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Elizabeth Teague


Elizabeth Teague

About: For my creative writing piece, I decided to create a blog called ‘TechnoLiz’ which would be an independent website. The blog would be focused on technology, the internet, social media and anything slightly ‘geeky’ written from a female perspective and would be written for the web. When writing for the web, specifically a blog, I tried to tailor my writing to fit this particular genre. Generally, good blog posts are no longer than 600 words – therefore I kept each individual blog post under this word limit to produce four examples of blog posts which might appear on the website. I also tried to talk about current issues on the internet, such as the subject of internet romance, iPhones and Youtube. This meant that the information within the blog posts was relevant and readers could easily share the post through links to Twitter and Facebook which would be at the bottom of each post. Finally, I tailored the blog to include links to the relevant websites I was talking about so I could link users to the topic I was talking about for easy access. The four examples you see before you include two topical blog posts, which I write from a personal perspective. The other two are two examples of weekly features I might write: “YouTube Spotlight” and “Top Ten” which would have a posting schedule that readers can remember and therefore keep coming back.

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Elizabeth Teague

TECHNOLIZ Chronicles of a female geek in a technological world. DR SMARTPHONE, OR HOW I LEARNED TO LOVE THE BOMB.

I was always one of THOSE people. The person who claimed that all I needed a phone for was calling and texting in emergencies. It was not as if I really hated smartphones, I just believed that everything that they could do I was more than capable of using a computer for. I mean, did I really need to have the whole world in my hands when I was happy with the world as it was? And then I got an iPhone. At first, the only real benefit I could see from owning this swanky device was to further extend my reach of social networking – I began to ‘check in’ to places on Facebook with my friends, to tweet more frequently and passionately than I did before and +1 things on Google+ far more enthusiastically than I did before. “This is great!” I thought, as all the fun I could have Doodle Jump: I'm addicted.

on the internet was now literally under my thumb and with me wherever I went.

The decline to dependency in this little nifty device was a slow and gradual one. It was only when I was checking out my travel plans for the weekend, while in the bathroom, I thought to myself “I don’t know what I would do without my iPhone (Who I had by now affectionately named Alan)” that it struck me. I was an iWhore – that is, a person who lives and breathes in their smartphone – and most importantly, I didn’t even care. I was proud to use Alan for whatever I needed him for! Whether to find my way on Google Maps, to use Wikipedia to research something I didn’t understand in lectures, or even to waste five minutes throwing small birds at pigs whilst waiting for a train. Page 2 of 9

Elizabeth Teague

I had gone from being independent, to heavily reliant on Apple in one *ahem* SMALL purchase from the O2 shop – and I haven’t looked back since. So why am I so embracing of my new found addiction? I hear you cry! Well, in this busy modern world where women not only need to be capable at multi-tasking, but infinite-tasking to survive (Something I was, uncharacteristically never good at), the iPhone gave me opportunity to belong. Not only can I now simultaneously manage my many internet worlds, I can also keep in touch with friends on the go; I can google things I want to learn more about when I think of them; I can read, write and watch an infinite amount of genres when I see fit to. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a life so to speak, it has just become that little bit easier with the addition of my new friend. And now, on a more serious note: The world is changing, and the way we live is changing. Technology will always take society forward in leaps and bounds whether we like it or not and although holding onto traditional aspects of the past is all very well we must embrace future as openly. Those who claim that technology is destroying and degrading our culture can, quite frankly, get lost because development and change is a natural part of the human world – we wouldn’t be who we are today without it. Technology does not limit our freedom as human beings – it just gives us new ways to express ourselves and live our lives, how we want to. Written from my iPhone.

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Elizabeth Teague


They say love has no boundaries, so what happens when you find yourself falling in love with someone you have met on the internet? Is a virtual romance the same as a physical romance? What happens when you see them in real life? These are just a few of the questions that had crossed my mind in recent months, after establishing a relationship with a guy who – yeah, you guess it – I met on the internet. My situation was different than a lot of ‘online relationship’ stories that have circulated here there and everywhere, because we never actually developed our relationship until we had met in real life. Previously we were just friends who played a game together, and talked using voice chat software with several others of our ‘online community’. Yeah, I had liked him a lot whilst our friendship was only ‘virtual’ but none-the-less I didn’t really think too much into it. A couple of us who lived reasonably close to one another (We were only about 80 miles apart) decided to then meet up for a weekend, just to have fun and see if our friendships could continue past the ‘real life’ stage. They were all lovely people, and the weekend was a great laugh – a couple of us, including the guy mentioned - Luke, had stayed up all night talking and laughing so he offered for me to stay the night* at his house before driving the few hours back to my house.

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Elizabeth Teague

It was then that the relationship developed – and without going into details – we have not stopped seeing each other since. I had developed romantic feelings towards him because of the chemistry I felt upon meeting him face to face. But what would have happened if we had already established a relationship on the internet? Would things have turned out the way they had before? I consider myself lucky that the course of our developing romance ran so smoothly compared to that of the ‘horror’ stories I had heard from friends, and here is just an example of one: John and Emma had been talking online for months. They had both fallen deeply in love with one another although John was already in a relationship, and had been for eight years. After breaking up with his previous partner to pursue Emma, they unexpectedly met up in real life – but unfortunately for John, Emma came to realize that her love for him was, after all, only fantasy. The physical and emotional connection she had felt online did not exist in real life and they both went their separate ways. But of course, this is not always the case. People can fall in love online and then have an equally fantastic relationship in real life – in some cases getting married and starting a family together! In my experience, I have entered into a happy and loving relationship through the power of the internet and anyone who has considered making that step from online to offline, I only wish the best of luck. Maybe it won’t work out like John and Emma – but that’s a risk that is worth taking for the chance of a great romance.

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Elizabeth Teague


5. WIKIPEDIA So you’re in a lecture, and you’ve started to daydream a little bit – like we all do – and realize you have no idea what is even going on. In the years before the smartphone you may have become a little stuck (Or as in the case of many of us, not cared and moved on with your life) but these days there is a cure! And it comes in the form of the Wikipedia app. Simple, and very easy to use, the app means that you can search anything you want to in only a few taps; making it oh-so-easy to catch up on what you’ve missed so far in the lecture and get a basic over-view of the topic or terminology. Of course, we all think that Wikipedia lies but in most cases it is an accurate ‘summary’ of a subject. Just don’t reference it in your essays! 4. PS EXPRESS Photoshop is an incredibly hard way to edit your pictures if you’re not familiar with how it works, but in the free app version it is incredibly easy and fast to edit your phone pictures. Add special effects, text, remove red eyes, fix the lighting – whatever basic editing you need to make your pictures shine! Then, in a couple of taps you can share them with your friends – who will be jealous of how pretty your pictures are. 3. SHEEP LAUNCHER FREE!

As well as an extremely addictive game for yourself, it is also a useful tool to occupy your other half when you’re doing a task they are in no way interested in. Say if you’re getting ready or out shopping, just pop this app into his or her hands and they will be entertained for as long as it takes for you to do whatever it is that you’re doing! Valuable! 2. FACEBOOK / TWITTER

This one is pretty self explanatory. You can keep up to date with your social networking world, let people know what you’re up to and post pictures straight from the comfort of your phone. WARNING: Fraping may occur.

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Elizabeth Teague


Ok so this one will usually come on your phone anyway – but so many people I know do not use this to the best of it’s advantage. It is, simply said, the BEST app for organizing your life! You can make lists, plan your day (or even tomorrow, or in a year!) and then tick them off once they are complete. You’ll even get alerts when things need to be done! Use this alongside your calendar and you will be an organization GODDESS.

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Elizabeth Teague


Username: Katers17 Subscribers: 115k Total Upload Views: 15 Million Secondary Channel: KatersOneSeven – A daily vlogging channel. Twitter: @KatersOneSeven Kate’s story began in London where she began to make small sketch videos which she posted onto her, then relatively unknown, YouTube channel, without a second glance. From these humble beginnings she has risen to YouTube fame with over one-hundred-thousand subscribers on her main channel alone. She then created vlogging channel, KatersOneSeven which chronicled her move to LA – also know as the ‘home’ of YouTube – with fellow celebrity YouTuber Cory Williams aka SMPFilms. The vlog became a huge hit with fans of Kate and Cory alike who could watch their “daily capers” each and every day whether they were just hanging out at home or attending yearly YouTube convention ‘VidCon’. On her main channel, Kate still posts sketches and comedic content which continue to attract a vast amount of views and subscribers with her ‘nerd-girl’ identity. Her latest video “ZELDA: Easy Mode” is a funny short montage of Kate dressed as Princess Zelda from the “Legend of Zelda” video game franchise, and a friend dressed as Link – guaranteed to make any fan of the games giggle. She often collaborates with friend Cory who although doesn’t live with her any more, still lives nearby and she is frequently seen on his channel SMPFilms and his own personal vlogging channel DudeLikeHELLA. Kate is also friends with various other YouTube celebrities such as Toby Turner, aka Tobuscus and Corey Vidal who she also collaborates with on occasion. She has also brought

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Elizabeth Teague

her real life friends into the YouTube world through her vlogging channel, even encouraging some of them to set out a YouTube account due to the support from her fans. If you’re a little bit nerdy like me, or enjoy watching the day-to-day lives of Youtubers, you will absolutely love Kate and the content she produces! Make sure to check her channel out and subscribe.

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