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Alfred Dunhill Research File. Elizabeth Fisher.

About the brand. An overview. • Dunhill is a British luxury goods brand; specialising in Ready-To-Wear, bespoke, leather goods and accessories.

It’s based in London, where they both own and operate a leather workshop.

• It’s currently owned by Richemont; a Switzerland based luxury goods holding group that was established in 1988. • Has over 100 years of history, a strong sense of heritage. They define British elegance, and each collection is no different with the pieces being inspired by English tailoring traditions.

Obsessed with details and fanatical on quality.

Designed for the ‘perfect gentleman’

A history. • The Alfred Dunhill brand was developed when he inherited his dad’s saddlery business in 1893, at the tender age of 21. • He then developed ‘Dunhill Motorities’ in 1904, when the desire for the motor business was on the rise; he then moved onto pipes as it seemed the next logical step. • After World War I the Dunhill brand moved outside of the UK, opening stores in New York (1921) and Paris (1924). • Alfred Dunhill, himself retired in the 1920s but his family carried on the business with his attitudes and characteristics.

• stores.

During World War II, they supplied George VI & Churchill with their favourite cigars. By the late 1970s, the brand offered a range of 3,500 luxury products, in over 20

By spanning such a variety of goods, dunhill was able to revolutionize men’s fashions at the turn of the century. It’s a little known fact that Alfred Dunhill was actually the inventor (in 1907) of the articulation of the rear view mirror.

“My experience in the motorists’ trade has convinced me that, if one can exactly meet the desires of a good class of public, time alone is necessary to make it profitable.”


• wholly.

The Dunhill stores are known as the Homes of Dunhill. They represent the experience of luxury; allowing the customers to live the brand

• The stores include: bespoke tailoring parlours, barbers, fine wine cellars, bars, restaurants, screening rooms, spas and even hotel rooms.

These homes are based in London, Shanghai, Tokyo & Hong Kong

Sponsorship. • They have their own Golf tournament, Dunhill Links Championship. Played over three famous links golf courses – the Old Course at St. Andrews, Carnoustie and Kingsbarns.

Product Placement. • Since ‘Dr No’ released in 1962, the Dunhill brand has supplied both suits and lighters to James Bond movies.


Dunhill is a high-priced brand, that is known for being luxurious

It’s well respected by both the industry and consumers alike.

• cutum.

More expensive than brands like Canoli, but instead closer to brands such as Aquas-

Social media.

Facebook: 507,455 likes & 28,328 talking about this.

Twitter: 12.5k followers & 786 tweets.

Instagram: 415 followers & 17 posts.

LinkedIn: 3,040 followers.

Google+: 322 in their circle.

Pinterest: 305 followers & 42 likes. 14 boards & 171 pins.

SWOT analysis. Strengths:

Dunhill is a prestigious member of the Richemond group. Offers the ultimate experience of masculinity to men. Been worn by royalty & featured in James Bond. 50 stores around the world, one of the first to have flagships in London, Paris & New Yok. Extensive adverts to promote products; more successful. Sponsors golf tournaments, including their own.


Online retail isn’t as clear to use, and as successful as others. Large presence of international brands that offer similar products. Limited presence in the more emerging marketplaces.


Emerging markets & expansions over seas. Expanision into more hospitality ventures.


Other brands offer similar products at a cheaper price bracket. Increase in material pricing. Fake imitations & replicas.

Consumer group.

Sophisticated gentleman.

Business Environment.

Casualwear needed also.

Mid - to - high price bracket.

Travels alot.

Quite serious both in life and clothing choices.

Enjoys a luxorious lifestyle

Short of time.


Media choices.







Mens Health




Target Consumer Profile. The target customer for the Alfred Dunhill brand is a very professional male, that is highly sophisticated in both their working life and in the free-time. Therefore they spend the majority of their time around a business environment, working long hours for a high-profiled company. They dedicate their life to getting the most out of their jobs, by working extra hours, and arranging meetings around their normal day. Within their respective companies, they are high-powered but not within the top tier; rather than being CEO’s for example they would be account executives and in managerial positions. As fairly high-powered businessmen, they would travel alot, and therefore be more invovled with the world, and therefore would use their smartphone as much as shopping in stores. Since they have a high-powered jobs, they will be based in a large city, most likely London, with an average salary of 25K and over. Due to the high-profile job role they wil be expected to keep up their strong business appearance. This is what really attracts them to the Dunhill brand, the suits are tailored to perfection, with their made to measure sector and use only the highest quality materials. The Dunhill brand allows for a clear way to demonstrate their wealth not only with their wage, but also the wealth within their business knowledge. From their large salary, it allows the consumer to enjoy a highly luxurious lifestyle. Buying themselves nice clothing, powerful cars and when traveling staying in prestigous hotels. While they have become accustomed to this life of luxury, they don’t have as much time as they would like to enjoy it. Working long hours, and going on a number of business trips means that they are short on time within their personal life. Even off-duty, in their personal life they still have a smart dress sense, their understanding of causalwear would be what most people think of as smartcasual. This smartness is a value they reflect in all aspects of their life and are very serious with how they choose to live. They will live in large sized apartments, that are highly organised and have highly specific interests, that allow them to use their free-time to take a break from their job.

Theme ideas.

• • •

Casino Night: reflect the ‘gentleman’ ideal and value of the brand. Take it all back to where the brand began (cigars & cars) Celebrate collaboration between Dunhill & Johnnie Walker (Whiskey) Dinner presentation: demonstrate new collection. Formal occasion, lavish and over the top Car show: take it back to where the Dunhill brand started. Demonstrate it’s still as involved with heritage as future.

Casino Night!

• • • • • • • • • • •

Rent a poker room in a casino. Hotels with casinos in them. Largest casinos in UK. Choose a big city - London/Manchester. Use the London Dunhill ‘home’. In association with ‘Jonnie Walker’ Whiskey cocktails. James Bond feel to the event. High luxury. ‘Gentleman’s club’. After-party event.

Hotels with Casinos in London.

Palm Beach Casino - The Mayfair Hotel

The Ritz Club - The Ritz (QUOTE & ROOM WAITING)

Casinos in London.

• • •

Empire Casino Napoleons Hippodrome

The Empire Casino.

• •

• • • •

Can rent out ‘The Shadow Room’ in the Empire Casino (QUOTE WAITING) With capacity for up to 150.


W London - Leicester Square Radisson Blu Edwardian Hampshire Hotel Thistle, Trafalgar Square Sofitel, London St. James

Hippodrome Casino.

Can rent a number of different rooms.

HOTELS NEAR: • The Savoy Formal enough to fit with the brand, close proximity to Hippodrome. Grand entrance when turning up to first event. Number of different private dining rooms. Classic rooms for ‘celeb’ & high-profile guests to stay over. Put up 40 members of media & 20 ‘celebrities’ in attendance.

• Corinthia Hotel Grand decor, tieing in with the mood of the brand & event. Large dining areas, with vast choice of menu options. Lavish rooms & suites to put guests up in. • The Cavendish Great venue, could move both events into the one hotel, however would then have to be much more selective with who to invite as rooms are much smaller.

• The Dorchester Great venue for the meal portion of the event. Great space room so could invite more guests that potentionally planning on. All types of bedrooms are high-quality and have a clear sense of luxury about them.

• Hazlitt’s: Not right for the event and guests - too much like a business hotel.

Locations. Casino location. Hippodrome Casino.


Beef carpaccio, pickled girolles & horse radish Smoked salmon quail egg & caviar Tuna pops wasabi & avocado puree Cheese & pineapple skewers Foie gras on toast cherry jam & apple puree Beef sliders & house sauce Arancni balls, dolce latte & pear Coriander & chilli crab cakes Baby gem, blue cheese, pickled tomato 4EROSGVYQFIHGLMGOIRÁPPIXWLMTTSWEYGI Fish & chips, tartare sauce Beef wellington, béarnaise Duck & watermelon salad Tomato & mozzarella on crispy Italian bread Vegetable spring rolls, hot sauce Bell peppers stuffed with goat’s cheese Spiced chicken sliders Fat chips homemade bbq sauce Sweet corn chowder & Cornish crab Tallegio with poached quince & red wine Bacon roll, HP sauce

DESSERTS 'YWXEVHSVETTPIÁPPIH(SYKLRYXW Chilled vanilla Rice pudding cup, seasonal jam Cherry Bakewell Tiramisu Watermelon mint & vodka granite shot Coconut Crème brulee Macaroon selection New York style cheese cake with blue berry Pecan pie Chocolate brownie Fruit tartlets

With Johnnie Walker.


Luxury drinks brand.

• Established in 1820, Johnnie Walker is the world’s leading Scotch Whisky brand and the most valuable premium spirit brand. • Johnnie Walker can be found in almost 200 countries, with six bottles of Johnnie Walker Blended Scotch Whisky sold every second • The rare casks used in the blending of Johnnie Walker Blue Label are drawn from the largest reserves of whisky in the world. The casks are hand-selected and set aside for their exceptional quality, character and flavour. They are truly special, with only 1 in 10,000 containing whisky of sufficient character to deliver its remarkably smooth signature taste.

Previous Collaboration.

Created by two iconic houses.

• Johnnie Walker Blue Label Limited Edition Collection designed by Alfred Dunhill is a product of a remarkable partnership between pioneers united in their shared journey to achieve the extraordinary. • Inspired by the pioneering spirit of Johnnie Walker, together with Alfred Dunhill’s love for travel, two purveyors of British luxury come together to celebrate shared journeys and achievements with a new limited edition collection. • Johnnie Walker Blue Label Limited Edition Collection designed by Alfred Dunhill is inspired by the landscape, nature and raw beauty of Scotland, bringing an uncompromising, shared vision of progressive modernity while holding true to heritage and craftsmanship.

Guest ideas. Media - Magazines.

• • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • •

Wonderland magazine (UK) Huw Gwyther GQ (UK & US) Nick Carvell (online), Dylan Jones (Print) & Jim Nelson (US) Esquire (UK & US) Alex Bilmes & David M.Granger (US) Hunger (UK) Rankin Rollacoaster (UK) Jack Mills Numero Homme (French) Elisabeth Djian Hercules (Spain) Francesco Sourigues & David Vivirido Grind (Japan) [first Dunhill home] Could Not Find Fashion for Men (Italy) Milan Vukmirovic AnOther Man (UK) Jefferson Hock & Alister Mackie Vogue Hommes International Paris (French) Olivier Lalanne VMan (US) Elliot David

Media - Blogs.

DapperDude (UK) Could Not Find Menswear style (UK) Craig Landale The everyday man (UK) John Robertson Ape to gentleman (UK) Graham Jones A Suitable Wardrobe (US) Will Boehlke Inventory Ryan Willms Mr Porter Chris Elvidge

Male fashion icons.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Nick Grimshaw Radio Presenter Marc Ronson DJ David Gandy Model Tinie Tempah Singer Justin Timberlake Singer Pharrell Williams Singer/Producer Alex Turner Singer David Beckham Footballer Oliver Cheshire Model Eddie Redmayne Model/Actor Johannes Huebl Model/Photographer/Designer Nick Cave Musician Patrick Grant Designer Douglas Booth Model/Actor George Lamb TV Personality.

• • • • • • • •

Tom Hardy Actor Daniel Craig Actor Dan Stevens Actor Tom Hiddleston Actor Dermot O’Leary TV Presenter Idris Elba Actor/DJ Benedict Cumberbatch Actor Bill Nighy Actor


Event details. Casino Night:

Reflecting the ‘gentleman’ ideal and value of the brand. Take it all back to where the brand began. • Launch party for new gifting collection launch - Special edition whiskey boxes, poker sets & casino games box set.

Extravagant dinner in a ‘posh’ hotel.

Sneak preview of the collection to selected media and customers.

After dinner whiskey cocktails.

Moving from dinner into private casino room (becoming much more selective)

Private tables of poker, blackjack & baccarat (with training tables as needed)

Canapes passed out by waiters in bow-ties and waistcoats.

Whiskey cocktails served

• • • • • • • • • •

Whiskey Cocktails: Old Fashioned: orange peel, maraschino cherry, gomme syrup, 2-3 drops whisky bitters,Scotch or bourbon Chancellor Cocktail: Scotch whisky, ruby port, 1/2 ounce French vermouth Manhattan: sweet vermouth, bourbon, angostura bitters, maraschino cherry Emerald: whiskey, Italian vermouth, orange bitters Rob Roy: Scotch, sweet vermouth, Angostura bitters Irish Redhead: Irish Whiskey, grenadine, lemonade, lemon and lime juice The Brown Derby: Bourbon, freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, honey Blackberry Smash: Blackberries, mint, red plum, simple syrup, cointrea, whiskey Satans Circus: Rye whiskey, Cherry Liqueur, Chile-Infused Aperol, fresh lemon juice New York Sour: Rye or bourbon whiskey, fresh lemon juice, gomme syrup

Research file for Dunhill event.  
Research file for Dunhill event.