relax at the cognac and cigar lounge designed and underwritten by captain Among those special military guests at this year's social were Maj. Gen. Jimmie Lori Schroeder. Jay Wells, U.S. Army, Commanding General of the 75th Mission Command Training, who said, “This is an absolute tremendous contribution of civilian Good friends, food and entertainment were a delightful way to kick off another leadership and civilian support, throughout our community, to recognize the year of committee camaraderie, patriotism and appreciation for the cause that is contributions of our young soldiers, our troops. What we do is a very private so dear to the Armed Forces Appreciation Committee’s members’ hearts – the enterprise; the support of our nation and protecting of our constitution on foreign U.S. military, past and present. soil, but when we come back home, to recognize them with support and appreciation in a very public forum, this tribute to us is an intense honor that we all take as very sacred.” Fall Social & Fish Fry Album : “Being among our citizens and being recognized, we don't fight for that. It is significant for us, from the youngest soldier to someone like me who's been doing this for 32 years. I am very honored anytime I come around our citizens who are gathered in a group and dig in to their pockets because they want to contribute.” October 25, 2012—by Mystic Martin

“By doing this, you help those who are wounded, the families of the fallen and those who are blessed not to have those maladies but continue to support our country. So it means a very significant amount to us. It also helps build our resilience,” says General Wells. “By celebrating what we do, it means we get to be recognized among [70,000] people, in one of the biggest events in the country. So this is very significant and it builds our resilience and helps our force be that much stronger." Dr. Christopher Govekar, Command Executive Officer, 75th Mission Command Training, said, "This is really important for the general character of Houston and the appreciation of troops and veterans. Because Houston is a city that does so much, I can't imagine them not supporting the troops and vets." Col. Mark Campsey, Texas Army National Guard, retired only a year ago after returning home from Iraq, where he led the largest deployment of Texas Army National Guard since World War II. He expressed how important these events and this committee are and how the new scholarships for military dependents through the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo will create tremendous opportunities.

Houston Livestock Show and RodeoTM Armed Forces Appreciation Committee

AFAC Bugler

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT Rod Williams - $2,500.00 Mike Rogers - $1,548.00 Alan Folger - $1,500.00 Colleen Rogers - $1,500.00 Mystic Martin - $1,000.00 Dr. Joe Agris - $1,000.00 Gordon Fox - $1,000.00 Renee Brown - $700.00 Earl Drummer - $432.00

$ 11,180.00 Kudos to a spectacular job and 2013 kick-off!

AFAC Fundraising Updates ♦

You can now download the Cash Contribution Form and Instructional Flyer, Donor Friend Protective List, Acquisition Letters (for new Donor Friends and former Donor Friends) on your membership page, located at the very bottom of the page under Committee Meetings.

Please deliver Contribution Forms and payment to our staff coordinator Mrs. Ida Nuncio.

For questions, contact Administrative Team Fundraising Development Coordinator, Tom Fleissner at 832-865-4448 or

AFAC Bugler  

Monthly Newsletter for the Armed Forces Appreciation Committee.

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