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Programme Title: BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Level: 6

Module Title: Extended Practice

Module Code: OUGD603

Brief Title: A Very _ Christmas

Module Leader/Tutors: Amber Smith, Andy Lodge, Simon Harrison, Phil M

Module Credits: 60

Weighting of Brief within Module: 100%

Context I am a designer concerned with print based solutions in the fields of branding and publishing design created primarily for the fashion and culture sectors, using a mix of both type and image. I also have a strong interest in copywriting and the importance of communicating successfully through both language and design. Brief or Tasks You must project manage and create the branding and promotional material for a charitable project that will involve selling a range of christmas post cards that are based on either Christmas films or Christmas songs. The cards will be type or illustration based, and created by third years studying Graphic Design at Leeds College of Art. The proceeds from the sale of the cards, distributed both online and in events in Leeds, will be going to Simon on the Streets, a local homeless charity.

Preparation/Research suggestions Gather research on successful projects, and see how they have communicated their brand and ideas. Consider the design you will create and how you will brief other students on the project. Consider the audience that will buy this type of card. Managing the Design Process - Implementing Design: An Essential Manual for the Working Designer Terry Stone Know Your Onions: Graphic Design Drew de Soto Evidence – for this project students should submit A logo and designed identity for the project, this will include promotional items to make people aware of the project. Packaging for the cards to sent in. Website to sell the cards on.

Development, research and outcomes should be documented on the appropriate blogs.

Briefing: Monday 30/09/2013

Deadline: Thursday 22/05/2014