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Why Live In Croydon Over Anywhere Else In London? Moving to a busy and bustling city as London is an undertaking that even the bestprepared people may find stressful. One of the many hurdles that you may encounter when contemplating a move to the capital is choosing exactly where in the city you should live.

Of course, your final choice will depend entirely on your personal tastes and current circumstances, but we thought we would offer a point or two as to why Living In Croydon may be the best choice for you.

A desirable London lifestyle for less Ever-rocketing rent prices and the similarly high cost of everyday living are undoubtedly factors that have long deterred many people from moving to London. Much like the situation elsewhere in South London, you’ll find that even the most prestigious Croydon residential developments like ISLAND offer more manageable rent prices than in the centre of the capital.

This more affordable lifestyle combines with the strong transport connections to central London with which Croydon has long been synonymous to offer an extremely tempting all-round proposition to those considering a move to the capital. A commute to central London via public transport can take as little as half an hour – perfect for those who wish to develop a career in the heart of the city.

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Why live in croydon over anywhere else in london