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The following items can pollute a person’s thinking or negatively affect his or her relationship with God. List them in order of their potential for harm, with #1 being the most harmful: _MTV, VH1, BET _Nudie magazines _TV _Radio _Newspapers _Gambling _Music with cussing _R-rated movies _Glamour magazines _Comic books _Video games _X-rated movies _Reality TV shows _Twitter _PG-13 movies _Facebook _Texting _Instant messenger _Talk shows _Cartoon network _Others:

2. Who do you think should decide what is “soul pollution” for you? ___Parents

___Church leaders






How do you feel after immersing yourself in a puddle of soul pollution? (Circle one) Peaceful Guilty Happy Fulfilled Ashamed Excited Embarrassed Weak Joyful Proud

4. Read Psalm 119:9-11. Describe in your own words: What was the question asked? ______________________________________________________ What was the solution? ____________________________________________________________


Jim is a Christian. He is also a typical kid who likes to watch reality shows, listen to popular music, text, get on facebook, and go to movies that all of his friends rave about. The problem is, sometimes Jim comes away from a movie feeling “dirty” and far from God. The same thing happens from time to time after watching MTV or listening to certain songs. Jim’s youth director once said that Christians shouldn’t watch or listen to if Jesus was hanging out with them. Jim doesn’t want to become a hermit, yet he doesn’t like the feeling he gets when he tries to enjoy what is popular with his friends. What should Jim do?

Soul Pollution  

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