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Journal: Do you feel that you are a competent communicator? What goals do you have to become a better communicator? Explain using examples vocabulary from Chapter 1. (150 to 200 words)

I personally believe I am not a competent communicator because I do not like public speaking some might say I am in the “awkward” stage. But as i have gotten older I have become better and more skilled when it comes to communicating with every step that I take. I’m starting to relax more when it comes speaking because I feel more confident with myself now then when I was younger. There are many qualities you must have to be a competent communicator, there is no ideal way to communicate, and keeping an open mind will help the conversation move more smoothly. Depending on the situation we must change our communication skills to best apply to the situation that we are in, just so we do not offend anyone. Communication comes into play in a lot of different situations, and one of those is in relationships. Relationships are one of the most important places to communicate, and if we do not communicate or communicate a little, then mainly the girl will over analyze everything in the relationship and in the communication between the two people. Relationships are the one place that we all need to be able to communicate and not be afraid to say what is on our mind and it will lead to a more committed relationship.

Journal: Q: Who are the people who have most influenced your self-concept in the past? What messages did they give you? A: The people that have influenced me the most in the past are my family, most importantly my sisters. I grew up in a household of four sisters and no brothers, and of course I was the middle child of the family. My two older sister were very smart when they were in school and I was always the later “developing” one in the family, they always joked to me by saying that I would never make it to middle or high school and if I did manage to make it to middle or high school I would end up in the foundations class because that’s where I belonged. This has stuck with me for almost until I was entering high school, from elementary to middle school I always thought I was so stupid and no one would want anything to do with me. I do try my hardest in school these days but I never can seem to come out with a outcome that I really like, and if I do manage to come out with a good mark, my parents always reflect it back towards my two older sisters. This is not a positive influence that I have had to deal with but I have somewhat managed to overcome this and now I am working to my best ability to strive to receive the marks I want.

Journal: In my past experience, learning for me has been the most difficult to grasp and fully understand on how to do. I feel like I am a very motivated person and I give everything my all. But when it comes to learning, even though I may give it my all, it always comes out in a negative way. I have always been a 50 average student when I want to be a 80 or above average student, it seems to never come my way, even if I put and give it my all. The most useful teacher tip I took from reading the article was all the different

seating diagrams that they had set up for us. I personally find seating arrangements a good idea, especially for a younger class so they are less to get distracted with the students around them. When I become a teacher I want to become the best teacher I can possibly be, and I want my class room to be as inviting as it can possibly be and this article really helped me understand the whole meaning behind being a excellent teacher.

Journal: C: (Child to Parent) “I hate you guys! You always go out and leave me with some stupid sitter. Why don’t you like me?” Response: “Sweetheart it’s not that we do not like you, we love you more than anything in this world. There is just sometimes where we would like to go out on our own and have our own time without any distractions. We’re sorry that you feel that about us leaving and also the sitter but your maybe stuck with the sitter for less than 3 hours, everything will be okay and sooner or later you will be able to sit your younger brother and sister, so if you think about it your getting “trained” to become a good sitter.”

Journal: Invitation to Insight; Your Relational Stage 1) My present stage at my relationship is in between experimenting and intensifying because we still live with our own families but we have been together for 9 months, but at the same time we have been talking about living with each other, and what our lives would be like with each other. 2) I personally believe we are going to move into the intensifying stage more because of the way we are around each other, we love to be around each other and we are planning on moving in with each other. There are fights within our relationship but we manage to get through them very smoothly and that only builds a relationship stronger. 3) I personally am very satisfied about my opinion on question 2 because we are both very excited about the future together, and I personally can’t see myself with anyone else and neither can he. The only thing I can do to move ahead a stage is be done school, we can’t start a family while I’m still in school, but we are able to move out together while I’m in school because that’s not a major stepping stone like marriage or having a family is. 4) My partners perspective on this relationship is the exact same as mine, because we both want the same things in life and we are both able to make each other happy. My partner would say the exact same thing I am saying, but he could possibly start a family sooner than I would want because he is not going to school anymore and he is a bit older than me, but he supports my decisions 100% so we are basically on the same page in this relationship.

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