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How Different Types Of Window Film Can Be Helpful In The Home In the typical home, there are various potential problems - including excessive heat or glare, lax privacy and fading furniture - that can be prevented, solved or diminished with the use of Window Films. These films could even bring financial savings to a household in the long term. They can reduce oppressive heat There are various possible drawbacks of an excessively hot home during the summer months. For example, a refrigerator can become compromised in efficiency, while flowers on windowsills can wither and die. However, a solar control film installed on the inside of a home’s windows may assist in rectifying the problem of overabundant heat. They can make TV and computer screens easier to see Imagine settling down on the sofa to watch your favourite TV show or taking a chair in your home office to begin work on your computer, only to find the screen is obscured by glare. This can happen when too much light enters the home. However, homeowners don't necessarily have to say goodbye to that pleasant view outside. Instead, they could invest in a reflective window film. This move can save their displays from a washedout look, as the window film will use solar control to reduce the amount of screen glare. They can enhance privacy

If a person lives in a neighbourhood where there are many other houses - or buildings of other types, such as business premises - very close to their own, there could be adverse privacy implications. It's not necessary for homeowners to simply settle for that feeling of living in a goldfish bowl. That’s because they could benefit from Frosted Window Films that provide complete privacy throughout the day and night.

Our stock of these films includes an Opalux frosted variety that, although translucent, can provide privacy each way while still letting a decent amount of natural light through the window. These are just a few of the many ways in which our architectural window films here at Stockfilms can enhance the lives of homeowners – so why not contact our team now for a competitive quote?

How different types of window film can be helpful in the home  
How different types of window film can be helpful in the home