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Programme Title: BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Level: 6

Module Title: Extended Practice

Module Code: OUGD603

Brief Title: Spelling Bee

Module Leader/Tutors: Amber Smith, Andy Lodge, Simon Harrison, Phil M

Module Credits: 60

Weighting of Brief within Module: 100%

Context I am a designer concerned with print based solutions in the fields of branding and publishing design created primarily for the fashion and culture sectors, using a mix of both type and image. I also have a strong interest in copywriting and the importance of communicating successfully through both language and design. Brief or Tasks Gather a complete knowledge about one single thing (spelling bees) and make that accessible for the public in the form of a book. Think about how you will present your in depth knowledge of the subject in a way that is engaging and fun to read, as well as informing the intended audience. Preparation/Research suggestions The whole point of this brief is to research as thoroughly as you can into your chosen subject, so it is important that you are able to gather as much relevant information as possible. Research into audience and who this subject and book would appeal to. Research into books of a similar genre. Research into suitable book formats, processes and styles. Fully Booked: Ink on Paper: Design and Concepts for New Publications by Andrew Losowsky Turning Pages: Editorial Design for Print Media by Robert Klanten and Sven Ehmann Book Design (Portfolio) by Andrew Haslam Evidence – for this project students should submit One book - the format and size of which will be decided once thorough research has been completed.

Development, research and outcomes should be documented on the appropriate blogs.

Briefing: Monday 30/09/2013

Deadline: Thursday 22/05/2014

Spelling bee brief  
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