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Please answer the following 5 questions: 1. Describe how you and your partners worked on this assignment. Describe the work that you did together and individually with your partners for this assignment. -To be completely honest, we did not get together as much as we should have. Finally after Brent dropped the class, I took these matters into my own hands set up appts with the other group members and signed out study rooms to start our project and I also started the power-points and notes on my own and waited for the other group members to contribute to what I had to offer. Near the end I could feel a lot of tension within the group, mainly we were just stressed out with being so rushed, but it was ultimately our fault and our grade at stake. 2. Did you feel your lesson plan and presentation were effective? Did your team achieve what they wanted to accomplish? Did you achieve what you wanted to accomplish? -I feel our lesson plan outlined everything we were doing that day, our presentation which was mainly power-point I felt was very well set up, each group member had their own few slides and what we needed to talk about on a sheet in front of us so we were able to engage the students into what we had to teach them without starring at the smart board the whole time. I felt I achieved everything that I wanted to accomplish during the presentation; only one thing is not to be so nervous, nerves get the best of you. 3. How did you feel before, during, and after your class presentation? Why did you feel this way? -I felt much stressed before the presentation, I did not want to let my group members down and I wanted to show to myself that I was capable of talking in front of a group of peers without shaking. During my part of the presentation I started to ease into being more comfortable and relaxing while I was asking the class questions on my slides and somewhat quizzing them on my testing slides to make sure they were paying attention, which they were so that helped me out a lot knowing the class was interested into what I was teaching them. After my presentation I was relaxed and a little shaky, I mainly felt this way because talking in front of peers or anyone for me is a very difficult this to accomplish but I felt I did a good job. 4. What were the strengths/weaknesses of your collaborative presentation? What were the strengths/weaknesses of your individual presentation skills? -our strength of our presentation was that we were all very interested in the subject that we were teaching and that gave us motivation to push along and do a good job. Our weakness was that we were not prepared as much as I would have liked. That

night before I was up till midnight re doing the presentation to fit my group members needs and I had all my stuff I needed in order and exactly how I wanted it. Whereas some of the other group members did not have that motivation that I put forward in preparing for the presentation and that made it more difficult that it should have been. The strength of my presentation was that I had my notes right in front of me I was able to look right off my own sheet and not worry about missing a cue card or missing something that was written on the slide also. A weakness from my part of the presentation was that I was mainly nervous and I was shaking trying to be as calm and confident as possible for the class mates to take what I was teaching them seriously. 5. Describe what you would do differently if you could change your presentation. Why?

-I wouldn’t do much stuff differently in our presentation, I am the sort of person where I take on the work load and do it all myself because I feel if I do it all myself ill get it all done and it will be good because I do everything to my best ability all the time. I was happy with handing the class out a worksheet to follow along on the slides, I wish that the group member who made this, put more questions on it for the students to write down so they would have everything in their notes for the upcoming exam and that there was enough for all the students to have their own. I also wish that the group member had a answer key to go along with the questions to the students could fill in where ever they missed an answer instead of us running through each slide trying to find their answer. Ultimately I feel our presentation was good, I do feel though we were not as prepared as we should have been, and that disappointed me quite a bit, but all in all our presentation grasped the main concepts and I feel we did a good job.

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