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Solar Home Decathlon

Bush Presidential Library, Texas

Recycled Leather Floor

Chestnut Buffalo mixed with metal inserts High traffic

“We’ve had more than 80,000 people walk through the floor when the (modular) house was on the National Mall …. And then we had it installed in front of the George W. Bush Library where thousands again walked through… and the floor still looks great! It’s amazing how your floor shows no wear!.. Your floor did miraculously well!” - Professor P. Fisk, Architect, Texas A&M, 2011, installed 2007


Kips Bay Decorator Show House Manhattan, New York

Recycled Leather Floor

Ebony Crocodile Jumbo Tiles

HIgh traffic - 20,000+ visitors

“….if you are in NY you should make a trip to see it! The room (and especially the floor) has been getting a great amount of press coverage, for example, it was featured in the New York Times. The installation went smoothly…Floor looks great!” - H. Keech, installed 2013


Posada de Sao Tiago Hotel


Recycled Leather Floor

Custom Elephant Texture

Standard hotel traffic

“….your floor still looks the same as the day it was installed. The owner of the hotel is very happy with the leather floor and its performance… and the clients love it” - T. Cheung, 2013, installed in 2008


Selve Shoe Store

New Jersey

Recycled Leather Floor

Mahogany Buffalo

Standard Retail Traffic since 2008

“…The leather floor looks great and our clients always ask questions about it… they want that for their house.” - K. Lund, 2011


Street of Dreams Designer Showcase House Tucson, AZ

Recycled Leather Floor Burgundy Buffalo

19,000+ documented walk through on the bedroom floor

“The floor is perfect. It’s awesome and everyone loves it.” - E. Miller, Designer, 2010


Office & Walkway

Malibu, CA

Recycled Leather Floor & Wall Chestnut Buffalo

Office Traffic

“You want me to show wear of our leather floor? We love to help you out but I’d be hard pressed to find wear for you – it looks the same as when we installed it seven years ago!” - D. Campbell, Office Manager, 2013


Spyder Clothing Company

Worldwide HQ, Boulder, CO

Lobby, offices, and showroom areas Installed in 2008 & 2010

“The leather floor looks great. We’re expanding the offices and we’re putting more leather floors in the new areas.” - B. Collins, Spyder


Urgent Care Medical Clinic Washington, DC

Recycled Leather Floor & Wall

Grizzly Sable Planks High traffic

“The floor works great…a third of the patients comment on the leather floor… On the walls, your leather performs better than the wood and laminates on our counter areas even if they all get banged the same way with our carts.” - Dr. C. Timm, 2013, installed 2009


Hair Salon

McLean, VA

Recycled Leather Floor

Custom Mahogany Buffalo Planks Heavy retail traffic

“ The leather floor is working out great …it looks really good … come anytime to visit!” - J.P. Archour, salon owner, 2013, installed in 2009



Stair Case & Landings Snowmass, CO

Recycled Leather Sheets

Mahogany Buffalo

Residential ski chalet with dogs and short-term tenants

“ well the leather has worn… The maid just mops it to maintain it like the hardwoods…. I adopted a dog from the pound and was rather worried about his sharp toe nails on the leather - it still is perfect. I am absolutely delighted with everything and when the time comes for another project will most definitely be back in touch” - Fiona, home owner, 2011, installed



Pike Place, Seattle, WA

Recycled Leather Vernier (RLV™)

High traffic- millions of users worldwide

“….Amazing” – H. Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, 2013


Residential Office

Los Angeles, California

Java Crocodilo Residential Traffic

“….the leather floor wears well…it looks the same as when it was installed five years ago” - R. Baldini, home owner, 2013


OHSU Student Media Lounge

Portland, Oregon

Emerald & Burgundy Buffalo

Recycled Leather Floors, Stairs, Door and Walls Light Commercial Traffic

The picture speaks for itself about the durability of EcoDomo’s leathers. Shot professionally July 2013, over five years after the floor was installed. Multiple location shots and video of the room available from EcoDomo.


Powder Room Richmond, VA

Recycled Leather Wall

Burgundy Buffalo Light Residential Traffic

“...I was looking at the tiles just this Saturday to see how they are holding up. I'd have to grade them 10 out of 10 for this install. They look not a bit different today from how they looked 6 years ago when brand new. They have received no special attention for cleaning or maintenance. The surface remains flawless. The original tile cement holds them firmly with no loosening of any kind...� - Rey Barry, home owner, 2013


Kitchen Cabinet Installation Montreal, Canada Coal Buffalo

Used daily by busy family with children

"Everyone loves the leather cabinets...our friends keep touching them when they come in the kitchen!" - Caroline Moisan, home owner, 2013


Family Play Room

Magog, Canada

Caribou Auburn Leather Floor Daily traffic of family with three children

"The leather floor in the basement looks the same as the day it's been installed four years ago. Our teenage kids love it - especially to do yoga...." - Hubert Colas, homeowner, 2013


Closet Valence and Sliding Doors Quebec, Canada

Recycled Leather Veneer (RLV™)

Fire Crocodile Daily traffic by family

“The red leather doors transform the room and enlighten my day every morning ….” - C. Major, Homeowner, 2013, installed 2012


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