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lJB: Thank you so much for deciding to do this interview Nikk. Your participation is greatly appreciated. lJB: I'd like to start us off with what was your sole inspiration for starting a sorority? Nikk: No problem i'm happy i was selected XD Nikk: well because i was in a sorority a couple of years ago and i really enjoyed being in it long story short i loved the idea of being able to inspire women of all ages Nikk: esp here on IMVU , u dont really noe how many lives u touch on a day to day basis lJB: Nod, that's very philanthropic of you. Nikk: thank yu lol lJB: What are the values you try to instill within your sorority? Nikk: well we have 4 and thats encouragement , class , strength and sisterhood lJB: Interesting, and what does sisterhood mean to you? Nikk: to me sisterhood means a group of women coming together as 1 with a common bond and common interest regardless of what that may be lJB: I agree, but why do you feel sisterhood is important within a sorority? Nikk: because your "sisters" are your life line in a soro they are like the bread to a sammich without the bread its no sandwhich lJB: That's a very interesting analogy Nikk. Now what would you stay was the most difficult part of starting your own sorority? Nikk: hmm thinking off the topic of my head i would have to say Nikk: getting support from other soros , its a lot on here and its like a rat race every man for themelves when it shouldnt be like that if we r a "greek community" lJB: Nod. You previously said that Class was one of your core values. Is there a certain way you expect your Soros to behave? Nikk: Yeah, we expect them to behave as "classy" women -- they are a representation of Gamma Psi Gamma so their actions reflect on the soro as a whole lJB: I agree, with that being said. How do you feel about the prescense of women within the Greek World? Do you feel as if their numbers are increasing? Nikk: The numbers are increasing rapidly and I just feel as women we need to stick together we already have a strike aganist us because we are women so I just feel as Nikk: women we need to stick together more lJB: Very well said, before we close this interview do you have any words of wisdom you'd like to share with potential Soros? lJB: *Sorors Nikk: Just grind, stick it out and most importantly have fun its gonna be some bumps in the road but if this is what you want to do go for it dont let anyone tell you not to Nikk: anddd dont get discourage because there are so many on here , set your soro apart from everyone else Nikk: discouraged* lJB: Nod, it's been a pleasure speaking with you, and I'd like to Congradulate you on the line you passed on the 13th. Nikk: Thank you !! & thank you for having me xD lJB: Thank you again for your time.

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