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« The fabric expert that creates your collections »

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COMPANY Set up in 2001, Lizybiz has built its reputation on sophisticated fabrics and top-of-therange quality flat screen printing adapted to the requirements of the most demanding brands. A company providing complete fabric solutions, Lizybiz embodies a true creative spirit, combining the finest materials and exclusive designs. With two benchmark collections per year, Lizybiz is constantly renewing its range of materials and designs.

ÂŤ A real think tank at the heart of your creative process Âť Since its foundation, Lizybiz has broadened its range of services by providing clothes databases and offering other creative ideas in the design and creation of its collections to accompany the Ready-to-wear brands. Lizybiz is constantly seeking out the highest levels of expertise and choosing reliable manufacturing solutions, and offers Readyto-wear brands a global import and delivery service of their fabrics and clothes projects.




« We seek out the highest levels of printing expertise in Asia »


As printing specialists, we have made it our policy to choose the most specialised printing techniques, including flat screen printing and hand printing; these require the involvement of a great number of processes and a high level of expertise. The beauty of a design is to a great extent determined by the detailed analysis and the interpretation of the original model, as well as by the technical and artistic qualities of the engraver.


Since 2006, Lizybiz has also specialised in yarn-dyed fabric: - the “urban” style, clean, neat, inspired from men’s shirts, mercerised finishing, plied yarns, giving a refined and pure look. - the “cottage” look, unstructured gauze fabrics with a light and airy feel. Lizybiz only works with top-of-the-range, successful factories: a manufacturing commitment without compromise.


GARMENTS Tailored or loose-fitting lines, straight or bias cuts, plain garments or fabrics embellished with embroidery, sober pieces or outfits adorned with beads, spangles and sequins; pagoda, butterfly or bat sleeves, short ruffled sleeves or slit cap sleeves; flowing drapes; pleats, gathers and darts; draped or crumpled effects, cross-over necklines, vents and princess or fancy seaming; below-chest panels, lightly accentuated or ruched bust; round or square necklines; visible and invisible zips, thin straps, ribbon ties, plain or print linings, tulle flounces, lace finishes, bourdon stitch, needlecraft, embroidered braid, coloured stitching; press studs, button and loop fastenings or lacing‌ ... Lizybiz provides you with valuable support and guidance for your most creative projects. Our partner factories have been selected for their expert embellishment skills so that the cut and shape of your garments captivate your clientele.

ÂŤCreation and garments in all its forms Âť

FABRICS « Lizybiz’s sensitive approach is made evident in sourcing its materials »

Permanent sourcing is carried out by Lizybiz and its loyal network of correspondents all over the world (India, China, Peru, Japan, etc). Once sourced, a new fabric is firstly tested with a partner printing factory. Lizybiz carries out its own tests and will judge the results and from there on creative proposals are included in its own collection.

SILK POPLIN COTTON CHIFFON T-SHIRT / JERSEY FABRIC HABUTAI POLYESTER THIN JERSEY WOOL ETAMINE PERCALE LINEN CREPE DE CHINE SILK SATIN VOILE At Lizybiz, we love beautiful fabrics and beautiful stories. From Indian cotton voile to Chinese silk, and not forgetting the “second skin” – cotton jerseys –, Lizybiz sources the noblest and the most refined fabrics and materials, always ensuring to work with authentic producers and weavers.

ÂŤ Exclusive print collections Âť

PRINTS Allow our collections to lead you on a journey of discovery through different worlds: romantic flowers, graphic flowers, mini-flowers, twin-tones, geometric patterns, polka dots, paisley patterns, checks, stripes, abstract prints, etc. You can also take advantage of our database of 10,000 designs and our collection of vintage fabrics.

S « The finest quality flat screen printing»

CLOTHES « Creative embellishments to add a personal touch to your clothes »

Renowned for its design collections, Lizybiz also offers particular clothing styles and all sorts of creative embellishments (pleats and traditional embroidery, Cornely embroidery, appliqué work, serigraphy silkscreen process, patchwork, studs, smocked pieces, etc), as well as special treatments on finished products (piece dying, enzyme wash, fade-friendly pigment, bleaching, etc.)

ÂŤ Clothing ideas for a more rapid finalisation of your collections Âť


« The all-inclusive service of a purchasing office: monitoring of production and supervision of imports » Lizybiz develops creative products that go hand in hand with tried and tested manufacturing solutions. We never work with factory collectives that are out of touch with the spirit of western brands and leading trends: we identify the expertise and develop our own interpretation. Lizybiz provides you with valuable support and guidance within a secure strategy of relocation of your production to Asia in particular, thanks to: - two offices based in India, one in Delhi (set up 6 years ago) and a second in Bangalore - long-term partners in China and an in-depth knowledge of French-Chinese relations. We buy for you and offer a complete service including quality control, production monitoring and import of your merchandise.

With Lizybiz, « Made in Monde » has become « Made for France » ; and, over the course of our privileged relationship with a ready-towear brand, our service has become « Made for You » .

« Quality control at all stages of your projects »

For over 8 years, Lizybiz has been perfecting an original method of upstream and early testing which has enjoyed a great deal of success. In the highly specialised domain of topof-the-range ready-to-wear garments, technical specifications and checking the merchandise no longer suffice. The meticulousness of the control procedure requires that we call upon the western eye of experienced product designers at all stages, from design to production of the clothes. This original and comprehensive method can be summed up as follows: 1. The stylistic judgment of Lizybiz: when it comes to fashion, you cannot rely on technical tests alone. 2. The selection of the finest expertise and factories, while taking into account the pertinence of a large number of criteria (know-how, quality, prices, deadlines, size, confidentiality of your projects, etc...) 3. The perfect “Project – Factory – Country” correlation: the projects launched always correspond to the expertise of the factories concerned. 4. Pretesting is carried out in new factories before your future projects begin. 5. Personalised on-site production control by dedicated Lizybiz teams (New Delhi, Bangalore, Shanghai, Suzhou) in addition to the factory’s own production control. 6. The increasing number of control samples carried out throughout the manufacturing process and the final quality control by our teams or independent laboratories.

« The finest Ready-to-wear brands count on Lizybiz for their resources »

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“The fabric expert that creates your collections”