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There was a time when everything was dark, and I was all consumed only with the shadows of a cursed life. I couldn’t see an end and believed I’d never be able to move forward out of the ashes, and rise like I was supposed to do. I used to lie down, and take it. I was black and blue, and somehow that became me. For so long, I was that person the one who was trodden into the ground. They said I could trust them. They said that they loved me. But even though I took my time to see it there was hope. It came in the form of one tiny spark, the only thing left inside me that hinted I was a real person, and I was really alive. A voice that kept on telling me I deserved more, and I deserved better. It told me to talk. There was a time, when everything was dark and I was so scared to move just incase I put a foot wrong. But that seems so long ago now, I’m not that person anymore. I listen to the spark that tells me I am strong, and I speak up. I’m no longer black and blue, I am all the colours of the rainbow, because that is what I choose.

There was a time