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Letter to a well-known poet. I decided to write to a well-known poet asking if he could tell me what makes A good poem. Do you have to rhyme? I asked first. And - Do you have to capture a moment in time perfectly? And what about metaphors? Should I use them? I’ve always liked the image of burnt embers fading to their last light, but I can’t seem to fit them into anything I’ve written. At least it’s a spark of an idea and I’m proud because I think I just demonstrated a metaphor in that last sentence… a poetical device! I know that’s what they’re called because I googled it! That’s something that I probably shouldn’t admit. Am I a bad poet because of it? So anyway, then I asked about Haikus. Or should I say Twaikus? That’s what the kids are calling them today. Micro-poetry: A twaiku is a haiku Tweeted on twitter. Come to think of it, I wasn’t actually sure if that was even relevant to my letter. Anyway, this was about a month ago. I licked it, stamped it and sent it away. I’ve not had a response yet.

Letter to a well known poet  
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